Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sciences of Life

Peace Ya’ll! For those of ya'll that never did the knowledge on The Panic in Needle Park, check it out! The Movie is about Drugs (AKA: Destroy Rules) and Addiction; any Addiction for that matter -including 'so-called' building with people-, and people being "easily led..." (14/1-40). Personally, I cee Pachino's role as 'Bobby' as one of his greatest!! Anyway, today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a few subjects that have been on my Mind lately.

Barack Hussein Obama; CEO of The U.S.A.
For those of you who did the knowledge to Obama’s Inauguration, there was some Peace symbolism in the fact that his Queen -Michelle- carried the Bible he took his Oath on and the etymological science/historical practice behind the word ‘Testify’. Now, when it comes to the Psychological Stock Market, the stock of the Black Man -in general- will appreciate exponentially!! You’ll even start to cee the stock of 85 Niggas -who ain’t doing shit- go up alittle because of the small potential for growth. The stock of Gods will go through the roof, and those Women who’ve invested in a God prior to the Election of Barack Obama will be well off; if of course they “keep” (14/1-14) their stock. LOL! For those Women who’ve been bullshittin, there’s still time to invest in shares of this God Stock b.u.t. since you waited so long you’re gonna have to pay -and compete with other Women who’re now vying for this stock who can and are willing to invest! Although you’ll cee a lot of Dummy Companies spring up and Confidence Men trying to sell false stocks in the Black Man -and Gods- , Obama’s appointment serves as an Elliot Ness-like war against these Sleeper Cell Domestic Terrorists. On another note, for many who take this symbolic imagery of the First Family “on face value” (9/1-40), you’ll cee a redefinition of the words “Marriage” & “Family” and some Black People will develop a new found faith & commitment to these Core Values -which is a very positive thing! For many others, this changing of the guard will mean nothing.

TNT: The Naked Truth
On the Right Sidebar of my page do you cee the image of the Ole’ Brotha on the cover of the Book entitled ‘The Naked Truth’? Well that’s Abu Shahid; damn near 80 years old, legally blind and Self Proclaimed “Elder of The NGE”. I mention him because there’s been a lot of controversy going on in regards to the release of that Book. Even where he rests at in Power Born (Pittsburgh) it’s been said that his Book has been publicly denounced -not sure by who actually- at their Local Parliament. I built with Abu last week and ordered the book so once I do the knowledge on it I’ll let ya’ll know what I think. One thing I will say about the God is that Abu Shahid is a cantankerous-ass Old Man with a lot of Knowledge and some slick-ass Street Wisdom so if you plan on building with him HE WILL -not might- say some shit that can/will piss you off! LOL! When I humbly asked Abu about Uhuru he said, “Fuck talkin bout da past! Da past is like yo ass; behind you and full a shit!” When I tried to clarify myself by saying I wanted to know about the kind of personality Uhuru had Abu sarcastically said, “He, was, a, nice, guy.” After a few seconds he then added, “What the fuck you want me to say?! He, was, a, nice, guy. You want me to recite my Book or something?!” I remember at a Regional Conference Abu was building about muthafuckas illegally crossing American boarders and taking jobs from Niggas and some Gods got mad offended; drawing his comments up like Abu “wants us to think that we are all different” (7/1-14)! They had the right to cee it that way. I on the other hand recognized what he was saying about the Economy and our people having too much pride to perform menial labor. So ultimately, dealin with Abu is not a walk in park b.u.t. it doesn’t discount the fact that walking is therapeutic -for some of us at least. LOL! When it comes to the controversy surrounding ‘The Naked Truth’, here’s what I suggest to ya’ll who don’t agree with what Abu is saying in his Book; Publish your own Book that corrects him. -shrugs- As a matter of fact, if ya’ll got an issue with EMBLEM’S, Allah Jihad’s, Supreme’s, Wakeel’s, my Books, etc.., then paaleeeeeeease publish a Book to correct all of us! That’s how it should be ‘actually’ done. As a matter of fact, I got a few Titles ya’ll can use in you’re really serious about “going through with this labor” (9/1-14) of publishing your own Book(s): ‘Shittin on Shahid; English C Lesson Number 2’, ‘EMBLEM; The Thread History of an NGE Dissenter’, ‘Dairy of a Madman: The EXPLICIT Story behind Allah Jihad’ , ‘How to Hustle and Win; The Original NGE Parliament 9 Region Certified Show and Prove Black & Gold Hard Copy Limited Edition’ , ‘In the Name of Whykilll X. Allah; The Godslim’ and my personal favorite, ‘The Crucifixion of a God-Centered Cynic’! LOL! Anyway, I personally enjoy building with Abu and I’m looking forward to doing the knowledge to his Critically Acclaimed Book! -smile- Once I do the knowledge I will share my thoughts with you!

What can I say… Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of discouragement, disappointment, etc.. from Earths about the way Gods have been dealing with them. The shit is so bad that many of these Earths have decided to make an about face and go seek the comforting Companionship of strait up 85’s! -shakes head- Can I blame em?! Not really. Is it the best option?! “I beg your pardon but I have never heard of one.” (16/1-36). What I do know is this, “That band aide won’t really do shit for a bullet wound.” What this does go to show is that Earths are not ceeing a functional difference between a Man who calls himself an Asiatic Black Man and a Man who calls himself a Black Man. Well for whatever reasons, these Women have begun to look towards 85ers and/or band together in feminist seasoned Earth Ciphers, as Gods we gotta straiten this shit out; starting & ending with ourselves! When we “give all we have and all within our power” (40/1-40) through striving for Perfection, we can never be held accountable or blamed when a female decides to go get what she ‘may have’ secretly desired from day one; a Bi-Cultural relationship. It may hurt b.u.t. realizing that she was never your Queen to begin with when she’s made or makes a choice like that helps you UNDERSTAND a very valuable Lesson about the phrase, “…owner of the Earth…” (3/1-14) in regards to possession -especially when it comes to “OUR” Woman. LOL! To own also means ‘to belong to’ or ‘to be a part of’ and the only relationship worth having with a Woman is a relationship that both of you choose ‘to be a part of’ or ‘belong to’. Anytime you loose sight of valuing/respecting the fact that you both have Freely chosen to be together, the Law of Justice is consciously/unconsciously set into motion to bring about -often painfully- Equality. My advice to Gods is to simply be God to the best of your ability through striving for perfection in all areas of your people activities -whether you’re cutting the lawn, changing a diaper, at work or making love, etc… Within striving for perfection always respect a Woman’s freedom to accept or reject it! By respecting a Woman’s freedom to accept or reject it, you’ll be able to clearly cee what you should rightfully accept or reject in her because she’s being herself. When you have an attitude like ‘you own’ a Woman or possess her, you “build a prison house” (29/1-40) around a Woman; thus immobilizing her freedom to express herself and limiting your ability to clearly cee the type of Woman you’re dealing with. Ultimately, you end up being very unsuccessful in this relationship because she’ll interpret your actions as “an undertaking” (29/1-40) and you’ll start looking more and more like an undertaker! LOL! Also ladies, KEEP IN MIND that Men look at you the exact same way when you pull the same possessiveness bullshit by not respecting our Freedom -no matter how fly you are, how good the Four Course Vegan Meal is, how good your savior equality unknown always is and how precise you recite ya lil' Lessons! Take note. -grin-

Abstract Art
On every occasion that I’ve heard the phrase, “I don’t live out Lessons, I live out -Supreme- Mathematics!” it made me wonder… First of all, where do people think the concept of Supreme Mathematics comes from?! All of our Supreme Mathematics can be literally, definitively and conceptually found within 120, ALL OF THEM! -shakes head- When it comes to this Culture, the Lessons are nothing more than ‘Word Problems’ expressing how Applied -Living- Mathematics has/can function. These Learning Tools (Lessons) identify Procedures in the form of Words, Statements, Questions and Answers that adhere to or undermine certain Principles that ultimately shapes/orders our -Core-Values and sets our Priorities. For example, for me to say on one hand that I live out the Supreme Mathematical phrase “My Culture (4) is I-God” yet I don’t live out the Mathematically Cultural (4) Lesson in the 1-14 that clearly shows the classical/contemporary psycho-socioeconomic relationship that God’s adversary (Devil) ‘can’ have towards Righteous People then I’m overlooking a veeeeeeery valuable Lesson! -shakes head- I mention ‘can’ have because there are many other Lessons that describe a different relationship the Devil has with Righteous People. Keep in Mind that Numbers are nothing more than intangible abstract concepts without Applications. It’s similar to having Letters without the ability to create words, construct sentences, communicate a language, etc… Because many Gods/Earths have the mindset that “I don’t live out Lessons, I live out -Supreme- Mathematics” it’s easy to cee why there’s a huge variance between the intangible abstract concepts they talk about and how they’re actually being applied in their lives! This is the reason why an Earth can literally come in the Name of ‘Equality’ and tell you in the most eloquent words the science about her Attribute yet fail to identify in her subtle words and actions how she systematically objectifies Men (“…use him for a tool…” 6/1-14). This is also the reason why us Gods can come in the name of ‘Allah’ yet do shit so foul that it’ll out stage a Devil!

When Numbers exist as nothing more than intangible abstract concepts, what we deem Mathematics is nothing more than Abstract Art. And when it comes to Abstract Art, a cross shaped cherry poptart sittin in a Tiffany Wine Glass of Peruvian cow piss or a frozen shit-creme sandwich on a small licorice scented conveyer belt ran by a button pushin cabbage patch doll is considered Art; ‘Abstract’ Art that’ll have a room fulla muthafuckas buyin that bullshit! Now not all Gods/Earths are this abstract with the way they express Math, b.u.t. many definitely are! The value/purpose of having Lessons in the first place is to help us grow and develop through comprehending the Principle(s) behind Procedures like: why we do trading amongst those who’re ‘devoted’ and ‘try to do’ (9/1-14), why we took everything BUT their language when dealing with certain trouble makers, what it means that a person is savage when they lost the knowledge of themselves AND is living a beast life, etc.. . Shiiiiiiit, I can tell you some Math I live out from Lessons I learned in The Dark Knight! LOL! Some Gods/Earths even go as far as to justify why they live out Supreme Mathematics and not Lessons by stating that ‘120 is Muslim Lessons!’; all while living as a tax-paying Citizen in a Christian Country, speaking the English language, eating Middle Eastern Cuisine, and using body/healthcare supplies from European Companies. I’m sorry ya’ll b.u.t. the statement, “I live out Supreme Mathematics and not the Lessons because they’re Muslim Lessons” is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard; as if using the Procedures and adhering to Universal Principles in 120 ‘only’ pertains to a Muslim! -shakes head- NOW, there are ‘some’ Procedures within 120 that do only pertain to the Religious Practice and Ideology of being a Muslim, just like there are ‘some’ Procedures within 120 that only pertain to being the Uncivilized, the Devil, an Angel Baby, Musa, Jebus, being Weak, a Trader’s interpretation, hearing thunder above ya head, raising ya children, being a Lieutenant, etc… Ultimately, those Procedures -and many, many others- function as Psychodramatic Symbolic Imagery for us to learn Lessons about life! Many Gods/Earths don’t get that deep and claim that, “We break it down for the children to understand.” Well the truth is, many Gods/Earths aren’t making it simple because they explain Math in purely abstract terms and it’s not explained coherently enough for the children to understand. When asked about Knowledge they simply say “Knowledge is the foundation. Knowledge is to know the ledge”; you can hear it on Original Thought Podcasts damn near every day. There is nothing wrong with that; it’s just alittle too abstract for many people to understand. When, “Knowledge is the foundation. Knowledge is to know the ledge” is said, nothing was explained about what knowledge is, what a foundation is, how knowledge is synonymous with being a foundation, what it means to know, what’s a ledge, what it means to know the ledge and ultimately when, where, why, and how ‘Knowledge is the foundation. Knowledge is to know the ledge’. If Knowledge is never broken down in Principle -through highlighting living Procedures (Applications) a person can identify with- then Knowledge will remain nothing more than an intangible abstract concept; a big ass Numeral ‘1’ sitting on a big black chalkboard in somebody’s head! This is sadly the case with many Gods/Earths. Unfortunately, when God/Earth Abstract Artists ‘try to’ (9/1-14) convey the Science of Supreme Mathematics -and Supreme Alphabet- to people -especially without the use of the Procedures/Principles of living out the Lessons- it turns into nothing b.u.t. a long ass frustrating game of Sticky Pad Pictionary. LOL!

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