Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Josiah Henson

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Peace ya’ll! First of all, if you get a chance swing by and do the Knowledge on this link to my Ancestor "Josiah Henson", it has alot of good information about his Legacy and the Underground Railroad. From time to time I stop for a moment to express my thoughts on certain things that came across my Third (Mind), also Current Events. Well.., today’s that day. Enjoy! -smile-

1. I’m proud to be adding on with Original Thought Metazine. Not only can you read some very insightful Articles written by different Authors, b.u.t. when you Register with the Site, you have access to Daily Podcast Builds where various Gods & Earths build with you about “Today’s Mathematics”. Original Thought is definitely a Cyberspace Jewel. As I said, I’ve been adding on and you can check out some of my Daily Podcast Builds (along with others!) when you register. I’ve also been featured in an Article in the “Seeds of Life” Section. You won’t be disappointed and Original Thought is taking NGE Culture to a whole notha’ level!

2. I had a chance to finally check out the Montell Williams Show that they did about Malachi Z. York and nem! First of all, let me tell you right off the cuff that I’m not one of his fans! If you saw this Sensationalized Program, scrotum head Montell had a few Sista’s on there who left the Nuwabian Nation. One in particular got Dr. Malachi Z. York knocked on some Fed Child Molestation Charges. They gave him 135 years and now he’s sitting in a Super Max Prison in Coloredville, Colorado. Anyway, in the interview the one Wiz stated that she became “one of” Dr. York’s Wives when she was 18. Although she knew he had a few more she said it was still alright. Then the Wiz said when she started to hear that he had over a hundred wives -and she stopped getting the attention she used to get- she started to feel it wasn’t right. Her and Montell also told the audience that Dr. York may have Fathered over 200 children!! All that f*ckin?! Come on now, imagine that! That shit makes an 80 hour work week, laying blacktop in a snowsuit under a hot Texan Sun look like a job lickin’ stamps! Now I’m not saying whether Dr. York is guilty or innocent. I’m just saying that on the Show it was purely emotionalism, and very few (if any!) Actual Facts were presented to show and prove if Dr. York is guilty or innocent. It was really just a few Black Women sitting on a couch telling some f*cked up stories about a Nation they once loved to the extent of sharing their Husband with other Sista’s. All in all, I encourage ya’ll to check it out on Youtube "Former Nuwaubians on Montell" Part 1-4.

3. The Video Builds I put up on A.S.I.A. TV are not for some of ya’ll to think that you’re qualified to speak NGE language. Keep in Mind that the information I put out there is not even a fraction of what Know, the Wisdom I can share or my Understanding of certain subjects matters. This Culture is a Way of Live (Living) and although I use this medium to express certain aspects of it does not mean that this is the totality of what it is. I’m saying this because I don’t want any of you to get the wrong impression and be presumptuous by coming amongst other Gods and Earths as if you know them. Coming off like you really know what we deal with (because you’re parroting what I said) or assuming an “I know” posture is an experiment with high explosives! The very least that can come out of a situation like this is getting bombed! And for those of ya’ll that don’t know what “getting bombed” means it’s similar to a Parent getting’ in their child’s ass about something they did that wasn’t right & exact! The most that can come out of this is a good ole fashioned ass whuppin’!! You might even get bombed while you’re getting ya ass whupped, I ceen it go down before. Based upon the situation.. , sometimes people deserve to get bombed and/or their ass whupped! Other times it’s some Nigga shit that’s totally uncalled for! Either way you look at it, it ain’t nice! So if some of the things I say peak your interest, that’s Peace! Please find another God and Earth so you can cross reference what I’m saying. Then once you hear how they cee it, do further research. Why? Because if this is a Culture you want to learn more about, then it’s important that you make an educated decision. To learn this Culture it ain’t enough to simply cee & hear me run my mouth for a few minutes on Youtube. These Builds are used to supplement the education of those who are actively living this Culture and stimulate the interest of those who are interested in learning something about this Culture. In no way am I advocating, flag waving or trying to recruit people into this way of life because the shit don’t go down like that! Our 19th Letter (S) represents Self or Savior, so ultimately, is one’s sense of Self Motivation that’ll propel them to where they want to be, regardless or whom or what. So in so many words, A.S.I.A. TV should be looked at as a simple Routing Device. Something that routes you right back to reality, where you can practically apply these Builds to your Life. Also keep in mind that if there’s any specific subjects you want me to address, just hit me up at:

4. Fair-or-con has begun to implement formal study sessions of Friday Nights for “Believer’s” to get back into the Lessons! That’s right ya’ll, they’ve gone down in the basement, blew the dust off their Supreme Wisdom and brought it upstairs. I wont go as far as to say they're studying it though. I think that’s a marvelous thing! Khan has called this “new” study methodology “Deliberate Discourse” in order to seek the Truth! LOL! In other words, they’re trying to Build now ya’ll. At this point it's common knowledge yet I’ve learned this from a Registered Member. When we built about it, I told her that maybe this will help reconcile the estranged relationship that many NOI have had with the NGE. Although both the NOI & NGE share the same responsibility (duty) as Civilized People (18/1-40) in regards to teaching the Uncivilized, we both haven’t been too fond of eachother’s methodology. It’s like first cousins who’s Father’s were Brothers, and they have a challenging relationship because they were raised differently. One grew up in a two Parent Home on the outskirts of the City and the other grew up with a single Parent, running the streets of the City were he lived. And don’t get it twisted, their Parent(s) wanted the best for them. A Classic example of this relationship is Will & Carlton in the TV Series “The Fresh Prince of Bell Air”. Will represents the NGE and Carlton represents the NOI. And yes, both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, and by the end of each episode they ultimately cee it! B.u.t. all Ego’s aside, the show has been and will always be called “A Fresh Prince of Bel Air” not “Carlton’s Bel Aire Etiquette”. -smile-

5. Got a word for ya’ll: Mannequinism. Yep, “Mannequinism”! This is when people are more concerned about outside appearances compared to actual Character. There are many people who fall (pun intended) into this Category.
· So-called Gods/Earths who publicly profess they’re NGE yet don’t have 120, ain’t trying to Knowledge 120 and they stay in the company of slackers just like them. You can always find them on myspace “representing” b.u.t. in real life they’re basically candy-coated 85er’s. And if you do happen to get them past the small-talk to seriously ask them, “Where are you at with 120 and why are you there?” they’ll defensively act like you’re playing a game of Duck Hunt, instead of actually trying to encourage their growth & development.

· Children of Gods/Earths put on display at Civilization Classes, Rallies and Parliaments. Parents bring these children to show off their “pet tricks” so everybody can say “PEACCCCCEEEEE!!!!!” Although these children may be able to recite a Lesson, say Today’s Math and dress like a God/Earth, you can clearly tell that the Parents don’t spend any real time with them. They just drag them to these Events to get a Vitamin B Ego Boost for whatever they’re actually depressed about. Real Talk.

· Gods/Earths who’s ritual use of “NGE Cliché’s” are as void of substance as a Micky D’s Extra Value Meal! If you ever ask them to elaborate on something you’ll cee what I mean. They have no Understanding and tend to validate what they’re parroting by saying, “The Father said this..” or “First Born so and so taught that..”. Oh yeah, and never ask them or expect them to live up to certain NGE Principles. You’ll only be hurting yourself by putting money on that horse.

6. I can’t stand ceeing so-called Earths who’re dressed from head to toe in Refinement who’re anything b.u.t. a Refined Earth! Many of them don’t know shit (at least what they’re supposed to know!), have a problem with getting orders from her Captain, and mask borderline (if not open) Lesbianism as an Alicia Keysian “Woman’s Worth”. One so-called Earth that stands out in my Mind is JANE DOE. JANE DOE tried to get at me because I ‘indirectly’ (I didn’t mention her by name!) checked her about how she used to deal with homosexual acts with her so-called God. Now keep in Mind that we (The NGE) "teach FREEDOM, JUSTICE and EQUALITY" 16/1-40, so if people wanna get down with so-called 'alternative lifestyles' then THAT'S THEIR CHOICE, we just don't teach nor advocate that in the NGE. I aired this female out like that because she was trying to come off on some holier than thou bullshit with Gods/Earths in a popular NGE Myspace group. Some of ya’ll may say “that’s none of my business.’, b.u.t. it is; 19/1-40. Especially the fact that she prides herself on being amongst and taking care of ‘our’ babies. This so-called Earth had the nerve (and still has the nerve) to try and come off like she’s some kind of “Model Earth” although she willingly engaged in this kind of behavior more than once! Of course her so-called God (at the time) doesn’t get off the hook, and I don’t know him personally. When I made Knowledge Born about this, she toned it down and logged off the internet for a minute because she felt alittle embarrassed about her filthy affairs (“..ran from amongst us8/1-14). B.u.t. unfortunately, she still hasn’t learned the science of humility! She’s back up on Myspace, parading around in this popular NGE Group & trying to check people about NGE Principles as if she’s not diluted, mixed or tampered with in any form! That’s bullshit to me. Now cee, we’ve all dealt with things that were less than the Best Part and that’s not the issue! The issue is about what we’ve learned from our experience’s and how we can use them to positively shape our character. In other words, if you’ve dealt with high explosives and blew your lab coat up you should be the last one talking and acting like the shit ain’t happen! A person like this should be one of the most down to Earth people you can meet!!! -smile- B.u.t. hey, I understand that some people that say, “The Power is the Truth” don’t really mean it. Anyway, I’m pretty sure many of the NGE she’s amongst don’t know about this part of her Koran either. I may make Knowledge Born to some of the NGE where she resides so they can address her at a Rally or Civilization Class. This is especially important because like I said, she prides herself on and is actively involved with ‘our’ babies! If people need a background check to flip burgers then they damn sure should have a background check if they’re gonna be around us and definitely ‘our’ babies.

To conclude Today’s Article I just wanted to wish all of you early Happy Father’s Day (Feb, 22nd). On this day take the time to not worship the Father or to engage in Nostalgia, b.u.t. to appreciate the fact that we are here as a living legacy to carry on a Determined Idea that was “predicted of him before he was born”! He gave all within his power to offer his contribution to Civilization and it is equally important for us to do the same! The Greatest Honor you can give The Father, in his remembrance, is to continue living out and finding more efficient ways to progress this Culture. Plain and simple.

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