Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Fallen Earth...

Now that I have your attention, I wanna tell you a story. Some time ago I learned about a situation that still troubles me to this day. There once was a God and Earth who were together for years until they ended up breaking up and going their separate ways. Although the God moved on and was able to find another Woman willing to be his Earth, the Earth found herself virtually Godlisted. Because this God was quite well known, and had children with this Earth, NO OTHER GOD was willing to have a relationship with her. Sadly, this situation left her with no options and she eventually found herself a cultural exile, on the fringes of a Society she still adores, yet left to choose a mate from a pool of males who did not share our Cultural Worldview. This is really not the story of “A” God and Earth, it’s the story of many Gods and Earths within this Nation…

There are many things wrong with that story. First and foremost, there’s a double standard when it comes to dealing with the situation when Gods and Earths get separated. Nationally speaking, there is a huge problem with addressing the “Ex-Gods and Ex-Earths” situation. I’ve often had the displeasure of meeting twenty something year old Widows in our Nation, simply because her relationship died and no God wanted to touch her with 10ft pole when the God was finished with her. If she had a child or children by this former God, she can forget it, Gods usually won’t even look at her. Now her former God simply moves on. If things don’t work out for him he just gets another Woman, no questions asked. Although the Ex-Earth is usually viewed as damaged goods with a depreciated market value, the God’s image remains pretty much intact. As a matter of fact, his market value can somewhat appreciate, based upon how well known he is within the Nation. While his former Earth is now known as “so & so’s” EX-Earth, he never acquires that tarnished label. This double standard is a direct reflection of the patriarchal, misogynistic Status Quo of American/Eurocentric Society. In other words, a Woman is viewed as a second class Citizen in American Society AND often in the Minds of Gods within this Nation! This is definitely not what we advocate in The Nation of Gods and Earths, b.u.t. there are MANY so-called Gods within our Nation with that mentality, and many so-called Earths that cosign that it!

When I found about this particular God and Earth were no longer together I was more than saddened, I was hurt. My Enlightener’s Enlightener ‘Life’ had an opportunity to meet them both and he was highly impressed with the way she represented this Culture as the Earth! ‘Life’ has had Knowledge of Self for as long as I’ve been on the Planet so he’s ceen a lot! So for him to say that this Woman was a model Earth, it definitely means something. I definitely agree with the God, this Woman exemplified what it means to be the Earth. Whatever went on between her and the God, all I know that their separation was a tremendous lost to our Family. I say that this was a tremendous lost to our Family because although the God has moved on and stills continue to build with another Earth, she is now married to another Man who doesn’t share our Cultural Worldview.

Now some Gods/Earths have been very adamant about criticizing this Earth marrying a Brother outside of this Nation, rarely wearing her traditional 3/4th’s garments, and even engaging in activities that don’t reflect our Cultural Lifestyle. What I would like to ask them is, “What were her options?” Did any God step up to be this Earth’s God? Did her former God strive to introduce her to any of his Righteous Brothers to insure that she, and their children, still remained within our Society? Did the Earth want to remain within our Society but felt she’d be ostracized for being with another God who knows him? These are all question that need to be asked and answered, and through exploring these questions you’ll cee that as Gods/Earths, we’ve adopted some very strange ideas about Family and Nationhood.

Regardless what a God and Earth goes through, especially if they have children, our main concern should be their Cultural Protection and Provision, I mean, that’s what Family is about right? Yes there is obviously certain behavior Gods/Earths express that we don’t condone or cosign as a Nation, like emotional/physical abuse, being a dead beat dad, cheating, etc.., and I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about providing a safety net for our Family to insure that they remain a part of our Nation, whether it’s a Companionship with another God/Earth or Brotherhood/Sisterhood! If things just didn’t work out between a God/Earth THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON WHY they shouldn’t have an opportunity to be with another God/Earth! Whenever we don’t provide these options to our people, it’s questionable if we really have building strong Family Units and Nationalism in Mind! In this instance and in many instances where a God/Earth aren’t together anymore there’s no safety net for these Earths! Even when there’s a situation where the Gods politics weren’t right & exact, and the Earth rightfully left the relationship, there is still no safety net in place for her and oftentimes their children! So upon reflection of the story of the God/Earth no being separated, I don’t simply mourn the loss of a stable God/Earth relationship. I mourn the fact that this Earth is no longer actively involved within our Nation and doesn’t have a God (“one of his Righteous Brothers5/1-14) in her life, simply because the politics of God/Earth break-up’s haven’t been positively resolved. This ‘one strike’ and you’re out of a relationship rule that is covertly/overtly imposed upon our Women, EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT, has caused us to lose many Righteous Earths within this Nation! Now regardless if this Earth still would have chosen the husband she’s currently with, THAT’S HER CHOICE, b.u.t. she should have least had the options of being with another God first. Those of us with true Nationalism in Mind, how long do you think our Culture will last if every time a relationship doesn’t work out with a God and Earth, the Earth has to get with a Man outside of our Nation?

Many of these perspectives came to me building with the God ‘Life’ about early customs within our Nation, along with ceeing so many single Earths within this Nation. Many who are still striving to live out our Righteous Principles to the best of their (and their child(drens) ability, yet being silently vilified and excluded from a functional relationship with another God. Many Gods just don’t wanna cee her with another God! Many Gods have a love/hate relationship with her having no options “but” (13/1-40) to get a Man who’s not in our Nation. He loves the fact that she doesn’t have the Love, Peace, and Happiness of another God because if she did, he feels like it questions “his said ability” (20/1-40). At the same time, he hates the fact that she’s with someone else, especially a person who’s not “God”, because it magnifies his irresponsibility; “all the above is caused by the Sun of Man” (8/1-40). One thing that’s clearly visibly in the above reactions is plain ole selfishness. If a God was really about Family and Nation building, then he would do what’s best for his Family and Nation, not his personal feelings/desires. He would strive to insure that his former Earth (and child(ren) can remain a part of this Nation “regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14). Unfortunately we don’t cee these overtures being made, and because of this, we cee a great deal of arrested development within our Nation. Why? Because if the needs of our Women and Children are not being met, we can’t build strong Family Units or extend the Legacy of our Nation. Anytime a God/Earth is single, their first options should be another God/Earth! They should never be in a position, especially our Women, where they don’t have that option! When we don’t provide these options because of our own personal feelings, selfishness, vindictiveness, etc… we undermine the growth and development of ourselves, our Family, and our Nation.

I was once personally involved in a situation where a Female wanted me to educate her. I immediately asked her about her History in this Nation (AKA: Who is/was her educator?) and her status with her Enlightener. She informed me that their relationship was completely over. I asked her for the God’s contact information, which she was somewhat hesitant to give me (red flag!), and I called him to cee what the science was. Long story short, there was still some unresolved issues between them, and I decided that in the best interest of “all parties involved”, I was not going to step in the middle of that emotional cipher and be her Enlightener. Oftentimes this lack of closure/resolution can last for years! If Gods let go they just move on and get another Woman. If the Earth lets go, and the God doesn’t wanna let go, she usually can’t move on! WHY? Because he’ll run interference and will try his best to make sure “there’s no peace amongst her” (1/1-14) I’m not saying this was the case with my situation. What I am saying is that it’s usually not over until he, God, says it’s over! And if Gods aren’t mature enough and Nationally orientated to cee that his former Earth (and child(ren) deserve to have a Companion/Father Figure that is also a part of this Nation, we will continue to cee a breakdown of our Family Structure and ultimately our Nation.

How can we resolve these issues?

1.) First we need to recognize that our Women and (child(ren) are valuable and must be given the opportunity to remain active Members of our Nation if we Gods are no longer with them. If things don’t work out between a God/Earth, we need to support eachother and make sure that they can find another God/Earth. This should always be their first option, ceeing that we share the same Principles, Values, speak the same Language and have the same Cultural Interests. This, “If I can’t have ‘em nobody will!” mentality Gods have has to cease! Your former Earth deserves to have a God, just like you deserve to have an Earth, period. To you Gods specifically, THIS IS what Family and Nationhood is all about; wanting for your Brother/Sister what you want AND WILL HAVE for yourself.

2.) There needs to be a ‘Procedure’ in place for building with a God’s former Earth. Like in my personal situation, I made sure I spoke to the God and Earth about their relationships status. When I saw that they were clearly on two different pages AND there still lacked emotional closure, I stepped back. Whenever a God/Earth is no longer together and you’re interested in building with that God/Earth, it’s important to communicate with both of them. If you can even meet with them in person, that would be better. Why? Because this is your Brother and Sister, and it’s important that all of our relationships works towards maintaining the stability of our Family Units and Nation. If that God/Earth has any reservations why you shouldn’t be building with their former God/Earth, then those issues should be put on the table. Maybe they don’t want you to be involved with them because they respect you as a Brother/Sister, they know this person doesn’t mean any good, and they don’t want you them ‘Ex’ “sting somebody else.” (10/1-14). Maybe they don’t want you to build with their former God/Earth because they just don’t wanna cee them with you! Whatever the case may be, you won’t really know until you have this “Adult Conversation”, find out what’s what, and make a decision that’s in the best interest of our Family/Nation.

3.) Along with building with me about other aspects of this Article, the God ‘Life’ suggested that it would be most Peace to plan a Social Event for Single Gods and Earths! I thought this was a brilliant idea!! It takes the tension and stress off of our Women who don’t have Companionship, and gives them an opportunity to meet available Gods who can offer them a relationship! Obviously the intention of this Social is not to date, hook up with, or fuck around with somebody because these aren’t practices that reflect our Culture! This Social is for Earths to meet Gods and Gods to meet Earths so that WE BOTH don’t have to compromise our Culture to be with people that either don’t know, don’t adhere to, or don’t care about our Principles, Values and ultimately our Worldview. For those Gods/Earths who aren’t interested in something like this then that’s their choice, at least they had this option made available to them. Because I currently have so much on my plate, I'm presently not in a position to spearhead such an Event, b.u.t. I definately will be able to offer my support to those of you who do have the time to do this! It may be a good idea to plan it around this year's Show & Prove since the support will already be there!

Another thing I want to address is how Gods will go get some female who is a strait 85er before he chooses an Earth who’s already in our Nation, simply because this Earth already had a God. So instead of choosing a Woman who he already knows is of the "5%" (16/1-40), he’s willing to take his chances on some female who doesn’t know, may not adhere to, or may not even care about our Culture! A lot of Gods advocate this idea by saying dumb shit like “I don't want no ‘ready-made’ Earth” and “I want a ‘fresh’ Earth a teach from the beginning”! This language sounds more like he’s trying to bake a batch of Irish Sweet bread, not build a relationship with another human being! What kinda bullshit Math is that?! Any God advocating that is not thinking about Nationhood, he’s just thinking about what he personally wants, and "95%" of the time he’s gonna be wrong! If he was thinking about Nationhood, he would be making a more reasonable decision by choosing a Woman who’s already living by the Principles and Values of our Culture. That sense of abandonment for our own Women, because of personal wants, is the type of selfishness and individualism that continues to plague us as a Nation and as a People. An Earth should always be the first choice, not a female who "95%" (85% & 10%) of the time, won’t be an Earth! She may be sexy, she may be his girlfriend, she may even be wifey, b.u.t. she will not be an Earth! There is no justification for a choice like that. Those of you Gods who're out here trying to make these females into something they aren't, you're "loosing time searching" (10/1-40) The Queen who is worthy of being your Earth will step up and reveal herself to you in time! It may be a Woman you once knew who you'd been apart from for "years, months, and days" (36/1-40), and now you're both in the proper Mindset to seriously build a Family Unit! It could be a Woman you have yet to meet! All in all, by the nature of being of "The 5%", it will take time and patience.

In conclusion, I would like to encourage those of you who are reading this, especially those single Earths out there to not loose hope in having a stable relationship WITHIN our Nation! If any of you Earths are interested in planning a Social Event for Single Gods/Earths so we can continue building OUR Family Units, I’m sure you’ll get the support! Not to say that bi-cultural relationships aren’t successful, b.u.t. Gods need Earths, and Earths need Gods! Hopefully this can be something we can eventually hold annually so that our present day and next generation of Gods/Earths, Earths especially, realize that they do have options WITHIN our Nation. Most importantly, that we, Gods, are going to start making sure that our Earths (and children) have the support they need to remain an active part of this Nation. Aside from outta pocket behavior, etc.., NO EARTH should ever feel/think that they can’t be with another God because things didn’t work out with the God they were with! And Gods, before you go taking on another Earth your Brother was once with, have enough respect/honor to communicate with the God before you decide to build with her. YOU HAVE NO CLUE what transpired between them and have only heard what she’s telling you! Regardless if she was right or wrong in that relationship, the fact that you didn’t even have the respect/honor to reach out to your Brother to find out what’s what, communicates to her that you already have issues with Family/Nationhood from the door. As the person who is charged with the natural responsibility of Leading, Protecting, and Providing for a Family Unit, what impression do you think she has of you when you take what she’s saying on face value, and didn’t reach out to your Family before making a decision to move forward. Not only does this show a lack of maturity, b.u.t. it’s unwise, impulsive, and ultimately selfish. Making a choice like this in the eyes of a Woman means only two things:

1.) By taking what she said on face value without building with her former God, it signals to her that you can/will be taken advantage of by her and others who tell you things on face value. Therefore, she can’t be secure, confident in, or trust your ability.

2.) She can’t respect your integrity or ability to Lead, Protect, and Provide for a Family. No Leader can lead for any period of time making unwise, impulsive, and selfish decisions. This signals to her that your relationship most likely won’t last. If it does for any extended period, it just took her longer to find the exit.

Now some of you Gods will protest what I’m saying and will continue to treat God/Earth Break-ups with a "I'm gone make me an Earth" Mentality or Gorilla Pimpish Philosophy of “Ya Earth chose me!”, and not reaching out to your Brother. That’s not conducive to making sure our Family Units stay intact. Even if the God may be upset that you’re interested in building with his former Earth, at least you were Man enough to talk to your Brother about you and her “determined idea” (24/1-40) maintaining our Family Units. If he’s not Man enough to accept it, that’s one of his “four Devils” (10/1-14) he has to deal with. Is his EGO more important or keeping our families together more important? By buiding with him he can never say and will always know you had the consideration to reach out to him. It is this consideration that should always be at the core of our Family Relationships, because without it there could be no love for ourselves, eachother and Nation we claim to love so much.

In conjunction with this, there is a such thing as "God Groupies"; females going from one God to the next, and "Earth Gigolos"; males going from one Earth to the next. In order to make sure this type of behavior isn't tolerated we have to stand against this as a Family! We have to make such the we're all "advocated for one common cause" (8/1-14) when it comes to the Principles, Values and ultimately our Worldview. If these people have loyalty issues, problems with commitment, trust, sincerity, etc.. then we cannot be their enablers, ESPECIALLY when these things don't coincide with our Culture. Of course we educate them, b.u.t. we don't compromise our Culture to get with them. Of course all of us had and still have baggage we brought with us into the Nation of Gods and Earths b.u.t. the key is, "Are we striving to utilize this Culture to refine (improve) ourselves, the people, and the environment?" Many people don't have this intention in Mind and come into this Nation with various selfish, acultural, devilish motives. AS A GROUP, we must be able to stand against these things TOGETHER, in order to keep our Family Units intact, and maintain the integrity of our Nation. I mean, if we're not functioning in this way, to insure that our legacy/teachings are here to be passed on to our next generation, then what are we doing?!


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