Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Finger-Roll! LOL

Cultural Knock-offs

Peace Ya’ll! Today I wanted to delve back into the science of our Culture; Culture being our sum total of people activities that are rooted in our Priorities, Values and Principles. For example, the type of food we choose to eat is a dietary representation of our ‘Way of Life’ (Culture) and expresses our Priorities, Values and Principles. Ceeing someone devouring a BBQ pulled pork burger and washing it down with a ice cold Colt 45 before they smoke a loosey cigarette gives you a great deal of insight into how they’re actually living, how they set their priorities, what they value and what dietary principles they’re aware of & adhere to. Those of you who’re feeling like I’m making a judgment call on what people choose to do, you’re getting my words twisted! The point I’m making is simply this: people’s activities express their Culture. With this in Mind, we must honestly ask ourselves, “By evaluating people’s activities, how do you distinguish a God and Earth from anybody else?” Think about this for a second……. If two dudes are high as hell on coke and one calls himself Master Islord Born Allah and the other dude’s name is Rufus Johnson, what’s the real difference between them? If two females are hoppin from man to man, looking for love in all the wrong places and one calls herself True Dream Earth and the other’s name is Becky Roland, what’s the real difference between them? Cee, we can rationalize it any way we want b.u.t. Master Islord and Rufus’ will either get fired or put in a Rehab Program for breaching the no-drug policy at their place of employment if they get caught wit dirty piss. As for True Dream Earth and Becky…? Well let’s just say that both a dem don’t seem like “the marrying” type. LOL

Now in the above two analogies of course there are going to be variances; When they’re high as hell, Islord might start talking about how he’s God of the Universe and Rufus might start talking about how he’s da shit on da Basketball Court. When they’re dealin with somebody, True Dream might say she’s “now” reflecting the light of da God So & So and Becky might say this is her “new” Man. What I’m emphasizing here is this: When it comes to people’s activities, there’s often a common theme or pattern of behavior that’s clearly evident -regardless of what name we come in or what we wanna call our way of life. These activities tell you our “real” Culture and the Priorities, Values and Principles that define our “real” way of life -regardless of what name we come in or what we wanna call our way of life! So if you can’t cee a clear distinction or difference in the people activities of a so-called God/Earth from the people activities of the everyday John/Jane that’s probably because there isn’t a difference! LOL And if you’re going outta your way try to make the distinction or cee a difference then you’re probably going outta your way to fool yourself. Cee, there are certain things that Gods/Earths simply don’t/won’t do who’re seriously dedicated to righteousness and striving for perfection. There are also certain things that Gods/Earths simply don’t/won’t/can’t rationalize in the process of striving for that perfection and living out righteousness. Keep in Mind that ALL OF US have growth and development to do in certain areas in our lives. If we’re serious about working on these areas in our life then we won’t glorify, rationalize or justify them. This means that we’re all dealing with something in our life that we can improve upon, b.u.t. the question is, “Do we really want to do better or do we want to sit around and justify why we like not doing any better?” Also, when it comes to dedicating one’s life to righteousness and striving for perfection, never assume that people have the same intention. Contrary to what some of you would “like” (6/1-36) to believe about human beings, some people -including Gods/Earths- love to waddle in the muck & mire and really don’t want to do better. They love the crack headish endorphin rush they get from being in/causing Drama .They honestly feel good when they hear bad shit about other people, and they get angry, jealous and hateful when they cee/hear another person doing something positive; usually something they don’t have the talent(s) to do themselves. People like this do exist people!

Now, since our duty as Civilized People is to teach the uncivilized, this call of duty may take us to some very uncivilized places; places that when given the choice, we probably wouldn’t be. So in this case, we’re nothing more than Gods/Earths commuting to Grimeyville for our teaching gig. This approach is entirely different than Gods/Earths who choose to live in Grimeyville -not because they’re dedicated to a teaching gig b.u.t. because they simply enjoy being a local Grimey. In otherwords, some Gods may deal with alcohol in order to gain entrance into the “social equality” (8/1-14) of those that deal with that cipher in order to teach them. That’s entirely different than getting saucy with ya everyday drinking buddies and then turning around trying to rationalize that you’re teachin ‘em! Some Earths honestly respect how various Gods deal with Mathematics so they build with these Gods because they’re a cultural resource. That’s entirely different than being God Groupies who’re just fuckin around with different Gods. LOL

I remember when I first started experimenting with the high explosive we call ‘Equality’ (Equal, Weed, Herb, Marijuana, etc..). I was 20 year old College Newborn. Through the systematic use of ‘Equal’, I honestly tapped into a higher realm of consciousness and I’m forever grateful to have had the opportunity to open up certain perceptual doors. I used it for strictly study purposes and learned many things about myself and the environment that I wasn’t privy to when not in an altered state. Anyway, in time my priorities began to shift and instead of me occasionally studying with the use of this herb, I began to find myself using this herb to study with. In other words, the ritualized use of this sacred power plant became nothing more than a social drug habit; smoking weed. Yeah it obviously took me some time to realize I was actually doing this b.u.t. because I’m honest with myself, I eventually took inventory of what I was doing to myself! Yeah I rationalized that I’m gonna “deal with some Equality” before I go to the club and do the knowledge! LOL Yeah I tried to justify “getting elevated” at 3am because I would be able to tap into the dreamtime stream of collective consciousness the people were in as they slept -thus allowing me to remote view what was going on in that realm! LOL And yeah “I got stimulated” in a Cipher of Gods more than once a day so we can build on some “high” science! LOL Now for those of ya’ll who have always wondered how in da hell people even learned to equate ‘having a Cipher’ or passing a blunt -or other harder drugs- around in ‘a Cipher’ got started… it originated from the cultural lingo of early Five Percenters (Gods/Earths) mixed with destroy culture! Of course this is where our people were and still may be at in our own growth and development, yet many of these Gods/Earths rose and rise above these circumstances by drawing the line. Not using our people activities -AND CONSCIENCE- to draw the line between divine culture and destroy culture is also the origin of the motto, “To Master anything is to leave it the hell alone!” For those of you who are unfamiliar with that saying, many of our Elder Gods/Earths have given and will give their lives for us to learn that!

Now some of you are sitting back asking yourselves the question. “Is this Article some kinda Ad against the Legalization of Marijuana?” LOL Hell naw, it’s an Ad against the Cultural Apathy and Legalization of any people activities that undermine our growth & development as Individuals and as a Nation of People!! -shakes head- I’m also not saying we’re all squeaky clean either, b.u.t. we should be steadily working towards not being “mixed, diluted or tampered with” (9/1-14) in every aspect of our people activities and not settling for anything less, right? For example, if we’re smoking a box of Black -n- Mild’s a day, then we should be striving towards cutting it back until we can cut that habit off completely! And for those Supreme Mathematicians out there who’re sitting there trying to justify it, there is no science to smoking no damn Black -n- Mild’s. -shakes head- If we really have love for ourselves and eachother as a Family/Nation, then shouldn’t we want the best for eachother physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, etc..? And Naaaaaaaw this ain’t about telling people what they need to be doing either! To me, watching a baby waddle out into a street full of traffic is no different then watching an adult waddle into a situation where they can get blindsided by habitual traffic; (19/1-40). Hey, maybe it’s just me b.u.t. I thought a Family/Nation looked out for eachother in that regard. -shrugs- Oh well…

I’m also not advocating Nation of Islamish ‘Restrictive Laws’. Why? Because we’re “grown ass Adults”, who say we’re serious about positive growth and development, and we pursue this under our own power. So ultimately, because we take our own initiative to grow and develop we don’t need somebody to keep us in line; we check ourselves! Unfortunately, many Gods/Earths lack the conscience, initiative and maturity to commit themselves to positive growth and development. If this lack of commitment I cee within the Nation even remotely resembled what was going on in the sixties, I can cee the logic in the statement, “Go back to the Nation (of Islam)” that The Father “supposedly” made to his young Five Percenters who were ‘wild for da night!’ LOL Am I advocating that some Gods/Earths go join The NOI “so they can clean themselves up” (9/1-14)? Well from my experience with Registered Believers in The NOI, even Restrictive Laws aren’t going to stop a person from doing what they want to do! So the answer is NO, I don’t advocate Gods/Earths joining The NOI because The NOI or anything else ain’t gonna save them; they gotta save themselves!

So to conclude Today’s Article I want to encourage all of you not to waver in your dedication to righteousness and to continue striving for perfection. WE ALL got things we’re dealing with and that’s alright. The main thing is to do something about it! We may not be able to tackle projects all at once b.u.t we can chip away at it each and everyday until it no longer exists as a looming “sword above” (9/1-14) our heads! So take your time, be diligent and realize that our people activities are much more than the expression of a single individual living his/her life; we are a collective cultural consciousness ceen through individual eyes!


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