Monday, January 28, 2013

Quanaah Publishing

Peace! If you take a moment to look at the Header of this Website and the Right Sidebar you'll cee various Links to my Music Soundtracks and Literature. What you'll also notice at the Header is a new Image/Link for Quanaah Publishing.

In early 2000 I created my Company 'Quanaah Publishing' as a vehicle to publish my own Literature and other Audiovisual Projects. Since that time I have successfully produced two Musical Soundtracks, created a 30 min Documentary, produced Music for various Artists, published 11 Books and I've helped two Authors publish 4 Books between them. At this present date I am working on my 12th Book, my 3rd Soundrack and I'm helping a local Author publish her first.

For the most part I've been on the humble, not promoting my Company to the general masses and keeping everything in house. With the proliferation of Creative Artists who're now striving to write, produce and record their own Work, I'm now making Quanaah Publishing public to offer my Publishing and Manufacturing Services to the general population.

My Company offers valuable Production Services for those striving to Publish or Manufacture their work; Book, CD and DVD. As a Creative Artist myself, I support other Creative Artists by providing them with the Resources to produce their own Literary (Book), Musicial (CD) and Visual (DVD) products. Through engaging them as a partner in their endeavors, our Quanaah Publishing provides the support they need to help bring their Ideas into fruition!
If you're interested in ceeing what Services I have to offer, you can click on the following Open For Business Link or the new Image/Link at the Header and it will take you directly to my New Website 'Quanaah Publishing'.

Peace and I look forward to working with those of your who want to get your Creative Art ceen and heard!
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