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(I Born Understanding, Life Justice, Self {Saladin}, Unikue Thorough Allah)
Nationalism 101

(The Heart of Nationalism) Part 1

We have built on righteous people (4-5/1-14) and said people of that ability (20/1-40). We spoke on social equality and how social means to advocate a society for one common cause. In the build, "Is There Such A Thing As Disposable People" we have spoke about THE CHRONIC EFFECTS THE INSTITUTION OF SLAVERY STILL HAS ON PRESENT DAY BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Though not stated directly, this build shows that America was constructed without the Black or Brown man's interest ever being at heart; giving great relevance to the one to thirty six.

In these builds we have emphasized the need to be on the same page with how life is perceived, how life is to be, ethics, morals, and the qualities that the other persons has to have to make that happen. These things need to be DISCUSSED ISSUE BY ISSUE to make sure that the types of moral and ethical values are common or compatible between members. We also need to examine whether the person under consideration possesses the type of ethics or moral fiber necessary to make them reliable and trustworthy, otherwise, it is an assumption. We also spoke on embracing the factors which bond us together as a unit. WE ALSO SPOKE ABOUT GETTING AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHOSE THINKING IS CONTRADICTORY OR THOSE WHO DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. In issues where two or more people interdependent on each other, THESE THINGS CANNOT AFFORD TO BE TAKEN ON FACE VALUE. WE HAVE TO KNOW BECAUSE OUR FUTURE DEPENDS UPON THESE THINGS AND WE KNOW, HE OR HER WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF SELF (and Love of Self) CANNOT BUILD ONLY DESTROY AND TAKE MANY OTHER LIVES. This means it must be commonly understood between persons. This is the true meaning behind social equality (8/1-14)!

We went to the Show and Prove in Wisdom Cipher Knowledge Cipher with Unikue Thorough, Saladin, and I B U (I Born Understanding) with the goal of sojourning with my Enlightener; I Freedom Born. It was so "Good and Pleasant to see our Brethren [and sisters] gathered together" for one common cause! I had the extra added bonus of seeing Shabar, Shadiem and Shaleek, which brought on memories of Lockey, as well as others who were my contemporaries when Allah first came and blessed me with the understanding. We, as a group, all have many attributes and directions we are headed in, but we come together at the root and this common ground allows us to add on to our foundation because of the mutual love we have for one another! This is truly glorious because, while we reside in the Power Hill and Now Why, the God I B U [a new born] is from Love Allah and was seeing these Gods in the flesh for the first time and sharing in fellowship! My persons felt this because I B U was able to see we are family-- we felt this because he was able to see we are a Collective, our Social Equality was so magnificently peace!

Not enough can be said about comradery. You may be in an organization or community and mutually depend upon each other, but nothing beats feeling good about the person you are standing next to. Some series of events, some circumstance may have happened to demonstrate the quality of the person or to forge an alliance between you. Whatever the case may be, you see you can rely on them. Nothing feels better than to feel good about the person next you and nothing is worst than not having trust. A lot of relationships are built on need. Armies stay together based upon need, but the regiments where comradery is present is the most decorated. I've seen people stay together solely because they did not have the resources necessary to go their own way, but they were miserable. They didn't do enough to make the person next to them feel good about them and they did not treat each other how they wanted to be treated. The result was "One-up-man-ship." That is, learning each other, not for the sake of the bond, but to "beat each other to the punch." It's sad when relationships between men and women end up this way.

We mentioned the word social equality quite a few times in this writing. Some of you might know of this "term" through the build degree, within the knowledge to know your culture. The full understanding of this "term" has to do with THE REASON WHY THE COLORED MAN KEEPS OUR PEOPLE APART FROM THEIR SOCIAL EQUALITY. The answer is simply BECAUSE HE DOESN'T WANT US TO KNOW HOW FILTHY HE IS IN ALL HIS AFFAIRS. HE IS AFRAID BECAUSE WHEN WE LEARN ABOUT HIM, WE WOULD RUN HIM FROM AMONG US. The essential qualities of the original Blackman and Black Woman is fundamentally different than the colored man. Theirs is predatory, adversarial, competitive, and opportunistic masked behind a civil way. And because we are different, that puts us at odds with the civilization the colored man has made for himself. He has not been reaching out to understand us better since the "Hippie Movement" of the 1960's...

It has been a long time since I've been to Mecca proper. The trip renewed my soul and solidify me to my goals! I personally know a lot of people in this Nation! My person lost track of that jewel! I B U has visited my person twice and we have introduced him to our universal family in Power Hill, but this was the first time "pilgrimage." You must understand, with ALL of my person's students WE STRIVE TO WALK WITH THEM as much as possible. What good is Knowledge of Self for them if it is not about Self Development? Whether you grew up with a student in the hood or been associated with them from work or school, your duty is to assist them with their personal development in changing from Nigger to God: And to do the job effectively, you need to learn their idiosyncrasies from observation and conversation to assist them with key insights into their character TO HELP REFINE THEM AND GET OUT OF THEIR "SELF IMPOSED PRISONS." That's real family love, people. Like they said on the show "Candid Camera: "It's Fun [candid] to look at yourself, with a look that's tide and true. It's Fun [candid] to look at yourself as other people do..." I'm looking out for you "family." It was good to be in I B U [I Born Understanding's] company as he witness the many Universal family members that my persons and Saladin knew; some who help teach us, some we taught, some we walked with, and ones who walked with us. "Am I my Brother's Keeper?" replied Cain to God... "Yes you are," replied this God to you, who view things in this manner...

Anyway, it was great to see that our trading within the school has diversified and expanded. There is a lot of growth in this aspect, both in the products offered and the products and services produced. There were educational things, there were things like God Jamel's DVD on Black Film Makers, interviews and various things for the babies. The God and I have a history that goes back to the School in Mecca since my person was a newborn! Phew! Anyway, I was proud of these advancements. The Earth's enterprising within the lunch area, the monitoring of the children, etc., has taken leaps and bounds as well. Sometimes our Nation may not be as fast in developing as everyone may like, but we are getting there! Speaking of which, Saladin turned my persons on to a picture based on actual events called, "The Duchess," directed Saul Dibb's, based upon a story written by Amanda Foreman. I could tell that Saladin had some issues with the behavior and customs of the aristocracy in 18th century England. This is a very important point to grasp and study, because as "Kings and Queens," we should be prone to observe how "other nobility" and "so-called civilized people conduct themselves." In the book, "The Ancient Mediterranean World" the author Robin W. Winks states: "The real work of ancient historians is to locate and interpret the kind of raw evidence from antiquity that will shed light on the problems they want to investigate. For example, dramas and novel--which often focus on love, marriage and family-can illuminate aspects of everyday life that no historical source can reveal." My persons studies BRANCH OF KNOWLEDGE WHICH DEALS WITH EVENTS THAT HAVE ALREADY TAKEN PLACE. I STUDY PERIOD TIME-PIECES: BIOGRAPHICAL, DRAMATIC WORKS IN PLAY AND MOVIE FORMATS as well as ACCOUNTS AND NARRATIVES OF A CHRONOLOGICAL NATURE. DEPICTING FOREGONE EVENTS IN THE LIFE OF NATIONS, COMMUNITIES, INSTITUTIONS AND THE LIKE (such as history or our-story). Doing this gives us key insight into Our True Self and the lives of others. Watching this movie, it is easy to see the savagery and ill-treatment of women within circa Victorian Britain fully supported by custom and law masquerading as civility! But recognize, back then the colored man was wearing how they really feel on their "sleeves," today they camouflage it and call it something else. Seeing their ancestry and history, these seem hardly the type of people that "said persons like us" should be trying to be in league with (regardless of the money opportunities)-- much less trying to be part of their civilization or nation.

Compare these 18th century English culture and customs, to the time period in American History circa 1950-1960, before the civil rights movement: "Segregation." When segregation was going on in this country, the Blackman and Blackwoman of this country did "for Self" because the rest of American society was segregated and our ancestors were without the goods and services a united society would provide. There was "For Colored Only" signs and "For Whites Only" signs posted on places and things and Black people better pay attention to these signs or else the police or an angry mob of whites would be there to enforce it. This was a way of life for all of America. It had mores, customs, ways and actions centered around whites wanting nothing to do with us. The whites were the ruling class and it was their people who called the shots for "their" society. Discrimination was at an all time high, while progress towards social Equality was at a "snails gallop." Lynching and racial tension was also at its highest, since slavery. Look at any movie Sidney Poitier did during those years and you will get the picture... Many Whites considered these policies, "Separate but Equal." They considered the schooling "Separate but Equal." The considered the housing situation with its "red-line policies" "Separate but Equal." They must have had on blindfolds or dark glasses.

Ironically, it was during Segregation, that black accomplishments and achievements advanced tremendously. Partly because WE HAD ONLY OURSELVES TO RELY ON. No white man was going to come down the chimney in a 'Santa suit' to give "us po' disadvantaged folks" any relief. No "righteous white man" was going to "step off the cross" to save us or "give us a job" at a "whites only" store or be like John Brown. We had to get what we needed largely, if not solely, on our own. WE HAD TO LEARN TO DEPEND AND RELY ON STRICTLY OURSELVES (and there ain't nothing wrong with that)! And the other part is that we believed we could do it! We were more confident as a people then. Marcus Garvey’s UNIA Movement, Father Divine’s Peace Movement, and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's Nation Of Islam are lasting effects of the period.

The Civil Rights Movement of the 60's pushed for the "equal rights" and integration rather than acceptance that "Separatism" existed in the minds of whites and we just need to make sure that it is fair. Instead they attempted to appeal to "the moral nature" of the White man. They had rallies. They had sit-ins. They had marches (Google Martin Luther King or Segregation). As a result, Blacks got arrested. Police dogs let loose on Blacks even when they did these things peacefully. They received bodily harm by White mobs on several occasions. The Black militant groups brought on another type of pressure on American society for FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY. Martin Luther King imitated Gandhi's non-violent protest against America's racists policies. Malcolm X called for Blacks to petition the United Nations for "Human Rights" rather than trying to get "Civil Rights" at the hands of American Society... Shouts for EMPOWERMENT, WHITE POWER, BLACK POWER, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND EQUALITY WAS EVERYWHERE! Social unrest filled the streets... America had a powder keg on its hands and had to figure out something. The "cat was out the bag" and America was looking bigoted to the entire world, just like South Africa. They had to concede in somewhat, so they made it appear like the Civil Rights Activists were successful at making many whites feel guilty for THEIR atrocities to Black people: both past and present. They "fell back" here and there, put Affirmative Action in place, changed the Red Lining policies, and did a pretty good job at "CONCEALING THEIR DIRTY RELIGION." But the so-called "integration" the Civil Rights Activists RECEIVED was not the kind of integration where "you do what you do and I do what I do" and both ways get equal consideration: We are talking about "tolerating the differences (with an undertone snarl and mutter underneath the breath)!" We are talking about "temperance (easy now don't blow your top)" and "Affirmative Action laws" which forces the public to do what they really don't feel in their hearts (or have evolved to the understanding of), as opposed to love, peace, Understanding and social equality. As they said in Tammany Hall in the movie "Gangs of New York, "We must uphold the appearance of the Law, especially when we are breaking it." WHICH MEANS, YOU CAN STILL HIRE YOUR COLORED UNDERACHIEVING FRIENDS INSTEAD OF A "OVER-QUALIFIED" BLACKMAN, YOU JUST HAVE TO BE CREATIVE ABOUT IT BY USING WORDS LIKE "OVER-QUALIFIED," OR YOU LIVE TOO FAR, ETC. And so, for a handful of great black baseball players being accepted into Major League Baseball in the United States, the Negro League with its myriad of "very good Black Baseball teams," folded one after another. Black Concession stand businesses died, one after the other. Affiliated Black businesses suffered one after the other, because some of our people would rather go to the Major League Games and sit in the stands (which many whites did not want to see us in) to see us black players like Jackie Robinson get spat-on and defy odds of being unsuccessful, as we wished for BEING A PART OF THEIR SOCIAL EQUALITY one day (8/1-14). Like Jesse Owens did in Nazi Germany, when he ran for an America that segregated its schools and restaurant... Yes, we did for "Self" alright, but only because we were forced to. A lot of us wanted to get in on what these "White Americans" had taken for themselves. And for destroying all our major accomplishments, we got "pennies on each dollar."

As a people, we learned to generally hate ourselves and the color of our skins because of the conditions it afforded us in a predominately white American society. Their stereotypical "Tarzan movies" with "bones sticking out of the natives noses," left us with an impression that did not have us looking towards Central Asia for any inspiration or encouragement. The new youth in Black American Society was starting to believe that we couldn't do much on our own. They did not believe in THE CAUSE. They did not believe the demands of FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND EQUALITY that the Nation of Islam was shouting about would have any success! We were psychologically damaged by the oppression that whites openly and inadvertently dumped on us. WE HAVE GOT TO GET BACK TO THAT "DO FOR SELF," "LIBERTY OR DIE TRYING," "NO COMPROMISING," ATTITUDE THAT OUR RECENT ANCESTORS HAD. They did a lot back in those days. Google on the internet and check it out, I'm sure you will find it encouraging to your development!

On another note, my person once had a "student" who literally sought us out to learn our teachings from WE-- only to get to the point wherein becoming a God, he felt that he could not only advocate he didn't need me any more, but born that we have a difference in understanding and become critical of our perspective. Now for those who are reading this and are well-acquainted with our writings, we are sure that you will agree that my persons only writes in a comprehensive, analytical, mathematical, alphabetical, lesson-orientated scientific perspective. There is almost literally nothing that comes out of my persons builds, in way of understanding, that is not illustrated or justified thoroughly. In other words, I will show and prove what I say at least 99.9% of the time. I leave little room to be refuted. And those who personally know me will say that I write the way I speak and strive to speak the way I live. There is no phoniness here, nor over exaggeration! THEREFORE, REST ASSURED THAT ANYONE WHO CLAIMS THAT WE HAVE DIFFERENCE IN UNDERSTANDING, CANNOT BE BASING HIS/OR HER UNDERSTANDING ON ANYTHING FOUND WITHIN OUR MATHEMATICS, ALPHABETS, JEWELS OR ONE HUNDRED TWENTY LESSONS. Anything I taught, in way of instructing those seeking Knowledge of Self, was taught in the manner and context of the way that my persons was taught-- as with anything that is called a custom, tradition or culture.

It is only after teaching CIVILIZATION, RIGHTEOUS, AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF ONE SELF, would we expound on things by teachings comparative studies a.k.a THE SCIENCE OF EVERYTHING IN LIFE (18/1-40) [always keeping the two separate]. Even within this context, everything covered (even concerning Ausar Auset Society) was taught under the analytical eye of I-God and NGE, being made known through scientific perspective. In other words, every comparative study is always matched to the system of values, morals, and ideas contained within our lessons, mathematics, alphabets and jewels. THESE ARE MY FUNDAMENTAL TOOLS THAT I STRESS AS THE FOUNDATION. This is my manner and code of conduct. Recognize that even the father, Allah, constructed Supreme Mathematics and Alphabets, he did so from the concepts behind words which were already in existence within the Nation of Islam (guided under the tutelage of Allah, in the persons of Master Fard)!!

"We have a difference in understanding." Interesting. Mercy: The Attribute. He seeks what he does not give. Travels on the "I AM TRAIN" but is not headed in the same direction as I. My experience is that this does not treat people how he wants to be treated: A key prerequisite to Love. Knows little about love yet claims the attribute of Mercy. Selfish? More common to ungrateful and Ego-centric. Many confuse Narcissism and Egotism with Self Love. This is incorrect. Love is understanding that we are all one. Love is where all things find their unity in the One Supreme Source where all is created from. People who think like this use WE and US a lot in their builds, egocentric people use "I" frequently. IN OUR ASSESSMENT, THIS PERSON DOES NOT LOVE SELF, THE PERSON IS PUMPED-UP WITH A FALSE SENSE OF IMPORTANCE; Terms of which is questionable of whether the person believes or this is the impression that they want others to believe. Love is not segregated and divisive like the Ego, Love is concerned with the ALL, THE SELF, the true I... Aye? Eye (Cee). Knowledge and Understanding are One. Aye and Eye are One just as I and Eye are One. And just as I and I are one; the You and I are one; Which means You and Me are One just as You and We are One. That means just as You and He are One, You and She are One... Is that, or is that not, the way that we were taught: That Allah formed All from His "Self?" I am He as you are me; As you are He and She, and We are all together. One Nation under Allah. Right? This is the paradox of I Am, you either understand that or you don't. How can there be anything greater!

My lessons teach We are one with Allah. We are a collective consciousness; which makes us a singularity. I love my people. I Love NGE. God is a group reality, witnessed thru the eyes of the individual. I Believe in the day for which I have waited for 456 years (40/1-40). We may not always agree at all times, but between the Self I sojourn with the bond is tight, we have a civil, wise and just ways, to reconcile our difficulties. There may be differences in expression, but it is that uniqueness which adds to our greatness because it all comes from a common foundation that gives us food for thought, growth, and reflection. We are not in competition with each other: We apply our discipline to our own persons within the form of "SELF CONTROL" AND REFINEMENT. There is trust and integrity because we are not adversaries! The Devil(s) has to murdered because he is a snake and if allowed to live, he would sting someone else (10/1-14)! WE come as the Gods and Earths! We are scientists advocated for one common cause, to uplift our Nation! This is what I accept and aspire to. I Live, walk and talk this above math!

When we hear our family all talk about the Father, We recognize Allah represents for ALL OF US, THAT ASPECT OF FATHER NONE OF US EVER HAD AND WILL TO BECOME. Oh, we all may have had dads, but VERY FEW OF US HAD FATHERS-- Ones who truly furthered our educations. My persons dad came close to being a Father but he went back to essence in "97 at the age of 75-- We would never disrespect him or what he had to give; all praises due. I SINCERELY WILL THAT WE, AS THE MALES IN THIS NATION REPEAT WHAT ALLAH, THE FATHER MEANS TO ALL OF US: Not just a biological dad but one who raises his children's standards of living, Knowledge, wisdom and understanding... despite any of the struggles we may have with the ones who incarnated our children. The devil taught us SELF HATRED, a lesson many of us learnt well. But there are bigger things at stake for us here: Our Nobility, our dignity, the standard we present as the promise of a future and the proper way to stand by our children-- whether or whether not anyone else understands this. We know who the true and living God is (16/1-40). Others who have a different understanding speak in different ways...

We are a different type of Blackman and Blackwoman. The world we are striving to create is much different than the bigot world we are suffering through. The concepts behind the Lessons, Mathematics, Alphabets, and Jewels show us the way. There can be no partnership with devil! Our Lessons explain the treachery that happened after we had taught the 10% to be civil (which is why I cannot find it in my heart to love those who learn about what we know, then go join up with the 10%, to me, they are double agents). We are the people who wrote the Holy Qu'ran and Bible. Within these, we read of tribes who were under bondage and they have come back to reestablish their freedom and culture. What about us? Our lessons speak of freedom, justice, and equality... They are our jewels as well so they should be most important to you! We are destined to establish our own Black Nation here in the wilderness. The NOI established "Shabazz" stores. NOI established commerce with Japan to develop their marketing of fish. In this way, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad set an example of what is possible. But more over, ALLAH let us know that relying on another nation and compromising our future by trying to fit into that nation's culture and values is so unalike. And as an example of the system we embrace, ANYTHING OTHER THAN TOTALLY ESTABLISHING OUR OWN NATION, IS LIKE THE DEVIL SETTLING ON THE BEST PART OF THE PLAN-ET EARTH (1/1-14)? So when we hear other things COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO CLAIMS THEY WERE TAUGHT BY MY PERSONS, YOU HAVE TO QUESTION WHAT IT IS THAT THIS PERSON SAYS HE LEARNED FROM ME, SINCE HE CLAIMS TO BE MY STUDENT. You have to wonder, since our lessons teach of the Oneness of Allah, righteousness, civilization, Nationhood, and family, why this person's so called "builds" (or people like him) never include things of this nature. It must be because they don't truly know. So we ask: "what is it that they "disagree" with and what is it that they "accept" within our teachings?" If They are comparing themselves to the wisdom my persons possess, then are they in competition with me? If they are in competition with me, then are they in competition with the True Self? Since the things I advocate is the same as those things the father advocated, are those things that this person advocate "God-like" or other than "Self?" Why did we run Yacob and his made devil from the roots of civilization (4/1-14)?

To be continued…

Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz
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