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Seasonal Allergies

Peace Ya’ll! I don’t know about you b.u.t. that wisdom degree in the one to fourteens dealin with “all the human families of the Planet Earth” is some relative shit. I mean, there often comes a time when you just don’t wanna be bothered, culturally that is! -smile-

Back when I was getting Knowledge of Self (KOS), my Benefactor ‘Sha’ often had what I called “Destroy Power Attacks”! LOL It was similar to an Asthma Attack b.u.t. it was always triggered by some dumb ass ‘85er’ (14/1-40). Instead of taking an inhaler to open up the breathing passages, my Enlightener would exhale fire & brimstone and bomb the shit outta somebody. Like Asthma, he’s outgrown it b.u.t. I sometimes find myself suffering from the same thing, ‘seasonally’ that is.

Cee, usually I stay clear of the ragweed conversations, dust bucket bullshit & pollen-like ‘Be Movie’ gossip, b.u.t. a few weeks ago it wasn’t that easy; it was that time of the Season. Sometimes you just gotta deal with it as best you can! Oh yeah, when I mentioned dumb ass ‘85er’ (AKA: Destroy Power), I’m also talking about so-called Gods and Earths too! Those so-called Gods and Earths who come in the name, b.u.t. their ways & actions are not in tune with What We Teach! Anyway, in Today’s Article I wanted to build about some of my ‘Seasonal’ Allergies; shit that sometimes just gets me going:

1. Pissing Contests: There are so-called Gods/Earths out here who think that getting someone to parrot 120 Lessons somehow validates them. Getting someone to count, measure and weigh something gives you no insight into what they actually use it for. Someone can use that information to run a child prostitution ring while someone else can use it to become a book keeper for a not-profit that provides shelter for battered children. The point is, regurgitating information says nothing about your Character or Moral Compass. A Civilized Man and Women wouldn’t even engage in a ‘Pissing Contest’ anyway! As a matter of fact, there’s many so-called Earths who’ve stepped it down a notch and have begun to engage in ‘Shittin Contests’! Yep, for whatever reason they’re dissatisfied (and it may be a good reason!), they’ve begun to hold contests to cee who’s had the shittiest experience with a God. Gods usually don’t have contests like this because it’s an Ego thing. Plus we know that “all the above is caused by...blah, blah, blah” 8/1-40 and there’s always something we could have done better whether it was duckin’, spending more time, not volunteering ‘this’ information, taking on ‘that’ responsibility, etc.. that would have changed the outcome of the situation. In the final analysis, we take responsibility for what we could have done better, even if we don’t say it! It’s sad though, because many of the Greatest Lessons Gods have learned, ‘WE’ often keep to ourselves and don’t share. Why? We’re embarrassed. Real talk.

2. Name Droppin Competitions: It never fails that people try to live off somebody else’s Wisdom, Accomplishments and Character. I played College Football with brotha’s that went to the NFL, and although we were on the same Team, “they” went. Indeed, I was an excellent ‘Wide Out’, I just stopped playing ball after I found out that myself and about 20 other freshmen weren’t going to get that ‘promised gold’ (29/1-36) from the State of Ohio; Athletic Scholarship. Anyway, playing ball with these brotha’s ain’t catapult me to the NFL. There are many so-called Gods/Earths who obviously don’t understand this! They looooove ‘droppin names’ like just because they know this Gods phone number, ate this Earths Vegan Casserole or been around somebody in a cipher that it validates them as God or Earth! Sorry, it doesn’t. You sound like a New Artist droppin an album beefed up with Cameos, Features and Appearances on every song! What this Artist is actually saying is, “I can’t stand on my own!” For those of you who’ve been amongst me know that you gotta damn near interrogate me to ‘Name Drop’, even for chronological purposes! If all you can do is talk about who you know and repeat other people’s understanding, you don’t truly have Knowledge ‘OF SELF’, no matter what Lessons you can recite. For those of you that really want to build..., stand on your own (2/1-36). It’s your job to carry on the legacy of those who came before you and live this Culture out FOR YOURSELF, not to sit back and expect a Record Deal cuz you Eazy E. son. Children have enough sense to know that they don’t deserve an ‘A’ on a test just because the smartest girl in the class sit near ‘em in lunch! LOL It amazes me how many so-called Gods and Earths expect you to give them an ‘A’ based upon who they been around! That “It’s all about who you know” bullshit may be the case in the World of Destroy Powers, b.u.t. when it comes down to the NGE, you gotta “Show & Prove”! Sound only travels 1,120 feet per second (8/Actual Fact) while light travels 186,000 miles per second (9/Actual Fact); ‘SHOW’ & PROVE.

3. Colored People: Yeah, this is not no Anti-White shit! I’m strictly speaking from a ‘cultural perspective’, Culture meaning: one’s way of life (or death for that matter). Word is Bond, some shit they do, talk about or even conceptualize pisses me off! And YES, I know that they probably look at me the same way, being a ‘civilized’ nigger and all. I can really cee the reality of ‘35-50 years’ (9/1-14)! LOL I know my Righteous Brotha’s felt the exact same way as I do! As a matter of fact, when they were building about teaching ‘em ‘so they can clean themselves up’ (9/1-14) it probably went down like this:

“Damn Man! I ain’t tryin to deal with these muthafucka’s day in and day out like that!”
“Yeah Man, dey said Musa had to get treated for that Post Traumatic Stress shit after being amongst ‘em like that. Fuck that!”
“Yo, you heard about that shit that went down wit Hiram right?!”
“Hell yeah, and that was his Man’s and nem too! That was some greezy shit how they left him buried in that rubble like that. Ova ‘a word’ too?! That was some bullshit!”
“No doubt! That was grimy, b.u.t. these muthafucka’s will try to eat you Sun! They coming from a whole different angle!”
“I know. Shiiiiit, we gotta do somethin cuz this is some bullshit! Grown ass Men don’t know how to live respectful lives.
“Word is Bond though, this what we gon do Sun. We gon stretch this shit out for 35-50 years, and never give ‘em no more than 33 1/3%. Treat it like a long ass Shahada or somethin..” LOL
“LOL! Word Sun, I feel you! So how we gonna get ‘em to understand how we communicate usin body language?
“We just teach them one sign at a time. It’ll look stiff and damn sure not as fly as us b.u.t. they stiff any fuckin way. ” LOL
“Not all of ‘em. ‘specially dem one’s who Hannibal and nem was runnin up in dey mommas.”
“Indeed!” LOL
“Yeah Sun, b.u.t. like I said, we gotta stretch this shit out.”
“Word is Bond! Yo we should make ‘em rock aprons too!”
“Aprons?! What’s the science with that?”
“Throwbacks Lord! Throwbacks!” LOL

And there you have it! And keep in Mind that this very same conversation goes down amongst Colored (White) People, for other reasons of course. When it comes to ‘many’ (not all!) Colored People, this is usually the -‘keep us apart from their own...’ (8/1-14)- kind of conversation that takes place when it comes to the ‘lateral’ movement of Original People within this Society!

4. Just Over Broke (Job): I work at a Native Owned and Operated Casino (The Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel to be exact!), and a Casino is a part of the “Gaming Industry”! As I’ve stated before, to a Scientist, this shit is like a giant laboratory! People -especially in the front of the house positions such as Table Games Dealers, Slot Attendants, Cocktail Waitresses, etc...- get hired to ‘run game’. I’ve been employed here for power years and there has only been one day that I did not want to come to work. I’m telling you, I do the knowledge here like a child does the knowledge at Disney World and I’ve never ceen so much bullshit in my life! Well here’s a short list of “some” of my experiences:

a. Every year we have an Annual Holiday Party that’s 24 hours long (the Casino is a 24 hr. operation so it’s a 24hr Party to give everyone a chance to go). The first year there were many Employees who had to be taken out in wheelchairs because they were so drunk. It’s toned down since that first year of openly snortin & fuckin in the bathrooms b.u.t it still reminds you of a Lupercalia Festival. Besides being at a ‘No More SheetsJuanita Bynum Event, I’ve never ceen so many whores in life, and square ass dudes trying to wife ‘em!

b. Last year one of my Co-workers (a Colored Dude) invited me to his Birthday Party and when I got there he had a Surprise Performance of some of his Transsexual/Cross Dressing Friends. Hell naw I ain’t know ahead of time and buy a ticket! Anyway, the highlight was this triple minority: A black, transsexual, midget! This little ‘Haiti Kid’ lookin, ‘yaki weave’ wearin monster had the nerve to be dancin on a table to Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Girl”! I ain't bullshittin, "IT'S" Attribute was Sabrina Williams! I taped it and was gonna upload it on youtube b.u.t. it came out too small & dark. Go figure. This just about covered “everyone who fell a victim.” 29/1-40 in my book.

c. Married Women (not all, b.u.t. alot of them!) are more whorish than females that ain’t got a husband. At one point in my life I actually ‘believed” (yeah I know; 9/1-40) that females primarily cee the ‘Sanctity of Marriage’ and I’m sure many still do! Working at the Casino I’ve ceen the unapologetic, slimy underbelly of that statement, and these females talk about sex like dudes talk about sports. Aside from the orgies & bisexual sexcapades, some of these vixens have the eastern star-like nerve to secretly coordinate ‘how long it’ll take to fuck this dude’ office pools. The phrase “savage in the pursuit of...” (17/1-40) is oftentimes an understatement.

d. There is a great deal of Alcoholism, Domestic Violence & Deadbeat Dads going on amongst many of the ‘2 Million’ (Indians) who live on the Reservations here in Western Now Why (WNY). Why? Not only because of depression and deathstyle choices directly linked to their land being taken away, b.u.t. alot of it goes unchecked because most of their Court Systems and Police Force aren’t up to date and they don’t have the resources or man/woman power to enforce the Law like that. It’s crazy! Alot of the 2 Million just treat the shit like a way of life. Also, people joke about Indians & Alcohol like it’s a stereotype, well it ain’t! I can clearly cee why the phrases ‘with the 2 Million Indians’ (3/1-10) and ‘They are Original People too’ (3/1-14) in reference to our Indigenous Brothas and Sistahs is emphasized in 120; many of our People simply don’t cee (understand) our relationship.

5. Half Baked Gods & Earths: These people call themselves Gods & Earths b.u.t. they’re really just 85’s in drag! They know some of the ‘catchy phrases’ Gods & Earths use b.u.t. they don’t know 120 (The Foundation). The few Lessons they can recite, they trip and stumble through ‘em like Inspector Gadget! They’ll also try to give you every excuse in the book why they’ve been stuck on the same Lesson for 5, 10, 15 (AND COUNTING...) years!!! Although it pisses me off sometimes, I do realize that at the end of the day they’re the ones still missing out, not me. When it comes to these ‘People’ (2/1-10), they simply have other things to do that is much more important than Nation Building. When this is the case that’s their choice and you can’t knock ‘em for that, unless of course they’re trying to come amongst you like their a said person of that ability. Then you need to draw the line. My bad, I mean, then you need to point out the line that they’ve already drawn based upon their lackluster, lazy, bullshittin approach towards living out this Culture. They can’t deny it either. What are they gonna say? They can’t say shit because they don’t know shit, and not knowing shit takes them back to their shaky foundation you were pointing out in the first place. Now don’t get your hopes up! After they accept the fact that they haven’t been doing nothing and say all ‘the right’ things they think you wanna hear, they’ll most likely go back to their 85 World they been in for the last 5, 10, 15 (AND COUNTING...) years!!! Why? Because it was never in their heart in the first place. The very fact that a person ‘continually’ does this Shows & Proves it’s not in their heart in the first place! Cee, my Ole Earth never had to talk to me about cleaning my room or doing my homework. Why? Because it was already in my heart to be clean, organized, and do my homework in the first place; she ain’t have to tell me nothing. Knowledge of Self is a proactive. When I speak about ‘Half-Baked Gods & Earths’ I’m not building about those sincere people that love Mathematics and may have missed something and need their lens adjusted. I’m talking about grown ass Men & Women who’s chosen to not do what is necessary for the last 5, 10, 15 (AND COUNTING...) years!!! The point in all of this is not and EGO THING or to think you’re suddenly gonna spark these people to get on their square NOW! They obviously know what they’ve chosen not to do, they look at themselves every day. As a True & Living God & Earth it is our duty as Civilized People to ‘teach he (or her) who is savage...’ (18/1-40) and ‘speaketh to warn the wicked...’ (19/1-40) because we -the True & Living Gods & Earths- are the ‘said persons of that ability’ (20/1-40).

To conclude Today’s Article I just wanted to offer some advice on dealing with these Seasonal Allergies. First and foremost, find out what you’re ‘honestly’ allergic to! THATS THE FIRST STEP. Once you find out what allergies you have the first thing you can do is stay away from what triggers it! If you have to be in an environment with these triggers, then make sure you have something (over the counter, prescribed or herbal!) to deal with ‘em. If you don’t find effective ways to deal with ‘em then you’ll find yourself ‘under the weather’ (“This water is never drawn above...”(8/1-40) or strait up outta commission. Giving “all you have and all within my (our) power” (40/1-40) hinges upon being “healthy, strong and good...” (28/1-40), so always keep that in Mind. Be well; Physically, Emotionally & Mentally.


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