Friday, October 19, 2012

Our World
"Our World" is a book displaying the written works of five youth who participated in the 'A.S.I.A. Young Writers Program' in the Summer of 2012; a FREE 8-Week Course with the objective of developing their writing skills and exposing them to various career opportunities in this field.

The Program's goal was to also introduce youth to the self-publishing process through which "Our World" was born. This book contains their stories, poetry and ultimately the thoughts/feelings of adolescence.


I want to first thank our participating Writers Jada S., Jewel S., Tionne M., Ranasiah W. and Careen M.. It was a pleasure working with all of you. Their creativity and insight was very inspiring! I would like to thank my dear friend Carmen "Lucia" F. for reaching out to me about this idea, her photography and overall support of this Program every step of the way! I also would like to thank Shabe Allah and Courtney Brown; two Journalists at The Source magazine who took time out of their busy schedule to allow themselves to be Interviewed via Skype! What they shared about their upbringing, experiences and career was both encouraging and very inspirational to the youth. Lastly I would like to thank Jillian O. and Staff at the Niagara Falls Public Library for supporting our Program for our youth and I (via A.S.I.A.) look forward to other collaborative efforts to help Inspire, Empower and Educate our youth in the future!
To get your copy of "Our World" simply click on the image of the book cover that appears on the right sidebar or the amazon image beneath it. Thanks!

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