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Dumb and Dumber

The Bomb

-The Other Greatest Story Never Told-

I chose my name “Saladin” from doing research on the 5th Lesson in the 1-14’s. The name means ‘Honor or Righteousness of the Faith’. Saladin was the King/Warrior responsible for expelling the Knights Templars out of Jerusalem in 1187 AD. He accomplished this with such a degree of Righteousness, that Saladin is one of the few Leaders who is well respected and written about by Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike.

People will always talk, positive or negative, but one thing my Ole Dad taught me is that, “You can out live a Lie, but you’ll never be able to out live the Truth.” This is very important to understand because many times People will try to discredit what you’re doing for various reasons. One of the most important parts of “teaching Civilization to others” (19/1-40), is by demonstrating Civilization. Another important part of that is “taking Jerusalem from the Devil.” (5/1-14). Taking Jerusalem is important because you can’t have ‘Civilization’ if it’s not “founded in Peace” (5/1-14) -which happens to be the meaning of “Jerusalem” (founded in Peace). So in other words, sometimes you may have to take something away, in order to found Peace, and maintain your Civilization! So in Today’s Article, I will address some public statements being made about me and demonstrate the Procedure of “taking Jerusalem from the Devil.”

For those of you who had an opportunity to listen to the last two Science of Life Radio Shows, I was on there and spoke about issues of Equality, Righteousness as a Standard across the board, and the importance of reevaluating our ideas about Righteousness and Civilization to ensure that we’re being considerate of Family Relationships. The first Show was Peace, yet towards the end of the Show one the Co-Host’s, Original Author, took personal offense to some of my points. After questioning if I had an Earth (Woman) and then explaining why he asked me that, I simply humbled myself and acknowledged what he said. Some People questioned why I didn’t add on, b.u.t. at the end of this Article you’ll understand why. Just for the record, in regards to my Relationship Status, this is the response I posted when an Earth (Woman) asked me that question. She clearly stated that there were Women who probably wanted to know b.u.t. were two bashful to ask me: “Yes I am available, and I am being "very selective" in choosing a Life Companion because a Family Unit is a very serious and sacred relationship to me! Things did not work out with me and my first Earth (Woman), and my daughters don't need to cee any more train wrecks behind me. So I don't teach my daughters that relationships are transitory by using a 'trial & error' method to find a Companion. About a month ago we were building and they thought it was hilarious that I usually go to the Movies, Restaurants, Travel, etc.. by myself! LOL As they get older, hopefully they'll learn to appreciate my degree of refinement as a Man, and integrity as a Father. ” So I’m not Single, because I do have a Family! I’m a Family Man who is currently without a Companion.

Anyway, after the first Show, I posted a status on Facebook referring to the incident of questioning “my availability” and Self Kingdom posts a comment saying it wasn’t about that. He also makes these accusations against me, “The God (Original Author) told me you (Saladin) done some funny style stuff”, “For those who say they do not understand, that is because you do not have knowledge of what Saladin did.” And “This is not about if he a builder, this is about some snake shit he have done, more than once.KEEP IN MIND that this is what Self Kingdom said about me, yet we never had one conversation! -smirk- Anyway, we sends me a FB Message, I forward him my Math, and he calls me around 4pm on 4/13. He left a message and I returned his call a few minutes later. After saying “Peace”, I jokingly (but seriously) said, “God you seem like you already got your Mind made up!” He disagreed and started to go into some things Original Author told him about me and then asked me was it true. I said, “God I don’t feel comfortable talking about this issue with the God not present to defend himself. Since you talk to him, can you ask him about doing a 3-Way Call so that we can resolve whatever issues he has with me with a Mediator present? This way you can hear what both of us have to say.” Self Kingdom agreed, we got off the phone, and he calls me back around 8pm saying that Original Author doesn’t want to do it. Hmmmmmmm…. I also send Self Kingdom a FB Message to forward to Original Author asking him about doing this 3-Way Call in private. I never get a response from either of them. AT THIS POINT IN THE ARTICLE, ALL OF YOU ARE WELL AWARE THAT I GAVE ORIGINAL AUTHOR AN OPPORTUNITY TO RESOLVE THIS IN PRIVATE! I also made sure I got Self Kingdom to confirm this, on the air, during the second Radio Show! -smile-

The second Show was some Jerry Springer shit. Naw actually, it was more like I a handicap wrestling Match between me and a NGE Tag Team version of S.D. Jones and Corporal Kirchner. Towards the end of the Show, Original Author had a chance to express whatever personal problem he had with me, which he expressed basically without interruption. When I did interrupt once, I apologized! Let me also state that when I first got on the air, in addition to getting Self Kingdom to acknowledge that I strived to do a 3-Way Call, I informed the listeners that “they” had the ability to mute my line and if they were willing to agree to not mute my line when I’m speaking. Self Kingdom also agreed to this! -smile- When it came time for me to speak, Original Author kept trying to get him to mute me, and both of them consistently interrupted me! It was horrible! The reason for this Article is to give you all a chance to cee and hear what I had to say, “undiluted, mixed or tampered with in any form” (9/1-14).


Because I do a lot of different things “by myself” (2/1-36), on and offline, I’m constantly communicating with People. EVERY DAY, I have to spend at least 1-2 hours online simply responding to people, reaching out to people, striving to put people in contact with others, answering questions, etc... If I skip a day, you can imagine what I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow. Mind you, this has nothing to do with the two jobs I have, the Mentor Program I do, the letters (prison or otherwise) I receive every week, or the additional Projects I invest time into. Although I do all of these things, it’s important that I make it a priority to communicate with the People! So you can cee, I don’t have a lot of time for many things. So if you ever receive a friendly text, email, message, etc.. from me, that means I don’t have time to talk, b.u.t. I’m definitely thinking about and acknowledging you! I also receive a lot of requests from People, males & females, about me teaching them, sending them Lessons, or putting them in contact with a God/Earth in their Area. My standard Procedure has been posting their info in DRE’s Myspace Group for Gods/Earths to cee and hopefully respond to. Another thing I do is when a Sister reaches out to me, I always strive to put her in contact with another Woman. I also contact various Gods/Earths personally, and pass the person’s NAME, EMAIL & LOCATION on to them! On Jun 17, 2009 at 10:58am, I had a Correspondence on Myspace with a female who called herself Kahsanjra. Below is the Correspondence that took place between me and her. Beginning from the bottom, my Correspondence is in Green, Kahsanjra's is in Orange:


6/18/2009 2:18 PM
From: To: Brothers from Another Pla...
Yes Niagara Falls is one of the places on my list. Im basically over it, its been several months now, it is painful to think of time to time. but sure we can build , I love learning and meeting new people. :) Peace,Kahsanjra

----------------- Original Message -----------------From: Quahadi Music/Quanaah PublishingTo: Healing Waters Date: Jun 18, 2009 1:35 PM Subject: RE: Peace! I feel you on that. Well sometime in the future when you're planning to travel, definately consider Atlantis (Niagara Falls).Well, there are various reasons why I'm lacking in the Companionship Dept. Queen. -smile- In nutshell, I simply haven't met the Queen yet nor have I openly tried to meet her. Although I realize you need some time to reconcile the emotions invested in your past relationship, if you're interested, I would love to build with you to get to know you better -in 'your own' good time. I'm sure we can learn alot from eachother! Peace, Saladin

----------------- Original Message -----------------From: Healing WatersTo: Quahadi Music/Quanaah Publishing Date: Jun 18, 2009 11:11 AM Subject: RE: Peace!well, my decisions are the effect of my companionship dep. going sour... I decided to break my lease to my apartment and move back with my mother so that I can save money and be able to travel like I would love to do. The apartment was for two but things changed I will have alittle more peace of mind being able to save.Why do you think you lack in the companionship Dept.?

----------------- Original Message -----------------From: Quahadi Music/Quanaah PublishingTo: Healing Waters Date: Jun 18, 2009 8:44 AM Subject: RE: Peace! No doubt! I'm doing the same; just been working a couple jobs and running my Mentorship Program! I love what I do, I'm just lacking in the companionship Dept.! LOL Anway, if you don't mind to share...decisions in reagards to what that will better suit you in the long run? Saladin

----------------- Original Message -----------------From: Healing WatersTo: Quahadi Music/Quanaah Publishing Date: Jun 17, 2009 11:59 AM Subject: RE: Peace! Peace, Im doing well, Peace to too. I havent been dealing with anything other than the usually.... me! :) Im feel great and working towards decisions that will better suit me in the long run. how about you?

----------------- Original Message -----------------From: Quahadi Music/Quanaah PublishingTo: Moving Water Date: Jun 17, 2009 10:58 AM Subject: Peace! Peace Queen! Ceen you on, just wanted to say Peace! How you been feeling lately and what you been dealing with? Saladin

Now on the Radio Show, Original Author tried to come off like I was pushing up on his Earth! So judging by our Correspondence, either Original Author was telling a bold face lie or she was! So me and Kahsanjra exchanged contact information, and we built on the phone. When me and Kahsanjra had an opportunity to build, we dealt with various sciences such as Cosmology, Relationships, Goddesses, etc... In the course of these conversations she also talked a great deal about her past relationship, and the circumstances surrounding it. This I can’t speak on because I don’t have any evidence of that. Kahsanjra also never mentioned this God’s name. Eventually, she asked me, via text, to be her Enlightener. I did not give her an answer b.u.t. responded by asking her who was the God who was teaching her, and if she had a problem with me contacting him. She immediately asked, “Why do you need to do that?”, and I explained to her that I wasn’t questioning if she was telling me the truth, b.u.t. as Gods/Earths, we don’t take anything “on face value” (9/1-40), and I need to find out his intentions as your Enlightener. She reluctantly agreed, told me his name was Original Author, and I sent Original Author a Myspace Message on Jul 7, 2009 10:28 AM letting him know I wanted to build with him. He responded to me on 7/11/2009 1:18 PM and this was our Correspondence:
7/11/2009 1:18 PM
From: Sponge God Square Stance... To: Brothers from Another Pla...
Peace I see you on...what's good with me hitting you now?

----------------- Original Message -----------------From: Quahadi Music/Quanaah PublishingTo: Original Author Date: Jul 7, 2009 10:28 AM Subject: Peace Lord! Peace 7! Can you forward me your Math, I wanted to build with you! Peace, Saladin

Me and Original Author get a chance to build on the phone the next day or so. After I say “Peace”, the first question I asked him was “Do you know this Wiz named Kahsanjra?” Original Author immediately says, “Yeah God, that’s my Earth. Why?” Then I tell Original Author that she asked me to Enlighten her and I was contacting him to cee where he was at with the situation; AKA “Are you still teaching her?” Original Author ensures me that Kahsanjra is his Earth and I need to just fall back! So I agreed to fall back and said, “You have my word that I won’t contact her anymore”. Before I could call her back, about 10 minutes later I get a phone call from Kahsanjra who was hysterical, asking me what happened because she got a call from Original Author cursing her out! I told her that Original Author told me ya’ll were still together so I agreed to fall back. Crying, she curses about what he’s trying to do and we get off the phone. About 10 minutes after that, I get another phone call from Kahsanjra and she says she has Original Author on the phone and if I Mind doing a 3-Way Call. I agree. As soon as I get on the phone, Original Author is cursing, talking about what he’s gonna do, and what a snake I was by how I came at him! His main point was that “I knew” Kahsanjra was his “EX” Earth! So noooow that we’re all on the phone, this female is his “Ex-Earth”! -smirk- When I questioned him on it, he blatantly lied and said, “Saladin, you know I said she was my ‘EX’ Earth!” Since I had no way of proving it, I dropped it and I asked him was he still teaching her, with her on the line! Humbled, he said “No” b.u.t. they’re trying to work it out and Kahsanjra said she’s not interested in working it out, it’s done! Then Original Author says, “Woooow, so you gon do me like that?” So after everything was out in the open, we get off the phone. Please take note that this was a 3-Way Call, and the purpose of this 3-Way Call was for one of two reasons:

1.) I was that thirsty, that I needed both of them on the phone to tell me directly that they were working things out, before I was willing to fall back! LOL

2.) Somebody was blatantly lying that needed to be exposed!

So 2 minutes after we end this call, I get a call from Original Author trying to curse me out again about what a snake I am. He was accusing me of knowing that Kahsanjra was his “EX” Earth, and I was a snake for asking him “Does he know this Wiz?” instead of addressing her as his Queen or Earth. LOL! When I got a chance to speak…, I informed him that this is all she was to me, “Some Wiz” that I met and have no relationship with. Someone I don’t know just like I didn’t know him! For those who’re reading this, whenever a Judge is making an inquiry into a Case, they don’t tell either Party what they know! They simply ask questions and divulge basic information that’s in the best interest maintaining the integrity that allows them to make a Just decision! How the hell does a Judge look bringing shit from one person to the other?! Moreover, if I were a snake, and a dumb one at that, I would have taken whatever she told me “on face value” (9/1-40)! I would have neeeever cared or taken the initiative to reach out to this Brother! That was strait up respect! Anyway, he still didn’t agree with my Procedure, b.u.t. I did have an opportunity to ask him, “Why should I still fall back even though she said she doesn’t want you to Enlighten her?” Original Author then begins to openly tell me how he still just has feelings for her, it’s real sensitive right now, I can get any other Earths I want b.u.t. just leave this one alone, maybe ya’ll can build in the future b.u.t. just not right now, and that she may be using this situation to try to hurt him. I listened and respected the fact that he was honest about that, so I again agreed to not contact her anymore -after I let her know that we built with eachother and agreed that this decision is in the best interest of all of us involved. Before we get off the phone, Original Author also asks me that even if she contacts me, to not even contact her back. LOL! Yeah, I agreed to that too. -shrugs-

So I step out of the situation is by texting Kahsanjra to let her know that me and Original Author built, and it was in the best interest of all of us for me to not be in the middle of these unresolved issues. I also informed her that I will no longer correspond with her, I hope both of them find closure so they both can move forward, and I appreciate having the opportunity to meet her. She called me, texted me, left VM’S, etc.. and I did not respond. NOW AFTER THIS WAS ALL SAID AND DONE, this is the last Myspace Message Original Author sent me later that night on 7/11/2009 at 10:30pm. Keep in Mind, this is AFTER everything is supposed to be done:

7/11/2009 10:30 PM
From: Sponge God Square Stance... To: Brothers from Another Pla...
Peace if she contacts you and AFTER you make knowledge born about our understanding and agreement...and you let her know direct that you will not be having any contact with her and she does not respect that I want to be notifed for there is NO he said she said stuff knowledge was made born...this is on you god...WE have the if its not respected on that tip...then that's when its get disrespect fuly again...I don't want her feeding me nothing about you was saying this Or doing that, when shit is supposed to be dead on all fronts.I am leaving it as that...I appreciate that and I will let it be from here on out,on the bond you gave...I am dealing with the KNOWLEDGE you made BORN...PEACE

Yeah, I had the same reaction when I read it; “What kinda weak ass shit is that?!” LOL Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Why is this dude trying to get me to keep tabs on some female, FOR HIM, who told him she doesn't want nothing to do with him anymore?!

2. Why was it important for him to get me to agree to have NO CONTACT with her, but notify him whenever she contacts me?!

3. If I’m such “a snake” dude, why would he expect “a snake” to keep their word, ask “a snake” to volunteer as his surveillance, and then let “the snake” know how much he appreciates “this snake”?!

In addition to Original Author’s childish emotional outbursts, this shit really showed me the clownish level this dude was really on. -shakes head- I didn’t even respond to that bullshit and haven't communicated with Original Author since then. The last interaction I had with him was the little “machismo” posturing he tried to pull on those Science of Life Radio Shows. I’m glad he did it though! LOL Because now when people go back and listen to these Shows, and compare it with THESE ACTUAL FACTS, they’ll reeeeeally be able to get a kick out of how I sat back and let him make a complete ass outta himself! They’ll also be able to appreciate how ignorant his Co-Host ‘Self Kingdom’ is for co-signing his boy’s bullshit! LOL Now ask yourselves, what kinda “Science of Life” is that? This whole situation just reveals some serious growth & development issues that need to be addressed within ourselves, our Families, and Nation. On a personal level, hopefully these dudes will humble themselves and learn to quit wisdom knowledging! Both of them are a disgrace to the Principles and Values of what this Nation is about, and they, like anybody else who’s deceiving the People, need to be completely exposed!!! Now People can really cee "the meaning of Civilization." (17/1-40)

Now this is the last Message I received from Kahsanjra, three days after I informed her, by text Message, that I’m stepping away from the whole situation. She sent this on 7/14/2009 at 8:18am, and the Message was titled ‘The wrong sister’:

7/14/2009 8:18 AM
From: To: Brothers from Another Pla...
Yo, what the hell you get out of this shit... stop egging this man on. You obvious had other intentions. I never asked for a friendship... i told you life and knowledge goes on meaning i moved on. i have no attachement with you so please save you lies. I used you own words aginst you as far as "one monkey doesnt stop the show", and "what does your students have to do with what im doing"... thoes are your words that i used against you to show how contradicting you are. You dont want to be involved you you running to him for what?! You already know how emotional he his and you playing on it ... go about you business with someone else and leave this man alone. Lying about what you said to save your ass, man up! but you will lie on me. once you said you were not going to teach me, i moved on. you surly dont know me and dont pretend like you do. Try to make some other woman look like a bitch but I aint the one i got my shit together. If you got something to say to me, say it to me straight up, as old as you are and you having daughers, you should know better. Now that you dont reading this... go run tell him i sent this to you too, better yet forward it to him. I have nothing to hide. PEACE!

Aside from the other mumbo jumbo, you can clearly cee she’s upset that I didn’t want anything to do with the situation. Original Author claimed on air, that she cut me off! Oh really? LOL! One thing you’ll notice is that both of their Messages read the same: emotionally immature and uncivil! Ultimately, I got the impression that they were a young couple with unresolved issues they needed to work out, and I got caught in the crossfire. So I obviously didn’t respond to this bullshit either.

Now for those of you who doubt the validity of any of these Correspondences, I have taken the liberty of making these “Webpages” available as viewable files that you can download here:

Why? Because that’s what Showing & Proving is about! We can always dispute some “he said, she said” bullshit, b.u.t. you can’t dispute Actual Facts!

In closing, I want to reiterate that I came at this dude as a Brother from the gate. I even gave him an opportunity to handle whatever problem he has with me in private to let this dude save face! Even at this point, I have all rights to bomb the shit outta him AND clown his boy Self Kingdom for keeping up shit and trying to malign my Character on their Show. Allah is indeed the most merciful! I don’t expect any public apologies from Original Author for trying to publically disgrace me, or Self ‘Saa Neter’ Kingdom for joining him on this weak ass Crusade! LOL! I also don’t expect them to respect the degree of Refinement and Civilization I’ve shown both of them by the way I’ve handled this whole situation. I’ve already expected too much Civilization out of both of them, which is obviously “thunder above their heads” (9/1-40). These “people”, because they’ve shown me and everybody else that they’re not my Brothers or truly about Family, are a prime example of the Cultural Immaturity I consistently address. This is the type of arrested development that we need to get away from in order for us to truly improve our quality of life, sustain our Family Units, and progress as a Nation! Making a Controversial/Sensational Show to try to bite my or anybody else’s back out TO BOOST YOUR RATINGS is not Nation Building! Here are a few Lessons you can take away from this:

1.) Just because someone might ‘look like’ Common, doesn’t mean he’s like Common.
2.) Knowledge is the Foundation! Always do a thorough investigation before agreeing to do something, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FULL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT YOU MAY BE GETTING INTO!
3.) Never walk into Court without DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE to support your Claim/Position. You’ll only end up looking like an ass when it’s all said and done!
4.) Always keep clean underwear! You don’t wanna be put in a situation where People get a chance to cee your drawers, and they’re full of shit!
5.) It can take “years, months and days” (36/1-40) to earn people’s trust, and one ‘Science of Life’ Episode to destroy it!
6.) If you’re gonna call yourself “God/Earth”, you’re only doing yourself, your Family, this Nation, and Society a disserve by not striving to live up to that standard. If you’re having trouble, get with someone who can help you out!
7.) If you’re dealing with jealousy, envy, lust, or hate, it will reveal itself. You can’t help but expose it because it consumes you!
8.) Think about your Family, Friends, and Associates before you put yourself out on a limb! Because if things don’t go your way, and you end up embarrassing yourself, you’re also embarrassing your Family, Friends, and anyone who Associates with you!
9.) It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.


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