Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Studiousness; To Study

Study to shew thyself approved” -2nd Timothy Chapter 2 Verse 15

What happened to studiousness? More often than not, I come across People in person and read some of the things they’re Posting and/or Commenting about Online and that’s the first thought that goes through my Mind, “What happened to studiousness?” When I was getting KOS (Knowledge of Self) during the pre-Google days, I’d spend hours in the library doing research on the Lessons I was learning. I was never handed a bunch of paper, told to memorize this information and then sent on my merry little way. Studiousness was the order of the day. On many occasions I’d build with my Enlightener until the Sun was coming up the next day and sometimes he’d wake me up in the middle of the night to build or quote a Lesson. I couldn’t stand it at the time, b.u.t. I learned to appreciate that later on in life -especially in an Era like today. So when I hear Ghost’s verse on ‘Rainy Dayz’ where he says, “Stood up late nights/build with my A-Alikes” I lived that out, taught and teach this way. Many Gods/Earths whom I know, that are usually the most studious, can relate to staying up late nights as well. That type of investment is a sacred bond and that level of commitment to another person’s life deserves the upmost honor & respect. This Brotherly/Sisterly Love is the cornerstone our Nation was built upon and keystone of our God Centred Cultural Worldview. As reflected in the sequence of our 10th, 11th and 12th Jewels; when we’re unable to give/receive this type of Love in a Relationship, we’ll never attain real Peace and true Happiness in our lives…

I was recently involved in a discussion Online about the importance of considering ‘Policy’ & ‘Procedure’ when effectively addressing National concerns and someone dismissed my point by saying, “Our Nation isn’t run like a Government.” The first thought that came to my Mind is that they're overlooking the 18th Letter in the Supreme AlphabetRule or Ruler’; words that mean ‘to govern’ and the role of ‘a governor’. This is the prefix to the word ‘Government’. It’s impossible to ‘Rule’ or even be a ‘Ruler’ over our own habits, desires, urges and challenges if we don’t have the ability to ‘govern’ these habits, desires, urges and challenges. Since this was overlooked then I’m also sure they didn’t make this correlation: Without a system of Government it’s impossible to effectively perform/reinforce the “Duty of a Civilized Person” (18/1-40) because there’s no formal structure governing Civil ‘Policy’ & ‘Procedure’. In other words, any Group of People without a Civil Service (Government) become Anarchistic (lawless/savage).

It was this incident and various others that further convinced me that many of my People, for whatever reason, aren’t being studious enough. And not only are we not being studious b.u.t. many of us don’t realize that this is the order of the day. Not because "I" (Saladin) say it's the order of the day b.u.t. because what we call ourselves (God/Earth, King/Queen, Civilized, Righteous, Just & True, All Wise, Right & Exact and etc.) demands this level of consideration. Another thing to consider is that Primitive Peoples had to learn (evolve) a system of organized Government and Civil Codes in order to become a Nation -as highlighted in the 2, 4, 5, 9/1-14. Their level of adherence to a system of Civil Codes defines/marks their level of Civilization. According to the 2 & 4/1-14 specifically, without this Knowledge an environment becomes a geographic landscape for “savages living a beast way of life” because there are no identifiable Rules (governing mechanisms). Did not Musa come to teach them “how to ‘live respectful lives’ and how to ‘build homes’ for themselves”? Well these are ‘Rules’ in the form of Social Norms/Mores and a ‘Ruler’ in regards to a Tool used to properly measure/build a shelter. So to even state that The NGE is not run like a Government reveals that many of us are still entertaining very Primitive ideas about Nation Building. The only problem with this lack of maturity/growth is when these People are content with this lot in life and aren’t striving to evolve.

Because Information appears to be so readily accessible Online today, many of the Gods/Earths who have gotten and are getting KOS in the Google Era aren’t doing the work by going to their local libraries, investing in resources or developing Relationships anymore. Many of these People are becoming more anti-social, alienated and disassociated from other human beings; which is the complete antithesis to learning our way of life (Culture) and improving the conditions of our Families/Communities. The sacredness of establishing a lifelong Relationship of Brother/Sisterhood has now turned into People thinking it’s all about you just handing them some information, downloading documents Online or talking on the phone. Learning to communicate a system of Principles and Values we live and die by has now turned into People wanting to learn how to talk/sound like us. From my short experience of being in this Nation amongst my contemporaries, I can boldly say that many of our Cultural Traditions/Customs are becoming loss. Their lack of transmittance to our present and future Generations also threatens what we’ve Achieved and are striving to Achieve as a Nation. Many of us today don’t even realize that we actually have a Collective Purpose or Goals we’re striving to Achieve. Many People think that ‘Getting Knowledge of Self’ means ‘Getting Knowledge for myself personally’ -even though someone made sacrifices and invested valuable time to share it with them…

So who’s fault is this? Is it the Enlightener’s fault for not being studious/committed enough to demand a level of studiousness/commitment in the People they’re so-called teaching? Possibly. Is it the so-called Student’s fault for not having the proper attitude about Relationships and demonstrating the aptitude to actually learn? Yeah that’s possible too. Is it our Elders fault for not stepping up to the plate and staying relevant by reinforcing our Traditions/Customs instead of being retired Builders? No doubt. Is it Gods/Earths fault collectively for not moving towards a more organized structure (governing body)? Absolutely. There is enough blame to go around for everybody b.u.t. ultimately WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE. We are responsible for what we claim to be (Gods/Earths) and we’re responsible to those who desire to represent these Standards and Cultural Worldview. If not, then Who? If us, then When?

In closing I want to encourage those of us who consider ourselves Gods/Earths, those who’re in the process of learning our Culture and those who want to learn our Culture to understand that studiousness is the order of the day. Many of our Cultural Perspectives are not being transmitted simply because many People are not studying. I’m not talking about knowing The Father’s born day, who taught who in Medina or why our Universal Flag has 22 points. Although History is important, it should not be used like it’s a game of Jeopardy. It’s likewise important to study the Lessons we were all taught to memorize/recite by heart. These Lessons comprise 80% of our Cultural Worldview; the mass from which we derive our Perspectives about life from. Our Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet are Numerical and Alphabetical Systems used to help us Compute, give Context to and Communicate these Perspectives. We can’t claim “Knowledge is our Foundation” and not study -especially basic words (concepts) in our Supreme Alphabet like ‘Rule or Ruler’ and then expect to effectively perform/reinforce Civil Duties (18/1-40) that support our Nation. We can’t claim Titles like King/Queen and not research the appropriate Principles (Policies), Approaches (Procedures) and Attitudes (Etiquette) that support our ability to uphold that Title. To be ‘studious’ means we must remain ‘students’, always willing to learn (evolve) in order to serve an even greater purpose to our Families, Community, People and the World.

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