Saturday, July 16, 2011


Contradictions with True Self Identification

When a person comes into KOS (Knowledge of Self), we go through a process of reevaluating our Philosophies on Life. We begin to question ideas/beliefs we’ve held about God, Family, Relationships, Diet, Education, Entertainment, and everything else that represents one’s way of life (Culture). As we reevaluate these Philosophies there are three things that happen to us:

1. We learn that there are some things in our Philosophy that are still valuable/true.

2. We learn that there are some things in our Philosophy that are no longer valuable/true.

3. We learn new Philosophies on life that are valuable/true that we may have never heard before or never considered much.

This reevaluation process brings us to a valley of decision each time we question an idea/belief. When we began to learn about the health issues that come along with eating pork and pork by-products, we had to make a decision about our diet. Some of us stopped immediately, others took some time to stop consuming it, while others still chose not change their diet at all. Because this is a process, there are still ideas/beliefs People are dealing with that do not completely coincide with KOS, myself included, and these are called ‘CONTRADICTIONS’ (an incompatibility/inconsistency between two or more propositions). This is the importance of our reevaluation process and Building with one another; we are constantly learning the right ways to resolve these contradictions for the purpose of positive growth & development. In the 13/1-40 we learn that a small percentage (10%) of Caucasians that represent the Wealthy/Elite within the Dominant Society we live in "continues daily to teach" the masses of People many of these contradictions in order to "make -mental/physical- slaves out of all they can, so they can rob them and live in luxury" (12/1-40). Because ‘they continue daily’ to inundate us with ideas/beliefs that contradict our Philosophy on Life, we are constantly in a state of psychological, socioeconomic, physiological, and agricultural warfare. There are two types of People who are dealing with these contradictions; those who are striving to do something about it, and those who’re aren’t striving to do something about it.

Those who are striving to do something about it are actively involved in ways to resolve what they honestly acknowledge as a contradiction. If they smoke cigarettes they’ll be honest about what they’ve chosen to be addicted to and if they’re not involved in some type of program, they’ll be showing clear behavior/signs towards quitting. Those who aren’t striving to do anything about it are still in love with these ideas/beliefs and don’t want to give up these contradictions. If they smoke cigarettes they won’t be honest about what they’ve chosen to be addicted to and won’t be involved in any program or show any clear behavior/signs towards quitting. As a matter of fact they’ll often try to justify why they do it by making illogical statements like, "I’m not hurting anybody but myself", as if they have no relationship/responsibility to a collective that will be effected by their sickness or physical death, "I do what I want in my own Universe", again, as if they have no relationship/responsibility to a collective that will be effected by their choices, and "Just because I smoke, it doesn’t make what I’m saying not true or me any less of a God!", which is essentially right & exact, because it doesn’t make what they’re saying untrue, it makes them untrue for choosing to justify doing the complete opposite. While the former perspective of doing something about our contradictions is a natural part of growing up, and the reason why we Build with eachother; to help elevate, the later perspective of not doing something about it is not natural, and the reason why we Destroy.

One of the biggest contradictions I cee, particularly amongst Gods and People who claim to identify themselves with/as The Supreme Being, is how they also hold fast to Philosophies like "I’m only human", "No one is perfect", "That’s just how I am", "You made me do it", "We all fall short or make mistakes", "I can’t", etc… Either we truly cee ourselves as having no limitations with infinite potential (Supreme), or deep down inside we really believe we’re only human and everybody makes mistakes. Either we have this Supreme ability to rise above and respond to any circumstance, or we don’t! Those who are still secretly in love with ideas/beliefs that contradict a Godly Perspective, become Cultural "Traders"; trying to use illogic, justifications, and rationalizations to make "interpretations" (28/1-36) of what clearly doesn’t coincide with this way of life. The bottom line is this: Regardless of what we’re into or may choose to do that is a contradiction towards growth & development, are we striving to Build or Destroy, Elevate or Degenerate?

In regards to proper Identification, once we decide to identify our Self with/as The Supreme Being, there are certain ideas/beliefs we can no longer accept as true, and contradictions we cannot live with. Why? Because certain ideas/beliefs reflect the mentality and procedures of someone who doesn’t identify themselves with/as The Supreme Being. If you’re really The Supreme Being, then how can somebody "make you" mad or make you do anything for that matter? If you’re really The Supreme Being, then how can you claim to be a Libra and that’s just how you are? If you’re really The Supreme Being, then how exactly do you, The Supreme Being, actually have flaws and make mistakes? None of this adds up and there is no way to reconcile any of these Philosophies because they completely contradict eachother. On one hand we claim to have unlimited access to all Omnipotence and Omniscience, yet on the other hand we’re claiming to be only human.

In closing, I want to encourage those who are reading this to be diligent in reevaluating the words/concepts we use because many of them reinforce ideas/beliefs that completely contradict how we claim to cee ourselves. For People who don’t subscribe to the idea that they are the True & Living God, it’s fine for them to make declarations like "We all make mistakes" and "Nobody’s perfect". That directly coincides with how they cee themselves. B.u.t. for us, that’s not alright. If we subscribe to the idea that we are the True & Living God, then we don’t make mistakes. We make choices that may not have been the most allwise, right & exact. Therefore, we do not accept mistakes as who/what we essentially are; they’re learning Lessons to show forth and prove our power to transcend them. Why? Because we are essentially perfect; "undiluted, mixed, or tampered with in anyform’ [circumstance]" (9/1-14). Therefore, we do not accept the idea/belief that "Nobody’s perfect"; every situation we’re faced with is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how "Allah is God, always has been and always will be", because the limited conditions [circumstances] we are temporarily going through can never be Supreme over us! (38/1-40)

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