Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Don't tread on me!"

They are the People who strayed away from Civilization and are now living a jungle life.” (7/1-14)

A Jungle (Sanskrit word jangala (जंगल) which referred to uncultivated land) is not only defined as “entangled growth”, b.u.t. in American Slang it’s considered “A Hobo Camp”; a place where Drifters or People without a Home squat until they move on to another location. This coincides with another definition of Jungle meaning “a ruthless struggle for survival”. Because Hobos live nomadically with no ‘Foundation’, their living situation is unstable, unreliable, and unpredictable. Drifting (hence the word ‘Drifter’) symbolizes their whimsical, survivalist mentality that’s reflected in their ability to move (drift) from place to place in search of basic essentials: food, clothing, and shelter. Ultimately, the reliance on whatever’s available makes this person completely vulnerable to a “Trading Post” (7/1-14), and “the interpretation made by a Trader.” (28/1-36). This not only speaks to a Socioeconomic Condition, b.u.t. it also speaks of being Culturally Disenfranchised; one of the key traits of the 85% because “they do not know their origin in this World and worship what they know not, who are easily led in the wrong direction and hard to be led in the right direction.” (14/1-40) When a person has ‘no origin’ (Foundation), they lack a perspective, direction, and a sense of orientation. In other words they really don’t know Which Way Is Up, and this is what makes them easily led: Led to say/do many questionable things, and often leading others in a direction that may have us wondering where they’re actually coming from.

Sometimes I come across various Writings, FB Postings, Videos, etc.. Online of People who consider themselves Gods/Earths and I find myself clicking away and scratching my head wondering, “Where did they get that from?” I ask myself this because the Philosophies, Ideas, Doctrines, and Procedures they’re advocating either aren’t in line with our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum or aren’t being ‘Shown & Proven’ to be in line with our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum. Those of you who are familiar with my Articles recognize that I always highlight in red the specific part of our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum that I’m referencing. The purpose of this is to make sure Citizens of my Nation know EXACTLY where I’m getting things from and how it actually corresponds to us as Gods/Earths, and our Interests as a Nation. For those of you who do not know or have forgotten what our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum actually is, it is as follows:

1. Supreme Mathematics
2. Supreme Alphabet
3. Student Enrollment (1-10)
4. 1-14’s
5. 1-36’s
6. 1-40’s
7. Actual Facts
8. Solar Facts
*The Twelve Jewels

As Gods/Earths, our 8-Point Curriculum is our ‘Foundation’, ‘Orientation’, and ‘Vantage Point’ of our Cultural Worldview. It’s always been customary/tradition that when a God/Earth says something that other Gods/Earths may not understand or are unsure of, that they take the time to ‘Show & Prove’ (elaborate on) how what they’re saying is in line with what we teach, and how it serves our Cultural Interests. Since we all adhere to the same 8-Point Cultural Curriculum across the board, this custom/tradition is used to insure that we remain “equal in everything” and “advocating for one common cause” (8/1-14); our Cultural Interests as a Nation. Without these Cultural ‘checks and balances’ there would be no National Integrity & Accountability for it’s Citizenship, and this would be Anarchy. If there are no “Rules & Regulations” (28/1-40), Ethical Standards, or Codes of Conduct in place to address our issues and offer a plan of recourse when problems arise, then it’s impossible to grow as a Person or establish/maintain unity as a People! Although we advocate this sense of Integrity & Accountability for us as a Group (Nation), it begins with the “Rules & Regulations” (Ethical Standards, or Codes of Conduct) we have for ourselves, for our Family Unit, and in our Communities. Not only does our 8-Point Curriculum represent our Cultural Agenda, b.u.t. it operates as a Corrective Action Plan to keep us together. So for so-called Gods/Earths to state/trivialize our 8-Point Curriculum as ‘no longer necessary’, ‘something we need to get beyond’, ‘archaic’, ‘not enough’, etc.., we must ask ourselves, “Where did they get that from?” I use the word “so-called” to define them because those statements show a clear disassociation and deviance from what we do as a Group. The irony in this is the fact that these same Individuals ask for our National Support, yet make Philosophical excuses when it comes to supporting our Nation’s Worldview… It’s no different than dudes I’ve met on the street that recognized my Universal Flag and they sparked up a conversation with me for the sole purpose of getting ‘power dollars’ for some crack. When I ask them about Lessons, who educated them, what they’re dealing with now, etc.., they’d have every excuse in the book why it’s ‘no longer necessary’, ‘something we need to get beyond’, ‘archaic’, ‘not enough’, etc.. How convenient huh?

Some of us look like we became a part of a Group (The NGE) just to springboard our Solo Careers! Some of us claim Civilization yet behave like we can say/do whatever we want and others better not question us about it! Some of us sound like we’re Gods/Earths on Monday, New Age on Tuesday, Spiritual Diviners on Wednesday, Street Disciples on Thursday, and so-called Negroes on the Weekends. Some of us want to be supported yet don’t want to support…

In conclusion, lets get back to the ‘Foundation’. If People are talking about following your Instincts/Intuition then demand that they ‘Show & Prove’ where in our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum that Philosophy is supported, and methods do we employ to use this. If the Original Man has evil inherent to his nature or natural murderous inclinations, then how do you explain the 37/1-40 which says, "he (Allah the Original Man) is just and he is true and THERE IS NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IN HIM"? If you think our Universal Flag symbolizes ‘Astrology’ or even if you want to make an abstraction to say it’s colors represent the Pittsburgh Steelers, then what in our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum supports that claim? If you can’t find it anywhere then Where/Who did you get it from and Why/How is it important and useful to us as a Group? We deserve a valid explanation and simply saying People just need to open their Minds is not enough! If People are going to open up their Minds to learn something they may have never been exposed to, or know little about, then lets have enough Integrity and Accountability to ‘Show & Prove’ to them how it coincides with and serves their Cultural Interests. People do deserve that level of respect don’t they -or is that sense of consideration something else that’s ‘no longer necessary’, ‘something we need to get beyond’, ‘archaic’, etc.. too? We can’t claim something we’re dealing with is “the science of everything in Life” (18/1-40) if we’re not bringing it back to our ‘Foundation’. And if we’re not bringing it back to the ‘Foundation’ (Home), then we are clearly out here STILL SEARCHING –oftentimes for that-that does not exist! (10/1-40) Obviously our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum wasn’t sufficient enough to be committed to… Obviously being a Nation of Gods/Earths wasn’t compelling enough to fully represent… It’s like we strayed away from Civilization (“where knowledge and wisdom of the Original Man started when our -Nation- was first founded4/1-14) and are now living a jungle life…

This in no way is meant to discourage us from studying various things. This is meant to encourage us to continue studying with our Cultural Interests at Heart and in Mind. Because once you start “dealing with something else” then YOU ARE something else.

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