Thursday, February 19, 2009

The NGE National Pissin' Contest 2009 Trials

L.I.F.E. Program 2009
For those of you who aren’t aware of some of the things I do outside of my A.S.I.A. Online Networks, since about 2005 I’ve “formally” operated my L.I.F.E. Program here in the City of Atlantis. I emphasize “formally” because I’ve worked/volunteered with youth through various Programs/Organizations since I was 17; I just never gave what I do a formal name. Anyway, Last year I took a hiatus from operating my L.I.F.E. Program at a Center called The NACC (Niagar Arts and Cultural Center) and have been basically doing my own Programming where I can get it in; if that means at my Kingdom, the Library, Parks, etc.. then that’s what it’s been. The other day when I was at my Barber’s, an Older Brotha named Rick -whom I’d ceen around town- was there with his two suns. After the usual Barbershop building Rick opens up some conversation inquiring about my Program and what I’m doing right now. After I briefly explained some of things I’ve been doing, he plainly stated that he needs me. He told me that he just received a 5-Year Federal Grant for a ‘Youth Power’ Project through our Local Branch of the Boys & Girls Club of America, and that he was putting a Team of Program Coordinators together to operate it! After giving me a brief run down I told him I was interested and about a week later I met with him to get some more in’s and out’s of the ‘Youth Power’ Project. Now the beautiful thing about this opportunity is the fact that I’ll have a lot more mobility than when I operated my Program at the NACC. I have access to a modest budget, transportation and other resources that will allow me greater access to do what I “always have been and always will be” (38/1-40) doing; building! -smile- I have of course accepted this opportunity at the Boys & Girls Club and will now be wearing another hat. LOL! Now, the reason this opportunity came my way is because I’m visible. Because I’m actively involved -not Egocentrically involved- in the affairs that shape and define the youth and the future of my City (Atlantis), I’m naturally “ceen and heard everywhere” (37/1-40). Many times opportunity “seems” to pass us by simply because we’re not making ourselves visible. When it comes to our National Identity -Gods and Earths- many of us play different roles, and being actively involved with the youth is just something I choose to do. So when it comes to adding on, KEEP IN MIND that whatever you do, do it well, because doing it well is undeniable and people will instinctively seek you out! Through my L.I.F.E. Program at the NACC I accomplished many things with our youth (a Family Tree Project using Matrilineal DNA Kits; a DVD called ‘The Three Wise Men’, an Educational CD called ‘Street Science’, a Pen Pal Prison Correspondence Project, etc..), and I’m excitedly looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity to do even greater things with and for our youth!!! -BIG GRIN-

Check this out, I was contacted by a Network Channel to be a Technical Consultant for an upcoming Documentary they’re doing that includes a segment about The NGE! That shit caught me completely off guard ya’ll! Of course I was on square (point), I just didn’t cee that in the Math. LOL! Basically, the Associate Producer wants me to articulate a basic, short, concise History of how The NGE began and what we Teach; Visually and Narratively. I know some of ya’ll are probably thinking, “AWWWWW SHIT, SALADIN GON SAY SOME OLE’ SHIT!!!!” LOL! -shakes head- Well damn ya’ll, give me alittle credit! Don’t worry, people won’t walk away thinking we’re a Religious Gang that worships Fard in blackface after this shit airs! LOL! Anyway, I’ve been communicating with the Associate Producer and have also assembled a small Team of Gods to add on with this Project who’re masters at their craft; I’m basically facilitating the process. Ultimately, this endeavor will give The NGE more National exposure that’s positive and progressive, and hopefully act as a springboard to get a Program about The NGE -from our perspective- aired Nationally. Personally, I think this is an important Hancock-like step towards cleaning up some of the negative images, stereotypes and stigmas people have -especially in the Prison Systems- associated with The NGE. I’m not giving too many details at this point because The Network is still in the developmental stages of constructing a script and collecting information about the larger subject matter -that includes The NGE. Right now, I’ve been working on the Narrative component in order to ensure that what’s said about The NGE is an accurate description that upholds/reinforces a National consensus amongst Gods an Earths. This ain’t an easy task either! For instance, the sentence, “Clarence 13X started the Five Percent Nation” wouldn’t be right and exact. To be more correct, it would be more appropriate to say, “Allah ‘The Father’ -formally known as Clarence 13X- began what was then called ‘The Five Percenters or Five Percent Nation in 1964. Today that once young Nation of ‘Five Percenters’ has grown Internationally and is now commonly known as The Nation of Gods and Earths.” Anyway, this is a very serious endeavor and we are approaching it as such; all satire & cynicism aside! Our segment in this Program will represent the most Widespread, Contemporary, Mainstream attention The NGE has received in the History of this Nation, and will serve as a cultural landmark in our Chronology. I’ll keep ya’ll posted about this as we progress…

For the last few weeks I’ve started playing Basketball again. For a while I’ve been trying to find an open gym that works with my Schedule and my Cousin -I played ball with my whole life- made knowledge born to me that he gets the gym at the High School once a week. I also found out through some of the dudes I was ballin with that they’ve been playin at the Boys Club once a week too. Ya’ll I’ve been looking forward to this ever since! -smile- First of all, I’m understanding culture years old and aside from dudes I went to School with, many of the other dudes we ball with are in they late teens to late twenties. Now the first time I played I felt like my lungs was outside of my body! LOL! This ain’t because I smoke or etc.., it’s just because I ain’t ran like that in a while. I’ve always been active, b.u.t. I just haven’t done any cardiovascular work like that so getting my blood flowing and stretching my lungs was very uncomfortable. Another thing I noticed was that my Mind and Body weren’t fuckin communicating! I would think something and my body would say, “Yo hold on dude!” Anyway, there were a few times I lost control of myself, skin my knee up, jammed my finger, etc... As far as my “J” (jump shot) was concerned, I still got my three. -smile- It was rusty, b.u.t. the muthafucka was still there! LOL! Although I stretched alittle bit, I didn’t test my “ups” (jumpin ability) until the second week. Now when it comes to pick-up games of Basketball you need to be very, very weary of usin ya ups! One reason is because pick-up games are loosely organized and niggahs don’t call foul like that. The one’s that do call petty ass fouls are labeled and any legitimate fouls (legitimate meaning; your face was ripped off!) are usually given to you by the perpetrator of the homicide. In Street Ball, niggahs also bring shit going on in they life -and on the streets- to the game, and that’s usually why they there in the first place; to get they shit off! This means that there will be at least one person on the Court, on the opposite Team who is Foulcentric! When you take this into consideration, if you got ups, you’re usually only using ‘em for rebounding because to even try to dunk is beggin for an injury. Plus on a psychological level, dunkin symbolizes a Man’s virility and is used as an Alpha Male-like emasculating act to demoralize another Man/Team. On a primal level, the same way males boast about fuckin the shit outta a bitch, they boast about ‘dunkin nasty on a muthafucka’, ‘bustin somebody’s ass’ (scoring on ‘em) or ‘breaking somebody’s ankles’ (embarrassing ‘em with your ball handlin skills)! So although dudes may have the intent of embarrassing somebody, they damn sure ain’t come out to be embarrassed. What this translates into is; YOU’RE GOING TO GET FOULED if it even looks like a niggah gon get his ass handed to him (embarrassed). Anyway, after we ran a few games I took the ball to test my ups. LOL! Cee, I’ve always had ups yet I’ve never been the type of dude to try to embarrass somebody by dunkin on ‘em. I only dunked on somebody on one occasion; in High School when I dunked on this arrogant-ass 6ft 4in white boy -and got the foul. Well when I started to test my ups recently the dudes I went to School with couldn’t believe what the fuck they was ceeing! Ya’ll I was taking off from the dots with the ball cuffed dunkin, taking one step and dunkin with two hands, dunkin backwards from baseline… EASY. I was getting up like I was damn near knowledge born years old! LOL! Although it may have come across like I was showing off, I was trying to cee where I was at; physically. Ultimately, it felt good to know that I can still run and jump with these young boys, yet it felt better to know that staying active and eating right has been a valuable investment! I mention all of this to say it’s important to know where you’re at physically and mentally. On a physical level, learn what type of exercise/activities you need to incorporate into your life and changes you can make to your diet so that you’re a “healthy, strong and good…” (28/1-40) conduit for the Mind (Supreme Intelligence) -especially those of us who’re growing older. Also, keep in Mind that being a God and Earth mentally doesn’t mean that we’re not a strait 85er physically! LOL!

Chris Brown VERSUS Rihanna (Domestic Abuse)
DAMN, the stock of the black man -in general- just plummeted like a muthafucka! -shakes head- Ya’ll I called this drama like a dice roll last Summer! When me and my Queens were doing the knowledge on the MTO Coverage saying that they were together I built with them about the road they were headed down. To be exact I said, “Chris Brown is gon loose his Mind! Watch; he drawn up!” I said this based upon how C. Brown was moving; he’s strait up young and was giddy as hell! Chris had that glazed look in his eyes and infatuation that young guys often have for pretty girls. LOL! Now Rihanna on the other hand was posed, mature, seasoned and emotionally stable. Even if Rihanna didn’t have any more relationship experience than Chris Brown she damn sure ain’t look it! Chris was green and dancing around over that Barbados power u like Ben Vereen on Loobilee Zoo. Hey, I’ve been on that Show before too; I KNOW! -grin-

Anyway, when it comes to that “Domestic Abuse” shit…, that’s a serious issue b.u.t. people have been using this whole situation as a muthafucken tool! -shakes head- Take for example the term “Domestic Abuse”; when alot of ya’ll hear that shit the imagery that comes up in your Mind was some nostril flaired James Evans-like Go-rilla beating the brakes off some dainty, frail 95 lb damsel in distress with a closed fist! Yeah I’m sure some 85er is somewhere doing some shit like that b.u.t. that is not a composite image of what Domestic Abuse is nor does it accurately describe what’s going on in Black Communities! FIRST OF ALL, it must be understood that both of them are victims victimizing eachother. Let me repeat that, the Domestic Violence in the Black Community is victims victimizing eachother! I think this statement puts Domestic Violence in the proper context because it shows that it’s a greater issue than just taking responsibility for putting your hands on eachother. The greater issue is to examine the trans-generational influences that contributes to “all the above” (8/1-40). When I say trans-generational I’m not just taking about shit the Parents passed on, I’m talking about “generations”! Plainly speaking, a lot of the dysfunctional shit going on with black male/female relationships are a direct result of the dilemmas caused by slavery, period. Am I saying Chris Brown laid the smack down or Rihanna provoked him because they’re Ancestors were slaves? NOT EXACTLY! I’m saying that the institution of slavery –which took place not only within the boarders of America b.u.t. also in the Caribbean Islands- produced mental illnesses in black people that’s trans-generationally manifested as normalcy. When slavery “physically” ended, no psychological help/counseling was offered to slaves to help them deal with the generations of trauma they were subjected to. What this means is that to this very day -2009- many black people who’re descendants of slaves are still suffering from the post traumatic effects of slavery -oftentimes without any knowledge of how that institution has shaped their present Worldview/Core Values and how they define their people activities (family relationships, diet, behavior, labor, sex, religion/spirituality, entertainment, etc.)! Because many people don’t study the trans-generational physical, psychological and socioeconomic effects of the institution of slavery, they often misdiagnose the problems going on with black people as strictly contemporary.

With all that said, my perspective on Chris Brown and Rihanna is that they’re both young 85’s doing what 85’s do. For those of you who don’t know what an 85er is, in the 14/1-40 which asks, “Who are the 85%?” we learn that, “They are the uncivilized people, poisonous animals eaters, slaves from a mental death and power. Those who do not know the true and living God or their origin in this World and worship what they know not. Who are easily led in the wrong direction but hard to be led in the right direction.” This doesn’t mean that I don’t think Chris Brown is a helluva dancer or that Rihanna ain’t a good singer, I’m just talking about what they ultimately represent to the youth by the values they reinforce through their iconic celebrity status; they’re 85’s. Like I said earlier, people -especially females- have been jumping on this issue to use it as a tool! I do understand that there are many males abusing females, b.u.t. there are also many females who’re actually doing the physical, verbal and psychological abuse that will now use this “International” Incident to gain more authority to master dudes. I guarantee that when this news broke, Domestic Violence Hotlines and Police Station Phones were ringing off the hook, and many of these calls were on some “tryin’ to get a niggah” bullshit because he wasn’t doing what she wanted him to do. -shakes head- Also keep in Mind that most dudes ain’t calling someone else to help him bring order to his own relationship; it kinda defeats the purpose of being a Man, in his Mind. When dealin with gamey females like that, it’s also important to consider that their sophisticated, cunning and/or beguiling tactics are oftentimes the direct result of a being subjected to a misogynistic, gender oppressive Patriarchal Society. Many females run game to so-called “level” the playing field.

Ultimately, any ‘Gamey’ or pendulum styled ‘Fucking and Fighting’ Relationship reflects a Societal Mental Illness and it’s often a case of victims victimizing eachother. Whatever the issue is with Chris Brown and Rihanna, all I know is that NO RELATIONSHIP -between black, brown, yellow or white people- should function nor be communicated like low-brow Cro-Magnons; we better than that! People learning “how to act at home and abroad” (14/1-14) is entirely up to them and unfortunately “85% do not try to learn…all the above by letting the 5% teach them.” -shrugs- Why? “They believeon face value.” (9/1-40)

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