Sunday, April 07, 2013

Temptation Commentary
For Those Who Saw The Film

I recently saw the film 'Temptation' and thought it was an excellent, insightful film. For those of you who've ceen the film, here's short list of 9 things I took away from it:

1.) Pick up the book 'Stay in Your Lane'. Among other insights you'll learn from Author D. Scott, there's a Chapter called 'Hoe Stroll'; a great psychoanalysis of Judith's "itch" and how to address that. 
2.) Fellas, add spice to your life or you will end up being a Brice
3.) Although Harley was living in Judith's head rent free, with all his paper he was still a predatory chili pimp; we wasn't no BIG GAME Hunter. If he was really bout dat life he would have acquired Mademoiselle's Business and made her Manager.

4.) Judith had no identity in her marriage or her home: The decorum in the living/bedroom and kitchen had no semblance of a womanly touch, and their bathroom didn't even look feminine. It was HIS (Brice's) Life and she was just in it. Top it off with that homely Bricemobile and you have what is called an "Invisible Woman" -or maybe a female "Hollow Man"...
Judith in the living/bedroom
5.) When Brice ran up in Harely's spot, he should have gave 'em a Hulk Hogan Leg Drop.

6.) Moesha did her thing.

7.) The grass ain't greener on the other side; it could end up being a brownfield.

8.) A Father, carrier of the seed of life, was absent throughout the film until the very end. This symbolized the potential to end a previous cycle and birth (renew) another life in its place.

9.) LOLA = Turnt Up!

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