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The Harlem Renaissance

A Community of Self

First and foremost I want to Thank United Black America for Rating this Site one of 100 Best Websites going into 2012!! It’s a huge honor and I appreciate Asad (The Webmaster of UBA) for supporting the work that I do. Thanks again!

Efficacy is our ability to succeed in a particular situation or produce certain results. In considering Self Efficacy, the basic question one must ask is, “What is the purpose for our personal accomplishments/achievements and our intention to produce certain results?” In other words, the question of ‘Purpose/Function’ is of the upmost importance when discussing efficacy. Why? Because what someone is actually doing or the purpose they’re fulfilling IS their efficacy (their capacity to produce) -or lack thereof. Therefore, we can’t truly talk/intellectualize about Self Efficacy, we have to be about it, and being about it means our lifestyle demonstrates our efficacy via actual contributions we’ve made and consistently make to Civilization. If you’re interested in learning about Fitness then consult with an actual Fitness Instructor or a person who actually includes Physical Fitness as an integral part of their lifestyle. If you do consult with someone who’s obviously not about Fitness, you’ll probably get a whole bunch of unrelated opinions and criticisms about Physical Fitness & character assassination of those People who are physically fit. They'll also give you a slew of excuses why fitness is subjective and relatively unimportant as a method to justify and divert attention away from their own apathy, lack of discipline, inactivity and unhealthy behaviors. Sometimes People like this even go as far as to pride themselves on how sick/unhealthy they are by proclaiming how much they love doing what they do -regardless how it's negatively effecting them, their Companions, their Families, their Community or Society as a whole.

So any true exploration of efficacy is an examination of Relationships; how a person relates to Self, others and the Environment. This is one very important key that is highlighted/implied in the Story of Yacub. His Family Relationships were dysfunctional: there was no mention of his Parents/Guardians or potential siblings and he was born 20 miles outside of Civilization or where Knowledge (1) and Wisdom (2) or ‘Love’ started. His Social Relationships were unstable: there was no mention of any friends/siblings/associates and he played by himself. His Academic Relationships were questionable: he was considered a high achiever and praised Academia yet there was no mention or credence shown to any Educators/Mentors/Benefactors. His Societal/Community Relationships were isolated: he was born outside of Civilization and he lived on an island called Pelon (Patmos) for over 100 years away from Civilization inoculated against any outside influences. These conditions/conditionings imply why this type of person would have a 'Big-Head' (Egotism, Grandiosity, Narcissism and an Inferiority Complex). This is the same Psychological Profile of someone who is suffering from forms of Mental Illnesses such as Anti-Social Behavior, Napoleon Complex, Manic-Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, Reactive Attachment Disorder and etc.. These are the same Illnesses that sets the stage for not only manufacturing Devils b.u.t. also Crimes against Humanity (Serial Murders, Identity Theft, Rape, Sexual Deviancy, Larceny and etc.) and the Environment (Pollution, Animal Cruelty, Littering, Ignoring their Carbon Footprint and etc.). Is there any wonder why Yacub means ‘to supplant or undermine’ or why People like this promote subversive, obstructive, disruptive and destructive ideologies? If you take a moment and simply listen to a person's ideals, their complaints and how they’re participating in this World, you may actually hear them speaking from the vantage point of Pelon (an island)… So although Yacub being successful in allhisundertakings does constitute a level of efficacy, the question of ‘Purpose/Function’ is of the upmost importance; are the results he produced conducive to sustaining and progressing our Relationship with Self, others and the environment? (29/1-40) Some may argue “Yes” by saying, “The 38/1-40 teaches us that Yacub’s ‘Purpose/Function’ ultimately allows us to “show forth and prove our power that we are all wise and righteouswithout falling victim” and I have to agree with that. The People arguing this point must also agree with me that in order to make that claim we must be demonstrating this power, wisdom and righteousness to not fall victim… If we’re not striving to demonstrate this, then we’re only lip professin’ followers of Yacub. What I'm sharing represents some of those "other Rules and Regulations" of Yacub's that are not mentioned in that Lesson. (28/1-40)

I’m always contacted by People from all over the World who’re interested, curious about and intrigued by Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, 120 Lessons or my Culture as a whole. When asked what their reasoning is for learning I’ve heard everything from, “Knowledge is like money and I’m just trying to get that money”, “I want to enhance my Music Career”, “I want to get more confidence”, “Because I think you’re the most qualified”, “My boyfriend won’t teach me”, “I don't know”, “I want to teach others” and etc.. Whatever a person’s reasoning is, there is one thing that is fundamental to them being educated; sharing. All of us who claim to have Knowledge of Self only have it because someone shared it; directly/indirectly. Even if we claim we did it on our own (19: Self or Savior), ANYTHING we have is a part of someone else’s contributions. Whatever interpretation we claim to have, regardless how unique or personal we declare it to be, it is still ‘Intertexual’. When it comes to basic sharing, even the toiletries we have/use were made possible via the efforts of others and without their contributions we would have to figure out other ways to maintain our cleanliness/health. As Individuals (truly meaning ‘not divided’), we are only as “healthy, strong and good” as the Group (People, Family, Community and Society) we contribute to and receive resources from (28/1-40). If Life was essentially about “comingby myself (2/1-36), human beings would be asexual… And if you took a cursory glance at the psychological/socioeconomic “hard times, hunger, nakedness and out of doors” People experience, you’ll often cee a direct link to a living single mentality (11/1-40). I mention this to emphasize that in order to gain anything, we must have a healthy respect for the sacredness/sacrifices that comes along with receiving what others have shared. Some People receive what they consider Knowledge of Self and don’t hold it sacred nor do they make sacrifices to share it like the ones whom they received it from. Some People want you to share with them yet don’t have any intention of sharing their goals, experiences and basic lives with you. Sometimes People have the misconception that Knowledge of Self is some “thing” you hand them and once they get “it” from you they go on their way and do whatever they want with “it”. The reality is, we are establishing lifelong relationships based upon growth & development Principles and Values -with the determined idea of establishing these lifelong relationships with others. From our Cultural Perspective, we are helping eachother become viable/productive Members of our Society; not Anti-Socialists, Hedonists, Misers or Rugged Individuals. Our Society, The NGE, is based upon a Culture that establishes a system of Community Life where it’s persons form a collective, continual and regulating body to mutually benefit, progress and protect it’s interests. This sets the stage to Associate; based upon the common Cultural status, ideals, language, experiences and interests we share. If this wasn’t the underlining significance of our Culture, there would be no integrity and nothing would get transmitted (shared), established or protected from one person to the next… Again, efficacy especially Self Efficacy is not simply about someone’s personal capacity to produce certain results, it’s about the sustainability/progressiveness of the Relationships we produce from those results.

In conclusion, Keep in Mind that we are all a part of a Cycle of Life and all things, whether animate or inanimate, are Interdependent. As great as Michael Jordan was as a 'Single' Player, there is no Michael Jordan without a Team, Mentors, Food, Oxygen, Textile Companies or a Mother/Father who gave birth to him. It’s not about how smart we think we are, it’s about what we’re actually doing to use our smarts to help improve the intelligence of others. It’s not about how good we think we are in something, it’s about how we’re using our that ability to help others become better in what they do.

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