Thursday, February 16, 2012

Actual Facts/Solar Facts
by Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

Knowledge of Self begins with a quest and a desire to be whatever your findings conclude as being true. If not, you have not found the real you-- you have found an opinion: The opinion is that you are right and this knowledge is not. One of the principles concerning Knowledge of Self (at least from the NGE perspective) is that “Knowledge is the Foundation”. This means the beginning of any building starts with the foundation, which we have agreed is knowledge. This means actions should be based upon the known. Science comes from the word "scire" (Latin) which means to know-- as a scientist is one who is devoted to knowing, following a procedure known as the Scientific Method. You should be sure about things before you do it and the only true way to be sure is to put knowledge first. When building a home, often people start with architectural plans. These plans are based on Knowledge. In life, we look for confirmations concerning what we BELIEVE to be true but ultimately you are the judge. In order to be right and exact, you must have knowledge and facts as the foundation. We have learned through schooling that one source (reference) does not make a good term paper. Therefore, if one is to say something is knowledge, it should be confirmed from various sources that it is true. In your Alphabet, that which is true is on the square which is known as the "right" angle (20th Letter is T; Truth or Square). Directional compasses are constructed from the four corners of the square: North, South, East and West-- to cover all directions. So it is with knowledge of Self, you have to cover all directions and examine their basis or foundation to know where you are coming from-- whether or not your reasoning is sound and based on a strong foundation, which is knowledge or truth. This starts with the first degree in your Student Enrollment; “Who is the Original Man?” This is the first statement in the quest to know yourself, yet you can always tell who are persons of that said ability versus those who are still searching for something that does not exist, on the basis of how they see this degree. It is this degree and the awareness of triple stage darkness that forms the basis of your origin in this world. The first degree in the one to ten along with the knowledge of triple stage darkness are two things which define whether or not you are one of us or just talking the talk. Yet with some, there is a presence that these persons have taken an "outsider" or spectator's point of view when they attempt to build on aspects concerning "our origin in this world." (14/1-40) It is almost as if they are describing creation with them as the lecturer and not them as the Subject and Author of the story-- not something they have trust or belief in. There is a difference between theory and personal experience. Although both may write books, only the one with experience can deliver words that you can really understand and feel down in your soul! When you read something and the idea is not properly understood, the burden of proof lies not with the reader but upon the Author-- who supposedly knows but could not make understanding understood. The subtle truth is: If he or she knows and cannot make understanding understood it is questionable whether they are truly familiar enough with their subject to say they know it at all themselves. To know something you must have intimate details concerning (as in intercourse). To know the truth you must live it and live as it, that's how you get the intimate details to tell the story!

If you tell the story or chronicle of Creation and you are not visualizing your true self AS the Creator then you are a spectator. The best movies are the ones where the Hero (or Heroine) compel you to think and feel the ways they portry as actors. When you say Asiatic Blackman and you think of it as "those people" or "my ancestors," you are a spectator with the wrong perspective or point of view. When it says Maker, the Owner, the Cream of the Planet Earth... and you don't see this as a testimony towards who you are supposed to be now, you are on the outside looking in-- not the inside looking out. This is Knowledge of Self and this story is about you. This is the proper perspective and if you cannot see yourself as the Father of Civilization and God of the universe you have the wrong perspective and therefore do not have the ability. As John the Baptist said, "I am NOT the LIGHT but I came to bear witness to the light." One is a testimony based upon what one believes through observation to be true. The other is a testimony through the eyes of one who is. For the true and living God, one twenty is intimate details about the role and the characters assumed to show forth and prove God's powers in human form. The intimate details are obtained from putting that knowledge to the test and seeing what the results manifest-- of course this is with an honest and impartial observation. What this means in street vernacular is, "Just because it's you who is causing all this to happen, don't B.S. yourself, give yourself a pass or give yourself the benefit of the doubt." Knowledge of Self is about research and development: Ups and downs-- strengths and weaknesses. Cultivation based upon acknowledgment and obligation. Either you see yourself AS or you come to interpret. (28/1-36)

One of the things which might have you as a spectator is an opinion. Is that difference based upon the presence of another truth? Quite the contrary. Much of this is based upon belief originating from the way one is raised. Since we are in the West, it only stands to reason that most of the concepts are Western. Since most of us have only lived in America, it is hard for us to see or think outside of Western concepts. An opinion is not knowledge or a hypothesis [educated guess] (in most cases). An opinion is (in most cases) a belief that one has or a view one might have based upon your assessment of an experiences one had and is having. This assessment may or may not be true, but it is how one feels. Feelings have a strong influence over our physical composition. It is our nerve endings that tell us many things. It is responsible for touch. Feelings are the major resource for how we judge physical sensations and stimuli. However, for wise and intelligent People, there must be other sources of confirmation-- other ways of making sure that things are what we believe them to be.

In the course of my lifetime within this physical form, I have witness many who masquerade strong feelings for intuition or habits as the way things are. This is ludicrous behavior. Those feelings are the impressions the event left upon you. That, however, does not make those impressions the truth. Nonetheless, those that do this feel that their feelings are just as real and as valid as knowledge. This takes us into another chamber one experienced as a child, a chamber where fear, envy, jealousy, lust and hate rule in place of better judgment. A place where anxiety and fear of something maybe more overpowering than what is actually occurring. As fantastic as it may seem, many People live their lives according to these feelings and impulses. In a word, the act is called impressionable. People who can be stirred in this way are called excitable and fanciful People. These are people led by their feelings instead of true knowledge. This is a very dangerous way to live. Knowing what the truth is-is half of the battle in overcoming adversity. The other half is letting go of bad habits.

"We wanted to go back to our own country but we could not swim 9,000 miles." (32/1-36) Our subjection to our captors and the laws of slavery allowed our children to grow up without their parents and doing what they had to do in order to survive. As said earlier, most of us knew nothing about any worlds outside of Western concepts (culture) until we saw Knowledge of Self. Without the guidance of our parents, the knowledge of our past rapidly deteriorated. We pieced together what we could in those days in order to be civilized and survive in the Western world. Until Knowledge of Self, the Blackman in America concepts were derived from Western ideas. The schooling: Western. Ideology: Western. Beliefs: Western. Even some of our People became Masons during the period before Knowledge of Self entered this country in the attempt to gain higher knowledge (“but there is no reason to do that today” -Elijah Muhammad in Theology of Time). But what is taught to the Black masses in the West (Western ideology) conflicts with the truth within our Lessons. It gives many of our People opinions that will not allow them to "rise above 6 miles from the earth's surface" to become the "Sun" or "Knowledge" that they are, nor see the fallacy in Western Empirical thinking.

"Me and my people who have been lost from home for 379 years (457 years from the date of this recitation) have tried this so called mystery God for bread, clothing and a home and received nothing but hard times, hunger, nakedness, in and out of doors, also beaten and killed by the ones who advocated that kind of God. And no relief came, until the son of man came to our aid, in the name of your prophet W. D. Fard.” (11/1-40) This is a statement that all Blacks can relate to. This is the American cultural experience for a large number of Blacks in America. This is the “One Nation under the God” mentioned above that passed laws and forged these sentiments. What this says in essence is, we tried to go along with what the culture advocated and this is what we got; “nothing but hard times, hunger, nakedness, in and out of doors, also beaten and killed by the ones who advocated that..” This Lesson says how we were during the date of these acts and we tried to do what so-called White Christians advocated as a Society and look what happened. Anyone who knows anything about impressionable persons would have to say that the overall aversion that Black people have concerning the study of slavery can be traced back to the impression that slavery made upon us. What this statement says in this Lesson is THEIR WAYS ARE NOT OUR OWN-- WE TRIED THEIR WAY AND GOT ABUSED. This is the good old God, Religion and Country aspect of life taught by the West. The European had successfully stole the land from the Native American, imported us like beast of burden to do their menial labor, while carrying a religious, philosophical and cultural perspective that allowed plenty of them not to have a problem with what their Society was doing. Post-slavery we had other concerns. While enslaved it was pretty clear who's World it was and what you had to do to stay alive. After slavery we had to concern ourselves with what would keep us employed-- and in most cases alive! Segregation was "alive and kicking" up until the sixties in the North and South; separate toilets, restrooms and hotels for Blacks and Whites! Those were tough times for Black people, especially during the time these degrees were transcribed (1934). Many of our People were doing the "Rodney King" (doing what it took not to upset the powers that be), looking for charity and humanity (civilization) out of so-called White Christian people. Most of us even tried to learn their religion and the above treatment is what we received.

This is the same fear that has manipulated many of us not believe anything we didn't learn in this Country or beyond Western concepts-- "because the devil taught them to eat the wrong foods.” (10/1-36) This allows a Man to study degrees about God and still behave like a Devil. "Who made the Holy Koran or Bible?" (1/1-40) If you agree with the answer and say that the Blackman is synonymous with knowledge, then the knowledge contained within these books is knowledge that is synonymous with how we live or strive to refine into living. After all, you wrote it. The "light" that John the Baptist spoke of is Jesus, but Jesus' teaching was not Christianity. Christianity is a story and practice based upon those (disciples) who came to bear witness to the light and subsequently organized those teachings. Those teachings were in Hebrew, which means in order to have them in English, they had to be interpreted. The path of the interpretation went from Greek and Latin, then English. Constantine the Great made Christianity the state (Roman) religion. King Henry VIII used it in an attempt to have his marriage annulled. King James used it for political reasons.

Black people who lived in 1934 (as well as the times of Slavery and Reconstruction)-- after facing such adversity-- had no other choice but to depend on their own! From 1900-1934 was a time of many great discoveries in America for Black people. Engineers, Entrepreneurs (Businessmen), Sports Teams like the Negro League all came around during the first half of the century. The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) was developed within this slot of time-- its' founder, Marcus Garvey was in communication with Booker T. Washington. Marcus had great admiration for Booker T. As a matter of fact, Booker T. knew George Washington Carver. As a matter of fact, plenty of our people cooperated with each other during the Segregation time period; we only had each other. We really didn't have much of a choice: You couldn't go to a white cleaners or mechanic during those times-- most of your services were only performed by people who look just like you.

"I, John, who also am your brother and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ.” (27/1-40) The Romans didn't treat Jesus that great either. THIS PART OF THE TWENTY-SEVENTH DEGREE SIGNIFIES THAT PEOPLE OFTEN BAND TOGETHER DURING HARD TIMES. And segregation was just that. Not only did our people face a "Separatist Society" but we often faced their jealousy when our businesses, discoveries and inventions were doing well. Did you know that our people had a Black Wall Street? Did you know it was highly successful? Did you know that an angry mob of Whites burned Tulsa down to the ground? These were the type of odds we faced during the time period of 1934, yet our comradery and success greatly out-shined what we do today. The way we got out of the Segregated, "come in through the servants entrance in the back" was the "we're fired up-- we ain't gonna take it no more" attitude of the Civil Rights Struggle. Of course laws reflect the level of the people's mentality, so going up against the system in a racist World meant to get Freedom, Justice, and Equality. This meant you will be going against the status quo and therefore breaking the laws of a Segregated Society. And of course, they would try by all means necessary to reestablish equilibrium to their unjust Society by means of military force, invasion of homes and meeting places, letting attack dogs loose on the protesting populations and etc... Our ancestors risked a lot to change this racist segregated Society into a fairer World.

In this regard, Martin Luther King Jr.’s angle was very shrewd indeed. By following some of the non-violent protest techniques implemented by Ghandi (of India), King engaged the violence of the segregated, racist regimes on an international media platform clearly showing no signs of violence while those elements in American Society unleashed theirs. Like apartheid, in the world's eye, their acts were an embarrassment to the Western community. They were sic’ing dogs on innocent women and children, fire-bombing churches and etc. No way could they justify their actions in the World's eyes. Something had to be done to change the appearance of such things: Tokenism, olive-branches, affirmative actions, law revisions and etc. However, this was done at a great amount of personal sacrifice by those who practiced non-violence. Though I commend those and appreciate their sacrifices, as well as recognized their efforts-- along with the UNIA, OIC, The Black Panthers, NAACP, SNCC, The Nation of Islam, Moorish Americans, Organization of African American Unity, Malcolm's efforts towards a stronger Pan-African Movement and etc.-- a non-violent practice would never work for me. Not that I am violent, I just know how hard that is to stand back while being treated unfairly. I am an Activist and subscribe to progressive philosophy, therefore I am convinced that the progressive elements within the five percent work best for what I know and understand.

Personally, I think we lost something when we tried to integrate and fit into the Caucasian man's existing program. Many of us would just like to forget about it. Many White people would like for us to move on and pretend like it didn't happen. This would mean that if this were true, they would not have to work at building a free Black Nation, they could live under the one that the Whiteman created. But then again, what position would that place White people in since it is their World? Acts like this would allow Western Society to escape the atrocities it perpetrated on us as a people. As said earlier, "This is a very dangerous way to live." It's like a person having been violently robbed in the subway, then avoiding ever going near a subway again: Many of our self esteem issues as a people can be related to how the ruling class in this Society treated us as a result of slavery. This is the reason why we have to replace our opinions with knowledge and actual facts, to dare to be willing to struggle to learn how to rise above-- outside of the Caucasoid dimensions. That's a Solar Fact!

What I see in these days and times is consciousness manifested as boys and girls, as well as men and women, just don't get it family. They are under some foolish notion that they are individually Allah and Earth-- how ludicrous. “Holy is something that has not been mixed, tampered or diluted with in any form” (9/1-14) and this is precisely what Allah is: One consciousness and one mind with one means of making the will of that consciousness manifest. As we exist within these various forms, with each generation-- our unity is becoming increasingly harder and harder to see. This is mainly due to an emphasis by immature thought process by ego-centered persons who only look to achieve things for their limited circumference; which does not focus on family units or those advocated for the same common cause but what they can get from others. This means while they "won't give you a dime", they depend on the charity of others to further their cause and once they get it. They are not interested in teaching civilization to others so that all may prosper. May I remind you that “if the civilized does not perform his duty which is teaching civilization to others-- he (or she) will be punished with a severe punishment.” (19/1-40) You have heard me say numerous times that "God is a group reality seen through individual eyes". How can you expect to get which you yourself are not willing to give? All which raises consciousness depends on a mind which focuses on the whole: A King and or Queen has subjects and despite the obvious perks, he or she has to consider at all times what is best for the entire kingdom. A person predisposed to these considerations will get how all these lessons have their relationship to him or her, while the ungodly will miss the point every time. Take the King's degree (knowledge knowledge) within your knowledge to culture cipher: It mentions 379 years ago. How many of you thought about the date the degree was written? How many of you young souls considered the social conditions (social equality) those of our people were enduring during the date of the degrees writing? You don't need the Devil to "keep our own people apart from their social equality" (8/1-14) because you are performing the task yourself by thinking more like them (the Devil) by adapting to his customs and ways and being so ego-centered. Didn't the Romans live off the decree: "Divide and conquer?" This is mainly due to an emphasis of immature thought processess (plural process) by ego centered persons, who only look to achieve things for their own limited mental circumference: People who do not focus on family units or those advocated for the same common cause-- just what they can get from others. “To make Devil one must begin grafting from the original” (31/1-40) and when you only focus upon your being, this is precisely what you are doing. You have to think Globally and Act Locally. Somebody has to put you on in order for you to be with it. As a baby you are vulnerable and have to depend on the charity of others... My point is our people are us and the social conditions are very important in figuring out the level of social equality and civilization at any given point in time. Did you realize chronologically that this chronicle was written in the Great Depression? What conditions were happening during the Depression? How were race relations between Blacks and Whites at that point and time? How does that compare to the conditions of 1555 (some 379 years ago)? Besides the obvious, this degree is building on that and saying the God the ruling class of America serves cannot be a force for good when it comes down to Black people, yet “he continues daily to teach that all that we see and hear comes from that mystery God." (13/1-40) And while you say that you don't subscribe to that philosophy, lacking the ability to work collectively is somewhat like waiting on a mystery God to bring you food -because you don't do for yourself and would sell us out to profit separately. That is why these actual facts elude you because you don't think of the collective (family, people, etc.) as your true Self and therefore do not focus on doing for Self-- so you miss the subtleties and the whole picture eludes your understanding. If you could think of how our people were fairing in both time periods and do just a little research, what a benefit this might be. But you are sleeping on your Self and not truly benefiting from what the group has to offer which advocated for the same common cause.

Peace Family,
Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz
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