Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A New Release!

On September 16th I quietly released my 13th book "When Teachers are ready, their Students appear." I say quietly because I did it at 4am in the morning. A middle of the night book release is literally saying I do this while others sleep and there is nothing theatrical, flamboyant or spectacular about that. As a journalist and author my intention has always been to simply make information accessible to people, not sell books, win a Pulitzer Prize or be on Oprah's book club list. Book sales and testimonials have come as a result of this information accessibility and I am very thankful for that. 

In a society where it is often expected for students to be properly prepared to learn [information], I always understood that our educators must be properly prepared to teach. Oftentimes that is not the case in mainstream society. Over the years of having Knowledge of Self [KOS] I also found that it can be true within my society of Five Percenters. When Teachers are ready, their Students appear is a series of essays pertaining to teaching and gaining KOS from the cultural perspective of a Five Percenter.

This book is now available along with my other titles at my E-Store, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, book outlets worldwide and my website Quanaah Publishing. If you have a family member who is incarcerated that you would like to send a copy to please email me at:

I appreciate your support!

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