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Preventative Maintenance

Peace Ya’ll! Having Knowledge of Self is one thing b.u.t. forging, striving to elevate and maintaining a relationship with it is like apples and oranges! I will be upfront, I have cultural distrust issues and every God and Earth should! I say this because to put your cultural trust in a potential companion to make certain decisions that are in line with your Core Values -which they don’t share or may not even know- is a landmine waiting to blow-up in your faces! Notice I said “your faces”, because they get damaged too! Well where does the damage occur? The damage occurs when we place “trust” -AKA: unreasonable expectations- on a person to adhere to/uphold the same Cultural Principles we would in a given situation. This seems pretty simple up front and many Gods and Earths simply write off people from the door by categorizing them as “85’s” (14/1-40), b.u.t. it’s not always that clean, clear and concise -especially when “the Sun (Man) and Moon (Woman) have an attractive power on this plan”- it makes it that much harder! (8/1-40) Today I’m going build about Preventative Maintenance when it comes to Companionships.

When I first got Knowledge of Self I was very idealistic about “making” (1/1-10) a relationship. I couldn’t even conceive why a person wouldn’t love to get to know themselves more intimately and grow and develop into the best they could be; I couldn’t even cee that! So when it came to building with a potential Earth I never took the time to find out if this Culture is what she wants; I assumed she did! The reality is, many Women have a difficult time accepting/dealing with a Man because they’re used to accepting/dealing with males/boys. So when a Man waltz’s his ass into her life there’s usually a tug of war between roles and it’s steeped in the politics of power and dominion (control). The Women is reluctant to equally distribute her power and dominion (control) that the Man’s nature demands! If, and I say “if” these superpowers can work pass these wars and learn to be diplomatic about their respective roles within the relationship, then the relationship can actually work…at ground level…between a Man and a Women.

Now as Gods -and Earths- there’s different “cultural” expectations when it comes to entering into a relationship. First of all, we identify ourselves as much more than just a Man or Woman; this is why we come in the name of “God” and “Earth”. In regards to Gods: Keep in Mind that most Women have a difficult time just accepting a Man, so accepting you as God is often a huuuuuuuge psychological stretch for them. This hasn’t nothing to do with how swift you are or magnetic your Math is either; “They” simply don’t accept you as God (cognitive dissonance)! Even when you make knowledge born to them about who you are, and they appear to accept you by calling you God, learning Lessons, etc.., in their heart of hearts they’re really just looking at you as an “Asiatic Black Man” (1/1-10), if that. Not all Women are like this b.u.t. many of them are. All I’m saying is don’t think that just because she can quote Lessons, or calls you God that-that’s in her heart. If you’re a God and you really aren’t sure if this Wiz, so-called Queen or Earth is really about this culture then build with her!! And when you’re building with her don’t accept anything she says, question her to the point where she reveals the underlining Principle that upholds/supports her feelings; you’ll be surprised at what you cee, how she really cee’s this culture and how she’s ultimately been looking at you -maybe for “years, months and days” (36/1-40). *WARNING: If you’re satisfied with how things appear then keep them that way because you might now want to accept what will be revealed and take on the responsibility of doing something about it. I’m talking about “YOU” accepting what will be revealed and “YOU” taking on the responsibility of doing something about it. Your Wiz, so-called Queen or Earth may not want to do shit about it! Why should she?! You’ve already accepted her for who she is by laying down with her, maybe having a child -or children- with her, shackin up with her! Now it’s all about damage control, not the preventative maintenance I’ve been building about. The best way to resolve this kind of situation is to rebuild from the ground up be checking into a cultural rehab program. The reason you’ve gotten into this situation in the first place is because you were lax about your Cultural Values and allowed someone to come into your life who wasn’t “a said a person of that ability” (20/1-40). Don’t beat yourself up about it though; the fact that this person has learned “how to act” like they’re about this Culture “at home and abroad” (14/1-14) made this situation as clear as mud. Checking into a cultural rehab program means you need some time apart so you can get your head right! There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever get back with this Wiz, so-called Queen or Earth because she may not want to accept the Koran you’ve “renewed” (1/1-40). Also, one of the rules of recovery is to not go back to the same environment that helped sponsored your trip to rehab in the first damn place; you may relapse -“fall victim to” (38/1-40)- one of the “four” (10/1-14) triggers that cannot be reformed. Although you may want her -and the child(ren) to be a family, what you actually need is a universe and I know this is hard to accept b.u.t.: IT HAS TO BE ALL OR NOTHING. Anything “other than” (12/1-36) this would be ‘settling for the worst part’ (1/1-14) and ‘caring about the poor part’ (3/1-14). Anyway….., at the end of the day it’s better to live on your feet as the True and Living God by yourself, then slowly dying on your knees alongside someone who’s having a hard time ceeing you as an Asiatic Black Man. When it comes to Earths, all of the same concepts apply; if some dude can’t really cee you as a Queen or Earth and only uses these shallow terms as psychological Scooby Snacks, you gotta make some difficult decisions for you and your child(dren).

When I say “I have cultural distrust issues” this is not distrust in a prejudicial sense where I’m suspicious or reluctant about dealing with certain people. What I’m saying is, when I get to know people -based upon the Worldview and Core Values they show me- I simply don’t/won’t entrust them with certain tasks, delegate certain responsibilities to them, or share certain experiences with them because they don’t share my Worldview and Core Values as a God and Earth. That would be cultural negligence if I did. It’s like handing a person a blueprint to build something and expecting them to complete it without knowing for sure if they have an engineering background and experience in it. More importantly than that, we may not have even taken the time to cee if they view the task as a job or a thriving career; there is a difference!! Now many of you smart dumb muthafuckas just climbed up on your holy high horse and said “God the duty of the civilized is to teach he who is savage...!” (18/1-40). YES, I agree 120%; “Our” duty is to teach, b.u.t. their duty can be to just stay black -brown, red, yellow and white- and die! And if that’s what they want to do, we have no right to take that away from them or stand in their way! If we do stand in their way, we can be the very obstruction that’s stopping them from actually getting it right! Take that into consideration the next time you’re running your mouth, I mean “building with” em?! -shakes head-

To conclude Today’s Article I want to reemphasize that just because a person can recite Lessons, does Mathematical Tricks, or is pretty proficient in using the Supreme Math and Supreme Alphabet to spell words like ‘true I master equality’ (time), it doesn’t mean that they recognize, share and adhere to the Worldview and Core Values of The NGE. Our Supreme Mathematics are often referred to as ‘keys’ to understand -or unlock- our relationship to -and within- the universe. KEEP IN MIND that this -and any- relationship is Principle based. To have a relationship with any person, place or thing, you must identify and adhere to how it/they function. How something functions identifies it’s purpose and it’s purpose is it’s Principle or ‘Law which governs it’s process(es)’! This is to say that there are many people that simply do not know Supreme Mathematics in Principle! Therefore, they may be able to talk all day about Equality b.u.t. can’t/won’t show you Equality when the situation demands it; there’s an obvious glitch/lapse in understanding how Supreme Mathematics should be applied in Principle! Anyway, here are your basic preventative maintenance options when it comes to Companionships:

1. Before you get with someone take your time to really get to know them by the Principles they do/will live according to “regardless of whom or what” (11/1-14)! Find out what they’re really committed to in their heart and then decide if you want to -and can- live with it, because you will!

2. If you’ve discovered that you made an error in judgment with choosing a companion who’s not really about the Principles you adhere to and uphold, find a way to gracefully bow outta that shit! It will probably hurt -a lot- and you may be opening up the gates of hell, b.u.t. in the end you’ll be alright; you don’t have a choice!

3. Disregard all of this. Treat this Article as inapplicable bullshit and keep your positive and productive Companionship moving! Thanks for reading it to the end though; I appreciate the open Mind. -grin-

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