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Power, Politics, and Polar Opposites

You can always outlive a lie, but you can never outlive the truth.” –Rev. Glen Raybond (79 years old) Trinity Baptist Church

It doesn’t matter what type of Religious, Spiritual, or Cultural System you embrace, the fundamental purpose of that System must be Personal, Collective, and Environmental responsibility, preservation, and perpetuation. If that System is not rooted in those purposes (Personal, Collective, and Environmental), and does not serve those needs (responsibility, preservation, and perpetuation), then it cannot and will not sustain itself. One of the main characteristics we’re taught about the Devil is that the Devil has an “expiration date” (35/1-40). It’s not ironic that we directly learn this in the Understanding (3) Power (5) Degree: “What is the expiration date of the Devils Civilization?” What this tells us is that in order to comprehend true power (authority/influence), we must recognize the limitations in what it is not.

God of course is called ‘omnipotent’, which simply means to be ‘all powerful’, and being all powerful has no limitations to it. In regards to ‘power’, the 32/1-40 states, in part, that, “The mental ‘power’ of a real Devil is nothing in comparison to that of the Original Man” and “his physical ‘power’ is less than 1/3 than that of the Original Man, therefore his mental and physical ‘power’ is much weaker than that of the Original Man.” The 38/1-40 further reinforces this point by stating that God made the Devil “to show forth his ‘power’ that he is allwise and righteous, and that he could make a Devil which is weak and wicked, give him the ‘power’ to rule the Earth for 6,000 years, then destroy the Devil in one day without falling victim to the Devils Civilization. Otherwise to show and prove that Allah is God, always has been and always will be.” The word Politics means “the science of ‘power’ (authority/influence)”. The role of a Politician is to use this science of power (Politics), to get Policies enacted as Laws, that will then be enforced by the Police. One thing you’ll notice in the words Politics, Politician, Policy, and Police is that they all share the same root word ‘pol’. ‘Pol’ is a Greek root word which means “pole” or “polar”, and pole/polar are dynamic opposites of a sphere as in the North and South poles of the Earth, or opposing extremes (polar opposites) as in God/Devil, Righteous/Wicked, Civilized/Savage. Anyone who has taken the time to recite and study 120 Lessons of The NGE or the Supreme Wisdom Book of The NOI realizes that within this literature, the concept of ‘power’ is a reoccurring theme. Not a reoccurring theme in the abstract, b.u.t. ‘power’ in the context of ‘Power Relations’ between two opposing forces and political ideologies: God/Devil, Righteous/Wicked, Civilized/Savage. So as Gods/Earths, our 8-Point Cultural Curriculum (Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, 120 Lessons, *12 Jewels) is in part, a Sociopolitical System, used to em‘power’ment us Personally, Collectively, and Environmentally. Building with one another and holding Parliaments is a process to work out these Politics socially: “Social means to advocate a Society of Men (and Women) or Group of Men (and Women) for one common cause. Equality means to be equal in everything” (8/1-40). We do this to ensure that our words and actions coincide with Godly/Righteous/Civilized Policies, because these Policies reinforce Laws that we Police. And we Police eachother by looking out for one another in order to protect and serve our Godly/Righteous/Civilized Standards. And as Gods/Earths, ALL OF US are Personally, Collectively, and Environmentally responsible for preserving and perpetuating this Cultural Worldview.

Before we give anyone credit, including myself, for being a true advocate of our Culture we must first ask ourselves these fundamental questions:

* What are their Politics?
* Does their Sociopolitical Agenda meet the fundamental criteria of Personal, Collective, and Environmental responsibility, preservation, and perpetuation of our Cultural Worldview?
* How are they using the science of ‘power’, and what kind of Policies are they enacting (endorsing) and policing (protecting): God/Devil, Righteous/Wicked, Civilized/Savage?

Sometimes I’ve come across People who have our 8-Point Curriculum but claim to not be in The NGE (The Nation of Gods and Earths). They claim to have this Knowledge for themselves and are simply God/Earth in their own Universe. Well ask yourself: Does this person’s Sociopolitical Agenda meet the fundamental criteria of Personal, Collective, and Environmental responsibility, preservation, and perpetuation of our Cultural Worldview? Your answer will be without question “Emphatically No!” They themselves didn’t get Knowledge out of thin air and are benefitting from the Personal, Collective, and Environmental contributions of other people, places, and things that came before them and are often still present today. If this perpetual process (reciprocity) didn’t happen, then this selfish person wouldn’t have anything to be selfish about in the first place. If left up to them, this Knowledge will die right along with them, and if it’s really of God, it should have no expiration date… There are also those who only select certain parts of our 8-Point Curriculum to identify with. Well ask yourself: What are their Politics? When you listen to them and cee their actions in terms of opposing extremes (polar opposites), what category do they fall in or have a leaning towards: Godly/Devilish, Righteous/Wicked, Civilized/Savage? Obviously, if there’s things they deal with and other things they don’t deal with, there will always be a huge variance that expose these diametrically opposed views. For example, they may not eat pork but cee nothing wrong with going around porking white girls or any girl for that matter. They may call themselves Raheem Allah, b.u.t. when you close your eyes and listen to their combative, jeering, immature conversation they sound no different than 85 T-Bone smoking an L on the block. Since they don’t fully embrace our Culture in it’s entirety, they’ll always come off ‘Bipolar’ and you’ll constantly hear/cee them ping-ponging between the diametrically opposed sides of God/Devil, Righteous/Wicked, Civilized/Savage. For example, one minute you’ll hear/cee them talking about lofty concepts of Civilization, and the next moment they’ll be talking about Savagely sh*tting in Niggas caskets. In one breath they’ll be celebrating how they’re the true & living God, and in the next breath they’ll be embracing how Humanly frail, imperfect, and ignorant they actually are. Then there are those who claim to be Gods/Earths yet they claim to be or operate like they’re “politically” neutral. These People are of course some of the most dangerous because they refuse to take responsible stances on Personal, Collective, and Environmental issues in regards to our Cultural Worldview. These are the People who cee the People they roll with, which may be so-called Gods/Earths, involved in activities that are clearly Devilish, Wicked, and Savage, yet will turn a blind eye, not build with them about correcting it, or won’t issue a public statement denouncing it. In their so-called neutrality, they’re actually the most political! Their suffering silence, lack of integrity, and amoral conscience reflects the same political stance of People who had/have an opportunity to fight against injustices being carried out against them, others, and the environment. These are the People who quietly support and continually promote the Devilishment, Wickedness, and Savagery that’s going on and they’re more difficult to address because you don’t cee them. For example, People get angry about many of the political positions the Right Wing Tea Baggers openly take, b.u.t fail to realize that the one’s who feel/believe the exact same way, who’re not saying anything publically, while claiming to not be into Politics, are the ones you really need to be looking at…

So in the final analysis, it comes down to ‘power’ and how we propose to use that ‘power’. Traditionally, we teach that “power is the truth”. So in this sense, if we’re Gods/Earths who supposedly have the truth, then what are we doing with it? Are we using this truth to em‘power’ the Righteous or the Wicked? Are we using this power truthfully, and in the interest of being Godly or Devilish? When we recite how we’re Civilized People throughout our Lessons, is that truly what we’re about or are we really just “Savages in the pursuit of Happiness”? (17/1-40) We must consider the ‘Power Relations’ we cee demonstrated throughout our Lessons between God and Devil, and properly align ourselves with what’s Righteous and Civilized. This template helps us identify the same ‘Power Relations’ throughout our Lessons we learn in everyday life! When I learn in the 1/1-14 that “the Devil isn’t settled on the Best Part” and that I must “preserve the best part for myself” because “there is no peace amongst him (Devil)”, I should know better not to try to resolve (settle) a situation with a person who always “starts causing trouble amongst Righteous People, making accusations, causing them to fight and kill one another” (4/1-14) around my children, at my home, or any place else I consider sacred. The Original Man who historically handled this situation has given me the proper insight, posture, and procedure to handle it for myself; the game doesn’t change, only the players. When I learn in the 10/1-14 that we historically served capital punishment on People who were found to be “100% weak & wicked” because “they would not keep and obey the laws” after being given a chance to “clean themselves up and come amongst us” (9/1-14), then I need to dissolve the business relationship with someone if I clearly cee that their heart, time, and finances aren’t 100% into what we’re supposed to be “advocating for one common cause” (8/1-14), and they consistently disobey the rules of our partnership. Especially after giving them chances to correct it. Not only are these ‘Power Relations’ demonstrated throughout our Lessons, b.u.t. we clearly cee these stances within our Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet as well. When we look at the #‘2’ or Wisdom within the Supreme Mathematics, we are called upon to assess our degree of ‘right discernment/judgment’. There is no “that’s your right and this is my right” where Wisdom is concerned. Right is right and wrong is wrong! Some People may say, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”, and a Wise Man/Woman will say, “It’s not right to skin a cat.” Although Wisdom is a form of being clever, along with sophistication, cunning , and guile, ONLY Wisdom has a sense of right and justness to it. So in saying this, sounding good, coming off intellectual, or trying to razzle dazzle People with Supreme Mathematics still only falls into one of two political categories: God/Devil, Righteous/Wicked, Civilized/Savage. When looking at the letter ‘K’ (11), King or Kingdom within our Supreme Alphabet, the Sociopolitical stance of a King and a Kingdom is called into question. We must ask ourselves: What defines a King, how does a King operate, and what are the rules and regulations upon which is Kingdom in governed by? What is the proper attitude and posture of a King? How does a King relate to and what is his responsibility to others and the environment? All of these and many other questions gives us a greater sense and perspective of the Attribute of a King and as Gods: we (Gods) are considered King of Kings. Therefore, holding and exemplify this Title demands of us a level of Godliness, Righteousness, and Civilization unparalleled. If not, then we must also ask ourselves: What kind of King (God) are we?

In closing, ‘power’ is more than just the truth. It’s about what you do with the truth. Whether we know the truth or not doesn’t change the fact that we’re still making political statements and taking stances by what we verbally/nonverbally say and do. These statements/stances, whether knowingly or unknowingly, define our ‘Power Relations’ and whether we’re about God/Devil, Righteousness/Wickedness, Civilization/Savagery. While the power of the former (God) “has no said birth record”, the later (Devil) does have a limitation to his power. It is up to us to decide what side we’re on because we can’t have it both ways! And if we want to continue believing we can have it both ways then we’ll eventually find out that it won’t last forever…


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