Friday, October 05, 2012


To Know
I was watching the Fourth season, fourth disc of the "Fringe" series : A Short Story About Love. It led us to a series of thoughts in which I would like to share with my universal family (as well as my enemies who follow all my footsteps in the attempt to find out about being God without giving of themselves to get it).
First of all, linguist are extraordinary people: to speak several languages is quite an accomplishment. Those who achieve it, do so out of the desire to understand others. People only speak out of the desire to express their thoughts. Thoughts are birthed through wisdom. They are considerations concerning a topic. They are not birthed physically, but mentally. The words chosen are born to communicate that particular understanding one has concerning something--like these words I born unto you through my epiphany. Cee is to understand as seeing is to the third eye which integrates our experiences: That understanding can only be communicated to another who cares. This is what love is all about--to give a damn concerning your fellow man (something which has been far removed from consideration in today's current trends concerning popular culture).
A linguist then, cares enough about other human beings from different cultures to want to explore the words they use -so they can understand humanity better. The words they use reflect their level of understanding and degree of civilization.  Speaking of which, as wise as they say the Greeks were, when they coined the word "Philosophy" they did so to represent the love of wisdom--yet there is only one thing wrong with that hypothesis: The Greek word, Philos (as in Philadelphia), does not mean love (as other White scholars estimate), it means like. Now a few of you scientists who are up on this, may offer the word, "eros" for consideration, but that word "eros" is more like passion and sensualism (like erotic), but without the care, concern, compassion that love brings: It is more like lust or overgrown infatuation (like the lyrics to Roy Ayers. . . At first I thought it was infatuation, but it lasted so long). . . Could it be that the reason the Greeks had to say like of wisdom (philosophy), instead of love of wisdom, is because they had not a word in their language for this concept--primarily because the Classic Greeks (as a people) had not evolved to this level of experience and therefore understanding? You make the call. All I am saying (like in the Obama vs. Romney first debate), Europeans are not as classically civilized as they would want to make the world believe.
These thoughts bring to my conscious realm (or sphere of awareness), the lyrics from a song "To Know" by Full Moon: To know somebody really cares about you, makes every little thing around you come alive. . . or U Roy's "I Can't Love Another" intro: Love I or leave I. . . because if you ain't got love you ain't got nothin'. . . Doesn't our own lessons teach that "Civilize means to teach knowledge and wisdom of the human family of the planet earth (2/1-14)? To really know, we must consider and is that not a form of the knowledge and the wisdom? Do we not have a jewel and a quality within the alphabets that reflect this level of care, consideration and concern called Love? Do we not get it?  We will not receive the jewel unless we use it for a tool--but many will not because they have been fooled (21-25/1-36). That's because some of us have their heads too far up the colored man's arse to know we are living out "their culture"! Why did God make devil anyway? To show forth and prove his powers: That He is all wise and righteous, and that he could make a Devil, which is weak and wicked and give him the power to rule the earth for six thousand years: Then destroy the devil in one day without falling victim to the Devil's civilization. . . Are we waiting for that one day or are we just trying to get in where we fit in within the Devil's culture--having a slice of Devil's pie (like D'Angelo sings)?
We the people who are Blacker than the blues we have in America, have gone through many things: In and out of doors (10/1-40), out in the streets, being rejected by other kinds who advocated the Mystery God/Devil concept, fighting and killing one another (4/1-14). We believed what the Devil had said. We blamed ourselves for not being "more like Mike" (like the Devil). Many of us began to hate ourselves and those who look like us. There has been a White Doll, Black Doll Test where little Black girls were told to pick their favorite doll amongst a string of different types of dolls and outstanding numbers picked the White dolls. . . I think we appreciate the conditions of White people in the Devil's civilization, more than the Blackman's place. Many of us believe what Whites said, never thinking that Blacks could amount to anything. In current day themes, the average Blackman has so much inner rage within him (due to this oppressive environment), it doesn't take much to set it off--a major factor in Black on Black crimes and murder. This is a classic case of: I'm not Ok, and nor is anyone else! [For more information read "I'm Ok, You're Ok"].
I heard that there were some who think they could rival the feat our Father Allah did when he created our Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets and Twelve Jewels. Good luck! You have not reached the point where you have that type of understanding because you are rivaling Allah! He did it to help us understand Life and our origin in this word. Not to be jealous of one another. Allah is our collective conscious and those who seek to stand outside of the cipher, do not see themselves as. There is no many "Allahs", there is only one Allah. There is no "minds", just one Mind and that Mind be Universal. The illusion is You and I verse. We converse to form understanding. It is not how you Cee it, or your understanding when we are seeking the truth. There is one foundation, which is essentially the knowledge. Your level of understanding is based upon your development which indicates the limit of your growth. Those who think this way do not see the Oneness of We, nor do they care for us, therefore they do not see themselves as Us.
I once met a brother who taught someone who eventually became a Mason. When I told him of this he seemed nonchalant about the whole affair. I was much more concerned. My lessons teach "we do not believe in the teachings of Ten percent" (16/1-40) and the Ten percent are "rich slave makers of the poor" (15/1-40). They are Blood Suckers of the poor--the hookwink-ers of society. We taught some earnest seeming colored people to "give them a chance to clean themselves up" (9/1-14), but we did not do it out of love: It was out of justice. This is why the sword is placed above his head. What is the purpose of that sword? The next degree tells you that these folks (the colored) man will not keep and obey the laws. So what must be done with them? And who are these Black Masons? Was Prince Hall, Absalom Jones and Richard Allen the ones who promised to keep the White man's status quo? Malcolm called them religious Uncle Toms. The Qu'ran speaks of them in the second surah. These are the ones who pretend they are with you when they are in your company and talk about you when they are with their evil doing partners. Do they share their secrets? It is obvious that they conspire against us, because they look outside us for answers--attempting to get the crumbs which fall from the plate of the White Masons--all in the attempt to get rich quick like the get rich themes. In case you haven't noticed, your knowledge-at-a-cipher in the Alphabet is the other side of your knowledge-at-a-cipher when one does not keep and obey the laws of Islam (10/1-14). This makes it clear.
Therefore you should watch those who take what you give them and join something else which was used to enslave our people--coming in the name of. You can't trust it or them. Watch the company you keep, for they will creep you in your sleep. They are not loved regardless to how long they study. As I speak of this, watch the response and comments of those who are and you shall see who are your brothers. . . Some of your b-r-others are born to rule others--especially those who wear the words "daru-Islam" on their fez. That's why we do not believe in their teachings. There is only one Self; One Universe; One body or embodiment of Allah.
As I said, many of us were out of doors, in the street, beaten and killed by the ones who advocated that kind of God and those teachings (11/1-40). It is very understandable how one would develop a lack of love, since the colored man usually makes us an example for every law we break -but he also does not build prison houses for his people. . . (29/1-40). But our lessons speak of love, peace and happiness. It is part of our jewels and language. We have to get out of our street mentallity and current behavior within today's society (within the Devil's Civilization [40/1-40]) and into the reality that love is understanding and the best part of the original. Through love we are one--but watch out for the snakes that creep into your company;
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