Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Status Quo
By Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

I read your build, "Pike Dream" God. I found my persons mentally stimulated and would like to add on to some of the comments made within. I particularly thought it astute of you to point out the sociopolitical agenda of those who keep the status quo, the Freemasons. We as original people need to be conscious of the fact that we are a society or culture within the inside of a much larger culture. Unlike other people who came to America from other countries to apply for citizenship, most of our people here were abducted from our homeland and enslaved. This is a point to pay close attention to, for where the immigrant petitions for citizenship, we did not. Whereas a newly American citizen decides which parts of his previous culture-turned-subculture will remain in his/her life as an American. Our culture was obliterated and has to be recaptured through active research and development. But in both cases, to call yourself American means that you pledge allegiance and incorporate yourself into the American culture.
A lot of us think that we are sort of a huge population in America being unfairly treated. That is not true. Though we may not be treated fairly as Americans, we are not a huge population within the American fabric. Our numbers represent about 15-18% of the American population. That's like a hunk of pepper buried in a salt shaker at the bottom. It will be some time to attempt to uplift that unit to the top of the shaker and it will not happen evenly when or if it does. When we talk of the American phenomena, ratios being somewhat consistant, we were 19,000,000 original people to 103,000,000 Whites in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's consensus of 1933. Yes, I know we are in a ratio of 11:1 or 4,400,000 Blacks to 400,000 in that same consensus around the world --but our conscious community seems to loose tract of the fact that our American numbers are very disproportionate to Whites. We are not in the majority in America. If this were so, the status quo would be in favor of us, simply because that would be in favor of majority interests. To this day, there is even issues between Black and White lodges within America (those who would like to investigate further should read, "History and Evolution of Freemasonry" by Delmar Duane Darrah 33', The Color Line pp.313-323).
So from our sheer numbers in America alone, we can only be one of the mainstream's minority issues, like non-White ethnic groups, religious sects (other than White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), the rising issues of sexuality and rights affiliated with these things. We speak about civil and human rights but we petition the courts of their system to have their mainstream society grant smaller sub-cultural groups and communities the rights which are inalienable to the mainstream. America then response in such a way as to give the impression to the world that there is liberty and justice for all in this country--however it is a work in progress. . . Yet for Whites whose ancestors came to America as early colonizers (so called true native Americans or White Anglo-Saxon Protestants), liberty and justice are automatically given as their birth rights. Those clandestine societies who maintain the status quo are there to protect the interest of the majority, while entertaining some of the wishes of its minority to quell civil unrest. And those who are ethnic Freemasons are here in this country because the White working class Masons from England, have allowed them to be. George Washington consecrated the first lodge in America called the Occident Temple No.1. All other lodges are beholden to that lodge. Even the Prince Hall Masons. Prince Hall, Absalom Jones and Richard Allen received their charter initially from England.  So they are beholden to uphold the status quo in America, not Arabia, the Fertile Crescent, Central Asia or so-called Africa. Their National Treasure is in America. Although they are secret societies and we will never know how the lodges truly feel publically about our liberation and the changing of their policies, status quo or keeping things as they always were--we know America's policies come first and are the primary concern of any Masonic lodge in America beyond all else.

Let us also not forget, in Blacks petitioning to be recognized as Americans, we took on America's greatness and America's ills. You can see this at play when you examine the behavior of our grandparents and great, great, great grandparents. Most of them stuck to the policies of the bible, dressed differently than Whites and had practices for rearing their children far different from mainstream America. We even wore different clothes than our fellow White counterparts. We did so because our views were not the same and we were not treated the same--so doing so was a sort of hypocrisy. In the past we held ourselves to a higher Biblical standard. . .

In the documentary called 'The Hate That Hate Produced', it is fairly obvious that the Blacks used to flush out information from Black Organizations and hand them over to Mike Wallace of CBS News are nothing but lap dogs for the White media machine in America. In the famous photo of Marcus Garvey riding in that convertible with the plumed hat, the Blackman in that car with the straw "election-like" hat is none other than a secret service man for the United States Government in those days; a person all Garveyites despised because he was a overt agent who attended their meetings and reported their activities.
It was never intended for us to belong to such secret organizations, agencies or Masonic lodges, thus it would not be wise to trust in those who have dual allegiances at best. Most of our organizations in the past were sabotaged by those agents who had black skin. This should serve as some example of who you have to watch out for. If we are doing things for the upliftment of ourselves as a people, let us be sure of what cause we are serving. Besides, our knowledge is open and free, is the Freemasons? So how is that just or equal and how can such a relationship be trusted? Protect your neck.

Peace Family,
Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz
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