Monday, July 07, 2008

Grad Day; Damon, Julius, Joe, Malique & Daquan -counterclockwise-

A.S.I.A. Talk

-Raw, Uncensored, and Supremely Mathematical-

Peace Ya’ll!! A.S.I.A. just dropped something new. Aside from A.S.I.A. TV, EMBLEM’S Journal and Platinum Pen Publishing’s highly acclaimed Mathemanual ‘Da God’ -which will soon be available as a hard copy Commemorative Edition- we have another angle dealing with the science of Living Mathematics!!! In Today’s Article I’m crazy excited to introduce to ya’ll our latest endeavor; A.S.I.A. Talk, the Morton Downy Jr. Show of God-Centered Talk! LOL

Cee, I’ve been involved with uploading some Daily Podcast Builds on Original Thought Metazine since they ‘were first founded’ (4/1-14) and a few months back I recorded a build that had a few curse words and the word ‘nigga’ in it. I was told by one of the Editors that I needed to put up another build because many Youth listen to the Daily Podcast Builds and it needed to be censored. I understood and respected that so I recorded another build that was more suitable for the Youth. Anyway, I had an opportunity to check out a couple recent Interviews of Elder Abu Shahid and The God Freedom Allah (Poppa Wu) and I gotta tell you, those of you who KNOW Abu Shahid and Freedom Allah or ever heard them build KNOW that those interviews weren’t a raw expression of how they freely carry this Math; there were ‘other rules and regulations that were unmentioned’ (28/1-40) in those Interviews! LMAO Although these Interviews were excellent and very informative, Abu Shahid and Freedom Allah basically toned it down and scratched the surface on how they usually bring the Math! Like I said, the Interviews were very informative because we need conservative, mainstream mediums like Original Thought to express this Math because Allah is Lord of all Worlds. -smile- So anyway, me and EMBLEM been discussing this Multimedia shit and wanted to provide people with another raw, uncensored, ‘undiluted, mixed or tampered with’ (9/1-14) medium to express Mathematics as we know and understand it; A.S.I.A Talk! Although we’ve been manifesting this Math with our Blogs, A.S.I.A. TV and Platinum Pen’s Publishing Mathemanuals, we felt that we needed to add on from another angle!! -smile-

THIS IS NOT TO DISCOUNT what’s being done over at Original Thought Metazine. Original Thought Daily Podcast Builds/Interviews are a wonderful medium to show “one” perspective of how Math functions, and A.S.I.A. Talk will offer our listeners another perspective. In other words, while Original Thought offers more of a PBS-like medium for conservative Mathematical expression, A.S.I.A. Talk will be the Cinemax of Mathematics; Cinemathematics! I personally wanna thank Original Thought Metazine for Fathering/Mothering that Podcast Math and giving us insight into bornin’ A.S.I.A. Talk as a determined idea! PEACE

Now....., let me give ya’ll some insight into A.S.I.A. Talk. A.S.I.A. Talk will function as a Podcast Talk Show. This Talk Show will be an Online Roundtable hosted by EMBLEM and myself, and will consist of various Gods, Earths (and Other’s) who will be invited to Build, share their perspectives on Life, or be Interviewed concerning different Topics or Projects they’re working on. A.S.I.A. Talk will serve to educate, entertain and inspire people who are interested in being Enlightened and hearing topics from a God-Centered Cultural Perspective. As a matter of fact, here’s a short list of what you can expect from us at A.S.I.A. Talk:

1. IT WILL BE COMPLETELY UNCENSORED and UNEDITED! This was our main concern because we advocate culture freedom. You can expect to hear controversial topics, controversial perspectives and explicit content from a God-Centered Cultural Worldview! So subscribe and listen at your own risk. LMAO!

2. You can expect NOT TO HEAR somebody reading a fuckin essay about how they cee Today’s Mathematics!! Not that we’re against ‘Sesame Street Math’, it’s just that anything you listen to on A.S.I.A. Talk will be completely ‘off the dome’ (improvisational) and EVERYTHING you will hear will be as it took place and completely unedited. All Builds will be authentic and no Interviewer will get a list of questions to prepare/practice before they build!! NOTHING will be staged or formal and EVERYTHING will be strictly organic! Aside from this, some Builds/Interviews have been/will be recorded at informal/inconvenient times like 3:16am, out shopping at a grocery store, while using the bathroom, on a lunch break at the justice, with the seeds running around, etc... The point in doing this is to capture & convey the true context of living Mathematics; in REALTIME! Although me, EMBLEM, Gods from our Family Tree and other Gods/Earths we’ve built with understand this ‘natural’ concept, the closest thing to this was a “very rare” Daily Podcast Build the God C’BS ALife Allah recorded on Original Thought Metazine a couple months ago. As the God smoothly built on his cell phone about manifesting Math wherever you’re at, you could clearly hear that he was driving in heavy traffic!!!! That’s the real shit I’m talking bout! So definitely expect to hear organic Math on A.S.I.A. Talk!

3. Topics we will be building about will be all encompassing and as diverse in range as Sufism to Oral Sex, from Global Warming to Barack’s ‘Black Woman’, from Farrakhan to the NFL Hall of Famers, from Tofu to Zoophiles, from Profanity to Polyandry, from Superheroes to ‘Are the NGE/Five Percenters Muslims?’, from Child Support/Custody Court to Mega Churches, from Shamanism to the 23 Scientists, from Rap Music to Psychotherapy, from Religious Fanaticism to Bob Dylan, from Homosexuality to Freemasonry, from Porn to Meditation. A.S.I.A. Talk WILL MAINTAIN IT’S COMMITMENT to dealing with ‘the science of everything in life’ (18/1-40)! A.S.I.A. Talk will also present Episode Volumes dealing with the following topics exclusively: Relationships; 120 Lessons; Spoken Word/Lyricism.

KEEP IN MIND that A.S.I.A. Talk will only be facilitated from a God-Centered Perspective and this does not mean that because you’re not a so-called God and Earth you can’t participate. We welcome all Subscribers and Perspectives! If you’re interested in learning, want us to discuss a specific topic, just have questions you need clarification on or someone looking for a debate; that’s Peace! You can contact me via e-mail at: or EMBLEM at his Kingdom at (937) 347-1185. DON’T BE SHY! -smile- Also, we’re not looking to be validated or knighted for what we’re gonna be doing at A.S.I.A. Talk so we welcome all questions/comments! So even if you don’t like what we’re doing at A.S.I.A Talk and have a problem with it not being ‘Rated G’, please contact us. We would love to have you on the Show so you can build from your perspective! And last b.u.t. not least, I want to remind all of you that A.S.I.A. Talk only expresses the ‘Raw and Uncensored’ way Mathematics CAN AND DOES function within the Nation of Gods and Earths. A.S.I.A. Talk does not represent the sole or exclusive perspective of the Nation of Gods and Earths.

So come on over to A.S.I.A. Talk and SUBSCRIBE to our Channel today!!! Also, please leave us a comment on what you think! And last b.u.t. not least, don’t forget to download your free copy of ‘Da God’ if you haven’t gotten it already.


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