Monday, January 18, 2010

The Book of Eli

Haiti, Student Mathletics & Tradition

Peace Ya’ll! Today I wanted to take a moment to address a few Topics I've been pondering lately…

Public Statement about Haiti
First and foremost let me say that my Heart & Mind goes out to our People in Haiti during this time of trouble! Many people have been saying that the Earthquake was God’s Punishment towards Haiti, Allah’s Will, and even the Prelude to 2012! It is my position that Haiti is being collectively punished by Western/Eastern Colonial Powers. Haiti has been deprived support and resources from other Nations because they set a bad example to other Original People throughout Central Asia (so-called Africa) and the Diaspora. The bad example they set was overthrowing their Oppressors and claiming Independence from France as the only Original Nation in the entire Western Hemisphere. During the times of slavery, any person who was suspected of so-called treason or planning to oppose the Oppressors Will was made into example. The Horror Stories I’ve learned about what my Ancestors experienced during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Slavery and Segregation would make Michael Myers look like Captain Kangaroo. So image the negative backlash a Nation of People would receive from collectively opposing AND overthrowing the system of Slavery itself?! So ever since our People’s Independence, they’ve been punished! Not by some Mystery God sitting in the sky, b.u.t. by Devilish Nations right here on the ground who refuse to support the growth & development of the Nation of Haiti.

Aside from the physical destruction that’s presently plaguing Haiti, the worst issue they’re dealing with and will continue to deal with is the open insensitivity of their People throughout the Diaspora. There are many so-called “Black” People who do not care. They do not care because they don’t indentify with our People or the Struggle in Haiti. These Negroes are those Bible Thumping idiots making those “Haitians be doin’ Voodoo, that’s why God punishing em” statements! -shakes head- It really bothers me that they have the ability to say this, with a strait face, while rescuers pull a 16th month old baby from pile a rubbish who’d been trapped there for over 48 hours… In our 7th Degree in the 1-14’s, we learn that the Devil, “…wants us to think that we are all different.” If I think we’re different, I won’t have any feelings for you. If I don’t feel you, I damn sure won’t be concerned about what happens to you. If I’m not concerned about what happens to you, SHIT CAN AND WILL HAPPEN!!! When shit does happen to you, my mentality will be, “Oh well, it has nothing to do with me or mines” and you become fair game to any and everything. That’s exactly what made the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Slavery, and Segregation so horrible; There was no concern about our condition as a People! Even to this day, people still aren’t concerned…

So I’ve been building with the Youth. Educating them about their Family in Haiti and talking to them about what they can do to help. I built with my Queens last week and they donated a couple boxes of their clothes, shoes, etc… I received a Donation of more than 50 bottles & sippy cups, and children clothes, and I also donated some Men’s Clothes. While doing some research on reliable Organizations, one of my Sisters informed me that Muhammad’s Mosque #23 (5 Walden Ave. Buffalo, NY 14211 893-6003) is accepting Donations to ship to Haiti. So I organized my Donations on Saturday, went and picked up some boxes early Sunday morning, and dropped them off at the Mosque a couple hours later.

My advice to all of you is to help our People whatever way that you can, regardless if it’s a one time monetary donation, traveling there as a Volunteer, or even adopting a child who lost their Family! Whether it’s donating $5 through Wyclef’s Organization by texting “YELE” to 501501, texting “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 through the America Red Cross, or hooking up with some Local/Regional Organization that’s doing something to provide Aid for our People, please help out! Although it’s very thoughtful…, we must send more than ‘well wishes’, ‘prayers’, ‘meditations’, ‘thought forms’, and ‘tears’ to Haiti. The babies can’t eat a prayer, thought forms won’t serve as anesthesia for an operation, well wishes won’t put clothes on somebody’s back, and they won’t be able to take a bath in tears. The love, support and concern we’re willing to give to others, will be equivalent to the love, support and concern that we’ll receive.

Student Mathletics
On my Incarnation Day (Epiphany; Jan. 6th), I turned 35! It’s funny because ever since I turned 24, my ‘physical degree’ (age) has become a blurr… I remember a few years back I was hanging out with someone in Toronto and we were in this Smoothie Shop talking to The Owner. Somehow my age came up and I literally drew a blank! So I turned to the person next to me and asked, “How old am I again?” Both of them got a good laugh outta that b.u.t. I was dead ass serious, I honesty forgot my age! As a matter of fact, I actually went an entire year thinking I was a year older than what I was. -shakes head- I’m not becoming senile, having an early case of Alzheimer’s, or in denial about my physical degree. LOL

In our 9th Degree in the 1-10’s (Student Enrollment), we learn that, “Islam has no said birth record. It has no beginning nor an ending, it is older than the Sun, Moon & Stars.” Just for the record, when we say “Islam”, we’re not talking about the Religion of Prophet Muhammad. We’re talking about the Concept of I.S.L.A.M. (I Self Lord And Master, In Self Lay All Mathematics) or ‘Peace’ that predates Prophet Muhammad’s Religion and Religion itself! That’s the reason we say our Culture is a Natural Way of Life. Anyway, because we represent a timeless Worldview, our perspective is personified in our appearance. Of course there are many Gods/Earths who’ve not been able to recover from some of the wear and tear they’ve put on their bodies prior AND during the time they’ve KOS (Knowledge of Self). Some Gods/Earths look a lot older than what their physical degree actually is, b.u.t. there are a great majority who don’t! One of the most obvious signs that a person is really striving to carry out the Principles & Values of this Culture is that they look, feel & behave well! If you’re really taking care of yourself, you shouldn’t age at the same rate or worst than a person that isn’t. Actually, this lifestyle reverses the aging process! From the inception of The NGE, we’ve been a Youth Orientated Movement. So being amongst and working with the Youth is also a reason why I haven’t become an Atari 2600! At 35, I’m still dunking basketballs with no problem, I work out every morning before I get ready for work, and my energy levels (stamina) are pretty good. I mean, I’m definitely not in the physical condition I was in during College Football Camp in 1993, b.u.t. I’m not outta shape. I faithfully eat one meal a day, I stay active with the many jobs/projects I have going on, and my sunny disposition ain’t fake. Over the years I’ve had my share of gettin popped, smoking weed, and being less physically active, b.u.t. once I learned about my true Self I became more dedicated to taking care of my Self! Of course it’s always a challenge, because Society “continues daily to teach” (13/1-40) us to be dependant and mediocre, b.u.t. these challenges never outweigh my ambition to strive for perfection. Being God-Centered means that I don’t have a choice! I was doing the Knowledge on this Will Smith Interview and the Interviewer asked him about his crazy work ethic and Will simply said, “I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill.” He went on to state that while other people are sleep, doing something recreational, or doing other things, he’s working on his craft, and although a person may have all the talent in the World, they won’t be able to outwork him! I may not be as obsessed as him, if you let me tell it, b.u.t. I am dedicated to what I do and will die doing it. Some people have a fear associated with growing “physically” older, b.u.t. I’ve never had that issue. I’ve never had a problem telling people my age…, once I could recall it! LOL Ultimately, I honestly appreciate the life I have, the life I’m living, and I do what a can to “preserve this best part for myself” (1/1-14) and others.

The Tradition of 120
Throughout 2009, one thing I’ve heard a lot about is that many so-called Gods/Earths aren’t dealing with 120 (The Lessons) like that and/or don’t have an Enlightener. I’m mentioning this because I’ve recently had a few conversations with people where this came up again. It’s a tragedy. If you think trying to operate heavy machinery, without the proper Safety/Training precautions, while under the influence is bad, imagine doing this with your brain?! Your brain is the ultimate form of heavy machinery, and it’s important to have the proper Training/Safety precautions to use our head. This is what Parenting, Mentoring, Counseling, Enlightening, etc... is about. These Titles represent Positions where a person is entrusted with the responsibility of informing someone about something and instructing them about ‘the way’ to perform a certain procedure. Equally important to this, is recognizing that being under the influence of any physical (drug/alcohol abuse and/or poor diet), psychological (trust issues), social (promiscuity), financial (poverty) substances WILL IMPARE OUR ABILITY to use our head! It doesn’t mean that we haven’t used our head before, this just means that we’re learning many new ways to use it; ways to improve our Life! As an Enlightener, I am a Qualified Trainer, and when it comes to this heavy machinery (using our head), it’s all about SAFETY’S FIRST! What this means is that I gotta clearly explain to you how and where you can loose a limb, an eye, and ultimately your life in “The Machine” if you’re not careful! I must provide you with all the proper Safety Equipment/Tools for the job, and ensure that you’re properly Trained to perform the job. In this case, The Company is ‘The NGE’, the Safety/Training Manual is ‘120’, the Job Title is ‘God or Earth’, and the Job Description is ‘Civilization’. Oh yeah, and the Benefits are awesome too!

I don’t care what a person what they want to be involved in: Culinary, Drug Counselor, Lawyer, Social Networking, Marriage, etc…, they need someone to show them the ropes! If we’re entering into any of these areas without being properly educated, we will hurt ourselves and others, guaranteed! We won’t hurt ourselves or others because it’s our intention, we’ll hurt ourselves and others because we obviously don’t know any better. If ceen people cut part of their finger off, become mentally retarded, destroy a Marriage, die from a disease, or loose a job all because they didn’t properly educate themselves before they got into something. I take my Duty very seriously and could never let a person put themselves out there unprepared, and on my watch! Of course I can’t tell a person what to do, especially a grown-ass adult, b.u.t. I will inform them to, "Stay away from the bank of the Chocolate River!!!"

Anyway, regardless what some of you would like to believe, it’s still mandatory that you learn 120 in order to learn the Principles/Values inherent to this Nation. Yes Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet, and The 12 Jewels are equally important and are part of our Curriculum, b.u.t. these aren’t ‘The Lessons’; Lessons that properly instruct us how to apply this Culture!

To conclude Today’s Article, I want to emphasize the importance of Commitment. In above three topics I wrote about you can cee this theme running throughout it. We must have a Commitment to our People, Commitment to Self, and be Committed to the proper process to fulfill our purpose. Commitment means our “word is bond and bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail.” (11/1-14). I’m sure everyone understands this because ALL OF US are committed to one thing or another in our life! The problem is that we’re often committed to people, places, and things that aren’t good for us, our families, and our communities as a whole. If we want to change them, we first need to make an honest assessment of how these commitments affect us, our families, and our communities. This is going to be difficult in some instances because our assessment is going to demand change; a change in the people, places, and things we’ve committed ourselves to! Some of these changes can happen overnight! Many of these changes will take “years, months or days” (36/1-40). Regardless of whom or what, if we want change by “giving all we have and within our power to see that day…” (40/1-40), we’ll cee it! Maybe we’ll cee it through our own eyes, b.u.t. this day will definitely be ceen through the eyes of our families and communities that acknowledged our Commitment! “Word is bond and bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail.” (11/1-14).

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