Thursday, May 22, 2008

Da God by EMBLEM

EMBLEM Interview Part 2

Peace Ya’ll!! Today I’m even more excited to present to you with Part 2 of an Exclusive Interview with the God ‘EMBLEM’. Like I said, this part of the Interview will reveal alittle more of EMBLEM’S Koran b.u.t. will primarily focus on a ‘landmark’ Project me and the God recently completed (that will be available to you!); ‘Da God’. -smile- Anyway, I’m gonna get right into it! Enjoy Part 2.

1. I know some Queen’s would like to know this (-smile-), do you have an Earth? Why or why not? Right now my Kingdom is like a revolving door for college shorties. They are definitely pleasing to the naked eye b.u.t. their conversation is like watching paint dry. I would drop ‘em at the speed of light if I met one true and living Earth that was sharp from knowledge wisdom cipher down to her toes. The college shorties is young and if they had an attention span longer than the length of a rap song by Lil Wayne I would build with ‘em. I haven’t found any useful land just quicksand. I deal with them for physical relief b.u.t. nothing spiritually, emotionally or intellectually deep.

2. Has your perspective changed in regards to ‘being an Enlightener’, now that you’ve lived this Culture for some years? I am very cynical in the face of Newborns, I don’t trust ‘em, they swift and changeable. In my Mind, a Newborn is someone who has been dealing with Math less than a decade. A decade is my cut off point for trust. Now don’t get me wrong, I will build with a Newborn, b.u.t. in the back of my Mind is always the question, “Will they be dealing with this Math wisdom cipher, culture cipher years from now?” The God Jesus held down the Living Mathematics of his time down to his last breath. He was said to be nailed up on that Cross with Roman Soldiers and Civilians mocking him and he would not renounce the Math he was dealing with! I will only build in the midst of ‘Sincerity’, not mockery. I ain’t running up to nobody trying to get them to knowledge one twenty. Nobody! ‘Trust issues’ I guess. Gods and Earths say teach the babies.., well that is true. You supposed to teach the babies b.u.t. those babies better be related to you. You can’t walk up on a school playground trying to teach somebody else’s seeds who God is. You’ll end up being wrestled down in the dirt by cee ciphers. When the Father was building in the equality ciphers, Heroin was ripping Harlem apart. Those ‘First Born’ came from broken families where Mothers, Fathers, Aunts and Uncles were addicted to that Heroin that Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes put on the streets of Mecca. The Father -so to speak- adopted them boys. But now a day, as lost as these black children seem, you can not start building on this Math to minors without a Parent or Guardian’s permission. Reality is the only thing that exist. The babies you teach should in fact be affiliated in some capacity with the Nation of Gods and Earths before you start Xeroxing copies of one to ten.

3. Do you attend any Rallies, Parliaments or other NGE functions? Why or why not? Rallies, Family Days, Parliaments, etc. has not been ‘my thing’ thus far. I’ve built in front of a few, twice in Mecca, b.u.t. it always ended up with a pat on the back, exchanging some Math and it never really followed up on the ‘Rah Rah’ of the moment. I definitely respect the intentions of National gatherings. The first two decades of holding Math has been dedicated to those Gods from my Family Tree. As I grow older in the Math I plan to be more active in regard to advocating on a National level.

4. Where do you cee the Nation 20 years from now based upon the present day growth and development of the Gods and Earths? I have lived in Power Hill (Philly), Medina (Brooklyn), and Cee Medina (Chicago). I have come to realize that I detest the jungle life of the city. I love the country. I dig solitude and thoroughly resent the demands of the citified rat race. I came out to the boondocks ‘by myself’ to acquire land. Meaning, I’m on a mission to purchase acres. I worked with a Colored Man who owns 80 acres of land. He can ride a horse for hours on ground that he has purchased. The place has streams, deer’s will come outta nowhere and it is beautiful. The thought of just blazing an ‘L’ in complete in utter solitude was the Holy Koran’s Ideal of perpetual bliss. The Colored Man took me to visit the place and my knowledge degree in my knowledge to knowledge cipher started slapping me with many stripes. If I’m not mistaken the degree says ‘Owner’. Then the equality degree in knowledge to knowledge cipher builds on ‘Useful Land’. Sitting on this Colored Man’s land born my Determined Ideal. When I return back to essence I want to be buried on land that I own. So what I know the total square mileage of the planet Earth. It means nothing if I don’t own a part of it. When I am finally ‘buried there’, I want it to be on my land, my consecrated sacred divine ground. I want to be around Gods and Earths who love me. I want books, books, books, books, and every educational medium I can get my hands on. Law books, books on Medicine. I want a baby to be able to become a Doctor or Lawyer right there on the land that I am an owner of, building with the swiftest Gods, Earths and Seeds. This Colored Man was a singular red neck. One Man who had horses, cows, chickens, and unfortunately pigs. He had a vegetable garden and though I am the ‘Owner’ in 120, legally I don’t own a Goddamn acre. The reality was a wake up call. Only thing the city has for me is stray bullets. Fuck that shit. I want a community of Gods and Earths, with nobody fucking with us. Essentially, I desire peace and happiness with my people. Destroy powers ain’t my goddamn people. Destroy powers get on my goddamn nerves and the knowledge cipher percent piss me off even more. I want to live and express my culture to the fullest extent before I return back. I live not to far from Dave Chappelle and he has a farm. You can’t even cee his Kingdom it’sso much land around it. The acquisition of ‘Useful Land’ is my Determined Ideal. I pray within that in wisdom cipher years that this Nation builds an exclusive community for us and us alone.

5. What’s the Mission of Platinum Pen Publishing? Platinum Pen Publishing was given its name by me knowledge cipher years ago. I was kinda like ‘Jebus’, the God Saladin is like ‘Salim’ and we still ain’t found ‘Oriel’ or it might be ‘Ariel’ (The Koran will reveal). The publishing company was established to born a renaissance of ‘NGE Centered’ work, both fiction and non fiction. I would like Platinum Pen to lead this Renaissance. Like the Harlem Renaissance that born works from brothers and sisters like Sherwood Anderson, Zora Neale Hurston, Nella Larsen, Rudolph Fischer, Langston Hughes, George Schuyler, Eric Walrond and Claude McKay, I want Platinum Pen to pick up the torch left by the Harlem Renaissance. We are now the said persons of that ability and it is our responsibility to born a Literary Renaissance that is ‘NGE Centered’. I fast and pray (within) that Platinum Pen Publishing is the medium and vanguard by which the Math can be born to the World by way of tangible books, not just blogs, cyber magazines or cyberspace chat rooms, b.u.t. the lasting reality of tangible books.

6. Tell us what was your ‘Determined Idea’ for writing ‘Da God’? I wrote ‘Da God’ knowledge cipher years ago when I was resting in Medina. When I first wrote the book I found myself explaining things to the reader, putting phrases in brackets to accommodate destroy powers. Then it hit me knowledge cipher years later, a great big middle finger was raised in my Mind that said ‘fuck you’ (to destroy powers). I didn’t want to explain nothing to them or anybody else who didn’t have knowledge wisdom cipher right and exact. The Nation of Gods and Earths has been building for forty years plus in the wilderness of North America to accommodate people who have never heard of us, or those with lukewarm interest. After forty years plus of building to accommodate the ignorant I feel this Nation needs some ‘Me’ time, time to curl up with some Chai Tea, some Wine or maybe even some Equality and read a good book. This book, ‘DaGod’ does not accommodate an audience or a reader who does not have one twenty or in serious pursuit thereof. It explains nothing to someone who does not already know. You must be in the loop or cipher already to really enjoy this book. Previous ‘NGE Centered’ literature has been written to teach destroy powers. As the Author of this book I paid at the office as far as teaching goes. This book builds, the characters in it build, they speak in Math, they cee the world through the eyes of knowledge wisdom cipher. So when a destroy power picks this book up he or she will be lost from the beginning and I am glad they will be lost. The only way a destroy power can catch this book is if they seek out an Enlightener. I am tired of explaining shit to they ass. This book builds on the reality of two forty and how Living Mathematics applies to life. It deals with the trials and tribulation that come with living out Mathematics; Real shit, not bullshit! Anybody who is Living Mathematics goes through hard times, and you lying if you say you don’t! The God in the book is not the type of brother who has a Myspace profile and says all the right shit at Parliaments & Rallies. His whole life as God is a culture dimensional reality of what it means to be living this out and he does not always calculate the living Algebra problems that come with life right and exact. You’re a fool if you think miscalculation is not an integral part of being ‘right and exact’. The Character in this book is honest with his Mathematical miscalculations in regards to life. The book proves that Living Mathematics does not come with erasers or scrap paper. I felt free when I wrote this book, because it did not explain. I was listening to Billie Holiday one day and in one of her songs she says ‘Don’t Explain’. So this book breaks with traditional NGE literary works in the fact that it does not explain a goddamn thing to a destroy power, nor does this book index degrees (Ex: 18th Degree 1-40). No indexing, the book just flows. If you love 120 on cap tight you will love this book. If you ain’t sharp on your Lessons or haven’t pursued learning about 120 you’ll still love this book! You’ll just miss some of the humor, the drama, the subtleties, the ironies and the emotional gambit that this book runs through. I truly wrote this book for those brothers and sisters who are ‘Sincere’ to this culture and love knowledge wisdom cipher, and for those who ‘Sincerely’ wanna learn what this love is about.

7. To my Knowledge, the ‘Da God’ is the first God-Centered ‘fiction novel’ to be published by a God. What does this mean to the Literary World in general and the NGE Centered Literary World specifically? It says that we don’t need to be defined, labeled or titled by ninety five percent of the World. The book is not for those outside of the culture of I-God. This book is a Declaration of Independence from the tradition of the Kings English. The book breaths Allah’s language which is Mathematics, not just with acronyms from the Supreme Alphabet b.u.t. phrases like “the Queen started distillin” or “I was so tired I was buried there”. When a destroy power looks at the book it will almost look like Chinese. Statements like “Divine went into the Kingdom” we know what that means b.u.t. a destroy power would be lost like a movafucka. The best part about the book is that I only use one explicit curse word and believe me that’s an achievement because I can out cuss Scarface and nine drunken sailors in a bar. The word ‘Nigga’ is not used once and that is amazing for me because I can use the N-word like it’s a period on the end of a sentence. The book is nowhere near soft, it is gritty as a movafucka. I think another important degree in the book is that Gods and Earths will be able to use it in Civilization Classes to measure the distinctions between ‘right and exact’ moves (angles) and miscalculations derived from knowledge wisdom cipher.

8. I gotta ask you, in one part of the book, a young Moon by the name of ‘True Queen’ is doing a Power Point Presentation about ‘Triple Stage Darkness’ in the Theory Aspect of a State Wide Science Fair for High School Students. What’s the science behind that and why was it important to include this in the book? When the young Moon ‘True Queen’ breaks down the reality of Allah coming outta Triple Darkness in the Power Point Presentation, I wanted to show the beauty and intelligence of a True and Living young Queen who sincerely loves Allah’s Mathematics. That’s just one layer of current. As a visual projection, it shows you a fundamental example of “What ‘WE WILL’ Achieve” as a Nation. It’s more than just a “Power Point Presentation”, it’s alot deeper than that. It symbolizes the ‘Power’ to ‘Point’ out positive and progressive ‘ways’ in which our Worldview must be ‘Presented’ in order to continually grow & develop. ‘Ways’ that reinforce our National Identity (“Science of Life”) and supports our ability to compete with other said Nations in the present/future Global Economy. I chose ‘True Queen’ to make this knowledge born because the cipher (Triple Darkness) Allah came outta was a space-less ‘womb’, Wisdom is ‘the way’ potential energy is made kinetic (actual), and the Earth “is the Home” of I Self Lord and Master. There are other sciences relative to why I did that b.u.t. I don’t wanna give too much away. It’s deep G! Although some would’ve simply took that on face value, the science behind this -and throughout the whole book- is multilayered like that! All in all, I felt that it was ‘fundamentally’ important to show a True Queen’s role in the past, present and future progress of our Nation. Now on a personal note, ‘True Queen’ represented the daughter that I have yet to have. She’s a beautiful, intelligent young Queen who cee’s the World in the Mathematical terms of Allah’s Math. She may or may not physically exist, she is a product of my imagination manifested through my fiction b.u.t. she does reside in my Third as my unborn daughter.

9. What are some other NGE related topics you address in ‘Da God’? The book deals with all different types of Gods and Earths. Anybody who is in our culture understands that Allah is ‘Lord of all Worlds’ and Earths are just as diverse. Allah is a Lawyer practicing corporate Law. You can find Allah in Prison. You can find Allah lecturing at Harvard if you look hard enough. Allah is a single Father. Allah has an Earth he argues with every now and then. Allah loves the peace of an Earth’s embrace. Allah may even stick up your goddamn crap game. Allah is a stick up kid that might rob you and have a book on Quantum Physics in his back pocket. That is real shit! I know Gods that will rob a movafucka and be watching Shakespeare in the Park an hour later. Word is Bond! I called a God one time and said, “Did ya’ll rob the movafucka?” God said, “Indeed God, b.u.t. I can’t build right now, I’m watching Shakespeare in the Park.” The Earth is a Computer Programmer, a Graphic Artist, a Real Estate Agent, etc... God is in Iraq, some Gods have terrible drug habits and some Gods won’t put so much as an aspirin in they body. That diversity of who and what Gods and Earths are is the beauty of our Originality.

10. Will Platinum Pen be publishing other works -from yourself & other Authors- other than fiction novels? Most Definitely! The next book will be ‘One Piece Had Magnetic’ and a book from the God ‘Deen (Saladin Quanaah’ Allah) detailing his unique insights, a book in which I will be the Senior Editor on the Project. I am looking forward to the whole experience of editing. As far as other Artist go..., I would love to work with anyone that is nasty with a goddamn pen and loves to express the culture of I-God. Work with me and I’m gonna get the cream to put your book out, even if I got to rob some destroy powers. Just joking! Or am I?

11. How can people get their copy of ‘Da God’? After careful consideration, we have agreed to release ‘Da God’ as an e-book downloadable for free to whoever wants to read it. Further details about Da God’s availability will be revealed in the coming weeks through my Blog: EMBLEM Journal and ‘Deen’s Blog: A.S.I.A. Journal.

Check out EMBLEM's Journal. The God can also be reached ANYTIME at (937) 347-1185, and when I say ANYTIME I mean ANYTIME!! A God by the name of Be God Allah from Medina contacted EMBLEM earlier this week to build with him at the understanding hour, in the morning. -smile-


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