Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Maat: Truth, Justice, Order, Morality, Righteousness, Reciprocity

Righteousness (Right-Justness)

Within The NGE, we do not subscribe to the idea of being 'a subject to' or 'immobilized by' “the unexpected”. We identify our True (Essential) Self as Infinite Potential and “rightfully” hold the power to transform any and all circumstances; based upon what we choose to do, and how we choose to respond (not react) to these circumstances. The 24th Letter in the Supreme Alphabet is ‘X’, which means “The Unknown”. This only means ‘not known’ or that there is a lack of experience (2) in dealing with a certain cultural (4) phenomenon on our part. According to the 1/1-40, “we write History or Koran in advance” and “there is no Mystery God” (10/1-40). This is especially true when we’re actively writing/charting a plan and give “our word is bond, bond is ‘life” to others involving the manifestation of this plan (11/1-14). In otherwords, as Infinite Potential, we are not subjected to the whims of Society, we are not only human, we are not helpless, we are not enslaved to habits/tendencies, and we are not imprisoned to our feelings, personal desires, and sentimentalities. We teach that the Operating System of The Universe is Mathematics and Mathematically speaking, everything in this System is based upon what is ‘Just’ (Fair) and ‘True’: AKA “Righteous”. The True (Essential) Self being The Author of this Operating System means that our Nature (Essence) is likewise “Righteous”; “His (and Her) own Self is ‘Righteous’…” (14/1-36). Even wrong is based upon what is “Right”, and according to our 38/1-40, the Devil and the chaos (aberration/deviation) surrounding him, was ultimately made by God to serve a “Righteous” purpose: “To show forth and prove his (God’s) Power that he is allwise and ‘Righteous’…” So as “Righteous” People, our bottom line must be to make the “Right” choices (“allwise”; ‘right discernment/judgment’). It's also important to understand that the “Right” choices may or may not include our personal feelings, our individual desires, or our sentimentalities. Living in a Hedonistic Society that constantly bombards us with ideas about gratifying our senses, identifying solely with our emotions/feelings, and defining our Self according to the form/flesh, many People have a very difficult time distinguishing what they personally feel from what is “Right”. In terms of “Righteousness”, what we feel, our individual desires, or our sentimentalities are only as valid as their ability to coincide with what is ‘Just’ (Fair) and ‘True’. Sometimes we may feel deeply about what’s Right and everything works out Right. Other times we might really desire something for ourselves (and others) that’s unfair/unjust, and doing what’s Right isn’t working out well. This is what distinguishes the Integrity of the Righteous and those who are lacking in Righteous Integrity (Integrity is: a sense of justness, and consistency with our word, actions, values, methods, principles, etc.). When confronted with situations that question our feelings, personal desires, and sentimentalities, are we going to do what’s ‘Right’, or try to justify doing what we really wanted/feel? So whether we may perceive/believe something to be “the unexpected”, it does not suspend the “expectation” and Law of Righteousness, nor does it change the “expected” Integrity of our word as being a bond, and that bond being life. In otherwords, just because we find our Self confronted with a situation that appears “unexpected”, we are still “expected” to make the Right choice -especially when that choice involves a consensus and affects the livelihood of others.

Some time ago I posted on my FB Page about going to The Annual Father/Daughter Dinner Dance with my youngest Queen ‘Aziza’ who was graduating from the 8th Grade. I attended the Dance with my oldest Queen ‘Asiyah’ so this meant a lot to me and I made sure that I was there! Although I planned, it did not go as expected… Once I got there, I found out that a dress was made for Aziza via her Mother, and I didn’t cee it until the day of the Event. Long story short, I definitely didn’t approve of this type of dress (and heels) for my 13 year old daughter, which Aziza was also uncomfortable with. All of my feelings about being there with her, my personal desire to cee my Queen happy, and my sentimentality about the significance of her Graduation all weighed heavy on my Mind. I discussed my stance, I strived to make some other arrangements b.u.t. her Mother was determined to follow through with her investment. Eventually, I chose to sit it out. Yes I “felt” bad, yes her Mother was mad because she got the dress made, and yes my Queen was upset that I was probably the only Father not there. Since my decision, I have since received a couple Modifications to my Support Order in the Mail via her Mother, and Aziza has just started building with me again after just a week ago. Emotionally, this wasn’t an easy decision for me at all, yet it was the ‘Right’ decision to make as a standard bearer of ‘Righteousness’ and maintaining my degree of Integrity in regards to what I know to be Just and True. When this so-called “unexpected” situation arose, I kept my word (Integrity) as bond and bond as life “regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14).

There have been situations in my Life where I wasn’t as fortunate to do what was ‘Right’ (Just and True). Instead, I chose to identify with how I felt, go according to my individual desires, and ignored my reasoning in order to be sentimental. In all of these situations where I chose to do what I wanted/felt -especially when it involved making personal sacrifices or considering others who had a voice in the situation, I paid for it. Why? Because since “Righteousness” is about doing what is ‘Just’ and ‘True’, our choices either reward or penalize us. At one time I ‘felt’ like a Woman would never lie on me in Court and I’m paying for it, literally. I once had a strong ‘desire’ to do everything within my power to educate someone, who didn’t want to learn, and almost lost my physical life in the process. I’ve also been too ‘sentimental’ about fulfilling the needs of Fatherless children and ended up being positioned/propositioned by their Mothers.

In regards to ‘Right’ as it relates to LOVE, HELL or RIGHT: LOVE is a Virtue that gives context/clarity to our feelings, desires, and sentiments yet ultimately transcends them. It is the highest degree of Understanding (Comprehension/Cognition/Clarity) between People. HELL is like ‘a tempering fire’ of experiences all Relationships go through, in order to remove it’s impurities and unveil the true substance of their bond (unity). This is the testing grounds of their individual forms/flesh that appear to separate them; where their bond (1 Mind) experiences the drama/conflict of duality (2 Forms/People), in order to Cee (3) above these physical veils. Then and only then will we reveal what’s ultimately RIGHT; ‘Just’ (Fair) and ‘True’. LOVE is a reciprocal process which demands that individual considerations and sacrifices be made in the interest of what’s ultimately RIGHT ‘Just’ (Fair) and ‘True’ for the collective. This process can be like HELL because in a Relationship we’re called upon to be considerate of others and make sacrifices above our personal feelings, desires, and sentiments. Like fire, how we handle this ‘friction’ is what ultimately determines if we shape/mold (forge) our Relationship into the ‘Divine’ work of Art it was destined to be, or ‘Destroy’ our Relationship and turn into nothing more than smoldering Ashes. We can’t receive unless we are willing to give, we cannot be felt unless we are willing to feel, and to get to it, we must be willing and courageous enough to go through it. And if “Righteousness” is our bottom line, then no weapon formed against us, our Relationships, or our endeavors will/can prosper… “regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14).

So in conclusion, I want to emphasize the fact that living out Righteousness, and also doing what's Right in a Relationship is not a walk in the park. WE WILL be called upon to make choices that don’t coincide with how we may have ‘felt’ about things our entire life. WE WILL be called upon to sacrifice our personal ‘desires’ in order to do what is fair, and WE WILL be called upon to do what’s right in the face of what we are ‘sentimental’ about and really don’t want to give up. As Righteous People, making the ‘Right’ choices in these situations is the greatest example of our allegiance to what we know to be ‘Just’ and ‘True’. This exemplifies the Integrity of a Person whom we can truly depend upon, respect, trust, and find security in because even in situations that appear to be the most “unexpected”, you can still “expect” them to do the ‘Right’ thing…

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