Saturday, June 26, 2010

Knowledge of Self Series

Daaaang, I never knew he didn’t have 120!” was my response when I did the knowledge to some of the unedited footage of The Knowledge of Self Series DVD. The Gods Born King M Allah and The Future Buddha DJ Akiin have been working diligently over the last couple years conducting Interviews, putting Music together, and creating Videos to born the long awaited ‘Knowledge of Self Series’. The Series uses Audiovisual/Literary Projects to chronicle, document, and express the Global influence of The NGE (The Nation of Gods and Earths), particularly within the Entertainment Industry. Their newly released Project is the Knowledge of Self Series Mixtape Vol. 1, which features the World Famous Supreme Team! Dedicated to our Elders, this Mixtape chronicles the social influence of Gods/Earths in the Music Industry from the 1960’s all the way up to the 1990’s! They got Tracks on there like ‘Funkin For Jamaica’ by Tom Browne, ‘What People Do For Money’ by Divine Sounds, ‘The Ghetto’ by Rakim, and 28 other Tracks, Interviews, Interludes, and etc..! THE GODS DID A MARVELOUS JOB WITH THIS MIXTAPE!!! In addition to this, they’ve also released a Trailer for the upcoming ‘Knowledge of Self Series’ DVD, where Born King M Allah interviews various Celebrities about their relationship to The Nation of Gods/Earths, and how this Culture has influenced their Careers. The beautiful thing about the ‘Knowledge of Self Series’ DVD is that it’ll give People an opportunity to hear directly from the mouth of certain Celebrities what their actual affiliation is with The NGE! So if there’s any question as to if/when someone got Knowledge of Self, how they received it, and what they’re actually dealing with now, it’ll be answered in the DVD! From what I’ve ceen thus far, a lot of People will be surprised to cee/hear who actually represents this Culture and what they really know -aside from what you hear in their Music, cee in their Videos, and read in their Interviews. For those who’re interested in getting a copy of the Knowledge of Self Series Mixtape Vol. 1 (which includes a DVD Sampler of the ‘Knowledge of Self Series’ DVD), you can email me at: for the cost/postal instructions. We sold completely out of them at the Show & Prove a couple weeks ago and I currently have about 25 left!!!

Cee, I’ve often heard Gods/Earths say “Our Culture is Supreme Mathematics!” When I’d hear a statement like this, the first thing that came to my Mind is how I’ve heard my Ole Earth, Fat Joe, T.D. Jakes, Jay-Z, Maya Angelou, Ghostface, Bob Dylan, Nas, Robin Williams, Robert Townsend, and a host of other People using aspects of Supreme Mathematics in their everyday language! Because of this, there were times I didn’t know who was a part of this Nation and who wasn’t. Even to this day, I may hear certain People, especially Rap Artists, using words, phrases, and concepts popularized by our Nation and gotta other Gods/Earths, “Hey, is so and so a part of this Nation?” If had/have these questions and I’m a Citizen in this Nation, I know other People have questions too! LOL The ‘Knowledge of Self Series’ will serve as a means to help distinguish who’s who, particularly in the Entertainment Industry, and clear up a lot of these misconceptions. In addition to introducing the ‘Knowledge of Self Series’, I also wanted to take a moment to build about a couple misconceptions about this Nation, so that People, including Gods/Earths, will be able to better distinguish who’s who and what we’re about.

Supreme Mathematics
The first thing that’s important to realize is that our Supreme Mathematics does not represent the totality of our Cultural Principles and Values. To be exact, Supreme Math is just “1” component of our Culture and represents only 1/8th or 12.5 % of our Cultural Worldview! In conjunction with Supreme Math, we have “7 additional components” (Supreme Alphabet, 1-10’s, 1-14’s, 1-36’s, 1-40’s, Actual Facts, and Solar Facts) that correspond to the other 7 Points on our Universal Flag. Learning ALL 8-Points of this Curriculum is a basic requirement for ALL Gods/Earths within this Nation. The 8-Point Curriculum that corresponds to the 8-Points of our Universal Flag is as follows:

1. Supreme Mathematics
2. Supreme Alphabet
3. 1-10’s (Student Enrollment)
4. 1-14’s
5. 1-36’s
6. 1-40’s
7. Actual Facts
8. Solar Facts

As you can clearly cee, our Culture is more than just having Supreme Mathematics. While anyone can learn basic Supreme Mathematics and try to pass themselves off as Citizens/Affiliates of this Nation, it’s the “7 additional components” (Supreme Alphabet, 1-10’s, 1-14’s, 1-36’s, 1-40’s, Actual Facts, and Solar Facts) that actually help us really distinguish who’s who. I’ve come across MANY People trying to speak to me using Supreme Mathematics (and/or the Supreme Alphabet), b.u.t. when I ask them, “Who’s your Enlightener (Teacher)?” or “What Degree’s are you dealing with? (What other components of our Curriculum do you know?)”, everything becomes completely transparent.

Let me share a story with you. A couple months ago I go to our local library to use the computers and sit down next to this dude who’s on the phone speaking Supreme Mathematics and looking at NOI Lessons Online. When he gets off the phone I turn and ask him if he deals with science. He says, “Yes!” so I introduce myself and immediately ask him what Degrees he’s dealing with and where he got Knowledge from. Stuttering, he tells me he’s learning his Lessons again and his Enlightener is his Brother in the Bronx. -smirk- First of all, not knowing any Degrees (Lessons), including the basic Student Enrollment made my antennae go up. Secondly, he didn’t tell me his Enlightener’s Name which was really suspect. Thirdly, Gods/Earths don’t call that NY Borough “The Bronx”. When I asked him his Brother’s (so-called Enlightener) Name, he gave me some weird ass Attribute I ain’t never heard before. It was some shit like “Jewels Crown” or something. -shakes heads- When I asked him who his Brother’s Enlightener was of course he didn’t know. Now People…, although the Concepts within our Nation are very Ancient, The NGE itself was founded only 46 years old! This means that there’s always someone available who can vouch for you, or someone who knows someone who can vouch for you! Anyway, after this I ask him how he cee’s Today’s Mathematics and he didn’t even know what day it was. The moral of this story is: Supreme Mathematics represents only 1/8th or 12.5% of our Cultural Worldview. Regardless if a person knows Supreme Mathematics, there’s still a whole 7/8th’s or 87.5% of our Curriculum that has to be Culturally accounted for.

Now, this also doesn’t mean that just because someone knows all 8-Points of our National Curriculum that they’re all good, and they are an active part of our Nation! There are many so-called Gods/Earths who know all 8-Points that are not in good standing within our Nation. Based upon the outta pocket shit they choose to say/do that DOES NOT REPRESENT WHAT WE TEACH such as: Selling Drugs, Alcoholism, Domestic Violence, Gossiping, Lying, Stealing, Child Abuse, Harassment, Defaming People’s Character, Prejudice, Causing Trouble, Child Neglect, and etc..., real Gods/Earths don’t deal with ‘em! Depending upon the severity of their actions, real Gods/Earths will have to publically disassociate themselves from that person until they “clean themselves up” (9/1-14). If real Gods/Earths don’t take that stance of disassociation, they run the risk of being associated with that person’s uncivilized behavior; birds of a feather flock together. In some cases, your association can get you exiled, seriously hurt, locked up, or even killed!! For example, I have a Mentorship Program for Youth. How would it affect my Program if the Grant Funders, Parents, and the Youth found out I lived with roommates who sold drugs out of the house? What would my Public Image look like if I’m claiming to be Civilized, yet I’m hanging around with some dude that beats his Wife? Would you, the Reader, support me if I’m writing about Queens, b.u.t. paying for Prostitutes to have threesomes? A rule of thumb in Basketball is to always watch the Players waist that you’re checking, because they can’t fake you out with that. As long as you’re watching their hands, arms, head, legs, etc.. they may be able to cross you over and blow right pass you for an easy lay-up! In this case, watching a person’s waist is symbolic to checking a person’s works, because inside of their works (or lack thereof) and their waist, is where you’ll actually find their Constitution! LOL At the end of the day, regardless what we claim to be, WE ARE what we’re actually doing for ourselves, eachother, our Community, and the Environment.

Pro-Black and Anti-White
Another misconception is that our Nation is Pro-Black and Anti-White. Our stance is this: Regardless what you classify yourself as, be it Black, White or Cablasian, we are Pro-Righteous and Anti-Devilishment. This DOES NOT MEAN that we don’t recognize and confront the reality that we live in a Society that promotes Global White Supremacy, where the Status Quo is undoubtedly Pro-White and Anti-Black/Non-White. Also, just because we agree with the Anthropologists, Archeologists, Geneticists, Paleontologists, Theologians, and other Scientists/Experts that Black People are the Original People and Fathers & Mothers of Civilization, this doesn’t mean we’re Black Supremists or Reverse Racists. We don’t subscribe to the idea that our blackness is some kind of Melenin Master Card that gives us an unlimited credit line to the Universe. Like ALL Human Beings, our bodies are “physical vehicles” that transmit/receive Collective Consciousness. In examining these “physical vehicles”, there does exist physiological and biochemical specifications that give Males/Females with/without Melenin an inclination towards certain ‘performance standards’. Although these ‘performance standards’ are physiological and biochemical, THERE ARE RULES AND REGULATIONS (Laws) that govern how we express these ‘performance standards’! So in otherwords, you can be blacker than Gucci Mane sunbathing at the equator in a birthday suit, and never learn how to be Civilized and Righteous, while some lily white Swedish Blond can be one of the most Civilized and Righteous People you could ever meet. Although ALL Human Beings are born with a set of physiological, biochemical, psychological, and socioeconomic tools that give us certain proclivities and inclinations, WE DECIDE FOR OURSELVES HOW TO USE THEM, and either it’s going to be for Righteousness or for Devilishment! In conjunction with this, I must reiterate that we ALL live in a Society that maintains and perpetuates a certain Status Quo. A Status Quo rooted in Global White Supremacy, Misogyny, and Colonialism. A Status Quo designed to cultivate only those proclivities, inclinations, and ‘performance standards’ that serve its Cultural Interests. For those who disagree with my statement about this ‘Status Quo’, consider the fact that America is only 234 years old and has “legally” practiced Slavery, Segregation, Lynching, Institutional Racism, and Racial Profiling against Black/Non-White People during all of these 234 years. This does not include the additional 200+ years of Slavery, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and Genocide of Aboriginal People before 1776! This Historical/Present Day racial backdrop is the socioeconomic landscape of America. As Gods/Earths, we stand/strive for Freedom, Justice, and Equality for ALL the Human Families of the Planet Earth, especially for the Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow People who have suffered the most under this Global White Supremist, Misogynistic, Colonialist ‘Status Quo’.

In taking a stand for Freedom, Justice, and Equality for ALL the Human Families of the Planet Earth, we teach everybody who wants to learn - Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White! For a person who classifies themselves as White to learn, working to dismantle this Global White Supremist Status Quo is a daunting task! It’s definitely humbling and demands a lot of courage on their part to learn why the greater part of the World Community, including many of their own People, has historically classified them/themselves as The Devil. Regardless how ashamed or guilty a Caucasian may feel about that, it’s important for them to realize that not functioning that way hinges upon how well they know and understand their ‘collective’ physiological, biochemical, psychological, socioeconomic, and historical proclivities/inclinations towards Black/Non-White People. It’s no different than learning from a Doctor about the heart disease and strokes that run in my Family, and then creating a proper diet and making the appropriate lifestyle changes so I don’t fall victim to these pre-conditions. I commend any Caucasian who has the courage, sincerity, and commitment to learn from Black/Non-White People How, Why, When and Where they have ‘collectively’ earned the reputation of being The Devil. Now, although all Caucasians DID NOT participate in earning this 'collective' reputation, all Caucasians wear the physiological costume of that reputation, and benefit from "their Predecssors" socioeconomically. As "a Male", it's the same phallus bearing costume I'm wearing that represents gender oppression and misogyny! As "a Male", although Black/Non-White, I too benefit on some levels from Male Predecessors socioeconomically. To strive for Freedom, Justice, and Equality for ALL People, as a "Male", I have to WORK to insure that females know and understand that I don't uphold that Gender oppressive, Misogynistic 'Status Quo'!

Anyway, it’s not often that Caucasians take on the challenge of looking not only at these truths, b.u.t. also the many lies their Ancestors have taught them about themselves and the World around them. Although there are many Contributions Caucasians have made and continue to make to World Civilization, it’s White Supremacy, Colonialism, Genocide, Disenfranchisement, the destruction/looting of Black/Non White Civilizations around the Planet, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Slavery, Segregation, Institutionalized Racism, Racial Profiling, and a host of other injustices that clearly mark their ‘Collective Historiography’ all over the Planet Earth. In order for Caucasians to honestly say they’re standing/striving for Freedom, Justice, and Equality for ALL People, in ALL OF THEIR “Daily People Activities”, they must be willing to educate themselves about their ‘Collective Historiography’ and how that Worldview has established the Power Dynamics between White and Black/Non-White People all of the Planet Earth. Through this education, they become responsible for educating others, particularly their own People, and advocating change to insure that there’s Freedom, Justice, and Equality for ALL People.

Cee, many Black/Non-White People throughout the World have a lot to say about the ‘Collective Historiography’ of Caucasians in relationship to their own People. From Tulsa Oklahoma to Tasmania, Black/Non-White People have a sobb story to tell. It’s also a reality that many Caucasians are usually oblivious as to how a greater part of the World Community and Nature itself, cees them as a Group. Cleaning up this Global Image/Reputation demands a lot of WORK on the part of Caucasians! WORK that consists of “Daily People Activities” showing true dedication to Freedom, Justice, and Equality for ALL People. These “Daily People Activities” runs the entire spectrum of Righteous Behavior from asking to speak to a Restaurant Manager because a Hostess deliberately gave their White Family a table before an Asian Family, to them actively participating in Rallies against Racial Profiling or Equal Job Opportunities at their place of Employment. Some of these “Daily People Activities” means instructing their White Children to study the Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization, or Boycotting Institutions/Companies that promote Racist Policies, especially when it’s a thriving Family Business! If it’s privileges Caucasians are getting because they have “the complexion for the connection”, they can’t accept these privileges! If they cee, hear or even smell injustice being levied against someone, Black or White, they have to do everything in their power to fight against it! So to really strive for Freedom, Justice, and Equality for ALL People, it takes WORK! It’s WORK beyond having liberal conversations about how wrong Racism is, how great an interracial relationship is going, or how we’re in a so-called “Post Racial America” because we have a African American/Black/Colored/Negro President. For those People who classify themselves as White, this WORK demands a level of Socially Conscious ‘Neo-Activism’ that would make John Brown look Conservative.

So as Gods/Earths, we’ve never been against teaching Caucasians because we’re all one Human Family! As a matter of fact, here’s a Promotional Video of a Documentary created by my God Brother ‘Khalik’ about a Caucasian Man named ‘Azrael’ whom The Father of our Nation taught personally! If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of it you can connect with Khalik at: KhalikAllah7 So again, we’re not Pro-Black or Anti-White, and YES we do have Caucasian Men/Women who’re Citizens of our Nation because they’re Righteous, Courageous People who have dedicated their lives to Freedom, Justice, and Equality for ALL People. This does not make them “Gods” and “Earths”, because ‘God’ and the ‘Earth’ were present long before Non-Melaninated People existed. Their decision to embrace this Cultural Perspective makes them Righteous People who’re respected Citizens of our Nation. Keep in Mind that there aren’t a lot of White People who want to be ‘Neo-Activists’ like that. Examining the Sociopolitical Power Dynamics between themselves and Black/Non-White People will force them to acknowledge their sense of Entitlement and relinquish some of their Power and Resources to insure an equal distribution of these Material/Immaterial Privileges & Amenities for ALL People. Giving that up in order to share would be hard for many Black/Non-White People! So because there’s not many White People who’re willing to step up to this task, People on the outside may get the impression that The NGE is some kind of Black Separatist Group! LOL Don’t get it twisted, we “teach Knowledge and Wisdom to ALL the Human Families of the Planet Earth” (2/1-14), and in teaching, there’s a lot of ground to actually cover!

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