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"The vital building block of a Nation"

I pray to a Mystery God that if something ever happened to me, and I needed emergency surgery, that the Surgeon standing over me isn’t some Woman who didn’t have to learn all of the surgical procedures in Medical School because she was a female. I also hope I never get accused of a double homicide and get represented by some female who’s considered “A Lawyer” just because her Husband went to Law School and passed the Bar Exam. Thankfully, that’s not how Medical School, Law School, and even a Culinary Arts Institute work. For both male AND female, Performance/Proficiency Standards, and Academic expectations are the same across the board, AT LEAST ON PAPER THEY ARE! LOL Of course you have many instances where people are given a free pass, for various reasons, and this is what I wanted to build about today; The Performance/Proficiency Standards we set, or do not set, within our relationships and Family Units.

Many moons ago…, I grew up in a household where my College Educated Ole Earth was the ‘Captain’ of the ship. Even though she needed help making Hamburger Helper, she was skillful enough to order the ‘Lieutenant’ and ‘Private Soldiers’ around like worker bees in an industrious beehive. She called the shots, managed the money/bills, delegated ass whuppins, and would often call one of us downstairs to change the T.V. Channel or get her a glass of water. She worked in the Human Services Field and also various Youth Recreation Centers here in Atlantis, and it’s obvious some of the qualities I learned from her. A trained Psychologist/Sociologist, my Ole Earth looked like Cicely Tyson, had the mother wit of the Oracle from the Matrix, and a Richard Pryor sense of humor. My Ole Dad on the other hand was a Tradesmen and Cook in the Military. He was never College Educated yet taught us values such as hard work, honor, and other codes of conduct I still hold fast to today! Because he cooked for 300-400 Men, he did all the cooking at home. Back in the penny candy days when minimum wage in NYS was hovering around three dollars, my Ole Dad started a Business painting houses in the Summer, AND hired me and my siblings to work for $5 per hour! He was doing this along with working as a Painter for the City of Atlantis (Niagara Falls, NY), taking me and my brothers junking on Saturdays –which was driving up/down alleys looking for copper & aluminum people knowingly/unknowingly threw away so we could cash it in at the junkyard, and finding other odd jobs to get cream. My go-getter, get it done, ambitious attitude is a direct quality I got from him! My Ole Dad is wise and reminds me of James Evans, with a sunny disposition, and Native American features. The household I grew up in was like the Cosby Show with a Goodtimes budget.

My Parents usually compensated for eachother in areas where the other wasn’t as proficient. My Ole Earth passed away in 1995 due to a lengthy illness and this was the first time she really had to depend upon my Ole Dad. Under these circumstances my Ole Dad was called upon to perform tasks he never had to do, either because he never took the initiative to learn them and/or my Ole Earth didn’t take the time to show him. Obviously this created a dilemma. When my Ole Earth returned to essence our Home and House slowly fell apart… Most of us, including my Ole Dad, never prepared for a day when we’d have to perform certain tasks our Ole Earth or one of the other siblings usually performed. So many things didn’t get done or got done poorly, and we found ourselves thrown into ‘real time’ situations that demanded a certain level of Performance/Proficiency. In striving to meet these demands, me and most of my siblings never really had a chance to grieve because we had to take care of business and be strong for our Ole Dad, who was devastated after loosing the love of his life! Although we did the best we could, because we were collectively unprepared, we were also unqualified to properly handle certain business. Fortunately, my sister ‘AzIzA’, who isn’t even the oldest, stepped up and took on a great deal of responsibility. If it wasn’t for her, many more things wouldn’t have gotten done! In my Ole Earths sickness, she continually worried about what was going to happen if she was no longer here! One of her biggest concerns, that still echoes in my Mind was, “Make sure you look out for my baby”; my youngest sibling whom we call ‘Major Scientist’, who’ll be released this July, after maxing out on a 3 year sentence for a Drug Charge. Among other Lessons I learned from this experience was that, “It’s only a benefit to be prepared for what can happen!”

Within The Nation of Gods and Earths (The NGE), there has been some discussion about “If Earths should be held accountable for learning our 8-Point Curriculum?” There are some Gods who do not teach or advocate that Earths learn the totality of our Curriculum; all 8-Points. They advocate that it’s fine if she only knows about the History of our Nation and ‘2 Points’ of our Universal Flag; 2 Points being Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. On the other hand, there are Gods who advocate that Earths learn all 8-Points of our Universal Flag like he learned it. I also must mention that there are no options when it comes to Gods, we must learn 8-Points.

At our recent Region 6 Parliament in Cee Allah’s Nation (Canada), we agreed to begin holding all Brothers accountable for completing their Education; Finish learning all 8-Points of our Curriculum within the next 60 days before they can attend our Civilization Classes. This Policy only pertained to those Brothers who come in the Name of our Nation, yet have had our Lessons for at least Three (3) years and never completed them! I cee this as a positive step in the right direction towards setting reasonable expectations, and putting pressure on those Brothers who claim to have an allegiance to our Cultural Principles, Values, and National Interests. As I discussed with various Gods within our Region, the only issue we need to address now is the ‘Earth’ question. Should the Women in our Nation be held to the same Cultural Expectations, Performance/Proficiency Standards as the Men? Are these Brothers to be held accountable for meeting this 60 day mark, yet the Sisters not? How will these expectations and demands on Gods, yet not on the Earths, affect the integrity of our “Family Units”: which ultimately comprise our Nation?

From the perspective of establishing, maintaining, and progressing a Family Unit, there is no benefit in Parents not knowing the full scope of eachothers Cultural Principles, Values, and National Interests. There is also no benefit in not knowing how each other uses this Perspective to define their role and perform their daily tasks. Can you imagine having a child with a certain medical condition and simply leaving it up to the other Parent to know about it and administer their medication? Because you never educated yourself about your child’s condition and proper procedures to administer their medication, if left up to you, you might be responsible for killing your own child! Your lack of education and preparation, is a threat to the security and preservation of your Family Unit. The same goes for a Man who doesn’t think/feel there is a need for his Wife to learn how to drive a car. Under these circumstances, he better hope his Wife is never in an emergency situation where she’s forced to drive herself AND their children somewhere! Because of her lack of knowledge, this jeopardizes the safety and stability of the Family. In both cases, people often go through traumatic events before they learn the importance of being equally educated and prepared…

In considering the best interest of our relationships and Families, I think that the best situation is when a Man and Woman share the same ‘Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests. If not, there will be a fundamental conflict at the core of that relationship, and philosophical rifts that will breed disunity. Within the Nation of Gods and Earths, our ‘Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests are derived from our 8-Point Curriculum, which is symbolic to the 8-Points on our Universal (National) Flag:

1. Supreme Mathematics
2. Supreme Alphabet
3. Student Enrollment
4. 1-14
5. 1-36
6. 1-40
7. Actual Facts
8. Solar Facts

Just because this is our Foundation, THIS DOES NOT MEAN that we don’t study the science of everything else in Life and align ourselves with various ‘Core’ Values, Principles, that coincide with/serve our Cultural Interests. Our 8-Point Curriculum is the ‘judgment standard’ (Criteria) we use to evaluate other sciences of Life, ‘Core’ Values, and Principles. This Foundation defines our Cultural Worldview, and functions as a ‘GPS’ (Global Positioning System) we use to navigate life, order our lives, and make sense of the Universe.

Now when it comes to Companionships, as Gods/Earths, the most logical decision would be to choose another God/Earth. Why? Because they’re someone who already knows/adheres to, or is in the process of learning/embracing the same ‘Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests as you. Again, in considering our Family and future generations, this would mean that by choosing someone who shares the same ‘Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests as you, if something ever happened to you, this Culture wouldn’t die with you! My question to those Gods who think/feel that it’s not necessary (important) for his Woman to know this 8-Point Curriculum like him is, “How does it benefit him, the Family, and his future generations by her ‘not knowing’ this 8-Point Curriculum?” This also brings to Mind another question, “If a God is getting the full benefits of knowing this 8-Point Curriculum, would his Companion, and Family benefit from also knowing this 8-Point Curriculum 'for themselves'?” If it’s a God’s position that, “She didn’t choose it for herself, and I can’t force her to learn!” I agree with them 120%, you can’t force someone to do something, they have to choose it for themselves! So the questions I would ask this God is, “Why did he choose her?” and “How does it benefit your Family Unit by choosing a Companion, who has chosen not to thoroughly know, accept, or embrace the same ‘Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests as you?

Some Gods would object to what I’m building about and say, “Well she’s reflecting my light and learns the Culture through how I live! I don’t gotta give her no Lessons!” Well many of us can hum the melody to a Song yet it’s a whole different thing to know and analyze the lyrics that embody the Ideas, Story, and Values in the Song! There are many Gods with Women who only know bits and pieces of our 8-Point Curriculum. Because she only knows alittle, and is missing ALOT, she has to use other information, guess, make assumptions, and ask for answers to “fill in the gaps”. If you’re a God who has a Family Unit like this, are you comfortable knowing that whenever you are absent or even present, that it’s ultimately “these gaps” that she has to use, to educate your children? This is equivalent to having an Ambassador represent your Nation who has very little ‘actual’ knowledge and ‘experience’ in areas of Diplomacy and the National Interests you supposedly share. Not only are they unqualified to diplomatically represent these National Interests, b.u.t. they’re also ill-equipped to train someone about these Interests if something ever happened to you! Although this Ambassador may be able to improvise in some situations, it’s only a matter of time before their inadequacies are fully exposed AND taken advantage of by somebody without your Interests at heart. AND WHEN THIS HAPPENS, because it will, it’s going to threaten the security/stability of an entire Nation! Some Gods will say, “Although my Queen doesn’t know 120 (the other 6-Points of our Curriculum; thus she improvises), I know she’ll do what’s best for the Family and our children if I’m gone!” Well I’d ask them, “How can she ‘know’ how to do what’s in the best Interest of your Family, when she doesn’t actually ‘know’ OR totally embrace your ‘Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests?” If their only solution is that they know (actually hope) she’ll bring their children around some other Gods/Earths, I’d ask them, “What has she shown you, while you are alive, that gives you any evidence that she would be willing to do something like that?” Just because she’s been around sometimes watching you operate heavy machinery for “years, months, and days” (36/1-40), it doesn’t mean she’s qualifiedly trained to do so herself! Not only are you putting too much faith in the unknown (10/1-40), b.u.t. you’re also putting unreasonable expectations on your Companion to make choices you’ve never ceen her make! Anytime we have a lack of concern or consideration for equal Performance/Proficiency Standards within our relationships, we put the Family Unit at risk, and are ultimately flirting with disaster.

Another thing we must consider is the ‘Criteria’ or standard of judgment we’re using to define the perimeters of our relationships AND using as the basis of our Family Unit. Can we successfully hold a Family Unit together AND it’s Members responsible/accountable for a ‘Criteria’ they’re not fully aware, don’t agree with, or choose not to embrace? It would be unrighteous and unreasonable on our part to even expect that from somebody! If we are striving to hold our Family Members to a Cultural Standard that they’re not fully aware, don’t agree with, or choose not to embrace, we’ll only breed discontentment and dissatisfaction!! The most reasonable relationship is one where you both know, agree, and embrace the same Cultural Rules & Regulations (Policies & Procedures), instead of one person having them and then checking the other person about these Cultural Rules & Regulations (Policies & Procedures) “every step of the way” (4/1-14). There is nothing equal about this type of “Power Dynamic”! In time, you’ll cee this unsustainable relationship fizzle out and become a dysfunctional Family Unit. As I elaborated on in my ‘Fallen Earth’ Article, many Gods/Earths have/are establishing relationships with People who don’t share our Cultural Worldview/Interests. This is the fundamental reason why these Quasi-Relationships produce dysfunctional Family Units, which are inequitable Institutions for establishing a real National Agenda. Out of sheer lust, feelings, lack of judgment, personal preference, basic selfishness, etc.., some Gods/Earths will compromise their ‘Criteria’ for Companions who are ill-equipped to preserve/perpetuate their ‘Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests of a Family Unit and future generations. You often cee the same type of decisions being made within Mosques, Kingdom Halls, Churches, etc.. It’s impossible to build a strong, unified Institution if it’s Member’s aren’t unified! If you have a Church full of females and most of their Men would rather stay home and watch football, it’s impossible for that Religious Institution to have the Family support to actually grow, UNLESS some restructuring occurs within these Family Units. If you have a School full of Children who’s Parents aren’t supportive/involved in their education, it’s impossible for that Educational Institution to have the Family support to actually grow, UNLESS some restructuring occurs within these Family Units. When Gods advocate that their Earth doesn’t need to have 120 (the other 6-Points of our Curriculum), they’re setting themselves, their Family, and their future generations up for a fall! Because the Cultural ‘Criteria’ that governs that Family isn’t a Unit (unified), it’s impossible to establish/sustain a Nation that has the Family support to actually grow, UNLESS some restructuring occurs within these Family Units! Now for those of you who’ve already married a person who doesn’t share the Cultural Standards (Criteria) as you do, you’ve made that choice so you gotta live with it. Since “Word is bond and bond is life” (11/1-14), you must continue to accept your Companion the way you accepted them when you got married. You can mention to them some of things I’ve built about in this Article and even refer this to them, b.u.t. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to demand they change what you’ve already accepted. If they do make changes and strive to know more, agree with, and embrace your Religious/Cultural Perspective, that’s Peace! If they don’t, that’s also Peace because you already accepted them. If it’s not going your way and you have regrets about marrying this person, you just gotta live with your decision to be with them or face the reality of a seperation/divorce. For those of you who aren’t married, b.u.t. are engaged, have a boyfriend/girlfriend, ceeing somebody, etc.., you really need to ask yourselves, “Is this a good investment for a Family Unit and our future generations?” If not, then you need to talk to them and move on. If they're someone you're willing to work with, then it's important for you both discuss where eachothers heads & hearts are at. Keep in Mind that it’s important for you to let them know, over time, the full scope of your Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests. This is also something they must do as well, and this process will address the ‘Criteria’ or standard of judgment you'll both be using to define the perimeters of this relationships AND using as the basis of your Family Unit. Without this process of disclosure/transparency, on both sides, THERE WILL BE fundamental problems with that relationship! Problems that all the sex in the World, Gift Giving, Entertainment, a Marriage License, a Baby, a Home Mortgage, etc.. CAN’T SOLVE! If a potential Companion is interested in knowing more about your ‘Core’ Values, Principles, and Cultural Interests, then that’s Peace! Make sure they’re willing to take the initiative to learn the full scope of what you’re dealing with. You’ll know if they’re sincerely interested. If they’re not interested, that’s also Peace because you just saved yourself a migraine headache, and a “95%” (85% + 10%: 14-15/1-40) chance of having a dysfunctional Family Unit. Now, THIS DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN that simply because your Companion is a Member of your Church, Mosque, or is also a God/Earth that everything is gonna be graaavee!! LOL What this does mean is that by choosing someone who at least knows, agrees with, and embraces the same ‘Criteria’ as you, you have a Family/Institutional Support System in place to reinforce these Rules & Regulations (Policies & Procedures). This also means that you have a proper plan of recourse in place, just in case your Family Unit goes off track or needs certain issues addressed. A Church, Mosque, Community of Gods/Earths, etc.., WHO SHARE THE SAME ‘CRITERIA’ AS YOU, are there as support ‘units’. When there isn’t any support or recourse, you’re both left to your own devices, which is not always the best situation for a relationship or Family Unit. It’s also important to consider the fact that in most cases of ‘Domestic Violence’, people are most likely to be physically, emotionally, sexually, and economically abused when there are no support systems or plans of recourse in place to reinforce that relationship. So ultimately, there is no benefit in having no support system or plan of recourse in place when Family problems occur. THIS DOESN'T MEAN that you go into a relationship thinking that the other person don't got shit to offer, and everything is going to be based solely upon a 'Criteria' YOU embrace. The point is, you need to have a 'Criteria' and Plan before you even consider having a conversation! A 'Criteria' and Plan that is "already" (key word) working for you, that you're willing to put on the table, and confidently express it's benefits for a Family Unit, AND future generations. The other person should have a 'Criteria' and Plan too, and through analyzing these blueprints, you both can decide what's most beneficial for building a strong Family Structure! If you're both honest enough with yourselves, and thinking about the importance of building, protecting, and sustaining a Family Unit, it shouldn't be difficult to acknowledge what type of Cultural Rules & Regulations (Policies & Procedures) to use. If you don't have a 'Criteria' and Plan, someone has a 'Criteria' and Plan for you!

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the importance of insuring that you and your respective/prospective Companion are on the same page, and share the same Interests/Vision for your Family Unit. This means that not only are you on the same path, b.u.t. you’re also headed in the same direction! If not, you’re only asking for problems you could avoid. If you’re attitude is that your Companion doesn’t need to know the full scope of your Cultural, Religious, or Philosophical Perspective, these “unknowns” will come back to bite you in the ass! Communicating these Rules & Regulations (Policies & Procedures), and sharing the responsibility/accountability of this ‘Criteria’ makes your relationships AND Family Unit better equipped to handle problems AND stand the test of time. Without this type of Bond, we’re just two individuals with/without children, who’re making up the rules as we go…; which isn’t good for eachother, our Family (or future Family), our Community, or Nation as a whole! There is no Benefit in having a Companion who doesn’t know the full scope of Christianity, and you’re a Christian. There is NO BENEFIT in having a Companion who doesn’t know the full scope of Islam, and you’re a Sunni Muslim. There is NO BENEFIT in having a Companion who doesn’t know the full scope of being Self Employed, and you’re a Small Business Owner. There is also NO BENEFIT in having a Companion who doesn’t know the full scope of The NGE (The Nation of Gods and Earths) 8-Point Curriculum, and you’re a God/Earth. In all cases, this can only be a liability, handicap, and hindrance to eachother and your Family Unit! Since there is obviously NO BENEFIT in this, the next logical question is, “Why do people choose relationships like this, and try to build a Family Unit like that?” Some People just don't know any better. Some People are just thirsty to have somebody, anybody, in their life. Some People just want what you can do for them, not what you’re about. Some People aren’t even thinking about Family, let alone a future generation, so what I’m saying to them is really irrelevant. Some people think that all relationships are gonna have problems regardless to whom or what, so they simply accept the dysfunction as a fact of life, and pass this mentality on to their children... Some people ain’t thinking that deep. To them as long as they’re “feeling eachother”, that’s all that matters –on their good days of course! Some people want to be accepted but not checkdid! LOL So they deliberately don’t inform their Companion about the full scope of who they are so they can “use them for a tool and also as a slave” (6/1-14). There are maaaaaaany justifications and rationalizations why people make relationship choices and try to build a family Unit like this, b.u.t. one thing you’ll cee that they all have in common is their lack of concern/consideration for what’s in the best interest of a Family Unit, their future generations, or Nation as a whole! When considering a relationship, it’s always important to consider what Cultural Interests and Vision for a Family Unit will be passed on to the next generations when one/both of you are absent or no longer here! Even if you don’t want or have children, a relationship is still a ‘Unit’ that contains Cultural Interests, a Vision, and brings ‘Families’ together. So even in this situation, it’s still important to consider what will be passed on to the future generations within your respective Families, when one/both of you are absent or no longer here!! If none of what I’m saying is of any concern to you and your Companion, then I pray to that Mystery God that everything works out for "you AND her"…


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