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Transactional Analysis
Part 3

Because many of us -Gods/Earths-, CAME INTO Knowledge of Self (KOS), there is a lot of data we naturally reject(ed) from our Caretakers. Sometimes Gods/Earths reject almost everything and therefore ‘block out’ their Parent and begin to culturally express themselves as a Child without a conscience. These are Gods/Earths who carry Mathematics in a very immature, delusional, and irresponsible way. You also have Gods/Earths who learned this Culture, b.u.t. still remain heavily influenced by their Parent and Society as their Caretaker. These Gods/Earths carry Mathematics in an overly zealous, rote, and religiously prejudiced way. As I stated in Part 1 of this series, in the positive sense: The Parent perspective brings order, stability, and tradition to our Culture; The Adult perspective brings responsibility, discernment, and options; and The Child perspective brings creativity, flexibility, and growth. In order to access these positive characteristics, a God/Earth must be in an Adult Position of ‘responsibility’ to ‘discern’ these ‘options’. In order for a God/Earth to effectively “build or destroy”, “add-on to the cipher”, or “draw this Math up”, our Adult must serve as the cognitive, psychological, and emotional filter for our Parent and Child data.

Transactional Analysis in our Culture
Our ability/inability to form lasting attachments/bonds with ourselves, others, and the Planet is a direct result of how O.K. we are with ourselves as Gods/Earths. How O.K. we are with ourselves depends upon how we cee ourselves, and how we cee ourselves is determined by how we interpret what has happened to us prior to getting KOS, AND what is happening to us now that we have KOS. How O.K. we are with ourselves is what ultimately determines how we interpret our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum, and any other information that teaches us about our role in this Nation and our attitude towards other Nations. Being O.K. means that we’re not making the next God pay because our last three boyfriends cheated on us. Being O.K. means that we no longer harbor hatred for our Parent(s) because we understand they were “made other than themselves” (12/1-36). Being O.K. means that as an Adult with KOS, we’re equipped to interpret our experiences, and “preserve the best part for ourselves” (1/1-14). Being O.K. also means that we “don’t build prison houses” for our social conditionings, and we have a choice to change our Psychological Position in Life in order to “be successful in all our undertakings”! (29/1-40) This takes guidance and work; and our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum functions as a GPS System programmed with ethical, moral, and virtuous coordinates to “lead us in the right direction”, not “easily lead us in the wrong direction.” (14/1-40)

One of the first questions a person is asked upon claiming any type of allegiance to our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum is: WHO IS YOUR ENLIGHTENER? In The NGE, the Student/Enlightener Relationship is the fundamental Dynamic that allows our Culture to be transmitted/received from one person to the next. W.D. Fard spent 3 ½ years walking, talking, and growing with The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in order for them to birth The NOI. Allah, who was/is affectionately called “The Father” of The NGE, along with his close Companions, established relationships with some of the youth in the streets of Harlem. These bonds they established with the youth and the Community became the basis of how our Nation grew, and how we continue to grow. It was some of the only stroking/reassurance these youth received to let them know that they’re O.K., and these relationships served to redirect many of them from a life of crime to a life of being upstanding Citizens –within our Society and to American Society. The Father and his Companions also let them know when they were NOT O.K. too, and gave them advice on what they needed to do to get it right when they had the answers. This fundamental bond or relationship between an Enlightener/Student still remains a Tradition amongst our Nation, and when a person desires to learn about our Culture they learn it directly from somebody who personally guides them. This Tradition also serves to help maintain the integrity of our Lineage, passed on from Enlightener to Enlightener, all the way back to “The Father” and his Companions who started this Nation in 1964, and to W.D. Fard and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad who are the contemporary ‘morning stars’ of our Movement. There are many People who didn’t follow this Tradition and erroneously got our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum without a Student/Enlightener Relationship. They either got it over the phone, in the postage mail, through email, off a Website, from a Book, someone just handed them a copy, etc.. Because all of these methods lack the basic stroking/reassurance that comes with a Student/Enlightener Relationship, many of them develop(ed) a misunderstanding and distorted idea/attitude about this Culture; a fragmented concept about what it means to be a God/Earth, and this lacking will be reflected in the first three Life Positions:

1. I’m NOT O.K. and you’re O.K. (I’m not as much a God/Earth as you)
2. I’m NOT O.K. and you’re NOT O.K. (Gods/Earths are only human, we’re not perfect or holy)
3. I’m O.K. and you’re NOT O.K. (I’m THE God/Earth, you’re not)

The same way it’s important to get an adequate amount of stroking/reassurance that we are O.K. via the coddling, intimacy, and love of our Mother/Caretaker(s), it’s important for a Student (Newborn) to get an adequate amount of stroking/reassurance that we are learning O.K. via the brotherhood/sisterhood, consistency, and love of our Enlightener. The seminal ‘unit’ of our Nation is the ‘Family’, and educating someone is for the purpose of reconciling and rebuilding the structure of our Family Units. Families establish Communities, Communities establish City States, and City States establish Nations. So within The NGE, the Student/Enlightener Relationship uses educational stroking/reassurance ‘transactions’ (‘transactional stimulus’ and ‘transactional responses’) to restore our Life Position of I’m O.K. and you’re O.K. (We’re O.K.). Once a Student (Newborn) completes our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum O.K., they are charged with the full responsibility of Enlightening others who’re striving to learn. I also must mention that sometimes a person had the adequate amount of stroking/reassurance from an Enlightener, b.u.t. because they never reconciled issues they brought with them into this Culture, they still ended up occupying one of the first three Life Positions. This unfortunate theme is illustrated in the tale of Anakin Skywalker (AKA: Darth Vader).

Our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum as ‘transactions’
The Structure of 120 Lessons, which is Questions, Answers, and Statements are in the form of transactional units: QUESTION (‘transactional stimulus’) “Why does the Devil teach that?” 12/1-40, ANSWER (‘transactional response’) “Because he desires to make slaves out of all that he can, so he can rob them and live in luxury.” 12/1-40, and a STATEMENT (‘transactional stimulusortransactional response’) “Approximately 60 years ago” 36/1-36. The Lessons themselves illustrate multiple transactions between Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How we define God and Devil. These transactions highlight the variance between Righteous and Wicked, Divine and Destroy, Civilized and Uncivilized. For example, the 4/1-14 teaches us about the ‘transactional stimulus’ from the Devil in the Holy City of Mecca: “…they started causing trouble amongst the Righteous People, accusing the Righteous People of telling lies, and causing them to fight and kill one another.” We also learn about the ‘transactional response’ of the Righteous People: “…we ran the Devil from the root of Civilization, over the hot Arabian Desert, and into the caves of West Asia as they now call it Europe. ….We took everything from them but their language and made them walk every step of the way.” Sometimes one of our Lessons is a Statement that we must identify as either a ‘transactional stimulusortransactional response’ such as the 7th/Actual Fact: “Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high.” An example of using “Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high” as a ‘transactional stimulus’ is when we initiate a conversation and elaborating on the tremendous growth/elevation we or someone has experienced. An example of using “Mount Everest is 29,141 feet high” as a ‘transactional response’ is when we elaborate about a challenging task/situation we’re confronted with that appears almost insurmountable.

Not only do we adhere to these transactional units, b.u.t. we also express these basic transactions from a Parent, Adult, and Child (PAC) Ego State. As Dr. Berne and I also suggest, in any Cipher (social “transaction”), you can always discern who you are as a God/Earth (Parent, Adult, or Child?) and the God/Earth (Parent, Adult, or Child?) you’re communicating with. Here’s an example to illustrate the following “transactions” between Gods/Earths. Keep in Mind that these transactions reflect Parent, Child, or Adult (PAC) exchanges of Gods/Earths who have Knowledge of Self (KOS):

Parent (God): That’s now cipher! A God can only teach you 120!
Child (Earth): Alright God.

Adult (Earth): How do you cee Today’s Degree?
Adult (God): Build or Destroy; What makes rain, hail, snow, or earthquakes? The Earth is approximately covered…

Child (God): I had Knowledge for 30 years.
Child (God): I walked with First Born Al Jamel.

Parent (Earth): Gods need to quit being so militant with the Earths.
Parent (Earth): I know. They can’t expect us to learn 120 like them.

Child (Earth): He bombed me about watching The God on Youtube.
Adult (God): What was the God building about?

Parent (Earth): The Gods oppress their Earths.
Adult (God): Not all Gods. There are many God/Earth Couples who’ve been happily together, highly respected, and actively involved in this Nation for more than 20 years.

Based upon the above examples, you can cee where so-called Building between Gods/Earths does nothing but Destroy, how so-called Building will be stagnant and never go beyond a certain cipher, and how real Building can be something that’s actually positive and progressive. So-called Building that does nothing but Destroy can be defined as ‘crossed transactions’ because Gods/Earths are coming from two different places. An Earth may be striving to have an Adult Build and with a God b.u.t. we may be responding like a Child, or drawing up his Lessons in a childish way. A God might be Building about something with a critical eye of Parent, and instead of simply agreeing with them, another God/Earth may simply make Adult inquiries. As long as the Builds are complementary (Adult-Adult, Child-Child, Parent-Parent), then this social equality can go on indefinitely. Complementary Builds or social equality ARE NOT only defined as Adult-Adult, Child-Child, and Parent-Parent either. Sometimes a complementary Build can be considered Parent-Child: which is oftentimes the Dynamic between an Older God/Earth (Parent) and a Younger God/Earth (Child). Because of our respect of Eldership, this Dynamic expresses itself as the Younger God/Earth (Child) asking QUESTIONS (‘transactional stimulus’), and the Older God/Earth (Parent) supplying them and/or offering them guidance of where to acquire the ANSWERS (‘transactional responses’).

Even with the Language of The NGE, Gods/Earths will also reflect Parent, Adult, and Child (PAC) Ego States based upon how they “draw-up” or interpret our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum (Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, 1-10’s, 1-14’s, 1-36’s, 1-40’s, Actual Facts, Solar Facts, and *12 Jewels). Here’s an example to illustrate how Gods/Earths “draw-up” or interpret our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum from Parent, Adult, and Child (PAC) Ego States:

Parent: The God was slippin on the Born Degree in the 1-40’s so I bombed him.

Adult: That’s Peace Lord. Growth is about “Allah in his own good time” (39/1-40)

Child: “I don’t care about the poor part” (3/1-14)! 120 is mine personally, and that’s “the Best Part I preserve for myself”! (1/1-14)

Parent: If they ain’t Building, I’m not loosing “…no more time searching for that-that does not exist…” (10/1-40)

Adult: “…we gave them this chance…” (9/1-14) to do what’s necessary, so it’s all on them.

Child: Our Flag “is the greatest and only known Flag in this Universe”! (9/1-14) so I ain’t trying to learn about nobody else’s Flag.

Parent: “The Civilized is held responsible for the uncivilized” (19/1-40) so I’ve been building with them.

Adult: We gotta be like the Doctor who “qualified or disqualified.” (28/1-40) after examining People to cee if they’re fair enough to deal with “social equality” (8/1-14)

Child: The 33/1-40 says “Any live grafted germ from Original is Devil”, and Woman is grafted from Man. 3 + 3 borns equality (6) and that’s the science why she has six ounces of brain and can’t rise about equality. That’s why I don’t teach my Earth 120!

Parent: The Gods need to come together for “one common cause” (8/1-14) and quit all this childish arguing.

Adult: You gotta ask yourself, “Are they ‘healthy, strong, and good’?” (28/1-40) Are they “a said person of that ability”? (20/1-40)

Child: The Father had self-styled wisdom! So you got your own understanding and I got mine! If I hustle and you helping kids, that’s how I cee this Math, and that’s how you cee it! That’s the Freedom of this Culture and beauty of being “the Original Man(Woman)”. (1/1-10)

In conclusion, I want to thank the God ‘Life’ for putting me on to this Science! Exploring Transactional Analysis, like other Sciences of Life, can help shed some light on the ways Gods/Earths approach and assess ourselves, our personal/collective growth & development, and how we “draw-up” or interpret our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum. As I stated, Knowledge of Self (KOS) is a process used to help us say/be “O.K.”. The dysfunctional behavior that’s expressed by our People, especially within The NGE, demonstrates that many of us are still NOT O.K.. We’re NOT O.K. because there are clearly unresolved issues we’re dealing with, and until we honestly take a look within, these issues are “allowed to live and sting somebody else” (10/1-14). These issues are the direct result of trans-generational, immediate Family, and personal socialization we’ve BROUGHT WITH US into this Nation. Some of this data coincides with our Cultural Worldview, and some of it doesn’t. Knowing the difference and preserving the best part for ourselves is an aspect of “the duty of a Civilized Person” (18/1-40), what it means to be “a said person of that ability” (20/1-40), and is an investment in “taking the Devil off our Planet” (34/1-40). This of course is a never-ending inner journey and has a great deal to do with our Ego States: Do we recognize when we’re using our Cultural Curriculum as a Parent, Adult, and Child (PAC)? This is a courageous journey that begins with our willingness to look within and take responsibility for how we’ve chosen to deal with things in our Life. We must ask ourselves the question, “What are we going to do to maintain or change those things that will benefit ourselves, our Family, and our Nation?”, and be committed to “give all we have and all within our power to see this day” (40/1-40). It’s a Mission to change our Past by not allowing negative conditions to live in the Present, and dictate our Future! This journey begins with one step and each step is a day invested in our positive growth & development. Days becomes weeks, weeks become months, months become years, and these years become a lifetime!

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