Sunday, April 21, 2013

True Skool Radio Presents
The Universal Street Academy
(3306 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140)
Yesterday, the U.S.A. (Universal Street Academy) in PowerHill held a Raffle/Fundraiser to support our Institution's Restoration Project. Aside from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize Winners that were drawn from our Raffle, all of the proceeds from the Raffle/Fundraiser go to our Restoration Project. The Winners of the Raffle were as follows:

-1st Prize: $300 -Destiny Smallwood
-2nd Prize: $200 -Dee Click

-3rd Prize: $100 -Shabazz Dow
As a follow-up to this Event, I will be co-hosting a Show tonight at 6:00pm (EST) with True-Father of True Skool Radio (TSR) to discuss the establishment of the U.S.A., our present Restoration process, and how people can assist in this endeavor. We will be joined by Special Guests, U.S.A. Representatives, Khazire Knowledge Allah, Divine Universal Allah, and Life Justice who will give us more insight into the U.S.A., a recap of yesterday's Raffle/Fundraiser, and the importance of building/supporting our own Institutions. This Show's live feed cuts off at the 30 min mark so if you want to hear the whole Show live please call in before the 30 min mark, otherwise you can listen to the whole show in the archive section of TSR.
The Call-In Number: (619) 566-0922
Listen Online at: True Skool Radio (TSR)

What is U.S.A.?

The Universal Street Academy, affectionately referred to as U.S.A., is a nonprofit organization located at 3306 Ger­man­town Avenue in Philadelphia, PA that it focused on the cultural, academic, and social education of all people; with emphasis on the original indigenous peoples of the planet.

It's function will be to serve the North Philadelphia community where it is located and beyond. U.S.A. will provide educational, recreational, and social services, both public and private. The Universal Street Academy is currently under reconstruction. The end result will be a full service center with three (3) multi-use eventing areas; two (2) kitchen facilities; two (2) educational facilities equipped with computers, multimedia equipment, smart-boards, library, and smart podiums; a video/audio studio; meeting and conferencing facilities.

What is True Skool Radio (TSR)?
TSR is Hip Hop 101 and the Peoples CNN, a grassroots expression of the community's wants, needs and desires.


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