Friday, June 29, 2012

The Seen and Unseen

Peace Family!

   I come in the name of Allah as the Universal One, Lord Life Justice Shabazz. We have had Knowledge of Self for Understanding Equality years. My persons Enlighteners were Ahad Knowledge Born Metu Tegghet Allah with I Freedom Born Allah (who represents a large way in which I carry this awareness). I was made aware because we are a said person of that ability and resurrected from a state of ignorance and unawareness. I taught one who at one point claimed the Blackman is God and that God is the living manifestation of Allah's full will on Earth in human form. During this time of his certainty he taught Saladin Quanaah Allah -whom in my view had to "separate the wheat from the chaff" in order to get this right. Quite a few years have passed since this Solar transmission had made it's way down the line, like the sun transmits light transmissions to reach the earth traveling at that terrific speed of 186,000 miles per second or the instructional code (DNA) being re-packaged different sperm cells to continue the code of the family line. Mine has seen some changes, though forever (since Allah and the Will is eternal)-- not always for better; yet like the sperm which tail propels it, the light wave continues until it reaches the earth in 8.33 minutes some 93,000,000 miles away. This is to say that this idea is determined; nor more or no less determined than the birth of the Big Head Scientist or God making Devil (21-30/1-40). As all Allah's plans are such, but man (and woman) can be other than Self and concoct ideas that defy Allah's will.
   As many of you know, Knowledge is the Foundation and this is symbolic to the Sun, which formed its way through triple stage darkness to become the light; which is as Allah made Himself known as a living God by metamorphoses through man. We Gods within NGE proclaim that Knowledge, the Sun, Supreme Consciousness, and Allah is one and the same. Allah is omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful), and omnipresent (all presence or present everywhere). Amongst the major religions, there is no argument concerning this. There is no mediator, minister, or middle man in this, for the Self known as the Father-- completed the promise to return on His eighty seventh earth-day (incarnate day for Allah has no birth record 9/1-10).
   The Father left the temple when His purpose became clear. Something about the ideas present in the NOI at the time, made it necessary to leave. Like all determine ideas, they are like plan-ets, something grown or made from the beginning; like Holy is something that has not been mixed diluted or tampered with in any form (9/1-14). Like a seed that is sprouting at the roots and searching for light (or the sperm during its gestation period), I didn't understand why the First Born with this was so emphatically tenuous with their relationship with the Nation Of Islam. After a few years of "butting heads" with "registered" Muslims, I began to take on a posture that was similar to our First Born, but without the full understanding or same position but I was gaining this awareness. As they say, "Seek and ye shall find." Some Understanding Equality years later, "the worms have hatched out" (the decaying issue has now been consumed). My Self, in the form of the First Born in the Five Percent Nation (The NGE), was during the Chronicles of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, then Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam under Master Fard's teachings (given by Alfonso Muhammad-- his father). Minister and National Representative for the NOI, then Malcolm X, was the one who requested that the Father be expelled from the NOI for teaching "His Self-styled Wisdom" (1962). Master Fard and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's teachings, along with the Bible and the Koran (Qu' ran) formed the basis of what the First Resurrected of the Nation of Islam taught, which was distinctly different than any other form of Muslim teachings (besides a similarity to Sufism). The First Born wanted to make sure that no one mistook our ideas as being the same. Allah had returned on His eighty-seventh earth day in the form of Lieutenant Abdullah changed his name to Allah, informed The Honorable Elijah Muhammad of his purpose, left Temple #7 and formed the Five Percent Nation or NGE (1964).
   The Nation of Islam has no birth record, yet THERE IS a birth record for the current group claiming this title under Minister Louis Farrakhan. It happened when his person was near death in the hospital. He became befriended by his Caucasian well-wishers and after making the 360 degrees of perfected knowledge into a fossil, headed in a direction different than Master Fard and Elijah Muhammad. The Minister like all ministers of his day had to claim that he was a minister for the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. In those days, they all said that Allah came in the persons of Master Fard Muhammad. My Enlightener I Freedom Born were around during that time in our chronology and have tapes and other paraphernalia to this effect. I gather Farrakhan no longer approaches his speeches the same way.
   Now some Understanding Equality years later, some Muslims of the so-called Nation of Islam, under Minister Farrakhan instead of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, wants to stake claim for our prosperity as NGE. What arrogance! First of all, you who are under the teachings of Minister Farrakhan, ARE NOT directly advocating the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad-- teaching given by Allah in the persons of Master Fard Muhammad. Therefore you who do such things are not our kin. Master Fard did not teach Dianetics or Christian Science! That's what being a follower will do to you... Get you to go against better judgment! How can the Messenger be right and exact one minute and tucked away the next, because of the times? What are you doing? Back peddling? If you know and truly believed something, how could a leader which came afterwards change your heart-- without an ounce of protest? You who do this claim that you are Nation Of Islam but you cannot claim the same foundation as Silas Muhammad or any of the first resurrection because you don't maintain the same heritage. This Nation is strictly under Farrakhan's ideology: The same principle Malcolm wanted the Father expelled for (his Self-Styled Wisdom), and part of what Malcolm himself was labeled a traitor for by Louis Farrakhan and others (ministers that is). We do not have any of the same foundational teachings as the basis of our curriculum; which means the group of related courses or fields of study are not even similar. We bear more in common with the real Nation Of Islam or First Resurrection than with you. Muslims (Believers) under Minister Farrakhan have buried that light long ago. This also means our ideology is not the same. Ideology is a body of ideas reflecting the aspirations of a group or culture. It could mean a set of doctrines or beliefs but we are not a religion, we are a science. And of those who belong to Farrakhan's group and know these lessons, I'm sure problems would arise in how you prioritize the concepts. For example, one of their brothers tried to explain that the God that made himself out of triple stage darkness was a Muslim. He needs merely to refer to the 37/1-40: Tell us why the Devil teaches the 85% that God is a righteous and unseen being that exist everywhere? Allah is god in the earth and the heavens above, he is just and true and there is no unrighteousness in him; but he is not unseen, he is is seen and heard everywhere for he is the all I seeing. The problem in his statement was the word "Muslim" and a view that the two are separate.
   The word "Muslim" implies that one has God could have a different agenda and has to surrender to Allah's agenda (as the word submit means to surrender to another). The 37th lesson teaches that Allah is one. It teaches that Allah is omni-present or present in all I see. There is no two agendas or beings when Allah made God. It is Allah's will or want that Allah should come into creation as one of those forms of creation. This way Allah lives in creation as the living God. There is no two beings here, Allah is one in the earth and heavens above, so the God would not have to be Muslim and submit to Allah because God Allah are liken to a two sided coin: Though it may have two sides it is merely one coin. All is created from Allah. The issue here is whether or not one is being Self. Lessons 3 to 12 in the one to thirty six makes that clear. The 38th lesson within the one to forty asks Why did God create Devil? Most importantly to show forth and prove his powers. So this indicates the choice to be one Self or not to be while in human form. Now lessons 13-14/1-36 depends on whether you see yourself as consciousness dwelling in physical form or as your soul, the condition reflexes of the persona and the soil which surrounds it. Our flesh, the soul, and our conditions have to be made to submit and by definition are Muslim. We are usually striving to master our composition, but the source of the consciousness (the true Self) is Allah. We are sentient which means conscious and able to be Self Aware. The true Self is Allah. But "the wrong foods" spoke about in the one to thirty-six is how religion was taught to you and your gullibility to go with what the Devil has said:  12th degree in the 1/40 -Why does the Devil teach that?; 7th degree in the 1/36 -Why does he like the Devil?; 8th degree in the 1/36 -Because the Devil planted fear...; 10th degree in the 1/36 -Because the devil taught him how to eat the wrong foods. To us, organized religion is the wrong foods; Knowing and not believing is most proper. In ideology there are concepts, these are ours and if you were the author then they would be yours. We see adversity as that which helps us to know about where the omnipotent or power is based. We study life as a science which leads back to the omniscient that we are in essence. We are getting to know about the knowledge present in everything (omnipresent) as a vehicle to get to know the Self. We do not submit to Self, we become ourselves because we are looking for the proper order, which is the definition of right and righteous-- because that is our true identity. But since Farrakhan's Muslims don't know who's teachings they are going to go by and how much of the organized religion of Islam they are going to follow, they don't see the same intricacies because their view is obstructed by what the Devil has taught and the trader interprets. Why even the Bible states: "From the Dust ye came to the dust ye shall return, but the spirit will go back to that which gave it." Wouldn't you say that consciousness resides in the soul? So which one are you, the soil or the sentient being inside the soul? See, these followers are not sure who to follow and will even give up on the truth of the lessons which makes them unique-- if Farrakhan says so So how can they stake claim for our heritage when they don't even reason things out on their own or respects what Allah, in the persons of Master Fard provided? When Allah came in the persons of Lieutenant Abdullah, we were taught to research it ourselves: "Study to show thyself approval," the Bible states See this is what happens when your leader doesn't advocate to think for yourself, just follow the ritual... No wonder the First Born stayed away from any real affiliation with the NOI: look how confused their perspective is now. Even their first resurrected doesn't affiliate with them. Farrakhan's Muslims can't stake claim for our system, because they don't grasp our major concepts and don't know which system they want to be under or how to properly define the term "God" they loosely use interchangeably with Muslim (as though they mean the same). I guess they had to accept that, given the state of unawareness they were in when they were taught and who's guidance they are and will be under.
    Knowledge is the Foundation and this is symbolic to the Sun, from the darkness came the light. This process of going through darkness to experience and understand the light is for Allah as God to grow into His magnificence (while savoring the experience). The metamorphosis or adaptation God uses is discovering what is right within his own conscious realm. Maybe on an grasping level one might use the words, you have to surrender or Muslim but from a God Awareness level, it is reasonable the only thing that would work appropriately-- that's a "no brainer" (it takes no effort to figure that out unless you are stuck in the flesh). What we need to know is who we really are, the awareness of what is right, and that's what we came here to experience, from Nigger to man, from man to God and God to Allah. Allah and God are one just in different worlds that operate in different ways but the laws which governs it was made by Allah-- God was made so Allah could experience the law in its magnificence. God is a project of understanding culture (rules which govern things, laws principles etc.) and growth, so one could get to know Self.
   If a person wants to look at things from the view of his earthly form, then I guess he would be the same as his body to him and therefore would proclaim Muslim. If he sees himself as the consciousness on a quest to experience knowledge then he would see himself as God (the growth vehicle) then Allah (the source of the growth). It is hard Farrakhan's Muslims to grasp this because they are mixing too many formulas whose concepts are conflicting. They have the words in the degrees they put down, trying to be like other Muslims, but the concepts are not grasped because they don't primarily live by them. They use the term "God" now, but they have not properly explored what that means. When consciousness came into physical form, part of the attention was split and God/man became subject to time. That too is growth and focus. All things in life are dual, so as said before, it depends on your focus. We choose the purpose and reason for coming into form in the first place, as our identity, but Farrakhan's Muslims wouldn't know this because they are trying too hard to just be Muslim. They have separated the creator from the creation when Allah made all creation from Self. Allah is all knowing, the source of all power, and present as all I see (or present everywhere), yet is one. All the major religions agree. Farrakhan's Muslims are too busy changing along with Farrakhan personal journey, while putting down what Allah, in the persons of Master Fard, gave to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
  The NOI introduction after Student Enrollment or Lost Found Lesson Number One and English C Lesson Number One uses the words Muslim very frequently, but once you advance in your classes and see the Lost Found Lesson Number Two, it only appears in the 16th degree for those who are still going under that study as laborers along with the Muslim's sons who are on the right track. The rest is strictly about God and Devil and what each teaches and why these parameters were constructed. Father Allah took the written dialog between Allah and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (a proven document to Allah's satisfaction) and made it our corner stone-- but each man, to be God, must weigh and judge it on his own. We don't use a trader or minister to make an interpretation. Allah came back on his eighty-seventh earth day but you didn't accept him and forsake what the Honorable one gave you.

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