Friday, August 20, 2010

Why LOVE The Devil?

Gaining ‘Knowledge of Self’ (KOS) is about transformation. It’s about taking inventory of our lives and modifying our thoughts AND behavior to serve a greater purpose in Life. Essentially, we become a better person for ourselves, our Family, our Community, and the World as a whole. Within The Nation of Gods and Earths (The NGE; Five Percenters), our standard is ‘Divine’ and this process is ‘Righteousness’. In the simplest of terms, we strive to do our best and do what’s good for ourselves, others and the environment. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that we will express this impeccability at all times, b.u.t. our determined idea is that “We Strive” (Shing Shing Regime)! So in dealing with People, especially another God/Earth, there are certain Cultural expectations we have for one another based upon our standards of being ‘Divine’ and ‘Righteous’. I shouldn’t expect a Brother who calls himself So & So Allah to lie, steal, or cheat me; he should be above that! I also don’t expect Queen So & So to try and master me; she’s better than that! Likewise, People should never expect any of these lowly expressions from me. Sadly, I and many Gods/Earths who strive to express our standards of being ‘Divine’ and ‘Righteous’, don’t always know what to expect from some our Brothers/Sisters nowadays. For various reasons, sometimes our Brothers/Sisters claim our Culture, b.u.t. DO NOT consider or adhere to the same standards of being ‘Divine’ and ‘Righteous’.

Culture is the sum total of all of our people activities. Culture permeates every aspect of our life from our Diet, Child Rearing, Labor, Conflict Resolution, Language, etc… All of these people activities are based upon our Principles and Values, and this summarizes our Worldview. The way we go about expressing our Cultural Worldview is called our ‘Pedagogy’ (Teaching; Curriculum and Methodology). In gaining KOS, our ‘Pedagogy’ is the Philosopher’s Stone like elixir that’s used to transform our baser self into it’s highest expression. Without the proper Curriculum and/or Methodology, it’s impossible for us to elevate. Some of the behavior we cee in our Brothers/Sisters that DOES NOT express what’s ‘Divine’ and ‘Righteous’ is because 1.) They weren’t taught correctly or 2.) They didn’t learn correctly. Sometimes People don’t carry ‘Divine’ and ‘Righteousness’ standards because they really don’t want to learn. Our 9/1-40 corroborates this by stating, “the 85% (majority) knows that it rains, hails, snows, and also hears thunder above their heads BUT DO NOT TRY TO LEARN who is causing all this to happen BY LETTING THE 5% TEACH THEM. They believe in the 10% on face value”. Sometimes People come into a Culture, Religion or Metaphysical System with their own agenda, and never actually grasp the true transformative power of that Culture, Religion or Metaphysical System. There are many reasons why People ‘do not try to learn’ this Culture, and Today I wanted to build about that reason being: “they love the Devil because the Devil gives him/her nothing” (6/1-36).

Along the process of KOS, we confront a lot of things in our life. Sometimes that confrontation is easy, and a lot of times it’s very difficult. Many times the difficulty comes from having “a hard time” (2/1-14) giving up those things that we loved to do; those things that don’t coincide with what’s ‘Divine’ and ‘Righteous’. Maybe we loved to have sex with multiple partners and never really invested in relationships that are emotionally stable and enduring. Maybe we were drug addicts or alcoholics. Maybe we were compulsive liars or career criminals. Maybe we loved to eat certain foods that aren’t good for us. Maybe we just loved drama! Whatever these ideas/behaviors were, once we commit ourselves to gaining KOS, we start learning the real purpose these things serve in our life. We also learn how to positively transform these ideas/behaviors, and that’s the purpose of Building. Make no mistake about it, THIS PROCESS IS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK! It's a Journey that demands serious Time, Courage, Commitment, Initiative, Work, Study, Money, Discipline, Sincerity, Humility, Sobriety, Love, Support, and etc.. This is not a 9-5, a Bachelors Degree, or your Stamp Collection. IT'S OUR LIFE!. ALL OF US go through withdrawal, and MANY OF US go through a series of relapses before we finally gain the strength to live out this Culture consistently. Oftentimes, what underlines this struggle is the love we still have for the things that really give us nothing…

One of the keys to transforming our condition is that we must be honest with ourselves, b.u.t. it does not stop there. Some People think that being honest means just saying and doing whatever they want. Being honest IS NOT some kind of Verbal/Behavioral Amnesty. Lol No matter how honest or even dishonest we are, we’re still accountable for what we say/do. There are many honest Pedophiles, b.u.t. do we shrug our shoulders about what they say/do simply because they were honest about their obviously uncivilized behavior? If I honestly told you I choose to neglect my child(ren), does that make me somehow alright now? Honesty or being transparent with People must serve the purpose of cultivating ‘Righteousness’. In otherwords, if we can honesty say we hate somebody, we need to use that honest assessment of OUR PROBLEM to transform that lowly condition in order to rise above that emotion. We don’t just admit we hate what somebody’s doing, claim how honest we are for saying it, and then sit back and continue talking about how much we hate ‘em! Lol Where’s the growth and development or maturity in that? Where’s the elevation in those who sit and co-sign that kind of talk and behavior? In order to transform our condition WE MUST BE transparent about the issues we have. B.u.t. once we acknowledge these issues, we have to actually do something about them! If not, then “we love the Devil because the Devil gives us nothing” (6/1-36). So the next time you hear People talking reckless and demonstrating that they don’t give a fuck about what they say/do, honestly ask yourself are they truly being considerate to their Family, You, and the Community they exist in. Honestly ask yourself is their words/behavior ‘right’ for developing maintaining positive relationships with others. If they’re talking about someone like a dog today and it’s funny to you, what makes you think you’re not going to be the bitch they’re talking about tomorrow? If People don’t give a fuck about what I’m saying, then ask yourself how can they honestly give a fuck about you. Ultimately, we need to honestly ask ourselves why we “like” entertaining this kind of obvious devilishment in the first place, because it’s really not doing “nothing” for our personal growth and development. (6/1-36).

In Conclusion, the beauty of transparency is the fact that we can cee what’s on the table and what we’re working with. If it’s obvious bullshit, then we need to “clean it up” (9/1-14). If we honestly aren’t striving to clean it up, then it’s clear that our agenda doesn’t coincide with what’s ‘Divine’ and ‘Righteous’. And if we’re not striving to coincide with standards of being ‘Divine’ and ‘Righteous’, then it’s not hard to figure out who we are…

Positive Eduction Always Corrects Errors!
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