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Property; Slaves

Transactional Analysis
Part 2

Knowledge of Self (KOS) is a process used to help us arrive at a Psychological Position in Life where we can say/be “O.K.”. From the time of our birth, the temporary separation or estrangement (via severance of the Umbilical Cord or Cesarean Section) from our Mother was our first impression of feeling NOT O.K.. From that moment forward, our preverbal/formative years were spent striving to reestablish that attachment/bond that once made us feel secure and O.K.. It is this preverbal/formative journey to reconnect is what sets the Psychological/Social stage for how we cee ourselves, and how we assess/approach our future relationships. Because we’re helpless as Children, and must depend entirely upon Adults to take care of us, our only self concept is derived from how People react/respond to us. We’re not at a stage where our cognitive ability is developed enough to critique or intellectually oppose the stimulus we’re receiving, so we can only accept these impressions as they are. Because of our helplessness, all of us come into this World and receive the first impression that we’re NOT O.K.. It is our preverbal/formative experience (Conception to Kindergarten Socialization) that will determine if we remain NOT O.K. or if we get the stroking/reassurance that we are O.K. via the coddling, intimacy, and love of our Mother/Caretaker(s). It is also this preverbal/formative experience that sets the Cognitive/Emotional foundation for how equipped we are to form healthy bonds/attachments with others. At this point, it must be clearly understood that prior to a person “becoming conscious” or coming into The NGE via getting Supreme Mathematics, Lessons, or even learning about The History of The Father, they might NOT have been O.K..

R.A.D. and Slavery
Psychologists define R.A.D. as ‘Reactive Attachment Disorder’ which classifies children who have a problem forming meaningful attachments/bonds with others. Some of these studies took place in Russian Orphanages where Scientists examined how the lack of attachment (stroking) that babies received over a period of time made them either not respond or react negatively to social attachments with others. In addition to the emotional, social, and cognitive components, this lack of response and/or negative reactions towards attachments was also measured in the low or stabilized levels of Oxytocin these children had during pleasurable interactivities. So even on a biochemical level, when these children interacted with others, “they weren’t feeling it”, and they weren’t feeling it because they never learned to. While some of these studies took place in Orphanages where the bonding experience in a child’s preverbal/formative years were very little to non existent, it’s important to understand that any environment where there is a significant lack of attachment (stroking) on behalf of the Caretaker(s), ESPECIALLY the Mother, this experience will produce the same results: R.A.D. as ‘Reactive Attachment Disorder’.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Institution of Chattel Slavery was instrumental in destroying the Family bonds of Black People who were subjected to this. As property, we weren’t allowed to form attachments with eachother, only to the extent of breeding, and when our Family Members were sold away, it further alienated us and exacerbated our sense of attachment to one another. A Father may have been sold to a Slave Master in Georgia, the Mother sent to Alabama, two Children ‘sold down the river’ -to Mississippi, and the Newborn sent to Louisiana. Anyway, People suffering from such trauma would be forced to orientate themselves a certain way; and adapt socially and psychologically to the conditions they exist in. As Slaves, the trauma suffered during the preverbal/formative years and during a lifetime, and the restrictions placed upon Slaves to develop cognitive abilities, made them “other than” themselves (12/1-36) and ill-equipped to form healthy bonds/attachments with eachother, others, and the World around them.

In the Armed Forces, especially in the Combat Units, you’ll often hear Soldiers speak about not forming attachments with their Comrades because it’s painful to lose someone close to you. Therefore, Soldiers learn, as a defense/survival mechanism, not to form attachments with others. It must be understood that the difference between Black People (during The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Institution of Chattel Slavery) and American Soldiers is that our Ancestors were POW’s in a legal Warzone for 379 years. It is also important to note that many Soldiers, being debriefed after coming from a Warzone, are diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). While Soldiers from Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq receive(d) the Psychological/Pharmaceutical assistance for PTSD, it must be understood that so-called Slaves also suffered from PTSD, for Generations, and never received any Psychological/Pharmaceutical assistance. Although the term ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ can be traced back to the 1970’s, the actual symptoms of the Disorder have been identified amongst Soldiers in combat for centuries. The point in mentioning this is to draw attention to the trans-generational effects of Trauma. So although Black People were set free from physical bondage in 1865, it DID NOT make our Psychological Position in Life “O.K.”. It was my Ancestors who held this Psychological Position in Life that gave birth to and raised children, who gave birth to and raised children, who gave birth to and raised children for generations without ever resolving the issue being fundamentally O.K.. Many of the problems that we cee amongst my People are not personal or immediate Family issues. Some of these issues have been changing their molecular structure like super viruses being passed on through our genetic memory bank for over 300 years. Another thing to consider is that America is only 235 years old! So these Disorders, and Pathologies of the Perpetrators, is what set the infrastructural template prior to the birth of this Nation. Cee: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (P.T.S.S.)

Our Family Dynamics
During The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Institution of Chattel Slavery, forming an attachment (stroking) with eachother meant “a severe punishment” (19/1-40). If so-called Slaves, who were often the majority on Plantations could remain divided, it was easier for the minority Slave Masters to maintain control. Many Slave Owners didn’t kill a lot of their so-called Slaves because they’d be loosing free labor. This is the reason Slave Owners resorted to disciplinary actions such as severe whippings/floggings, rape, beatings, torture and other hideous tactics to “plant fear” (8/1-36) in the so-called Slaves to stay obedient. When a Slave Owner did murder a so-called Slave, it was usually done in a staged, ceremonial fashion that would make Rob Zombie’s Halloween II look like Toy Story. Forming meaningful attachments (stroking) with eachother Post-Slavery also meant a severe punishment up to and including death! Coming together and forming Family Units and Communities were a socioeconomic threat to the White Supremist Status Quo (cee Black Wall Street and Rosewood). So in the midst of all of this racial tension and open hostility, black children continued to be born. These children were being born to many Parents who often meant well b.u.t. were often ill-equipped to do well; Educationally, Socially, Psychologically, and Economically. Over time and with the migrations into Urban Communities that were flooded with drugs to compound the poverty & disenfranchisement, and you have a recipe for disaster -b.u.t. also an incubator for unmatched level of character development from a systematically oppressed People. Many of these children who suffered from this disaster never received the attachment (stroking) necessary to know how to form healthy relationships with eachother, and these psychological and socioeconomic conditions laid the structural foundation for ‘Reactive Attachment Disorder’ before it was even classified as a Disorder. So understanding our own Psychological Position in Life as Black People hinges upon us understanding our Family Dynamics (His/Herstory);

1.) The Story of our Ancestors experience Pre/Post the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Slavery Experience, and/or Colonialism.

2.) Our immediate Family Dynamics. As I mentioned earlier, it is our preverbal/formative experience that sets the Cognitive/Emotional foundation for how equipped we are to form healthy bonds/attachments with others. Because of a baby’s helplessness, all of us come into this World and receive the first impression that we’re NOT O.K.. So it is our preverbal/formative experience (Conception to Kindergarten Socialization) that will determine if we remain NOT O.K. or if we get the stroking/reassurance that we are O.K. via the coddling, intimacy, and love of our Mother/Caretaker(s).

3.) Our personal experiences and socioeconomic conditionings that have shaped us.

Again, I cannot stress enough that our Psychological Position in Life as Original People, based upon the above three components, is what a person BRINGS WITH THEM prior to coming into Knowledge of Self (KOS). We, as a People, are a culmination of our own choices and the trans-generational data that was been passed on to us via our Ancestors. Even a child who is so-called ‘born’ into this Nation still has a Psychological Position in Life based upon their preverbal/formative experience (Conception to Kindergarten Socialization). And based upon their Caretaker(s) -God and/or Earth- Psychological Position in Life, this child still may NOT be O.K.. Within The NGE, our ‘transactional stimulus’ or ‘transactional responses’ still comes from the perspective of a Parent, Adult, or a Child (PAC). These perspectives lay the cognitive, psychological, and emotional foundation for the four Life Positions Gods/Earths have, and how we express our Culture:

1. I’m NOT O.K. and you’re O.K.

2. I’m NOT O.K. and you’re NOT O.K.

3. I’m O.K. and you’re NOT O.K.

4. I’m O.K. and you’re O.K.

I’m NOT O.K. and you’re O.K.
(I’m not as much a God/Earth as you!)
This type of God/Earth can be defined as a Chronic Complainer, Anti-Social, Hater, a Solicitor for Pity, Competitor, and Malcontent. They’re NOT O.K. because they never received an adequate amount of stroking/reassurance, or came to terms with preverbal/formative experiences and Trauma they suffered in childhood and throughout their lives such as: molestation, abuse, neglect, poverty, bullying, disenfranchisement, Parental Alienation, Racism, and other experiences that reinforced those initial impressions of NOT being O.K. as a baby. Because they’re NOT O.K. and look at other Gods/Earths as being O.K., they may find comfort in alienating themselves from Gods/Earths who are O.K. because it hurts to be around “O.K.” Gods/Earths. Being around O.K. Gods/Earths only magnifies that they’re NOT O.K.. These type of Gods/Earths usually alienate themselves; anonymously existing on “an island” (27/1-40), and fail to maintain significant relationships with others because they never learned how to. You may find them living in rural/out of the way places, completely detached from Family, Community, and our Nation, stewing in their own psychological juices. Because of their sense of detachment, this type of person is inclined towards fiction (“lie”: 4/1-14). Using fiction in the form of fictitious names, people, places, and things, they manufactures a Fantasy World around themselves, and usually have none to very few valid sources to verify any of their actual exploits, adventures, or endeavors.

Another thing that’s characteristic of Gods/Earths who’s Life Position is ‘I’m NOT O.K. and you’re O.K.’ is that they’re ultra-insecure if/when they’re around other Gods/Earths. As a defense mechanism, they thrive on Competition and always feel a need to Show & Prove how better, smarter, wealthier, attractive, etc. they are than every other God/Earth. All of this is a transparent “shield” (5/1-14), because deep down inside, they’re really NOT O.K. and it’s always made obvious by the fact that they go out of their way to try to Show and Prove to People that they are. Some Gods/Earths are under the impression that competition/adversity, whether real or imagined, is a motivating factor to make them elevate. They try to “show forth and prove their power” by making Devils, completely oblivious to the fact that “Allah is God, always has been and always will be”, and doesn’t depend upon this makeshift competition/adversity to show & prove how allwise & righteous you are. The reality is, it’s not really the competition/adversity that’s motivating NOT O.K Gods/Earths. If it was, then they would be O.K. after the dust clears. Unfortunately this is usually not the case, and when the dust clears, you’ll cee/hear this God/Earth still talking about their next battle, and expressing how they’re still NOT O.K.! In their case, no matter what they do, they’re NOT O.K., and when everything seems to be going alright, “it’s always something!”

I’m NOT O.K. and you’re NOT O.K.
(Gods/Earths are only human, we’re not perfect or holy!)
This type of God/Earth suffers from stroking deprivation and childhood Trauma. Their Caretaker(s) ESPECIALLY their Mother neglected them during their preverbal/formative years, and this is when they began to learn that they’re NOT O.K. and no other Gods/Earths are either. This type of God/Earth never learned to bond with others, and isn’t really open to learn. Since they’re NOT O.K. and no Gods/Earths are either, no one can build with them. Why? Because the God/Earth trying to build with them is NOT O.K. either! The Trauma they suffered as a child such as: molestation, abuse, neglect, poverty, bullying, disenfranchisement, Parental Alienation, Racism, a Handicap, etc.., and lack of stroking/assurance, conditioned them to think it’s impossible for them to ever be O.K.. So even though they claim to have KOS, have Divine Attributes, and call themselves Gods/Earths, they continue to engage in activities that don’t live up to these Titles. They even go as far as to openly tell People that they can’t and don’t intend to either. Another characteristic of these types of Gods/Earths can be chemical/substance abuse, chronic belligerence, inconsideration, contempt for themselves/others, and a ready to die ‘Menticide’ approach towards life. This is the type of God/Earth that will go to a Medina Rally trying to bomb somebody about why their Caucasian counterpart is God/Earth too.

Because the only stroking/assurance they received was the basic creature comforts of a baby, in the early years of their development, and over time, this God/Earth learned to live without it. Therefore they gave up on relationships entirely, and consequently determined that others are just as incapable of forging relationships as they are. This type of God/Earth advocates a NO GOD/EARTH IS O.K. Philosophy, systematically looks for blemishes in other Gods/Earths to prove they’re NOT O.K., and uses statements such as “nobody’s perfect”, “hug your imperfections”, “God is just a man”, “I’m only human”, etc. to try to justify their own psychological (and often physical) handicap. They also use this as a method to ostracize concepts and Gods/Earths who are being/doing O.K. in order to get others to buy into their dysfunction as a standard of normalcy: (“…also to deceive the People so that they would believe in them.” 5/1-14, “To make our People of North America believe that the People of that Continent are the only People they have and are all savages.” 7/1-14). In addition to opposing those who strive to be O.K., these Gods/Earths may also “do everything within their -limited- power” (40/1-40) to try to prove how NOT O.K. other Gods/Earths are by striving to destroy them. Deep down inside, these types of Gods/Earths never learned to care about his/her “ownself” (13/1-36), and that’s why it’s so easy to show how much they don’t care about others.

I’m O.K. and you’re NOT O.K.
(I’m THE God/Earth, you’re not!)
This type of God/Earth was also deprived of stroking and often suffered severe emotional and physical abuse at the hands of their Caretaker(s). In response to this, and in order to survive, they learned to ‘self stroke’ (comfort/assure themselves) by licking their own wounds. It’s been said that the early history of criminal psychopaths are People who hold this Psychological Position. As such a Gods/Earths grows, gains more strength to survive, and begins to feel O.K., their hatred also grows for those who severely abused them. Hence the Position of I’m O.K. and you’re NOT O.K. is born.

The danger of this Psychological Position is the fact that the Trauma has caused them to not look inward. So anything that happens is always someone else’s fault, and they never learn to take responsibility for their own conditioning. This Psychological Position whittled away their conscience, bred a narcissistic personality, and no matter what they say/do it’s somehow O.K. -in their own Mind. Although Gods/Earths who believe that “I’m NOT O.K. and you’re NOT O.K.” is suicidal and capable of hurting themselves/others based upon a “I don’t give a f*ck about nothing!” attitude, a Gods/Earths who believe “I’m O.K. and you’re NOT O.K.”, is capable of hurting others based upon the idea that, “I don’t give a f*ck about you, and whatever I do -to you- is O.K..”

Because these Gods/Earths were deprived of strokes and learned to ‘self stroke’, they never learned to recognize nor appreciate a stroke from someone else. Therefore, the only person they’re capable of keeping a relationship with is the distorted image of themselves, and this is also exemplified in a preoccupation with grandiose ideas, drama, violence, and sadomasochistic; all characteristics typical in the profile of criminal psychopaths and serial killers. Even if they do develop a pseudo-relationship with others, it’s only a matter of time before they reject them because they’re not O.K. (never good enough), something is wrong with them, and it’s always their fault why they’re not building anymore.

I’m O.K. and you’re O.K.
(We are The NGE!)
This type of God/Earth has grown and developed to the point where they’ve used this Culture to make sense of their own conditionings to the point where they’re O.K.. Not only are they O.K., b.u.t. they can appreciate how other Gods/Earths are O.K. too. Transactional Analysis suggests that the first three Psychological Positions are based upon feelings while the fourth Psychological Position (I’m O.K. and you’re O.K.) is based upon thought and action. The reason being is because the first three Psychological Positions were forged during our preverbal/formative years and childhood upbringing. These Positions were not taken based upon a critical analysis of our social circumstances because we didn’t have the cognitive ability. As we grow to Adulthood, hopefully we develop this cognitive ability to make sense out of our social conditionings. “I’m O.K. and you’re O.K.” is fundamental to healthy, functional relationships with ourselves as Gods/Earths, with others, and with the Planet Earth.

How do we apply (PAC) and these four Psychological Positions to our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum? How does this branch of Psychology relate to dealing with ourselves and other Gods/Earths?

To be continued…
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