Monday, June 18, 2012

The 41st Annual Show & Prove

A couple weeks have now passed since the 41st Annual Show & Prove in Mecca (Harlem, NY) and now that I've gathered my thoughts I wanted to add on alittle about my experience being there.

I've been going to Show & Prove's on and off for years since I've gotten KOS (Knowledge of Self) and each year that I've gone it's gotten more and more Progressive. When I say "Progressive" I'm speaking about Gods and Earths truly adding-on to our Nation with actual, tangible goods and services, not just lip service. I arrived in Mecca early that day to help Volunteer and met DJ Wise (one of the Main Organizers) at the Harriet Tubman School (Event Venue) where he gave me and a Queen named Serenity some instructions on what we could do and what to expect from the day's Events. Another thing that was beautiful to cee was the Progress Gods/Earths are making in their respective Regions in regards to teaching others. I had the pleasure of meeting Universal Family who came from all over the United States, many who we've only communicated with Online, and it was great to add-on with them in person. I also enjoyed the Science/Educational Fair where our Youth created different Science Projects to display not only their creative genius b.u.t. also their understanding of how these Sciences of Life coincide with our Cultural Worldview! I want to say Peace to the young God 'Understanding Allah' who showed me his Project about the phases of the Moon!! In addition to a board showing/explaining the different phases he also created a looking glass like device out of a shoe box where you could look in each side (North,East,West,South) to view a dangling object that represented a lighted, semi-lighted, darkened phase of the Moon. Another young Queen demonstrated her Project where she showed us how clouds are created; she actually made clouds inside of a soda bottle. Again I want to say PEACE to all the Youth (and Parents) who participated in the Science/Educational Fair!! Our Annual Show & Prove was created with this Educational Component as the centerpiece of our Event and it would not be what it is without all of your hard work, dedication, sacrifices and creative genius to make it possible.

One of the highlights of the Show & Prove was definitely the release of the highly anticipated Book "The Science of Self" (SOS). I had an opportunity to get a Signed, Limited Edition Hard Cover copy so I was definitely happy about that! Since I've had it it's been hard to put it down. I've had so many thoughts about the Science of Self I thought it best to list some of these considerations as bullet points for those who have it or are interested in getting it, and I do suggest you do get it if you're person who considers yourself Conscious. Here's my points:

  • The Science of Self is a Game Changer for the Conscious Community. Over the years I've been ceeing Pseudoscience, Meta/Cosmophysicians, New Ageists, Illuminatiologists, Western Science Quoters, Quasi-Gods/Earths, Ghetto Scholars and etc.. all promoting concepts that clearly aren't real Science. This Book doesn't separate the real from the fake. It does one better, it teaches you how to think critically and use the scientific method to separate the real from the fake for yourself.
  • The Science of Self Volume One (of a Five Set Volume) alone has 377 References. This means that it's not a Book you just Read, it's a Research Manual and something you should continually refer WHICH INCLUDES looking into the References in the back that corroborate the Information inside the Book.
  • The Science of Self introduces the outside Observer into the Pedagogy (Teaching Method) and Worldview of our Culture. Because our usage of terms such as Allah, God, Divine and etc.. sometimes People assume that we are a Religious Group, Muslims, etc.. and anything other than what we actually are. Well we are Scientists of Life living a Culture and this Book puts to rest any notions that we are Followers or that there's anything Religiously Dogmatic about our critical thinking or orientation as a Group.
  • The Science of Self has raised the bar in regards to how People will gain/get KOS within our Nation. Many of us (Gods/Earths) say we're Scientists and that's true on some levels. Yet when it comes to the Sciences of Mathematics, Cosmology/Cosmography, Ontology, Fractals, Quantum Mechanics, Physics, Geology, Chemistry, Genetics, Sociopolitics and etc.. that may not be our strong suit. We may not be proficient in understanding these Concepts, how they apply to Self and how to teach them to others. This Book helps elevate our Consciousness to do so and connect with those who're already doing this.
  • The Science of Self shows and proves and teaches us how to show and prove many things in 120 Lessons.
  • The Science of Self is THE MOST comprehensive set of Volumes ever created dealing with "The Science" of Self.
These are just some of the benefits that come along with this Book and there are other things I will be writing about in the future. When I first got KOS back in the Pre-Google Era Me and my Enlightener would spend countless hours in the Library Researching/Referencing many of the same subjects introduced/elaborated on in The Science of Self. Before I even got my Student Enrollment or was given Supreme Mathematics I was studying Cosmology/Cosmography, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Chemistry, Ontology and etc.. because my Enlightener recognized that grasping the Science of my Self was paramount to me understanding who I was as The Original Man, my Relationship to/in the Human Family, the Planet Earth and the Universe. He recognized this because that's how his Enlightener taught him and this has been the Hallmark and Expectation of my Family Tree since we began. So knowing that the ALife and Supreme Understanding were putting out some Volumes covering much of the same intellectual territory and study materials I've covered throughout my Growth & Development was excellent to hear! With the Science of Self I could now consolidate the Curriculum I've used over the years to and utilize this as a Primary Syllabus Book to introduce People to KOS.

In Conclusion, for those of my Universal Family who weren't able to make it out to the Show & Prove this year willfully you'll be able to make it out in years to come. Those who I know personally or have ceen your works, I know you were addin-on in your respective Regions. I want to thank all of the Gods/Earths who took a moment to introduce themselves to me, exchange math, network and just let me know how much they appreciate the things that I've done and am doing. I really appreciated all the love and encouragement!!

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