Wednesday, January 23, 2013

State of the Union
By: Universal (Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz)
I used to let my self get upset concerning the current state of affairs, God.  Now I realize that only few of us are ever going to get it and it makes no sense to put undo pressure on those who have not reached this level of elevation. This is no elitist talk, it is a realistic assessment of the current state of affairs. If our own people would rather take personal acquisition and ego above where we are going as a Nation, so be it. They can't see it, even if they read it. If they say they knowledge one hundred and twenty degrees, then they understand that God made Devil to show forth and prove his powers. But some get envious, jealous, lustful over the woman you got or just hate your glow. One thing I do know is that some don't know how to add knowledge onto their cipher: Either that, or something is mentally wrong. (38-1-40)  Simple math God: So where's the application?

One is in a freaked up current when they make a difference or focus on differences between 'us' and 'them' and say they are Allah. Allah is not a single being. Allah is a group reality perceived through individual aspects and forms. If you understand that adding on is a part of building, then doing nothing is a part of distilling back to the earth -in the form of drops of water or drops of ice; which depends on how heavy the is mist was and the current of air she was in. (8/1-40) If you can't take advice because of my other ways, you have missed the meaning. You are stuck on form and not contents. God: Why does the devil call our people African? Because he wants us to think we are all different. (7/1-14)

That's saying a lot, because water indicates emotion (which means somebody is being too emotional or trying to rationalize as "passionate"), and the current of air we speak of, is the frozen state of affairs -which some of us who say we are aware we're in. It is no need to deny it, because the powerful eye of Allah sees everything: including knowing when you are sleeping and knowing when you are aware (this ain't Satan Claus stupid). Each Muslim was to bring in four devils. . . (10/1-14)Those devils keep us apart from our social equality -by denying us to exercise love for one another. (8/1-14)

It doesn't take much to know that in order to get knowledge, you had to be unaware of yourself and that type of awareness will take more than reading. Some of us think as soon as we get lessons and can recite them, we are civilized. That is empathically, now cipher. You must learn refinement as well as culture, understanding and wisdom. Some people are not cut out for that but they will pretend like they are righteous.

As you heard us say before; to be educated, you must be educable. You can't get a damn thing in your dome if you think you know everything. And if you did, you'd know that all things in life are dual. People are quick to say they gave knowledge to someone, but can you receive? Are you receptive to hear the truth and take it under examination or perusal. No, not many. They are too caught up in pride to ride the tide of public opinion than get down to what they need in life. Sound travels at 1120 feet per second, which means you have to know (1) enough to respect what I know (1) and gain the wisdom (2) of the cipher (0) we just formed.

When there's not enough respect, there's not enough collection of various ideas. We speak of Allah, but Allah is a collective; a conglomerate reality. Allah is not me, so much as it is we. And when you make a difference between you and I, you show me that you can't see it yet. When you get envious of what my person's got you show me you can't see it yet. It's alright though. Constant elevation causes expansion, also known as growth and development, that is, if you are truly striving to grow. Although, some of you think you're grown; which indicates there's no more growth for you.

This is precisely the problem: coming into sets or ciphers with closed minds. Getting knowledge on sheets of paper and thinking everything is now known. The more I know, the more I see I need to know more. I wonder how they miss that, yet say they are civilized. . . Maybe, somewhat. I guess we shall see, but being civilized also means having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture refinement--and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness. (17/1-40)

If you can make a difference between me and you then Allah is invisible to you; though when two or more is gathered in his name Allah is present. Yet you can see that he is not seen, because those claiming to be Allah can get jealous of you -as though he does not have what you have, which should be impossible if he is Allah. Besides, I remember a story about a group who started making trouble amongst righteous people. . . (4/1-14)

Open the mind to the possibilities of change. In change we can create anything and elude all mental prisons once we recognize the prisons are self-imposed. A lot of us are dealing with fixed states and limited states of awareness -simply because we refuse to "Let go my Eggo (Ego)" An Ego is a fixed state or image and God has no graven image. Those thoughts concerning E-G-O, Edges-God-Out of your equation. A lot of these cats, only listen when they were students and once they get past this stage they became "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (a good Alfred Hitchcock movie by the way, but not the way to be) In life, there is giving and receiving; it ebbs and flows and the roles reverse -depending on the current of air you're in.

Long story short: For some, the Gods and Earths is not a Nation but a Boy's Club or Girl's Scout with pennants and decoder rings instead of genuine love for our people. There are institutions to build if you want to make this a real Nation. There are scholarly endeavors to take on. Public edifices to be erected. Monuments to be built. Putting a flag on and talking lingo only helps a dying heart murmur a little. But it takes time to build a Nation, I'm just not about dragging anyone along who doesn't want to take it there. And if you don't belong, you will be exposed! Nature has a way with those who don't coincide.

No need to be upset. It all comes out in the wash and people tell on themselves when they speak about how true they are to this.

Peace Allah, Allah U Justice,
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