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"A sword is AN EMBLEM of justice used..." 9/1-14


Peace Ya’ll!! Today I’m excited to present to you with an Exclusive Interview with the God ‘EMBLEM’. Now some of you -who curse liberally- are probably saying, “EMBLEM? Who the fuck is that?!” For those of you who may ‘know of’ or ‘don’t know of’ EMBLEM, he first introduced himself to the Cyberspace World -via Myspace- on the most popular Nation of Gods and Earths (NGE) Group moderated by the God Divine Ruler Equality Allah. Not only has ‘EMBLEM’ been instrumental in raising the collective consciousness of many members who participated in this group, b.u.t. his contributing topics/comments, sharp wit, cynicism and scientific analysis of different subject matters are more than memorable! All in all, he has simply been true to his namesake, “A Sword is an ‘EMBLEM’ of Justice” (9/1-14), and even the most reluctant Gods and Earths would have to admit that.

Part 1 of Today’s Interview will give you some insight into his Koran; “Who is EMBLEM?” Because of the length of this Interview I had to make it two parts, so I will be following up this Article with the highly anticipated ‘Part 2’! Part 2 of this Interview will reveal alittle more of EMBLEM’S Koran b.u.t. will primarily focus on the long awaited, ‘HIGH EXPLOSIVE’ Project; ‘Da God’!! -smile- Anyway, enjoy Part 1 and be on the look out for Part 2.

1. Is ‘Emblem’ your Attribute and why do you come in the name of ‘Emblem’? Now cipher! Emblem is not my Divine Attribute. Emblem is my ‘Pen’ name. A sword is an Emblem of Justice and I equate the ‘Pen’ to the Sword.

2. What inspired you to learn about the Culture of the NGE (Nation of Gods and Earths)? I was born into the Nation of Islam under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1969. After the Old Man returned back to essence, my Ole Earth took us outta the Mosque in God Power. In my late teens the Nation of Gods and Earths caught my ear and I saw it was very similar to what I learned as a child. So it was a natural progression for me to gravitate to the magnetic of the Gods and Earths.

3. How long have you had Knowledge of Self, where did you receive Knowledge and who is your Enlightener? I got knowledge to knowledge cipher on December 5, 1989 and completed knowledge wisdom cipher on February 24, 1990 at 3:40 p.m. E.S.T. . I received knowledge in ‘Pelon’ (North Philly), which is my birthplace. My Enlightener is Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz Allah. He was a magnificent Enlightener walking me every step of the way through Triple Darkness and every single degree. I could not have asked for a better Enlightener. I honor the Student and Enlightener relationship with great reverence. His door has always been open to me and his couch always available during the turbulent times that come with the territory of two forty. He is an extremely Wise God with so much information on cap it could boggle one’s Mind. Sometimes I’d be building with the God and wonder why he never went on Jeopardy. He can make your jaw drop with some of the most obscure actual facts pertaining to History and Science. The God is extremely Honorable, so much so that the Gods from back in the day nicked named him ‘The Pope’. He has had knowledge wisdom cipher thirty plus years, he was taught by Ahad Knowledge Born who was taught by Divine Prince.

4. What is the main difference you cee in the way you got Knowledge compared to how other Gods/Earths traditionally get Knowledge? How has this shaped your ‘self styled’ way of carrying this Math? I don’t really cee a difference in regard to how I got knowledge from a traditional standpoint because traditionally I got Knowledge right and exact. My Enlightener ‘Walked With’ me. You don’t cee that flavor too much any more. My Enlightener is an Artist -who’s working on a Spoken Word Album entitled, “Love & Entanglement”- so he is a ‘hands on’ type of individual. He crafted the way he taught me, not just from a methodical standpoint, b.u.t. an artistic standpoint. He approaches Enlightening an individual much like he approaches a work of Art. He is extremely patient. The first time he took me to Mecca it was the last Rally of the year. When we got back that night he hand made me a Universal flag from leather. It was a splendid piece of artwork. I thought the piece was finished, b.u.t. he still saw more work to be done. He didn’t get done with the piece until about the culture hour in the morning, and by that time I was on the couch at rest. I walked home at dawn amazed how driven he was with the smallest of things. He is a perfectionist, he will build with you and do his best to cover every possible angle. God is very swift, amazingly so. Though I had knowledge wisdom cipher nearly two decades, when I build with him he always drops a jewel in a very original way. God is mad peace. Now a day with cyberspace and high-speed access to the thought process of the Nation of Gods and Earths I think it’s both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing that Newborns have access to enormous amounts of information b.u.t. I think the curse is that the human element is being slowly removed. ‘Walking With’ your Enlightener is paramount to receiving qualitative enlightenment. With the advent of cyberspace, blogs, chat rooms and such, I think the sincere connections once forged by Student and Enlightener walking together may be slowly eroding.

5. We often hear the abstract phrase “Knowledge is the Foundation”. What ‘specific’ “Knowledge” do you think is fundamental to establishing one’s Foundation? The simplicity of Allah coming outta Triple Darkness must be understood to fully grasp Self as Allah manifest. With this study one must undertake the study of Physics, Meta-Physics, Quantum Physics, General Relativity Theory, Quantum Mechanics and the Religious concepts throughout all religions of Allah saying, “Be” or “Let there be Light”. All of those subjects should be covered and a Newborn should understand his Conscious relationship to the Cosmological Origins of Supreme Black Consciousness as it relates to the Universe, before any said lessons are issued.

6. Another phrase you often hear from Gods and Earths is, “We are not Pro-Black or Anti-White”. How do you cee this phrase? Yacub was the Father of the Devil who taught the Devil to do this ‘Devilishment’, showing and proving that ‘Devilishment’ was on the Planet before the Colored Man took his first breath. The Colored Man is born from the Black and Brown Germs in the Black Man’s body, he himself had nothing to do with his own existence. The fact that his genotypical and phenotypical characteristics are the result of being grafted from the Original Man makes him ‘blameless’ in the overall Koranic scheme of things. If a child is born with Leukemia you can’t blame the child for his disease, his genetic disposition was passed down to him via his Parents. The Cold Black Knowledge Seed is the Father of all color, so the fact that the Colored Man has a genetic disposition leaning toward the disease of weak thought patterns is not his fault at all. In fact, all that above is caused by the Sun of Man. The rules and regulations used by Yacub to manufacture the Colored Man carried the ideals of ‘Devilishment’ in the laws of birth control. ‘Murder the black baby and save the brown baby’, when that went on in Pelon there wasn’t any Colored People on the Planet. Black Doctors, Black Ministers, Black Nurses and Black Cremators lived on Pelon. For at least the first two hundred years, wasn’t no Colored Man around sticking pins in the head of black babies. The fact that those laws that governed Pelon were carried on over time only proves that concepts of ‘Devilishment’ were eventually deposited in the mindset of the Colored Man. Essentially, the Colored Man does not cause anything above, the Original Man does. So when I find myself with the slightest hint of racial discord, I have to realize that whatever I am going through I am in fact the Cause thereof. Feel me! As far as not being Pro-Black.., I think that is a miscalculation because to be Pro-Black is to be Pro-God, because God is Black.

7. What’s one of your landmark experiences that gave you a greater understanding of how 120 (Lessons) functions? When I got divorced. Divorce truly taught me that all that above is caused by the Sun of Man. I caused the Divorce. I experimented with the high explosives of a filthy affair, not her. I had one of the sharpest Queens to ever walk on the Planet Earth. Her recital of 120 was like hearing Lauren Hill singing Roberta Flack’s ‘Killing Me Softly’. That landmark experience taught me the distinction between egotistical thought patterns and the thought.

8. How many Students have you ‘Enlightened’ (taught) and what are some of them doing right now? I have enlightened at least culture cipher people, at least wisdom cipher of those individuals completed knowledge wisdom cipher and two of them have held it down right an exact over a decade. Time really acts as a Doctor and qualifies and disqualifies who is and who ain’t about this Math. Interestingly enough two out of forty is 5%! That actual fact changed my perspectives on enlightening people. Back in the early nineties I could be heard building, building and building. Math got magnetic so it catch catz ears, b.u.t. what I could not cee was that people was dealing with Math like it was a dance craze. As time past it was clear to cee who was truly sincere and who was not. In my Third it takes knowledge cipher years in this Math to show and prove sincerity. At my knowledge power year college reunion people walked up to me and asked me if I still knew 120, and I told ‘em, “I never slip on a phrase!” and their eyes got big. The thing that hurt me most is to cee people you lost time building with stand in front of you and say, “One is knowledge right? Two is wisdom I think and isn’t Three culture freedom?” That type shit can make a true and living God distill. In all the history of Islam never reveals anyone coming back from a physical death b.u.t. suppose the Father was to come back and ask the first born to recite their degrees and they didn’t know ‘em. Imagine how Allah would feel. That is how I felt! Everybody at the Reunion calling me God in vain, some of them scared I was going to ask them to quote a Degree. That was some hard shit to deal with. My right hand man back then became a Mason! Imagine if Justice would have become a Mason? Yuck!

9. What are some of your thoughts on teaching an “Earth”? In my Koran I took one Earth over 120 and I got another Earth deep into her one to forties. Then what happened?! They fell off! I could say they fell off because I wasn’t doing things right and exact, and then, I wasn’t. The Earth reflects the light of the Sun, not that I wasn’t shinning light, I was just shinning light to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and every Moon and Asteroid in between. My light was buck wild like that back then. My twenties was a wild time. B.u.t. in the two wisdoms I taught, something was missing and that something was ‘Sincerity’. ‘Sincerity’ cannot be taught. Their ‘Sincerity’ was based on me, and that is not ‘Sincerity’. If I shined light to every Planet in the Universe it should have nothing to do with their ‘Sincerity’ to Allah’s Mathematics. They should have held this down regardless to whom or what not based on my ways and actions. Sun shine light b.u.t. the Earth still has the responsibility of rotating on her own axis. Her own axis has nothing to do with me. A Queen has to want this for herself, not because I am her God. I really don’t have the patience to take a Queen from knowledge to born in this Math anymore. Impatience is a pin I’m still striving to pull outta my Third. I prefer a Queen who has knowledge of self already. I strived to deal with a Queen who had knowledge of self once and mentally things were on point b.u.t. other elements of the chemistry had no high explosives, and that is not to say the Queen wasn’t peace because she was. There is a pro and a con to an Earth you build from the ground up as opposed to an Earth that already has Knowledge of Self (KOS). The best part of dealing with an Earth that has KOS is that you don’t have to take that long ass twenty two hundred mile hike over the hot Arabian Desert. An Earth that has knowledge wisdom cipher already is peace. The worst part is that it is usually some trifflin ass God (like I use to be) in her past that she still pissed at and got her walking around with an infinite amount of emotional baggage. And like Scarface said, “I’m not no fucking baggage handler!” The best part about building Earth from the ground up is that you can lay a strong foundation, worst part is that it is a very tedious process similar to building a castle with a deck of cards. So when the slightest wind comes, them cards coming down so ain’t no way she can handle an Earthquake.

Part 2 of this Exclusive Interview with Emblem coming soon..... Also, don't forget to check out EMBLEM'S JOURNAL!


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