Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peoples Egos Always Corrupt Education

Show(n) & Prove(n) 2008

Peace Ya’ll! This past weekend was The Nation of Gods and Earths Annual Show & Prove YOUTH Rally in Mecca and I wanted to give a shout out to all the Adults who came out to “honestly” support our YOUTH!!! It’s important that we Adults continue to support our children (and young adults) -in deed- because they’re our link to the future! So to those of you Gods and Earths who made it your main concern to come out and support the youth I want to sincerely say thank you! Aside from being naturally gifted, it takes a ‘kingdom of patience’ (27/1-40) to deal with the youth of today and that justice cipher born can never be minimized. All of you are the torch bearers of this Glorious Nation! Thank-You again!!!

Now..., for all you grown ass, gregarious, egomaniacs who showed up to Show & Prove like roving packs of hyenas starving for fuckin attention, when are ya’ll gonna let our children “really” have their day?! God damn.., sit ya asses down!! It’s a shame how ya’ll know everything accept when your own Ego is rearing it’s ugly ass head! Cee, Show & Prove is not an Ego statement, because shit is Shown and Proven when your reputation proceeds you! Sound TRAVELS 1,120 ft per second and Light TRAVELS 186,000 miles per second. So in other words, what’s ceen and heard (reputation) will proceed you! If ya’ll Gods and Earths took the time to actually use the Actual Facts instead of simply doing some Kindergarten ass, Digit Summing like, “Mt. Everest is 29,141 feet high. 29,141 borns 8 or Build and Destroy. Build and Destroy is...” you might draw up how these FACTS ACTUALLY function in your life and rise above ya limitations.

Cee, because your reputation proceeds you-you ain’t gotta make mention of yourself, tell niggas what you doing, name drop, have building contests, count “your” students, wear universal flags like a die hard Celtics Fan, or ultimately try to sell yourself. It’s cheap, insecure and painfully revealing of how shallow you really think you are. Many of ya’ll Socialites need to simply grow up. You don’t make a name for yourself by trying to make a name for yourself fools! If your honest contributions to this Nation and World Civilization are worthy of being remembered in the annuals of time then they will be, cool out sparkie! You ain’t gotta run around trying to directly/indirectly tell people who the fuck you are. Ya’ll grown ass Adults -without a physical disability- who’re out here busting ya ass for attention need to be psychologically evaluated, for real.

I’m going hard at ya’ll clowns and clownettes because ya pissin on the babies parade and teaching ‘em that it’s rain ‘above their heads’ (9/1-40). I remember being a young inexperienced God wanting to “build” as I’d call it, b.u.t. in reality I just wanted to be fuckin ceen and heard; it was an Ego thing! Getting knowledge of self is oftentimes no different than learning a Martial Art and having a sick desire to show that shit off once you learn it! LOL! That’s why with Martial Arts one always learns discipline and a code of ethics along with it. Among other things, the discipline and code of ethics are used to identify the Ego and put it in check. Some people got this Math without any discipline or code of ethics, so they Ego is a ‘wild beast’ (28/1-40).

Identifying the Ego and putting it in check is a developmental thing, and seeking out the ego-stroking support of other Gods and Earths is like any child needing ego-stroking support in their growth and development. So functionally speaking, a 30 year old God runnin up on you to build is often no different than a 5 year old Child runnin up on you to show you their art project. Keep in Mind that our YOUTH need this type of support to help mold and shape their self esteem, build their self image and reinforce our Cultural Worldview, b.u.t. these ‘training wheels (units)’ (14/1-14) need to be removed once they reach a certain point in the growth and development process; when they can ride on their own. It’s a problem either physically or mentally when you cee a grown ass Adult in need of training wheels, especially when they’re in denial about needing them! That’s a Mental Health issue that a Rally, Parliament, Show & Prove, Regional Conference, Civilization Class or Earth Retreat ain’t gonna fix; this psychological issue deserves Professional help. As a matter of fact, being amongst people like that when you haven’t taken the honest time to come to terms with your ‘ownself’ (13/1-36) can actually exacerbate this Mental Health issue.

My point in saying this is to emphasize that knowledge of self is based upon being honest with ourselves about our ‘Determined Idea(ls)’ (24/1-40). Many people who flocked to the Show & Prove did not honestly have our YOUTH in heart; they were there for other -less than honorable- ulterior motives. If you ran down to the Show & Prove to show off your child(ren) because you needed to feel validated as a Father/Mother of Civilization because ya family’s dysfunctional then be honest about that shit. If you’re an Old ass God/Earth and you came out to the Show and Prove to get some love because every other day of the year you’ve been neglected as a senior citizen then be honest about that. If you were an Earth lookin for a God to fuck then be honest that. Likewise, if you were a God lookin for some Earth you could run up in then be honest about that shit too. Some of ya’ll Eukanuba niggas came to Show and Prove with Students on a psychological leash like you breeding Neapolitan Mastiffs or something. Many Earths was there dressed in the finest refinement, knowing good and well that their house is fuckin filthy from top to bottom. All that shit is real and when I can clearly cee fake ass people using the Math and our YOUTH to shield their filthy ass affairs I cannot tolerate being around that! Everybody at the Show & Prove aren’t on no shit like that, b.u.t. it’s enough of these bullshitters to make me say ‘fuck it’. I know Freedom (Poppa Wu) and a host of other Gatekeeper Gods and Earths were out there bombing bullshitters like they do every year, b.u.t. I’d rather consolidate my time, energy, fuel and finances to specifically build with real Family; those who are actually about true growth and development. The reality is, although many Gods and Earths like to call eachother Family, they really don’t even know the strangers they mingled with at Show & Prove beyond 7th Ave. and an impotent ‘That’s Peace God/Earth’ pat on the back, literally! To know someone you gotta be their ‘Brotha/Sistah and Companion, in Tribulation...’ for ‘the Word of God AND the Testimony’ (27/1-40). I will say this again and again: Until you’ve lived with a person (spent years, months and days with them) you don’t know them muthafuckas, and to consider niggas family because ya’ll mingle at NGE Functions, and/or talk on the phone/internet is some strait up ‘believin on face value’ (9/1-40) shit! Without spending time with a person, you’re not equipped to ‘Testify’ if they are or aren’t a true Brotha/Sistah and Companion of the Word of God.

To conclude today’s Article, I just want to reemphasize that I love and have always been supportive of the YOUTH! Unlike many of you, I’ve been a Youth Advocate before I even heard about ‘The Father’ so this ain’t nothing knew to me. Lets just say when I got knowledge of self I became more refined in my duty as a Civilized Mentor. -cheezin- So yeah, I was at the Annual Show & Prove right here in muthafucken Atlantis; just like yesterday, the day before, tomorrow and next week. Get it?! Those of ya’ll who traveled to Mecca this year for the Big Show that was cool, just realize that it doesn’t really Prove much of anything; accept that you were standing there amongst thousands of other strangers that you call your Family! Anyway, the “Prove” began the following Monday after the Big “Show” and will continue from that day forward; for the rest of your life. -smile- And just for the record, NO I’M NOT AGAINST attending the Show & Prove. I’ve attended in the past and have participated as a performer on a few occasions (How’s that for an Ego!). I just don’t ‘loose anymore time’ (10/1-40), energy or finances being amongst a whole bunch of grown ass Men and Women who’re more concerned about being fuckin ceen and heard then quietly supporting our YOUTH! I have and will always have better things to do when it comes to that kind of brain farting, mental masturbation shit! I don’t need church, I mean rallies like that. B.u.t. for the babies..., shiiiiit you can call me Kirk Franklin Allah!

Peoples Egos Always Corrupt Education

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