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I Am Legend; G.O.D. (Gold, Oil and Diamonds)

What's in a NAME?

Peace Ya’ll! I posted the above image of AZ to make Knowledge Born that I appear on his New Album “I Am Legend: G.O.D. (Gold, Oil & Diamonds)”. If you haven’t heard it yet I encourage you to pick it up! I definitely give The NGE some positive PR and I’m thankful for being given this opportunity to expand my reach to the masses of people! Having a cameo on AZ’s Album, working as a Consultant for the Gangland Series about ‘The Hidden Valley Kings’, Mentoring Youth, writing Books, doing Music and working on various other Projects within and outside of my Community and Country has been a dream come true for me! My biggest words of advice for anybody working to manifest their Career are these simple words: Take time to ponder and work on the condition of your heart! When I say ‘Heart’ I’m talking about your Will or Intent behind what you say and do! What’s in your heart, where your heart is at and why it’s there will determine what you get out of the Universe and what you bring into your Life. Because my heart is sincerely rooted in sharing of these ideas to contribute to Civilization, NOT covert/overt desires for notoriety, fame, making money, stroking my EGO, impressing females, etc..., there are many things I’ve been able to do and will continue to do. So always remember that ‘When ya heart ain’t right….., nothing else will be right’ -“regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14)! Anyway, enough about that, let me get into Today’s Article…

When I was going through the 14/1-14, “What is the meaning of MGT and GCC?”, I had some insights I wanted to share with you in regards to the science of a NAME.

Cee, a NAME is a word used to identify and officially define how a person, place or thing functions. A NAME or ‘making a name for yourself’ also identifies a person’s reputation (the overall quality or character ceen by people). A NAME establishes the foundational Principles that shape a person’s Values, orders their Priorities and ultimately defines their Culture (way of life). In the Bible we learn, “In the beginning was the word…” Well ‘the word’ is a NAME. This is the reason why during Ancient (and Contemporary Times) naming our Children was/is sacred to us. This is also the reason why when some of our Ancestors were enslaved and/or colonized, the first thing that was done by the Perpetrators was to rename them. So a NAME is much more than what we call ourselves and what people call us; this can never be minimized!

What NAME do you come in?

In Indigenous Societies children are born given a NAME that symbolizes their qualities, assigns their role in the Family/Society and charts their destiny. When a Child is Christened they’re given a Christian NAME that denotes their alliance/allegiance to Christianity -regardless if this child wants to or not, this NAME orientates them psychologically. When a person joins the Nation of Islam they receive an “X” to replace their last NAME (surname); their surname is usually a slave name of European Descent that was handed down to their Ancestors by the Slave Masters who once owned them. Various Cultural and Religious Movements that were/are designed to establish/re-establish certain Principles, Values and Priorities in their Members also recognize the importance of their People coming in NAMES that identify and officially define some -if not all- of these Principles, Values and Priorities. As a Declaration of one’s Independence, ‘Nationhood’ or ‘Nationality’ (14/N= Now, Nation or End/Supreme Alphabet), these NAME(S) they choose -or that have been chosen for them- is ultimately used to let it be officially Known (1) that they have an alliance/allegiance to a specific Culture (4); a summation of certain Principles, Values and Priorities.

(14/1-14) What is the meaning of MGT & GCC?
Muslim Girl Training and General Civilization Class. These are THE NAMES GIVEN TO the Girls and Women that belong to Islam in North America teaching them: How to keep a home, How to raise her children, How to keep a Husband, Sew & Cook, in general How to Act at Home and Abroad. These Training Units were NAMED BY our Prophet by the name of W.D. Fard.

This Lesson emphasizes the importance of observing, identifying and officially defining how a female functions and her reputation, as Girls and as Women. The Training Units are four basic components that we also observe and identify as natural female functions such as:

· How to keep a Home
· How to raise their Children
· How to keep a Husband
· Sew & Cook (Homemaking)

Keep in Mind that “4” is symbolic to “Culture” (Culture/Supreme Mathematics), so these four basic components determine a female’s ability to align herself with any Culture (way of life); at home and abroad. Although according to the 14/1-14, MGT means ‘Muslim Girl Training’ and GCC means “General Civilization Class’, MGT is also the acronym for ‘Management’ and GCC is the acronym for ‘General Control Center’. So these, MGT & GCC -her ability to Manage/Administrate or be Manageable and her sense of stability (psychological “control center” of gravity)- are THE NAMES GIVEN TO the Girls and Women that ‘belong to’ (are a part of) ‘Islam’ (I Sincerely Love Allah’s Mathematics, I Self Lord And Master, In Self Lay All Mathematics). In The Nation of Gods and Earths this means that it’s important to first (1) observe and identify how a Girl or Woman functions, the type of reputation she has and if she really has it in her to live this way of life (4) before you give her a NAME as your Earth. You can make a proper assessment of this by observing and identifying how she performs the above four basic components; How she keeps a home, How to raises her child(ren), How she keeps a Man (Husband), How she Sews & Cooks (her Homemaking Skills). These four basic components -along with other natural female functions- gives a Man insight into her degree of cultivation and her ability to cultivate her ownself. It’s important to realize these four basic components are ‘Training Units’ designed to help a female make the transition from a Girl to a Woman, and it’s a process born from her own volition, conviction and condition! These Training Units were (and are) NAMED BY us as Men meaning: ‘observed and identified’ by us as natural female functions. In the most ideal situation, Girls are taught and trained in these units by Women who already have experience in how to apply these skill sets at home & abroad. Although Men can and do teach Girls and Women many things, the above four basic components are natural skill sets that Women teach eachother.

Why is it not a Man’s job to teach a Woman How to keep a home, How to raise the child(ren), How to keep a Man (Husband), How to Sew & Cook (her Homemaking Skills)?

Because a Woman should already know these things; she's A WOMAN! A Man can only teach a Girl these things “theoretically” b.u.t. she eventually must take it upon herself to do these things for herself. Actually, these things represent a natural process of a female’s maturity; a Girl becoming a Woman and taking responsibility for her own life as an Adult. Unfortunately, many Women never learned How to keep a home, How to raise child(ren), How to keep a Man (Husband), How to Sew & Cook (her Homemaking Skills) as little Girls and this places a responsibility on a Man to find a way to “train her” in these Units. Now a huge problem arises because these are things this Woman should have learned as a Girl. If a Man puts himself in a position to teach this Woman these things, at one point or another he’s going to give her the impression that he’s treating her like a Girl. This is why females may protest saying, “You’re not my Father!”, “I’m not your child!”, etc… when a Man takes the initiative to educate a Woman about things she should have learned as a Girl! Although this relationship may initially come across as a Man simply being supportive of a Woman’s growth and development, this “Man teaching things to a Woman she should’ve learned as a Girl” Dynamic will always end up offending, belittling and disrespecting a Woman! The reverse is also true and this is often the case with Women who find themselves in relationships with males who haven’t matured as Men; they find themselves trying to teach them b.u.t. end up treating them like a Boy! Both of these examples are recipes for resentment! Let me repeat that: Both of these examples are recipes for resentment! The best way to avoid/minimize offending, belittling or disrespecting a Woman who hasn’t learned How to keep a home, How to raise the child(ren), How to keep a Man (Husband), How to Sew & Cook (her Homemaking Skills) is to direct her to another Woman -or Women- who already have experience in how to apply these skill sets at home & abroad. The same method should be used with Men; they need another Man -or Men- to show them the natural process of maturity, becoming a Man and taking responsibility for his own life as an Adult. When a Woman deals with a Girl or another Woman, there’s a level of gender specific accreditation that is conveyed in the Principles, Values and Priorities they communicate within this relationship. The same holds true with Men dealing with a Boy or another Man. As I stated before in another Article, Men must realize that as males we adorn the phallus bearing costume that represents Misogyny and Global Gender Oppression towards females!! Because of this undeniable fact, we have to work extra hard to find effective ways of dealing with Women that shows and proves to them that we don’t uphold that chauvinistic Status Quo! When we as Men (particularly Gods) take it upon ourselves to teach a Woman How to keep a home, How to raise the child(ren), How to keep a Man (Husband), How to Sew & Cook (her Homemaking Skills), we often unknowingly perpetuate the gender oppressive trauma females have been feeling since she they were born; regardless of how righteous of our intentions may be!! The point I’m making is this: Because this Patriarchal Society inculcates the insecurity we cee in females (doesn’t teach the meaning of MGT & GCC -her ability to Manage/Administrate or be Manageable and her sense of stability (psychological center of gravity), IF/WHEN WE DON’T TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION -especially when we’re dealing with the four basic components that helps identify/define her Womanhood-, we can end up ‘Destroying’ a relationship we may have had the most ‘Divine’ intentions about! (4/D= Divine or Destroy/Supreme Alphabet)

So to conclude Today’s Article, take a few of these points into consideration in dealing with the 14/1-14:

1. Insure that you teach a Woman the importance of making a NAME for herself and that the renewal of her Mind hinges upon her defining/re-defining “Who” she is. “Who” is a question of identity and who she defines herself as is the NAME she comes in, how she functions and the reputation she carries and aspires to. When Women get Married, they traditionally take on the Man’s last NAME. This act within itself shows her alliance/allegiance to his Nation and her willingness to extend the legacy of this family tree. A Woman who chooses to Know (1) the Culture (4) of the Gods and Earths likewise declares her alliance/allegiance and citizenship into this Nation by eventually choosing a Righteous NAME that’s derived from and reflects the Principles, Values and Priorities of this Culture. Since she is the first teacher of the child, she sets the psychological tone for how this child attends and responds to the World. If a Woman has insecurities about who she is, her alliance/allegiance is questionable and she’s flaky about choosing a Righteous NAME, she will pass these fears on to her child. Also, emphasize that when it comes to Knowledge of “Self”, her NAME (how she functions and the reputation she carries and aspires to) represents her autonomy; it’s Knowledge of Herself, not ‘Knowledge of You’ or ‘Knowledge for You’!!

2. “In the beginning was the word” -A NAME establishes the foundation to establish/re-establish the Principles that shape a person’s Values, orders their Priorities and ultimately defines their Culture (way of life). Just because a female may come in the name of Queen, Earth, etc… doesn’t mean that she acknowledges, observes of even respects these Principles, Values and Priorities. The basic Training Units identified in the 14/1-14 equips you with the ability to observe and assess her Principles, Values, Priorities and Cultural development.

3. Before you give the NAME “Earth” to a female, observe how she already expresses the Training Units (How she keeps her Home, How she raises the child(ren), How she keeps a Man (Husband), How she Sews & Cooks (her Homemaking Skills) at home and abroad! This will tell you upfront what you’ll have to deal with if she decides to really Know (1) this Culture (4).

4. If you cee that a Woman needs to be taught and trained in certain areas she should have learned as a Girl, don’t be so quick to be the one to teach her! Respect that another Woman is the ‘best knower’ of these skill sets and find a way to get her in tune with a Women -or Women- that can help her develop (mature) in these areas. Even though you may have the most righteous intentions, a Woman will eventually start to resent you when she feels like you’re belittling, minimizing and disrespecting her by treating her like a little Girl. And if you have/find a Woman that likes you to treat her like a little Girl, this means she doesn’t want to grow up! My point is, when building with a female, there are certain Lessons and/or phrase is certain Lessons that demand a gender specific approach in order for a female to get the best educational experience out it! It is in my perspective that the 14/1-14 deserves such a gender specific approach.


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