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What "IS" the Duty?!

Peace Ya’ll! Today I wanted to build about the 18/1-40; What is the Duty of a Civilized Person? I wanted to go through this Degree to give people (Gods/Earths in particular) more insight into not only what our Duty "IS" b.u.t. “what this duty consists of” and “when this duty is applicable”. Let me explain…

The answer to this Degree states: “The duty of a Civilized Person is to teach he who is savage Civilization, Righteousness, the Knowledge of Himself, the Science of everything in Life, Love, Peace and Happiness.

If you noticed, no where in this Degree does it say, mention or even allude to “giving somebody 120”! My question is: As an Enlightener, at what point do we decide the Duty of a Civilized Person involves giving somebody 120? Personally, when I was young in this Math I used to hand out Degrees like loosey cigarettes. -shakes head- It wasn’t until I began to really mature in this Culture did I start understanding my actual Duty. Some of us haven’t matured yet and may never mature in this Duty, b.u.t. in Today’s Article I wanna give people alittle insight to hopefully aid them in recognizing this Duty; this is what I call ‘Making Lemonade outta Lemons’. I’m also writing this Article to shed light on the Idea of Gods/Earths having students/fruit, enlightening people, giving people life, raising the dead, etc...

First of all, let me define the word ‘Savage’. In the 2/1-14, we learn that, “A Savage means a person who has lost the knowledge of himself AND is living a beast life.” I emphasis the word ‘AND’ because many people have lost the knowledge of themselves b.u.t aren’t necessarily savage because they’re not living a ‘beast life’; meaning ‘on a lower/horizontal plane’. So, although everyone needs Civilization, the 18/1-40 is primarily focusing on those who are considered ‘Savage’, and let me once again reemphasize that the 18/1-40 doesn’t mention anything about 120 Lessons.

As an Enlightener -or any Civilized Person- it is our Duty to teach people who have lost the knowledge of themselves and are living a beast life. As I’ve stated, this Duty involves teaching Civilization, Righteousness, the Knowledge of Himself, the Science of everything in Life; Love, Peace and Happiness. NOW, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT; based upon the needs of that person, we must design an effective curriculum to teach them. Again, this does not mean giving them 120! For some people, all they may need to be taught is Love, period. Others? Strait up Righteousness. Still others may need to be taught how to bring Peace to their lives, through the Science of Everything in Life. There are various combinations that we must figure out ON OUR OWN in order to be effective Educators and help a person unlock their own consciousness. On the flip side of this, if we’re trying to emphasis ‘The Knowledge of Himself’ when he is actually a ‘her’, then we can risk “running ‘her’ from amongst us” (4/1-14) -even though we may have the purest intentions. We can also make a mistake of emphasizing Righteousness when all a person wants is for you to show them alittle Love, nothing more and nothing less. Sometimes we can make the mistake of building about the Science of everything in Life with a person without ever considering if we respectfully came to and left them in ‘Peace’; which may be the most important thing we need to teach them! ALL OF THESE assessments are vital in performing our Duty properly. These assessments help us develop the appropriate curriculum and relationship with a person to maximizes the type of resource we can be to them -consequently, helping them cee their relationship/resourcefulness to others. No where in this process are we called upon to hand somebody Lessons and/or get them to recite 120! -shakes head- So again I ask, “At what point do we decide that Civilization involves giving somebody 120?”

Well, when it comes to learning 120 Lessons, I cee it like earning a Universal Teaching Certification; a Certification that allows you to certify other Teachers. Most of the people we come across do not -and will not- get into this Teaching Profession and it would be wrong of us to expect that of them by trying to force them to certify them; AKA give them 120 Lessons! 95% of the people that we come in contact with simply need tutoring and it’s up to us -as Professionals- to determine what subjects we can help them in. A lot of the times people are very insecure to ask for help, so it can make our task that much difficult in designing the proper curriculum for them. Ultimately, we save ourselves a lot of time and energy not “searching for that-that does not exist” (10/1-40) So I cee it like this: We should never decide that Civilization involves giving somebody 120 because it’s up to that person to come and get it! Let me explain…

A lot of the problems that exist within The NGE are simply because many people were handed a Teaching Certification (120) who weren’t seriously committed to making this a Lifelong Profession. Therefore, you have a couple generations of mis-educated Gods/Earths carrying the same habits as their Public School peers; illiteracy, criminal behavior, lack of discipline, poor diet, teenage pregnancy, etc… Because some God/Earth took tutoring waaaaaaay too far, now we have Bizzaro Math all over the place! When I first got Math I gave it to more people who didn’t want it then those who actually needed it! Although I’ve learned to come to grips with this reality, it often hurt to cee brothas/sistas I spent hours building with “distill back to the Planet in the form of” (8/1-40) just not eating porkchops, naming their child a Righteous name, or being able to soup up their rap lyrics. -shakes head- I learned a very, very, very valuable Lesson from these experiences and that is: The Duty of a Civilized Person is not giving somebody 120! What it comes down to is a person has to have the determined idea of teaching others -if they want 120. A basic question you can ask a person who says they wanna learn is, “What do you wanna do with 120 once you get it?” Their response will give you some insight into their determine idea. If you don’t hear ‘Teaching others so they can learn to teach” anywhere in their response then you know that you need to just tutor them -at least for now you do! At some point down the line -if they maintain interest by consistently asking for Lessons- your only responsibility beyond tutoring them is to build with them about this Universal Teaching Profession (AKA: Becoming/Being an Enlightener). Some of the things that must be clarified to them about becoming Certified as a Teacher (Enlightener) are as follows:

1. The tuition to get Certified is your word and that bond is life. So in other words, this is a blood contract and once you agree to take on the responsibility of educating yourself in order to help educate others, this is a lifelong Profession.

2. The Salary starts and ends at $0 per hour. The hours are 24/7 365 days a year and you don’t get Holidays off, or any paid Vacation time. Also, it doesn’t offer any Medical/Dental Coverage; that is your responsibility.

3. You are solely responsible for financial costs of educational materials/resources for the Students who have enrolled in your Teacher Certification Program.

4. The overall Curriculum you design to Certify a Teacher is Student based; some Students may take 2 ½ years to complete their Certification while others may take 6 Months. You are indebted to teach them unless they formally withdrawal or abandon the Program altogether.

5. Although the Teaching Certification has no expiration date and is lifelong, we must take the initiative to continually renew it; meaning, ensure that our Core Curriculum (120) is right and exact. The only other time we can be requested to renew our Certification is by/through another Certified Teacher. Another Certified Teacher has the unrestricted right to "reasonably" question us about any aspects of our Certification so it’s important to know exactly what we're teaching. This questioning process can happen randomly; at any time and in any place.

6. As a Union Member, Dues are paid on a daily basis; and the amount varies based upon circumstance. Dues are paid financially, emotionally, socially, physically and/or mentally.

When we say that there are 85%, 10% and 5% that make up the population, this is a Psycho-socioeconomic paradigm that doesn’t change. What this means is this: If you’re giving people Lessons, the majority of the time you’re wasting your time. This is shown and proven when a person is actually entrusted to grasp and live out the Principles of this Culture on their own. Sure many people can recite/quote these Lessons b.u.t. many times they have not learned these Lessons or how to functionally apply the Procedures that set appropriate Priorities and reinforce God/Earth Centered Values & Principles. You can’t imagine how many times I get letters from Gods in the Injustice in the hole who’re building about Righteousness and taking me through all kind of Degrees. I’ve ceen/heard Earths articulate Love as feelings/emotions without once explaining Love in Principle. Another example is Gods/Earths who say they’re about striving for perfection b.u.t. try to justify the use of mind altering substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc... I said ‘justify’ using, meaning: using pseudoscience to explain why they’re using these substances instead of just honestly acknowledging they’re using them as an escape or because they’re addicted. Ultimately, there’s a huge Psycho-socioeconomic gap between what many Gods/Earths so-called ‘Know’ and our actual ‘Ways and Actions’ because we often don’t consider how certain Procedures either reinforce or undermine Mathematical Principles. Once I recognized this within myself, I began to evaluate myself and assess people, place and things based upon what Mathematical Procedures/Principles are actually being reinforced or undermined through the way people, places and things function. A prime example of this is the many times I placed unreasonable expectations on people -by handing them Lessons- although they never took the actual steps to qualify themselves to become a Certified Teacher (Enlightener). -shakes head-

So to conclude Today’s Article I just want to reemphasize the importance of properly evaluating people in order to develop the right Curriculum to tutor them; most people will not become Certified Teachers and that right is solely up to them.


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