Monday, June 23, 2008

The Famous Snake Hunters; at the Falls!!!!!

Da God: Mathemanual vol. 1

" turn, he QUALIFIED or DISQUALIFIED them..."

-Doctors Law (28/1-40)-

Peace Ya’ll! First of all, I want to say “PEACE” to all those who responded to my Article ‘Show(n) & Prove(n) 2008’. For those of you who welcomed my constructive criticism, it’s good to know that there are other positive people out there who support true growth and development by first taking an honest look at ourselves and then calling things for what they are; bullshit. I’m sure there were many people who went to Show & Prove with righteous intentions b.u.t. there were many more who were there on some bullshit, and that’s who I specifically targeted in my Article; Show(n) & Prove(n) 2008. If some of ya’ll wanna rope these Klingons in as ‘Universal’ Family that’s cool with me, I just don’t advocate shit like that. Why? Because in a muthafucken Wilderness, those Peter and Judas x-factors (variables) will always come back to bite you in the ass or leave you ‘buried there’ (i.e. “our Righteous Brother5/1-14). Now, for those of you who felt offended from my Article, well there’s obviously a reason why you took what I said ‘personal’. -smile- Think about it, why would a person feel the need to rationalize, justify or defend the bullshitters I put on blast if it has nothing to do with them? -cheezin- If these assholes are indeed ‘not you’, the only thing you should be saying is, “Yeah you’re right & exact God. I cee ‘People’ (4/1-10) -distinguished from a ‘Nation’ (3/1-10)- bullshit with this Math like that.”

I know, I know, I also take into consideration that some of you can’t cee where I’m coming from because you’re either naive or young in this Nation. Either way, you just haven’t developed the analytical skills to recognize ‘Peoples’ real culture yet; regardless who they walked with, who taught them 120, or Lessons they can quote in another language. I was young and dumb before too. LMAO! Not everybody who claims this Nation is your Brotha/Sistah (AKA: Universal Family). So in your case (the naive and young), my Articles are like baby plane bombs with a timing device on it, and one day they’ll make a mountain of sense to you. Also, the slimy water bug who crawled from outta some sewer and posted a comment on my Article b.u.t immediately erased their profile so they can’t be identified..., thank you for letting me know you’re listening. Cee... regardless what I write, just keep in Mind that Truth is no respecter of persons (including my person!) and whether we’re on the wrong or right side of it, it’s up to us to honestly acknowledge it. I’ve been on both sides of the Truth in my life and I personally prefer the right side. Ultimately, that’s where knowledge of self begins; self acknowledgement and actualization. So with all that said, let me get into today’s Article, “Da God; Mathemanual Vol. 1”

Now, for those of you who haven’t downloaded your free copy of ‘Da God’ ya sleepin on something that has and will continue to redefine the cultural and psychological landscape of the NGE (Five Percenters)!! As far as ‘sleepers’ are concerned, I’m not talking about ya’ll that may not have access to downloading files. I’m talking about ya’ll that just didn’t get it for whatever reason. Yeah we know that releasing an ‘e-book’ isn’t as intimate as having a hard copy of ‘Da God’ so EMBLEM and myself (Platinum Pen Publishing) are in the process of making ‘Da God’ available to ya’ll as a Commemorative Edition perfect bound book that you’ll be able to order. YES, we’re still gonna give Da God away free in the form of an e-book, b.u.t. you’ll also be able to order it! We’ll make knowledge born when we have it available.

For those of you who got the book and found yourself struggling to understand certain parts/concepts that’s because it’s actual Math. The kind of Math that many of ya’ll dreaded ceeing in High School and that’s why you get the same feeling! Da God is a unique moment in NGE Chronology because we’re introducing ya’ll to some of the other branches of Mathematics that transcend the simple addition, basic arithmetic “wisdom culture all being born to equality” Mathematics that most Gods and Earths continue to use to try and solve the multiplicity of math equations in their life. There is nothing wrong with simple addition, b.u.t. the point is, that’s not the only branch of Mathematics that exist and Da God introduces you to this reality.

Now, some of ya’ll are probably wondering why Platinum Pen would put out a manual like ‘Da God’ for free huh? Well, although EMBLEM and myself are Authors, were not about sellin no fuckin books! Our Determined Idea is to build a Company! In building our Company it’s important that we build a relationship with those of you who support our unique Genre of God-Centered Literature; AKA ‘Mathemanuals’. In keeping true to this relationship, it wasn’t in our best interest to ‘set up a trading post’ (7/1-14), ‘make an interpretation’ (28/1-36) about what ‘Da God’ was gonna be about and have ya’ll sitting there waiting for some promised gold that you spent your hard earned labor (money) to purchase! I’ve ceen people pissed off after spending they cream on some Gods/Earths book that they thought was wack and that’s a burnt bridge. So when it came to ‘Da God’, we wanted people to know up front what they’d be getting; no glossy-ass promotions, sleight of hand, smoky mirrors or creating a false urgency to buy! If you ain’t dig the e-book ‘Da God’ then at least you ain’t waste ya cream on it! Shiiiiit, you could’ve made out better by buying some equality to smoke, a fly ass summer outfit or spent it at a vegan restaurant or something! LMAO! Ultimately, me and the God EMBLEM knew that we had some raw, uncut, shipped from Vietnam in caskets Frank Lucas shit we call Platinum Pen Publishing and this Math promotes itself! So YES, we’re about to flood the hood with this shit, and as a matter of fact, we’re already starting to cee some of ya’ll Nicky Barnes-ass cats trying to pass off our blue magic Math like it’s yours! Hey, we understand, many of ya’ll niggas is walkin around grafting The Father’s speaking cadence and voice inflections so we hardly believe ya’ll wouldn’t graft from anything else Original. -crackin up!-

The term ‘Mathemanual’ is a formal name I came up with to define the God-Centered Literature that me and EMBLEM write, and Da God is the first example of a Mathemanual in the form of a fiction novel that EMBLEM put out through Platinum Pen Publishing! Mathemanuals are a New Genre of Genres; A Mathematical approach towards not just Fiction, b.u.t. other styles of writing such as; Blogging, Short Stories, Poetry, Biography, Cliff Notes, Non Fiction, Science Fiction, etc... Shiiiit, even Erotica! LMAO! Simply put, imagine any basic style of writing and put it in the context of a God-Centered Cultural Worldview of a God or Earth; that would be classifiably a ‘Mathemanual’. Also, although there are many Gods and Earths who have written, write and will continue to write Blogs, Articles, Plus Degrees, Books, etc.. from a NGE Perspective, this Literature is not necessarily a ‘Mathemanual’. Of course this literature may/can function like a ‘Mathemanual’ b.u.t. they’re not a “Mathemanual’ BY DEFINITION. Now if these Writers choose to use this term ‘Mathemanual’ to define their literature as such, it’s Peace. I’m just making knowledge born who actually "Fathered" this literary style and introduced the term ‘Mathemanual’ into popular NGE Nomenclature; Platinum Pen Publishing.

Now let me explain how a Mathemanual functions. By defining our Literature as a Mathemanual it’s the science of Specificity; being specific in the description and articulation of a person, place or thing. The reason this is important is because the more specific the knowledge is, a person is more privy to the wisdom that’ll born a proper understanding. When it comes to the God-Centered Cultural Worldview of the NGE this is paramount to our origin in this world and our ability to contextualize abstract concepts such as; Knowledge, Love, Hell or Right, 6 miles from the Earths surface, Unalike attract, etc... While building with different Gods and Earths I recognized a fundamental problem; it was difficult for many of them to transfer these concepts from their symbolic form to symbolic imagery. In other words, if the average God/Earth were asked how they cee “12”, they may simply say, ‘Love, Hell or Right, describe each word and say it’s the highest degree of Understanding’. This One Dimensional ‘symbolic’ description is never put in a 3 Dimensional context and does not convey an actual word problem that highlights how this Mathematical equation functions in life. It’s like a Math Student working with numbers & symbols on a piece of paper and never understanding how this is actually a Computational Thought Process using symbols in a set of Procedures that function/adhere to living Principles. It’s the difference between a child learning 1 + 2 =3, b.u.t. never understanding what 1 cup of soda and 2 candy bars equals before they go to bed. LOL To most Students in Math Class, Mathematics are just simple numbers on a blank sheet of paper. To many Gods and Earths, Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet, 120 Lessons are just simple numbers and words in their head.

True understanding is the ability to ‘cee what someone is saying’. Understanding is painting a clear mental picture. So if I were asked the very same question about how I cee “12”, I will indeed show what these symbols mean THEN I will paint a picture, tell ‘em a story, give them an example of how this Mathematical equation ACTUALLY functions in life! This method is no different than Griots, Shamans or Priests of Ancient and Indigenous Societies or the way The Father taught the youth; using storytelling as a technique for psycho-dramatic orientation, to teach profound truths and impart mathematical concepts of the Universe. KEEP IN MIND: Supreme (Qualitative) Mathematics will not be a key to understanding our relationship to the Universe if we don’t understand how various branches of Quantitative Mathematics actually function in the Universe. A couple years ago when I was helping a young cat with his Math homework I started building with him about how solving ‘Radicals’ on paper is the same method/approach the Government uses to solve/pinpoint people who are considered ‘Radicals’. He understood it instantly! So in time, and through building with my Enlightener, I figured that the simplest way to describe what we’ve been writing is to call our literature a Mathemanual; the literary expression of living mathematics in the form of a manual. A reference tool used to teach God-Centered Culture in an applied context. So if it’s coming from Platinum Pen Publishing it’s leakin Mathematics.

Our Mathemanuals will serve as learning tools for those who already have 120 or desire to learn 120. Our goal is to utilize the literary -and audiovisual: Check A.S.I.A. Podcast Builds- medium to educate; show people 120 in context, so that they can grasp how it literally functions in life. Another way our Mathemanuals function will be to Show and Prove the relationship of Quantitative Mathematics to the Qualitative Mathematics we call Living (Supreme) Mathematics; which transcends the simple Addition or Basic Arithmetic Gods and Earths have become accustomed to using exclusively. It is part of our vision to one day cee young Gods and Earths manifest their Daily Mathematics Algebraically when they’re asked how they cee Today’s Mathematics! -smile-

Don't forget to download your FREE COPY of 'Da God'


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