Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Da God' drops today FOR FREE!!

Before I get into today's Article I wanna give a shout out to my Enlightener's Enlightener 'Lord Life'! It's the God's born day and he turned power cipher today! He's also had one twenty for understanding wisdom years and he's been an immeasurable resource in life of me, my Enlightener and anyone else he's built. Peace Almighty! Now back to the science at hand. My Man 'EMBLEM' dropped his joint 'Da God'!

PEACE!! First of all we want to thank you in advance. for supporting Platinum Pen Publishing. Here we are, u-n-i, making History or Koran! When Emblem presented me this Project I was more than excited to be involved because this represented the kind of growth and development that always interests me. Although Emblem and myself have been Writer’s for as far as I can remember, I’m glad that we took this opportunity to come together and make this contribution (and future Projects!) to Civilization. One of the most beautiful things about this Book is that it represents a New Era within The Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE)! Never before has NGE Centered Literature been presented to the public in such an unapologetic form of our native tongue. Never. Most literature that’s written from a NGE Perspective is tailor made to spoon feed the masses. Da God does not ‘loose anymore time’ explaining to those who don’t have knowledge wisdom cipher. Those who pick this book up and find themselves lost, then maybe it’ll inspire them to seek clarity.

Da God is more than just a Fiction Novel. It’s the first of a collection of “Living Mathemanuals”, that are designed to transcend the abstract, intellectualized concepts of the Gods and Earths. Through living out this Math, this mist ascended higher and we both knew it was time for these thoughts to distill in the form of the true and living reality we knew and understood. Far from the religious and stereotypical roles of what ‘God’ is, Da God was inspired by his Determined Idea to show God’s multi-dimensions as he is; a Man. This Book has simultaneously set and raised the sword (not the bar) in regards to NGE Literature.

Cee, the NGE or ‘Five Percenters’ still remains a fine mist that Mainstream Society’s naked eye can hardly detect, although we undoubtedly represent the cultural foundation that gave birth to one of the most popular Global Phenomenon’s in World History; HipHop. In 2008, more than 40 years from our National Born Date, we are still somewhat of a closed Society. Da God makes you privy to some of the daily affairs, struggles, accomplishments and introspections of the NGE. Although some of the inner-worlds of ‘I Self Lord And Master’ have been musically articulated for years, Da God represents the first literary model of practically applied NGE Nomenclature.
Simply put, Da God represents ‘one’ of the culture angles of the NGE Truth, as ceen through the Mind of ‘B God Allah’! A Truth that has never been literarily shared, and uniquely articulated until this Glorious Day! Again, we thank you in advance for your support, ‘PEACE!!’


Also, we at Platinum Pen Publishing welcome all feedback from the born cipher cipher king! All comments can be forwarded to the author himself, 'EMBLEM' at (937) 347-1185 or myself 'Saladin' at



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