Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Duty of the Civilized

(18/1-40) What is ‘THE DUTY’ of a Civilized Person?

THE DUTY of a Civilized Person is to teach he who is savage Civilization, Righteousness, the Knowledge of Him(Her)self, the Science of everything in Life, Love, Peace and Happiness.

Seems simple enough right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As Gods/Earths or anyone who proclaims that they’re a Civilized Person, we have a responsibility to be the embodiment of that proclamation. This means that we must have a sense of ‘DUTY’ or responsibility. Responsibility means our natural obligation to ‘respond’ to things/situations, based upon our ‘ability’ (responsibility). The sole reason for gaining KOS is to become a better asset to our Family, Community, Nation, and Planet! We become better in order to help make this Planet a better place! Everything else either coincides with that ‘DUTY’ or goes against it. The daily struggle we all go through is maintaining our focus on that responsibility, and making sure we don’t sidetrack ourselves from living out this Culture to the best of our ability. In the process, there are many things that we cannot afford to entertain or condone. Why? Because we undermine our DUTY to our Family, Community, Nation, Humanity, and Planet! For those People who believe they have no Family, Community, National, Humanity, and Planet responsibilities, I would ask them how can they justify living? If we’re not here to help, by doing positive and productive things for our Family, Community, Nation, Humanity, and Planet, then why are we even here?

In order to recognize a ‘DUTY’, we must be considerate. We must be capable of thinking outside of ourselves and ponder the needs of other people, places, and things. This is very important because we live in an interdependent Universe where all things rely on eachother. As children, this is one of the first Lessons we’re supposed to learn; how to share and work together. As we get older and more mature, we’re also supposed to learn higher levels of sharing and working together, because as Adults, we gain more responsibility. On an even a higher level of growth and development, those who proclaim themselves to be Christian, Muslim, Gods/Earths, Kemetic, Hebrew, Buddhist, etc... are supposed to learn more advanced levels of sharing and working together. This occurs because these Religious, Spiritual, Cultural, or Metaphysical Systems are designed to put us in direct union/communication with the essence of ALL “Civilization, Righteousness, the Knowledge of Self, the Science of everything in Life, Love, Peace and Happiness.” (18/1-40) This, of course, is the greatest of all responsibilities!

When The Father first started teaching the 1st 9 Born, it’s important to realize that they were still children. This means that they were still learning the basics of sharing and working together. Under these conditions, many of these children taught other children, and so on and so forth. As these children grew into Adulthood, many of them matured and grasped higher levels of responsibility. Many of them aged, b.u.t. never matured. Still then, there are many who grew in responsibility as Gods/Earths, and many others who didn’t. Make no mistake about it, this happens in all Nations! There are always some Church Members with an infantile idea of what it means to be a Christian, some Muslims who have a childlike understanding of Islam, and some New School Rappers who’re green to the demands of the Music Industry. In all of these cases, including ours (The NGE), irresponsibility or lack of ‘DUTY’ negatively effects the growth and development of our Families, Community, Nation, and Planet. When segments of a Group express this level of immaturity, what often ends up happening is an entire Group catches the blame for the actions of a few! This is the reason why People ignorantly attack Christianity as whole, just because some Pedophiles clam to be Priests. This is why People ignorantly attack the whole Muslim World because some Suicide Bombers claimed to be Muslims. This is also why People ignorantly label The NGE ‘A Gang’ (STG.; Security Threat Group) because some Savages claim to be Gods/Earths. While some people do mature enough to recognize what’s truly demanded of them as an Adult and Representative of their Teachings, other People don’t. Those that do, you’ll recognize higher aspirations, behavior, etc... that reflects a more advance level of thinking and social development. Those that don’t, you’ll recognize lower aspirations, behavior, etc... that reflects an immature level of thinking and social development.

The above Lesson, 18/1-40, is two fold! For some people it’s more Instructional. It’s explaining to us a sense of DUTY we’ve never recognized before. For others, it’s more of a Confirmation. It’s elaborating on a sense DUTY we’ve already demonstrated to some degree. The importance of this Degree means the same thing to everybody: As we have received, we are likewise responsible for transmitting. As we enjoy the benefits of those who came before us, we ourselves must be beneficial to those who come after us. Recognizing that our life is an integral part of a greater Cycle of Life, is paramount to grasping our DUTY (responsibility) as a Civilized Person. All of this begins with a basic consideration for people, places and things outside of ourselves!

One of the biggest problems within this Nation is a basic lack of consideration for eachother, and no sense of DUTY. This is not the case for many of us, b.u.t. there are still many others who exhibit an infantile mentality when it comes to sharing and working together. Part of the problem stems from a basic lack of understanding of the above said Lesson; What is THE DUTY of a Civilized Person? (18/1-40) It’s funny how People can claim this Culture that The Father and his Companions selflessly shared with us, yet be unwilling to do the same by sharing this with others. I’m not talking about getting someone to memorize information (Lessons). Although this definitely “can be” a part of a person’s growth and development process, the 18/1-40 says nothing about that! A person only learns our 8-Point Curriculum because they want to embrace AND teach our Culture. So that process IS NOT for everybody! What I’m talking about is following in the Tradition of The Father, and various other Ancestors who came before us, who selflessly gave of themselves! I’m talking about the Tradition of sharing, caring and being actively involved with our Families, Communities, Nation, and the Planet’s growth and development! The 18/1-40 does say that we must have the capacity ‘to teach’ he (or she) who is savage Civilization, and it stands to reason that if we’re being uncivilized or savage ourselves, then we’re incapable of teaching anyone Civilization. This Lesson also says that we must have the capacity ‘to teach’ Righteousness. Now if we’re advocating/condoning unrighteous acts like stealing, regardless if it’s a pack of gum, a bogus tax return, or a 2010 Chevy Tahoe, then we’re incapable of teaching Righteousness. Crime is crime regardless if we’re calling it white collar, blue collar, or no collar! Another important DUTY mentioned within that Lesson, in addition to the Science of everything in Life, is Love, Peace, and Happiness! It’s impossible to teach someone love if we don’t have and aren’t showing genuine Love for our own Family, Community, Nation, and Planet! This is also true about Peace! How can we teach someone about peace if we’re really not at Peace with ourselves and the positive things other people are doing? What about Happiness? Is it possible to teach People Happiness if we’re clearly unhappy about where we’re at in life? As a Civilized Person, it is our DUTY to be about the above said things! People shouldn’t have to comb through a whole bunch of bullshit we’re saying & doing in order for them to recognize the elements highlighted in that Lesson, it should be apparent! As the God Life told me the other day, “As Righteous People, the mistakes we make should be at a minimal because we’re striving for perfection, and showing People the Civilized way. When there are areas in our life that we’re not as refined in yet, People should be able to recognize us actively working on these areas. This is what we should be doing at the very least! If we’re not representing the Culture in this respect, then we’re failing our charge as true Fathers and Mothers of Civilization.

Civilization is considered a high level of cultural and technological development. The basis of this ‘high level’ of development is determined by the Mindset of the People. This Mindset is a Worldview orientated with “knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement, and not being a savage in the pursuit of happiness” (17/1-40) ALL of these components indicate that a sense of Morality and Ethics crowns ‘the meaning’ of Civilization. In other words, regardless of what we manufacture or produce, it’s our sense of Right and Wrong that ultimately determines its sustainability! This is the reason why Nations such as Babylon, Rome, America, etc.. fall! The Moral & Ethical Fabric of these Societies were corrupt, and it’s Family Units came/are coming apart at the seams! Morality & Ethics are the ‘Criteria’ (Standard) we use to measure the difference between Righteousness and Wickedness, Right and Wrong. This ‘Criteria’ (Standard) are the Principles and Values that govern our thinking and behavior. A Christian proclaims The Bible as their ‘Criteria’ for these Principles and Values. A Muslim proclaims The Koran, Satanists proclaim Anthon Levy’s Satanic Bible, etc... Although People proclaim different Religious, Spiritual, or Metaphysical Texts as the ‘Criteria’ for their Principles and Values, there are still many others that view their personal experience/ideals as the ‘Criteria’ for their Principles and Values. Regardless what we proclaim, Righteousness transcends all Religious, Spiritual, or Metaphysical Texts, Language, Gender, Ethnicity, Age, Geographic Location, and Social Status! In order to “advocate for one common cause” (8/1-14) and be unified as a Family/ Human Family, we must be able to identify the Universal Principles and Values that define the impartiality of Righteousness! For instance, child hunger and child abuse is unrighteous regardless what we call ourselves or where it’s happening on the Planet Earth! Selling or using crack is not right, regardless to whom or what! When People are unable to agree that things such as child hunger, selling/using crack are not Right, then there will always be an opportunity for these things to exist amongst those People.

In The NGE, we have what you call Parliaments. “Parliament” is a legislative body of Gods/Earths, called together to discuss issues and deal with Policies, Procedures, and Protocol that positively/negatively effecting our Family Units, Community, and Nation. The purpose of this discussion is to address Local, Regional, National issues so that we can amend, enact, and apply the appropriate Policies, Procedures, and Protocol that upholds/maintains our collective cultural ‘Criteria’ (Standard); Righteousness. For example, if a God/Earth has been engaging in some kind of criminal activities, then this will be addressed at Parliament. This God/Earth will have an opportunity to address these charges levied against them, and the legislative body (all those Gods/Earths who are present), will make a collective decision on how we need to resolve this issue. Parliament deals with the “Rules and Regulations” (28/1-40) that authorize, declare, restrict, proscribe, and sanction our Individual/Group behavior as a Nation. This system of checks & balances is important! Without this Governing Order, there would be Anarchy, because all of us would be left to our own devices/vices. As I’ve said many times before, it would be completely wrong for me to get with a Woman who isn’t educated/empowered enough to hold me accountable to the Cultural ‘Criteria’ (Standard) I live by. That’s unfair and unequal! In all Righteousness, this Woman must have the authority to check me and/or bring me before a Parliament of our peers if I’m doing something out of line! If she isn’t educated or empowered enough to do this, then I will be able to do whatever the f*ck I want! -shakes head- This also rings true for her! If I got with a Woman, and I’m not educated/empowered enough to hold her accountable to the ‘Criteria’ (Standard) she lives by, that relationship will also be unfair and unequal! In order for “word is bond and bond is life” (11/1-14) to actually work in a Companionship, Family, Nation…, those members must clearly understand eachother’s Principles and Values that define their sense of Morality & Ethics. THESE often unspoken ‘words’ are what they’re going to be ‘bonded’ to, “regardless to whom or what” (11/1-14). Everything within the Universe obeys/submits to a Laws; Principles that govern how it functions and behaves. In order for a Society to be deemed Civilized, the Principles and Values that govern how it’s Citizens function must be of a higher order. They must demonstrate a Moral & Ethical behavior the empowers them to culturally and technologically. If a group of People are “eating the wrong foods” (10/1-36), it’s impossible for them to be the forerunners of these cultural advancements; they won’t live long enough! If a Society of People don’t care about or secure their weakest elements, the Youth, Women, and Elders, they won’t have the fortitude/integrity to build a future! “Social means to advocate a Society of Men (Women and Children) or Group of Men (Women and Children) for one common cause. Equality means to be equal in everything.” (8/1-14). Coming together is impossible if there is no Order. There can’t be Order if those Individuals don’t have Morals & Ethics that determine their sense of Right and Wrong. Cee, Civilization is not based upon how we feel, our feelings must coincide with what’s Civilized, which is the priority. Righteousness is not determined by what we feel. Our feelings must be justified and measured according to Righteous Standards.

To conclude Today’s Article, I just want to encourage all of you to keep striving for perfection! -smile- As Civilized People, OUR DUTY encompasses many things, starting with a responsibility we take upon ourselves to simply do what’s Right! We may fall short sometimes, b.u.t. it’s our intention to do what’s Right that’ll ultimately allow us to prevail over these shortcomings. If we’re truly sincere about becoming a better person, then we’ll grow to embody the meaning of Civilization! In time, we’ll demonstrate ‘high levels’ of cultural and technological advancement as light sources amongst our Family, Community, Nation, and “all the Human Families of the Planet Earth” (2/1-14)! When it comes to Righteousness, there are many People, including so-called Gods/Earths, who believe that there is a right way to do wrong! So they won’t be the least bit interested in what I’m building about. They can care less about true growth and development, Civilization, Righteousness, Morals, Ethics, Companionship, Family, etc... Whenever Freedom is promoted without Cultural Integrity (Morals & Ethics) as the main priority, it’s only a matter of time before you start breeding “savages in the pursuit of happiness” (17/1-40). And those People who adopt/promote this individualistic ideology will never be Vanguards of a Divine Way of Life, or Fathers/Mothers of Civilization. Why? Because they’re not striving to represent a ‘high level’ of cultural and technological advancement, that will progress their Family, Community, Nation, and all the Human Families of the Planet Earth.

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