Wednesday, September 29, 2010


9/30/1995 marks my Official Born Day into this Nation, and today I celebrate ‘15 Years’ of not simply having b.u.t. knowledging 120! A lot has changed since I was that young, bright eyed, Newborn in College striving to learn about who and what I was. So today I wanted to take time to share with you some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

1. Ever since I first started this Journey I NEVER ceased to be a Student. I’ve never taken the posture that People can’t tell me shit! People have and sometimes feel like they can’t teach me anything, b.u.t. that’s because they cee how much I already know about things, so they ASSUME I probably know all about that too. It’s never because of my attitude. ‘15 Years’ later you’ll still catch me at the library early in the morning doing research, spending money on literature, and delegating my time/attention towards things that’ll help me help others! THIS DOES NOT MEAN that living out this Culture has been a walk in the park! Lol I’ve been homeless on more than one occasion by choice AND by circumstance, I’ve experienced the pain of dysfunctional family relationships, I’ve lost/gained Companionships, People have tried to publically defame my Character, I’ve gotten into physical altercations, etc.. ALL OF THESE things have happened while I’ve had 120. So gaining this Knowledge DOES NOT mean we won’t have anymore problems. What this does mean is that now we should have a different approach when striving to solve our problems. One very important Lesson that’s worked for me is this: Always remain a Student because personally, there's always something we’re gonna be either "blind, deaf and/or dumb" to (14/1-40)! Because if we don’t understand humility, we will continuously be humbled.

2. In ’15 Years’, the People I’ve come across who’ve expressed some interest in this Culture: 85% of the time People are just Cultural Tourists, and 10% of the time they want to learn so they can “try to master” People (4/1-14). Being of the 5% means that it’s rare to come across People who truly want to learn and become responsible for having Knowledge of Self. I often felt like I wasted a lot of time on People for them to only walk away from our interaction with a Righteous Name for their child, not eating ham anymore, or saying “Peace God!” to me. I’ve ceen People stuck on the same Lesson for a decade! I’ve met females who “try to learn” 120 ONLY because they consider me the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. I’ve met dudes who were sharp with their Degrees the first week they got out of jail, and a month later they’re ducking me because they forgot almost everything. I’ve ceen damn near everything, and one very important Lesson I’ve learned is this: Don’t take it personal that People aren’t learning to fully embrace this Culture because most of the time they won’t. Also, growth & development doesn’t happen over night; it takes consistent work over a period of time of striving to "give all we have" and "doing all within our power" to live out this Culture (40/1-40)!!

3. There is a BIG difference between Gods/Earths that put more of an emphasis on having Supreme Mathematics, compared to Gods/Earths that put more of an emphasis on knowing 120. While Supreme Mathematics teach us about basic Principles, 120 teaches us about the Procedures, Rules & Regulations that uphold/undermine these Principles. It’s the difference between Mathematics and Living Mathematics. One of the main things I’ve noticed is that Gods/Earths that are lacking in the 120 Dept. have difficulty when it comes to recognizing/adhering to certain Cultural Procedures, Rules & Regulations. For example, a God that may be all about Supreme Mathematics may make a blanket statement like, “Knowledge is to look, listen, observe, and respect”, yet know nothing about how “Trick-Knowledge” functions as defined within the (4/1-14), or the Duty of a Civilized Person in regards to teaching those who are uncivilized the “Knowledge of Himself” (18/1-40). An Earth who’s just about Supreme Mathematics may consistently talk about ‘Build or Destroy’, yet won’t have any insight into this Principle’s relationship to, “Why does the Devil try to keep our People apart from their own Social Equality?” (8/1-14) or “What makes rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes?” (8/1-40). What I’ve learned from observing this is: Knowing Numbers (Supreme Mathematics) does not mean a Person has the ability to Compute or identify Mathematical Procedures, Rules & Regulations -ESPECIALLY when they don’t know/study Lessons that identify these Procedures, Rules & Regulations. Supreme Mathematics is only 1/8th of our Cultural Curriculum, and this means there is still another 87.5% that a Person needs to actually learn about this Way of Life!

4. When I first got Knowledge of Self I wanted everyone to learn! I still hold the same position b.u.t. now I respect the fact that People have a choice to learn just like I did. So now I’ve learned to be wiser with offering unsolicited “cultural” advice! Lol 10 years ago I did a lot of debating –which is very healthy exercise when it comes to positive intellectual discourse. Nowadays I realize that you can’t argue with somebody’s ‘belief system’. Why? Because that’s what they believe, and belief doesn’t need evidence to support it! I can believe I’m Denzel Washington right now and nothing anybody says/does can make me change my Mind. No matter crazy it sounds to anybody, that’s what I believe. So I’ve learned to say what I need to say to People, make sure they cee/hear me clearly, and then respectfully leave it alone. What I learned from this is: Everyone has the Right, to find out what’s Right, on their own. WE DID, and everyone else deserves the same respect.

5. For a while I’ve honestly been in denial about the Role I’ve been playing in People's lives, and how some People cee me. Over time I’ve reluctantly grown into somewhat of a Public Figure within/outside of this Nation because of the various Projects/Activities I’ve done and continue to do On/Offline. Much of this is based upon the popularity of my Youtube Channel ‘A.S.I.A. TV’. Because of this, I’ve had to modify different things in my life in order to respond/meet the demands of the People. This has obviously created some challenges for me when it comes to a Companionship. First and foremost, a lot of Women I’ve met and meet are usually unprepared to handle all the attention I receive, and find it hard to accept my responsibility to the People. Well let me rephrase that: A lot of Women I’ve met and meet are usually unprepared to handle all the attention I receive from other Women, and they find it hard to accept my responsibility to other Women too. Of course all of this attention is not positive, and these demands from People aren’t all Righteous, b.u.t. that’s something that came along with the territory too. From striving to consistently respond to multiple emails/postage mail/messages/texts/postings/comments, stopping by to cee Mothers that are having issues with their child(ren), receiving phone calls at 3am from places like Indonesia (because it’s 2pm there), attending Events Women have invited me to, or just building with a Woman who simply appreciates my insight, etc.., a Woman must be VERY secure within herself, confident about what she brings to the table, and have a great deal of trust in the “word we’ve made bond” (11/1-14) to eachother in order to be my Queen! One thing I’ve learned and continually learn from this experience is: Love Hell or Right! For a Woman to truly share my ‘Love’, she must be willing and able to accept the attention/demands that come along with me being a Public Figure. This can feel like ‘Hell’ because her EGO, self image, insecurities, trust issues, education, etc.., will naturally be exposed and tested in a way she’s probably never experienced before. In order for our Companionship to work out ‘Right’, these are conditions we must have the strength to endure! So being in this Position, I’ve also learned a lot about the importance of Patience, Integrity, Sobriety, and Self Discipline.

6. There have been many People in these years that have contributed to my growth & development. Some People I’ve spent a great deal of time with, and others were only there for a moment. Most critical to my growth into this Nation was my Enlightener. If it wasn't for him taking the time to walk me through 120, my Journey would have taken an entirely different course. Through his Enlightener I've been able to continue my Education, and sharing his 34 years of Cultural experience in this Nation has also been a vital component of my personal growth & development. So when you look at me, I am the sum total of all my relationships and experiences. Of course I’m the proverbial “24th Scientist” that ultimately determines how my History/Koran will be written, b.u.t. I’ve always had a support system. With that said, I just want to give a shout out to everyone who’s helped me and continue to help me grow! It is my desire that when I leave this Planet, my personal contributions towards Civilization will help have made this World a better place! To all of you who are taking the time to read this, who are too numerous to mention, THANK YOU! You are much appreciated!

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