Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yeah, the gas prices are hurtin us all! -LMAO-

"WHO" is the Original Man?

Peace ya'll!!! Yo, the word "WHO" is a question of identity so today I wanted to indentify a God who just put a new blog out here for ya'll to do the knowledge to; Divine King Allah

Now, when we get 120 there's a couple phrases that many of us take for granted, and I'll tell you why in a second;

1. "...17 million with the 2 million Indians making it 19 million." (3/1-10)

3. "...the Indians...they are Original People too." (3/1-14)

The reason why many people take these phrases for granted is because they can't relate! When you read the 3rd degree in the 1-10 in regards to the Original Nation, it's worded in such a way where people need to be reminded; "17 million WITH THE 2 MILLION INDIANS making it 19 million." You cee this same phraseology going on in the 3rd degree in the 1-14's; "THEY ARE Original People too." Anyway, I was blessed to have an Ole Dad and Ole Earth who kept me and my siblings in tune with our Central Asian (so-called African) and Indigenous Heritage (Tuscarora) so I ain't grow up completely blind, deaf and dumb. So when I came across the above phrases in 120 not only did I have a reference point b.u.t. I felt that in my heart and understood the reason for the phraseology. Many Black People here in the wilderness of North America simply never made/make the axiological connection that WE (as an Original Nation) had family in North, South, East, Central AND YES West Asia for thousands of years before we got here!!!

I say all that to say this, the God Divine a part of the "2 Million" that many of you have long overlooked or half heartedly quoted throughout your degree's! He has a degree in the classroom and on the streets and is actually teaching at a Native Charter School in Bethelehem (Buffalo, NY) right now!!! If you recall, I wrote an Article some time ago called Divine's Union, well that was the God Divine! -smile- So take a moment to go by and do the knowledge on the God's Blog. The angle of the square that this Original Man represents is what many of us have only talked about or heard about. The God Divine is livin it!!!!

Allah in Bethlehem (by Divine King Allah)

Also, if you haven't gotten the book 'Da God' yet; CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE COPY .



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