Friday, January 01, 2010

Neprews (Hassan Quaniah & Jordan Messiah)

Recognizing a Good Enlightener

Peace Ya’ll! Choosing someone to teach you is the most important decision you’ll make when it comes to learning about this Culture. It’s a defining moment that will forever change the landscape of your life! You’re open, vulnerable, and your life (and child(ren) if you have any) is completely in the hands of someone who -you believe-, can help you improve your life! This path is filled with doubts, fears, and insecurities. Sometimes you might feel like your Enlightener is taking advantage of you, simply because they can! Sometimes you get frustrated or think you’re being bullshitted because they’re instructing you to do/learn things that seem like they have nothing to do with this Culture. You may feel sad or angry that your Enlightener is always pushing you to study and never seems to give you any credit. All of these things represent various emotional “layers of currents” (8/1-40) we may experience as a Student. Some of these challenges are simply because we never had to humble ourselves to a Black, Man/Woman teaching us, ESPECIALLY when they’re close to us in age! Some of these challenges may be valid, and the frustration, bullshit, sadness, and anger we experience is because the Enlightener just isn’t good! Well today I wanted to give you some insight into what makes a Good Enlightener. By making the right choice from the door, a Student will have a better chance of learning this Culture! That is, if they’ve already learned how to learn! -smile-

I receive countless letters, emails, messages, comments, texts, etc.. from people all around the World, who are striving to learn more about this Culture of The NGE (The Nation of Gods and Earths). In this quest, it’s very important to know what to actually look for. Unfortunately, the Internet can make it “appear” very easy and accessible for people to learn about this Culture. People can actually download various segments of our 8 Point Curriculum, read Articles, watch Videos, listen to Radio Shows, etc.. that supposedly represents this Nation. Some of this information does, b.u.t. a lot of it doesn’t. There are also many “anonymous” people, all over the Internet, who can AND have posed as Gods/Earths and so-called Enlighteners! So searching the Internet can AND has become veeeery dangerous for people who’re honestly striving to learn about this Culture. Although there is a lot of misinformation AND misrepresentations floating around on here, there are also Networks of real Gods/Earths, with a strong online presence, who are pointing people in the right direction! So if people are unsure about some information, or even think they know alittle something, there’s always a way to get in contact with “actual” Gods/Earths who have Civilization Classes, Study Groups, Parliaments, Rallies, Events, and Activities going on in their Region! This insures that there’s never an excuse to learn from “anonymous” people you meet Online, or being anonymous yourself and using Websites as a so-called Enlightener. WE’RE HERE, if you’re “actually” serious about “really” connecting with us! -smile-

First and foremost, let me define what I mean by “Good” and “Enlightener”. An Enlightener CAN BE any God or Earth who has mastered all 8 Points of our Curriculum. This means, they know, and can recite by heart:

Supreme Mathematics
Supreme Alphabet
Student Enrollment (1-10)
Actual Facts
Solar Facts
*The Twelve Jewels

Because they know this information, they are responsible for teaching others. Gods & Earths automatically share this information on one level, because it’s naturally expressed in our social interactions. Now on another level, we can personally teach someone this Curriculum who’s interested in learning this Culture. Every God and Earth who knows this Curriculum has the information to be an Enlightener, b.u.t. not every God & Earth is an actual Enlightener, let alone a good one. When I say, a “Good Enlightener”, I’m referring to a God & Earth with Righteous Intentions, who’s using and striving to use Righteous Procedures, in order to show someone the Right way of applying this Curriculum. Not all Gods & Earths are Right or are even striving to be Right! There are many people who call themselves Gods & Earths, who actually have this Curriculum, yet DO NOT have Righteous Intentions, who ARE NOT using or striving to use Righteous Procedures, and who ARE NOT showing people the Right way to apply this Curriculum. It’s no different than Christian Child Molesters, Muslim Drug Dealers, etc… It’s all the same bullshit. KEEP IN MIND that just because a person says they’re a ‘God’ or ‘Earth’, it doesn’t mean that this is what they “actually” are! The only difference between them and any other selfish, grimy, criminal, ignorant person is their name, so DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

Below is a short list of things to look for when you’re striving to learn this Culture from somebody. These are 9 Points to Recognizing a Good Enlightener. These are not in any particular order of importance either. THEY’RE ALL EQUALLY IMPORTANT!

9 Points to Recognizing a Good Enlightener

1. Good Enlighteners AREN’T ANONYMOUS! Like in any “real” relationship, a Good Enlightener “personally” spends time with you so that you can get to know eachother! They get to know you, your family, your friends, where you work, what you eat, what your hobbies are, where you live, how you socialize with people, your health issues/concerns, what kind of music/movies you like, how your sleeping pattern is, etc… An Enlightener is interested in everything about you, because you provide them with the vital information they need to design your Study Plan! Good Enlighteners realize that IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to learn this vital information about you over the Internet or just being on the phone with you. A Good Enlightener knows they need to be amongst you to know what you actually need! Like in any “real” relationship, not spending quality time together breeds dysfunction, and dysfunction undermines an Enlighteners ability to perform their job.

2. Good Enlighteners are Students. They’re constantly learning and striving to improve themselves, so they can be a better resource to their family, Community and Society as a whole! In being a resource, their conversation is always Nationalistic or Communal and along the lines of “us”, “we” and “our”, because they’re thinking about and considering The Collective/Whole, not just themselves or what they want! They’re not Hedonistic and don’t have an Individualistic Mentality speaking in “do me”, “do you”, “it’s how I feel”, “It’s my Universe”, “I got mine, you better get yours”, “I’m doing MY thing” terminology. Why? Because in order to actually care about the relationship with a Student, or anybody for that matter, it’s impossible to think/talk in Individualistic terms! It’s impossible to be a Good Enlightener if nothing in their language, behavior or activities shows a basic care for people, especially care for our youth! Caring for and teaching our youth, especially our own children, isn’t a choice! It’s required of anybody who knows something about anything, and the more you know, the more that’s required of you! So be very wary of a person who claims to have all this superior knowledge, that’s disassociated from the youth, especially their own children…

3. Good Enlighteners don’t give you all the answers. An Enlightener’s job is to school you in the fine art of critical analysis so that you develop the capacity to Think, Talk and Walk for yourself! An Enlightener is simply a facilitator of a Cultural process that concludes with you becoming at the minimum their Brother/Sister and at the maximum their Mate. An Enlightener’s position isn’t above, below, before, or behind you, it’s beside you. A Good Enlightener strives to help you become the best you can be and is honestly happy about your personal growth & development, not jealous, envious or hateful about it!

4. It’s all about family! Good Enlighteners invest in their Students education; physically, emotionally, and financially! You’re becoming a part of their ‘family’ tree, so a Good Enlightener treats you that way. They’re willing and able to provide for you in any way that they can, in order to help you provide for yourself! Not only is this a part of their duty as a Civilized Person, b.u.t. it’s because they have genuine love for you! Good Enlighteners have positive relationships with the brothers/sisters in their ‘family’ tree, and always insure that a Student is properly introduced to these brothers/sisters in their ‘family’ tree. Always be leery of Gods/Earths who’re “20 miles outside” of their own family tree. (21/1-40)

5. A Good Enlightener has joy & passion in their lives AND in the information they’re striving to teach you! If they not enjoying how they’re living, then why should you waste your time learning how to be unhappy like them? -shrugs- A Good Enlightener doesn’t encourage you to get involved in criminal behavior, break the law, harm yourself and others, make rash/immature decisions, or destroy meaningful relationships. All Gods & Earths, who are Good Enlighteners, are exemplary in their words, behavior, and considerations. Why? Because their standards of Righteousness (Right, Justness) demands that they are "Leaders" amongst Men and Women; Fathers & Mothers of Civilization! Therefore, they take pride in modeling appropriate behavior for the people; anything less would be uncivlized... LOL

6. Their sound and light travels! Good Enlighteners have a “solid” reputation for being committed, honest, consistent, helping others, and being just & true. They’re known throughout their Community and have “solid” relationships and respect from others. People don’t have negative things to say about them! People can readily identify positive things they’re “actually” doing, not unidentifiable stuff they’re just talking OR writing about.

7. Aside from getting you to memorize 120 (Lessons), the most important thing a Good Enlightener teaches you is adding your personal contribution to Civilization! Good Enlighteners are able to demonstrate this to you because they’re actually doing it themselves! An Enlightener focuses more on teaching you how to give back and aide others, not what you can take. If their goal and outlook is not about making a contribution to Civilization, then whatever they’re contributing to, which can’t be Civilization, is clearly what they’ll be teaching you!

8. A Good Enlightener Shows & Proves what they know! How can you know an Enlightener knows their stuff, when you don’t even know it yourself yet? You can cee the evidence of what they “actually” know through what they’re “actually” doing! What they really know is expressed throughout their lives, in their relationships with others, and within their Community. If they’re always talking about Football and their Football History, they should be actively involved in the Sport in some capacity, not including Fantasy Football. Good Enlighteners realize that alot of people invest in “belief systems” that require no proof. So in response to this, a Good Enlightener makes sure Students have access to tangible evidence that Shows & Proves what they know. If they aren’t showing you nothing for real, that’s because it’s not real. If a person is trying to sell you teachings about financial success, and they’re broke as a joke, ask yourself how committed they are to what they’re trying sell you?! If a person is calling themselves 'God/Earth' b.u.t. always gossiping about people, keeping up trouble, and causing conflict, ask yourself how committed they are to truly being God Centered?!

9. A Good Enlightener realizes that this is all about “Knowledge of YOURSELF”, not “Knowledge of them”. Good Enlighteners respect your options. An Enlightener’s job is never to force you to do anything! Their job is to encourage & mentor you. If a Student isn’t putting in the time/effort to study this Culture, through learning our 8 Point Curriculum, that’s completely on them. A Good Enlightener won’t chase, beg, or hunt a Student down so they can learn!

To conclude Today’s Article I just want to remind all of you that simply because “we” call ourselves Gods & Earths, it doesn’t mean, “that’s what we are” or “that’s what we’re striving to be”! To many of us, ‘God’ & ‘Earth’ are just names, and our words, behavior & considerations Show & Prove this! For those of you who’re interested in learning, never overlook what we’re actually doing. Never overlook what we’re doing to ourselves, other people and within our Community!! What people are actually doing on a daily basis is more reflective of their Culture or Religion than anything else! The Internet has made it very easy for people to front, pose as something they aren’t, and tell bold face lies to people. So please consider my 9 Points to Recognizing a Good Enlightener; it’ll help you avoid alot of unnecessary bullshit.


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