Thursday, September 09, 2010

Agent Provocateurs

"Traditionally, an Agent Provocateur (plural: Agents Provocateurs, French for "inciting agent(s)") is a person employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action." -Wikipedia

There are A LOT of misconceptions about our Nation, all of which we have a responsibility for correcting. Sometimes it’s enough to simply do what we’ve been doing, and People can cee that these are misconceptions. Sometimes People can’t cee, so we gotta make sure they hear where we are culturally coming from. When People have learned some dumb things about our Nation from People who claim to be Gods/Earths, it’s important for us to address these misconceptions intelligently. If we don’t take the initiative to address misconceptions about our Nation today because we have this “that’s what they dealing with” attitude about another God/Earth’s Cipher, we will be held to that standard tomorrow! For example, if the majority of so-called Gods you know are dead beat criminals and you never take a stand to disassociate yourself from their behavior, People will judge you according to what they cee them doing. These misconceptions will affect your quality of life on many levels. First and foremost it’s a public safety issue for you and your family! Secondly, it can become an issue at your place of employment or other environments you go. Thirdly, your association with these dudes will negatively affect your relationship with others.

A few months back I looked on the Front Page of our Local Newspaper ‘The Niagara Gazette’, and the Buffalo News and saw a picture of a dude a know who was being charged under the Federal “Drug Kingpin Laws”. For those who’re unaware, the minimal sentencing under the Federal “Drug Kingpin Laws” is 20 years! I met this dude in the late 1990’s because he used to deal with a female who lived in the same Apartment Complex as me. Small talk led to longer talk and he eventually found out I was in The NGE. Somewhere along his travels he had learned alittle about us b.u.t. he was not actually a part of this Nation. I would categorize him as a watered down Ghostface; closely associated with the Math, b.u.t. not really down with it like that. Anyway, we kept in tune and would speak in transit and over time he approached me about teaching and I agreed. So he gave me his address and I eventually began to teach Civilization Classes in his basement twice a month for about 13 neighborhood boys. This lasted for about 6 months and then I hadn’t heard anything from him for a while until I would again cee him in transit, years later. Fast forward several years and the next thing I know I cee him plastered on the front Page of two Newspapers talking about how he was the brain of a Blood Sect here in Western New York. When questioned about his involvement in Drugs and Gang Activity he apparently didn’t deny it, yet corrected them by saying, “I am the Leader of a Gang, but it’s not the Bloods”. I can’t imagine what else this dude had to say, how long the Feds were watching him. Also, I can only hope that the criminal enterprising he was doing has nothing to do with what he and his “private soldiers” (13/1-14) were learning from my na├»ve ass! -smh- So when I cee so-called Gods/Earths using the Internet to promote sex & violence, post pictures brandishing weapons, and glorify crime, it always makes me question their level of intelligence and sometimes who they’re working for! I mean, I really hope they’re not that ignorant to think that People, ESPECIALLY Government Agencies, won’t make a move on them because their Internet Activity! Just last year my nephew got 25 to life for the murder and robbery of somebody. Part of the evidence the DA had was some bootleg security camera footage THAT DID NOT SHOW anything but a group of youth, which included my nephew, walking towards the location this dude was killed, and then running off. The other evidence the DA used in Court against him was…, get this, “a burnt copy of a CD” my nephew made some time after the incident. The CD was admitted into Court because it contained a Song that supposedly had him spittin’ a verse bragging about how he robbed and murdered somebody! -smh- So like I said, I really question the Agenda of so-called Gods/Earths who’re clearly doing things on the Internet that goes beyond Cyber Bullying, b.u.t. can really get them charged with severe Federal/State Crimes. Like in the case of my nephew, claiming to have done something, even if was in the form of Creative Art such as Music and Writing, can and will be held against you in a Court of Law. And those of you who think it’s alright to be entertained by these Agent Provocateurs, your Internet Activity is being tracked the same way the Feds can track the books you’re taking out at the Library, WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE, to cee if you’re compiling the literary ingredients to make a bomb! If you’re still a skeptic, take a moment to Google ‘Computer Forensic Science’ and also ‘The Patriot Act II’.

Because I am actively involved in my Community and specifically work with the Youth, there are many People, Places, and Things I do not associate with because it doesn’t coincide with my “determined idea” (24/1-40), and it undermines my ability to be “successful in all my undertakings” (29/1-40). So I’m very conscious of the People I associate with, the Places I go, and the Things I do. Our Nation is already considered a STG (Security Threat Group) throughout many Correctional Facilities in America, and at oen point our National Flag was proudly posted on the ADL (Anti Defamation League) Website under ‘Hate on Display’. If you consider our association with the Religion of Islam, and the Anti-Islamic sentiments being expressed all throughout America, you can cee why it’s important to be conscious of our Public Image as Gods/Earths. Those People who have an, “I don’t give a fuck” Attitude and advocate doing whatever you want whenever you want obviously have nothing of significance going on in their life, and don’t really understand what’s demanded of them as Gods/Earths. If they did have something of real significance going on, then they’d be mindful enough to do what’s necessary to Provide, Protect, and Maintain these things that are important! This means they would be much more considerate about how their words/actions can potentially harm or destroy their ability to Provide for, Protect, and Maintain these things! It’s only a matter of time before we loose our ability to Provide, Protect, and Maintain things that we claim to be significant (important), when we’re chronically inconsiderate…

In closing, I want to reemphasize the importance of addressing the misconceptions about our Nation, by showing and proving what we’re really about! As Civilized People, we must always strive to model Righteous behavior that our Human Family can look up to and find the proper guidance in. It’s our duty to lead People in the right direction, not “easily lead them in the wrong direction.” (14/1-40). Sometimes People act uncivilized because they enjoy the drama! They’re no different than Elementary School children who love to watch fights. To these People, they’re just playing when they disrespect People or glorify behavior that isn’t “allwise right and exact” (1/1-40), b.u.t. they’ve obviously never made the connection between how “playing” (22/1-40) can lead to "manufacturing the Devil" (23-36/1-40)… This has nothing to do with trying to be a goody two shoes, thinking we’re better than People, or being Self Righteous. It’s simply about having higher expectations for ourselves, and the integrity to live up to them! Higher expectations that serve the purpose of helping us treat ourselves, eachother, and the Planet not only better, b.u.t. Right!! Most People hope for things to go Right in their life. Even the most inconsiderate and ignorant amongst us want things to go Right for them in their life! So if we truly want things to go Right for us in our life, then it’s important for us to invest in doing things Right. Yes it’s a task FOR ALL OF US who consider ourselves to be Gods/Earths and Civilized People. And if you’re not up to this task of striving to do things Right, then we’ll only serve the purpose of “causing trouble amongst the Righteous People” (4/1-14).


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