Friday, November 05, 2010

The Order of Things

By: Universal Lord Life Justice

It's not what you admit to, it is what you plan to do about it, that makes all the difference in the world you're living in.” -Life

Besetting our efforts to rise up into a mighty Nation is the belief that Divinity is a birth right and that Women should be something other than equality. This is like a Mexican Stand-off, a game of Chicken, or Russian Roulette. Recognize that “the Father of the Devil” was an Original Black Man (4/1-14). There are eighty-five percent who are Black and ten percent who are Black. The Father of the Devil was born from a tribe of ‘dissatisfied’ Black People. You may look at him as God, because “God made Devil” (38/1-40), but his behavior was far beyond what we would call Righteous. He was described as a big head scientist experimenting with high explosives, as many of you are doing today.

Just because you are Black and have come to know how the Black Man of Asia saw himself before the White Man came scooping up all the prisoners of war our enemies in Central Asia captured, does not make you God. There are naturally Black and Brown, Dominate and Recessive amongst Black People, just as there were and are satisfied and dissatisfied among us as well. Interestingly enough, back in our past, ‘dissatisfaction’ with the social structure gave birth to the Devil (22,23,24/1-40). Nowadays, our ‘dissatisfaction’ with the devil's civilization is the main thrust in us to recapture our Culture! The tables have turned!

All of us can be “led in the wrong direction” (14/1-40), it is what you do afterwards that makes the difference. What good is it, if you admit you have faults yet add the word "but" onto your statements? “BUT’ is a contradictory word. The very nature of the word say Be-U-true to the square (of what is right), because the next couple of words or statements after saying that word will bring about nullifying results to what you just admitted. In other words, "Yeah, I was wrong for doing that ‘BUT’ you made me do it (and since you are responsible then if you don't start none, there won’t be none)," when you should know that “all that above is caused by the Sun of (and in) Man” (8/1-40)!

Godliness is a state of development. You will never evolve until you involve your self in doing and being right. You will never see what powers come out of the words you speak, until you take them seriously instead of using them to razzle dazzle people. Your contradictions make those words Self imposed prisons because as the Knowledge Born Degree in the Knowledge to your Culture's Cipher (19/1-40) clearly states (St. Luke 12:47) "and that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, and shall be beaten with many stripes." Many of you are upholding Red, White, and Blue stripes, and considering those ideals to be your own true Culture! Following behind Feminists and wondering why you keep ending up being alone. The Feminist Movement in America is largely run by lesbians. Their aim is not the reconciliation between Man and Woman, repairing of the Family, or having babies. Their aim is for Women to be with Women! So, though some of their points are valid, their direction and approach isn't. Why? Because they will always be adverse to the male population, for example. Did we originate these ideas? No, we pick them up from mass media in America. This is no different than the Man who feels Women are sex objects and not wise intelligent Human Beings. This is not the thinking that originates in our Lessons. This is not the ideas of “the Wise Man (and Woman) from the East”, or “Civilized People” as (Original People) we know them. (1,18/1-40)

Imagine, if you will, basing all your actions on things you know are true and right and exact... Could you conceive what would be the results of that? Even if you made the wrong assessment, your honesty and Self examination would have you analyze the approach until you figured the right result. But you have to want it and you must be able to take constructive criticism. If you can't take constructive criticism, you cannot benefit from the "all-eyes-seeing" in your Universal Family giving you jewels (37/1-40). It's not what you admit to, it is what you plan to do about it, that makes all the difference in the world you're living in. We might all claim Divinity, but not all of us feel that in our hearts. Owning up to your errors is a start but the positive education to correct your errors and leading a life that is based upon what you know to be true is “the best part that should be preserved” (1/1-14). And this goes for Women too! Many of you are destroying your own relationships by trying to construct something based on a momentary flash of light, while our Culture “is older than the Sun, Moon and Stars”! (9/1-10) You should spend more time getting to the hidden jewels in your Lessons, than spending your time trying to manipulate your Man in your own image. Sure, speak up about the inequalities, but respect your King! If our Women do not believe in her Man's ability to lead, how can our Nation even compete in today's Society? Women who are ‘dissatisfied’ need to talk to Wise, Intelligent, Nationalistic Black Women, instead of "cultural witches," because they are only miserable Women who want company. Remember, "He or Her without Knowledge of Self cannot Build, only Destroy, and take many other lives."

Slavery has really wounded all of our Self Esteem. Because of this, we must be patient, but we cannot find ourselves "searching for something that does not exist" (10/1-40); they must be "said persons of that ability” (20/1-40). While we are on that above Lesson, my persons always found the phrase, ‘must be punished by the Nation”, unnerving. It wasn't until I fully understood that the statement ‘said ability’ was the same as ‘they are built that way, just not aware of it’, did I get the secret of the Truth or Square Lesson in the Knowledge to your Culture's Cipher. The Jewel is this: “For those who want to live right and know the truth, the two-edge sword of justice is like a knife cutting through all the dumb stuff and obstructions, while making the path clearly laid out. For those who don’t, the truth hurts like a "punishment" or "a sword above their head" (9,10/1-14). Therefore, those who don't keep and obey the truth, feel the stripes. This is not a birthright, this is something you work for and get better at. It takes refinement and is a cleansing process. Catharsis (emotional and psychological cleansing) is part of the process.

Equality means to be equal in everything, which means to treat her as you, because she is Divine as you are but in a congruent way (equal in value, different in how it expresses itself). Remember: “All powers experienced on Earth are as a result of the interaction between the Sun and the Moon. It takes both forces to bring about the Black Family and Nation. It is the cooperation of both our forces that makes the world go around, not the domination of one over the other, or the wave of discontented people who are ‘dissatisfied’ with their roles within our Nation.” If you don't like our Culture, leave. Don't try to poison the well, or dismantle what is older than the Sun, Moon and Stars. WE DON'T NEED YOU WHO SAY, “I STUDY THIS, BUT I’M NOT A PART OF THIS!” You depend on National Readers, but you insult us by saying you don't even agree with us enough to say you are a part of The NGE. Any of us who seriously entertain the writings of such persons, need to have our own heads examined. These people disqualify themselves, from the gate, as spoke persons by stating they are not a part of! Emancipate yourself from your own self imposed prisons. Stop making foolish statements like, “I wouldn't have to act-up if you didn't make me!” This denies the validity of the Build (8th) Degree in the one to forty (1-40), as well as the lack of understanding to the Born (9th), Justice (10th), and the Knowledge-Knowledge (11th) Degrees in the one to forty (1-40). Get it right: There is no excuse for Civilized People to act Uncivilized. Just a lack of refinement. Are you saying that other's are so powerful that they can make you do something or behave ‘other than yourself”? (12/1-36)

Get your Mind right. Let's “overtake Jerusalem” (5/1-14). Let's “take the Devil off our Planet in one day without falling victim to the Devil's Civilization” (38,39,40/1-40)! Let's recapture our Culture and leave the Devil's Civilization to its own destruction.

Like you said sometime ago Saladin, “Many people are looking for a right way to do wrong.” That's just bad economics G. When you think about it, words are well-honed paths like math, and your attitude concerning them is what makes them work in your life. Attitude makes all the difference in the world! By this we don't mean posturing or pontification, we mean the way you feel, see and approach things. It's all on how you handle or begin to deal with things, but please stop making excuses for your actions or blaming the cause on other people! Many times you'll find, if you are honest with your persons, you can really see the truth in the statement that "Earthquakes are caused by the Son of Man experimenting with high explosives; in fact, all that above is caused by the Son of Man.” (8/1-40) People need to stop looking up in the sky for the reasons why their lives are the way that they are or blaming others for the roots of their own difficulties; they need to look at themselves. You are the author of your life. Nobody makes you do anything. In most cases, there is no gun to your head, and even if it was, you still have a choice. It’s all about what you accept, what you allow and what you do or don't do within your life. As George Clinton of the Parliament-Funkadelic stated, “An attitude is all you need to rise and walk away [from a bad circumstance]. Inspire yourself. Your life is yours, it fits you like your skin.” You have to feel confident in the things you do and what better way can you feel confident in something than to know its based upon knowledge and truth. Doing what you feel can never bring this type of confidence. After all, knowledge is the foundation of all things in existence -- even lies are spin-offs of the truth!

The root of CIVILIZATION IS IN ARABIA AT THE HOLY CITY OF MECCA which means WHERE KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM OF THE ORIGINAL MAN STARTED WHEN THE PLANET WAS FIRST FOUNDED (4/1-14)!” Recognize. The insecure feeling comes from not knowing where things are leading to. How could you when you don't have a firm foundation about your “origin in this world and worship things you know not” (14/1-40)? You can't base your like on feelings, hunches, rumors and words from your ‘yes-man buddies,’ and expect things to work out alright. You must have knowledge and a proper procedure(wisdom). Don't front. You will only act savage and uncivilized when People find out. Be real with your being and with others. Owning up is only part of it. Own up to your stuff and make real plans to change your ways. You are only fooling yourself if you “just talk” like you are. Everyone can see how phony you are but you. Allah has put a veil over your eyes for not choosing the truth. It chases up with a person. Roger Waters: ‘So you run and you run, to catch up with the Sun but it's sinking... waiting around to come up behind you again; Sun is the same, in a relative way -- but you're older -- shorter of breath and one day closer to death.” Persons like that need to stop taking paths which are not time-tested and founded on truth, knowledge and reality. They need to stop fashioning things that fit their cowardly natures. Even People who like to fight, are not always showing they are strong. Sometimes they are in misery and would like to make others feel miserable. Even if everyone would do what these people want, they would still be miserable because they are discontent.

There are a lot of fanciful and fantasized ideas out there amongst our People. A lot of it is founded by the ones who want to exalt Supreme Mathematics as the foundation and separate it from learning Lessons and the Goddess Complex. Both of these are foreign to what our teachings actually advocated and how the Father taught. I had this for 34 years now and I pretty much know the way it goes and who I've become by embracing it as my identity. If they want to experiment... fine... just don't call it five percent because it is not. Don't rely on our Foundation, because it is not. It is a new fangled idea, by those who “will not keep and obey the laws” (10/1-14), and therefore they have to be cut off from those who do. No one's telling them how to live, we are just telling them to take it elsewhere. They confuse our young. The most civilized way is always revealed when you ask, ‘What would God do in this situation?” If that is too abstract, then picture our righteous brother Jesus doing what you are thinking about doing. If it looks funky... that's probably because it is! “Are there any Gods other than Righteous?” (15/1-36) I'm sure a lot of Women, Earths and otherwise would like to field that question -- but before they do, remember how this started: The Father (Allah) was an Original Blackman and so was the Father of the Devil (Yacub). Their Movements were born from ‘dissatisfied’ Black People. Dissatisfied in the way we do things, and this brought about a change. When the Father taught in the Temple (#7), he was told to separate because it did not coincide with the NOI Curriculum at the time. He did and here-we-are. Notice that all of this falls under the Culture (4th) Degree. The question is: Is your Cultural ways Divine (Godly) or Destroy (Devilishment)? Only time will tell. A seed is assessed by the fruit that it bears. Only the best fruit gets to be called F.O.A. or F.O.E. (and that does not mean foe; although some Women we rest with are secretly just that). Women in The NGE are just as viable here as the Men but we do not advocate Feminism. That is a concept founded in the West and is largely controlled by lesbians who do not desire Men as their partners. Let them howl at the Moon, that is not our Culture. Our Culture “is older than the Sun, Moon, and Stars” (9/1-10), reflected in our Lessons, and indicative in the language that we speak. These others are “still searching for trillions of years” (10/1-40) like “savages in the pursuit of happiness”. (17/1-40)

Universal Lord Life Justice
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