Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Below are some excerpts from my Book "The Beholder; a Book of Poetry, Prose and Philosophy"

The Beholder
The World in all its majesties is never as mysterious as we
assume it to be. Even though our Heart is at times unrevealed
and the weight of our words & actions undefined, the Truth will
eventually be unveiled. We are the Truth in which we seek.

Many People's concept of Righteousness is NOT GETTING CAUGHT!

Life and Living
Your Life is the source of many inspirational insights! You may be a Single Mother with 3 children, someone working as a Bartender, you Breed Cats, you traveled to Hawaii, you were in Prison 5 Years, you make a living teaching Singing Lessons, maybe you're in Coast Guard or etc. Always keep in Mind that what you may take for granted is an amazing story/experience to someone else! Sharing your Life is Living.

The Dream Dreams The Dreamer
I never believed that each person is predisposed to any given station in life. To look back at our Life along with all its variables, each person would see a perfectly written script from Incarnation to wherever they presently stand. Even the most chaotic experiences will began to make perfect sense. As we gaze into our future we will see an inkless tablet, yet it is solely our responsibility to decide Who, Why, When, Where and How that script shall be written.

One thing that's common between many Religions/Cultures is that their most fundamental and significant Relationship is between God and Earth; Creator and Creation. It is through this Sacred Bond that forces of nature nurtures Life!

Try Knowledge of Self! I promise to give you a full refund on your ignorance if it doesn't work.

Met on an unassuming Sunday
She was wrapped in a way to tickle Allah’s attention
Did the knowledge from afar with Cliff Notes and Godly radar
The science was ‘6’ b.u.t. high explosive experiments
She was slick, moved just within an earshot to smuggle some of the Math I got
I stopped and let the newborn who build a lot, add-on to keep the cipher warm, word is bond and bond is life

I cee you and you cee me
There was no lie between our eyes
You front like you can’t cee
The truth became revealed when your thoughts went into motion
You’re celestial like a Planet and smooth like aloe vera lotion
Time and Space is of no relevance within my dimension
Didn’t mention who I am ‘cuz you ain’t ready
Keep it steady as I aim for your heart
I paint your desires like it’s art
Just like your picture
Fulfilled your scripture
Descended in your realm when I met you, also brought form the jewels of Life I casted like a spell…
I swell your Mind with the things I cee, and say
Your innocent play and determined ideas I mode like clay
We are the Future
The Past and this Present Life
My Kingdom needs a Queen and on the Earth a Wife
When my Mind detects your feelings, vibrations of your emotions
Don’t restrict your perception, my body’s just a vehicle my mental plane just coasts in
Transcend my physical form, keep your thoughts warm in a dark womb in your Mind
The blind don’t know exist
Reality is fixed
My understanding distills in the form but my ideas remain a mist
Cee all things are added unto you
I’ll build a way of life around you to support you

     One of the worst kinds of Racist are those Environmentalists and Conservationists that spend millions of dollars going all out to Save Plant/Animal Life yet won't spend a dime to save the endangered Lives of Indigenous (First World) People and their Descendants -the original Environmentalists who successfully Conserved this Planet for millions of years before they got here.

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Thanks & Peace!
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