Saturday, December 15, 2012

-The Connecticut Shooting-

In regards to the recent tragedy at the Elementary School Shooting that took place in Newtown, Connecticut I wanted to offer a Public Statement addressing a couple points. Before I do that I want to first say that I am deeply sorrowed by these events and any other tragedies happening within our Human Family, especially as it relates to our children, regardless where it’s at around World. At the date of this writing the death toll stands at 28 with 20 of them Children, 6 Adults, the shooter's own Mother and himself.

Although this is the lost of human lives, for those of you like myself (Black) who belong to a minority group here in America, it’s important to realize that this tragedy is a case of a White Person killing a group of primarily White Children in a primarily White Neighborhood. The Mainstream Media is primarily White. Therefore, the story is going to be told in a way to protect the overall image, status and interests of White People as a whole. To expect their Media to denounce their own or deface their own image by defining their own as a Terrorist, Fanatic, Menace to Society or etc. is expecting too much of them. I’ve read many complaints about how White People are playing the “mental health issue” and “he was such a smart/intelligent guy” card to solicit for the general public’s pity and you all have a right to be offended by that. I think it’s great to voice your perspectives on incidents such as this and anything else you think is not being covered fairly or reflective of all elements of America's so-called 'Melting Pot'. Ceeing that the Media Coverage of this shooting is obviously written from the perspective of White People who directly identify/sympathize with the children, the shooter, the families, the community and similar gun tragedies that happened like this in similar areas around the US, it should encourage you to share your own perspective. We should be encouraged because as a minority group in this Country, our perspective, consideration for our perspective and what’s happened/happening in our Communities is not the voice of Mainstream White America. Usually it's only Regional/National News to the extent of how it directly effects their (White) People or how it bolsters the positive image and status of White People. This being the historical case, Journalism, Blogs, Vlogs, Discussion Groups, Commenting on Articles, sharing Articles from Alternative News Sources and etc. to express our view are effective ways to engage others in our perspectives that help bring balance to Mainstream News Coverage. For example, the slogan for  Supreme Design Publishing is "Reinventing the World" and this is exactly what this Company is doing by providing resources (literature) and  ultimately perspectives that are not represented or outright repressed in  Mainstream White America. Providing these sources also provides us with a platform to reinforce or start establishing our own Media outlets! You are reading this Article right now or have been checking out my videos at A.S.I.A. TV because I am also providing such a platform as a minority voice here in the wilderness of North America and there are people who reference this platform Globally. So it’s alright to complain, just use your analysis and critique of situations like this to change the game.

Etiology is defined as "the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or condition." In this regard, in order to better understand what happened in tragedies like this we must take an Etiological approach. We must look at the origin of this. As I stated in the second paragraph, "The Mainstream Media is primarily White. Therefore, the story is going to be told in a way to protect the overall image, status and interests of White People as a whole." What this means is that it's never in the best interest of Mainstream White America to approach things Etiologically. The reason being is because the trail would lead back to their doorstep. In order to uphold their overall image, status and interests they must play the 'Blame Somebody Else Game'. For example, whenever someone from a Foreign Country does something to protest or lash out against America they're always categorized as a Terrorist or Fanatic, NEVER are people told that this person or these people are responding/reactiving to America's devilish Foreign Policies towards their people. Whenever you cee a Black person or other person of Color be charged with a crime it's always because of a unilateral decision on our part, the checkered past and soiled reputation, usually the socioeconomics created by White Mainstream America that are valid factors that contributed to the charge, not crime -meaning we're already sentenced in the public eye via their Media before being judged before a jury of 'their' peers, never make their way into their News story. Many of us like playing the 'Blame Somebody Else Game' because we're just as inconsiderate and irresponsible. The problem with this Game is that it always comes back to haunt you in the end. Crack wasn't a problem in America until the children of Mainstream White America started smoking it. Then the President's First Lady (Nancy Reagan) got on Television in 1986 and told America to "Just Say No". Nancy Reegan coined the phrase in 1982, yet in our Communities, Urban Communitites, the Heroin and Crack epidemic had already ravaged our families and neighborhoods years before this became a mainstream concern of theirs. Again, when crack dealers (and drug users) in Urban Communities were/are still locked up and given harsh sentences unequalled to their White surburban counterparts who possess pure powder concaine -via  the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986-, rarely is the question ever asked or investigated how these drugs are making it into the US, in these neighborhoods... 
In this tragedy, like the various other mass shootings that have taken place in primarily White American Communities, the question of 'individual sanity' or some kind of 'chemical imbalance' always arises. Etiologically speaking, this has not and does not address the sociopolitical environment that cultivates the type of psychopathy that produces this type of tragedy. If the sociopolitics are examined then the Social Engineers will be revealed. Obviously these Engineers must exist because incidents like this aren't isolated. Crimes aren't defined as isolated for Black or other people of Color -sometimes being tied together via Hip Hop although they're 2,200 miles apart, so there's definately some dysfunctional rhyme to their reason. Again, the problem lies in taking responsibility. Frankenstein never created himself.
Will Mainstream White America look at themselves and ask the hard question, "What is the reason our children doing this to our children and how did I err as a Parent?" Probably not. The larger and more important question is, "What are you doing about it?" In closing, I want to encourage those of you who're observing the Media Coverage to keep in Mind that anytime we cee events like this happening within any Society, especially Societies that pride themselves on being the standard of the Civilized World, to take this as a warning of what's to come. You shouldn't be afraid you should be encouraged to be that much more mindful and involved in actively creating conditions that reinforce Love, Peace and Happiness and thwart such atrocities. On Facebook I saw alot of people, who after learning about this tragedy, encouraging others to go home and hug their own children as if to say, "I'm glad that wasn't mine". Yes I think that's excellent to appreciate our Family yet I also think it's important to extend ourselves to those within our neighborhoods and communities who don't have the sense of Family that you are encouraging in your own household. One thing that you'll cee consistent and at the heart of any of these mass shootings is Family Dysfunction; a 'member' of a Family performing a heinous act that affects the lives of their Family and other Families. In extending ourselves to others we must be more personable and supportive of eachother. Invest the time to positively encourage and speak to one another, help eachother whenever we can and simply strive to re-establish human relationships that many of us have strayed away from in exchange for being all about "me and mines". We don't have to wait until disaster strikes to do this! We can advocate preventative measures so that tragedies like this are minized and willfully stopped from happening again. There are tragedies happening all over the Country and World that don't get Mainstream News Coverage that require our attention, sympathy and action. None of these tragedies are more/less important than any other because they're all tragic and effect us all! At this very moment a student I mentored is sitting in a small town jail in the South facing Class A Felony charges (life/execution) of a robbery that he didn't commit/mastermind yet is being fingered for because a.) He's a young black  male and it was a White Woman b.) He's from New York. All of these incidents are News worthy and anytime there is a loss of innocent lives, especially children, as Parents, Educators, Mentors, Caretakers, Adults we need to responsibly reassess the Roles we play in the conditions that promote or don't promote such tragic events. Again, my heart goes out to all of us who are directly/indirectly affected by this tragedy, tragedies happening throughout this Country and around the World. And I will that through the insight of God and intuitiveness of the Earth that we begin/continue working towards healing these self inflicted wounds within our Human Family. I also want to Thank those of you whom I know personally or whom I may not know who have made the children and Families within your Community, City and Society at large your responsibility! Those of you who prepare meals for those babies living in your neighborhood you know didn't eat today, those who volunteer to help your elderly neighbor bring their groceries in the house and those who're going outside of your houses of worship to help people who aren't members because you care about them regardless what they believe. It is because of you all, who realize that "It's not my job" isn't an option when it comes down to doing the right thing and what needs to done especially for our children! This is evidence of a Will for a brighter future and I am, we are, the result of such a Will and a future. It was because of the Love, Peace and Happiness that others invested in me that I stand before you as the Man I am today. It is because of the Love, Peace and Happiness you are investing in the children of today that they will one day become the Ambassadors of a brighter future we desire to cee!

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