Saturday, March 31, 2018

What's this #AtlantisBuild Animation Series about?!

   As a Creative I'm always striving to push myself in regards to what I can do next. The other day I was discussing this with a Queen and shared that there are two ways in which I operate: through Creative Intention and through Creative Inspiration. Because of my level of discipline, the willingness to sacrifice and other qualities that enable me to be successful in my undertakings, I've learned to be very intentional about what I create. For example, if I plan to produce, write and record two songs tomorrow I will do it. I am not have any idea what I'm going to do yet at the end of the day these projects will be done. That is Creative Intention because I've taken a determined idea from inception to conception or knowledge to born. That is a space that many Creatives find hard to operate in; the ability to manifest something at will. Lauryn Hill is one of those Artists. There have been many instances where she recorded/performed later or didn't record/perform at all because she was not inspired. This is what many Creatives rely on; Creative Inspiration, and that is the motivating factor behind what we see. I can also operate within that space and I always remain open to ideas. The various projects, programs and initiatives that I create and partnerships I have are a combination of both intentional and inspirational creative expressions. What you see below is an example of this: 

Who are the 85%, 10% and the 5%?

   For the longest time I've wanted to do something in the realm of animation that enables me to engage youth in another way. As a Preschool Teacher and Preadolescence Program Facilitator I'm engaged with youth every day and I'm always thinking of ways to build upon that relationship. As an Author I'm presently crafting some literature within that realm of youth advocacy. Most recently I created a unique Youth Outreach Development Course for people who are interested in being a youth advocate and professional development for those who work with youth in any capacity. This has culminated in the creation and current renovation of my Atlantis School For Gifted Youngsters.

   The NEW Animation Series is just an extension of everything I do and I appreciate how well it has been received! While there are some conscious animation series out there, as a Five Percenter there is no animation series that shares our unique cultural perspective, chronology and addresses the challenges we face as a Nation. So I've created this series with the intention of filling that void and to continue moving our culture forward. If you enjoy what you're seeing and would like to support my efforts to continue creating this kind of content, please feel free to make a one time/monthly donate here: I 💓 This! It's much appreciated.

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