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120 Lessons: Role Playing Games and Elevation

120 Lessons
Role Playing Games and Elevation

Back in the day one of my favorite role-playing games [RPGs] for the NES [Nintendo Entertainment System] was called Rygar. Visually it's nothing in comparison to today's computer graphics but the story line, difficulty level and graphics were golden when in dropped in '86. I was eleven at the time. Rygar was a warrior who came back from the dead to defeat an evil being who had taken over the peaceful land of Argool. In his quest Rygar uses a fiery shield and other weapons to accomplish this task of restoring peace throughout the land. Also, important clues are given to him by large sage-like men that he meets in green stone temples throughout the game. To complete each stage Rygar had to defeat a God and the final God he fought in his castle in the sky. One of the complexities of this game is the fact that it did not save and when the game ended; you had to start from the beginning. Playing this game wasn't easy and everybody didn't mess with Rygar.

When I first got KOS [Knowledge Of Self] through learning to recite and study 120 lessons I couldn't help but recognize the parallels between my degrees and role-playing video games like Rygar. Like Rygar, we as scientists of life, are the lessons central figure whose striving to complete a series of quests to reach the conclusion of its central storyline; national consciousness, community control and peace. Our Argool is the planet Earth. Along our quest there are also various people places and things we encounter and learn life lessons from. In 120 there are approximately 100 characters (Doctor, Little Boy, Musa, Mother and etc.) 60 geographic locations (India, West Asia, Africa, North America and etc.) and 40 objects (Coat, Gold, Steel, Shield and etc.). Like with all role-playing video games such as Rygar, exploring different realms is vital to its game play. In 120 that realm or world is 196,940,000 square miles; 57,255,000 sq. miles of land, 139,685,000 sq. miles of water and 790,613,581,824,000,000 sq. inches in total. We also learn that this world is one among other planets, in a solar system, in proximity to the Sun. While some were approaching these degrees as just information to memorize, I began to realize that these degrees were stages teaching me how to navigate life. If you failed a stage in Rygar you had to return to the beginning. If you didn't know a degree in 120 you have to go back to the beginning of that degree, or possibly all of your lessons, to get it right and exact.

The irony of this is that there are those who claim to be Five Percenters, and those seeking to learn this culture, who treat this way of life like it's a game. They're not serious about civilization, righteousness or the knowledge of themselves; they're playing. They don't know 120 or aren't striving to learn our degrees -which is 6/8th's or 75% of what we learn about the culture. Although this is customary among Five Percenters, if you ask "them" questions about our lessons they get offended or start ducking and dodging you like a bill collector or the repo man. 

100% of the Map.

Another very important aspect of 120 that I strive to communicate is that it's a map. This map highlights the chronology, nomenclature, cultural landmarks, events, people, places and things from the perspective of the original people. While we are currently in 2016 according to the Christian Calendar, as Five Percenters we recognize this year as 15,102 according the Asiatic Calendar. While most celebrate January 1st at midnight as the New Year, we recognize the Spring Equinox at sunrise as the New Year. While there are certain cultural landmarks, events, people, places and things we recognize in common, they're from a different vantage point of view. For example, if we're talking about the founding of this country, while some whites and people of color identify with America's forefathers Declaration of Independence, we see it as colonization and some of our ancestors government sanctioned enslavement even though some of us were enslaved here for 221 years prior to 1776. It's an entirely different perspective of the world, what is or isn't significant to us and how we as first world people relate to the other members of the human family and the planet earth. In one of our lessons we learn about the purpose and establishment of Freemasonry and Shrinedom. While there is a general customer service explanation of its origins in Europe in 1717 we learn that it started with us at a much earlier date when we taught Caucasians how to build homes for themselves and live a respectful life. In regards to nomenclature, there are certain words and phrases we don't use among ourselves that are fine to use in another society. Instead of using "try" we use "strive" because try simply means to fail. While others simply speak of "time" we call it "true I master equality." Learning 120 is a rewiring of our brains which creates a new psychological orientation to think differently about ourselves and what we've been taught about life -especially from the youngest members of the human family, not the fathers and mothers of civilization. It's a psychological orientation that equips us with the proper knowledge, wisdom and understanding to become culturally free and empowered to live a life of peace and harmony. By default, this perspective dismantles the concept of white supremacy, racism, sexism and other maladaptive ideals. I talk about this journey in more detail on Episode 3 of Atlantis Build Talk Radio "The Three Fold Path."
In closing, I cannot stress enough that 120 is 6/8th's or 75% of what we learn about the culture. If this were reflected in the above map it would represent the majority of it. Imagine striving to navigate that map with only 12.5% [Supreme Mathematics] or even 25% [Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet] of it. This means that the majority of the chronology, nomenclature, cultural landmarks, events, people, places and things from the perspective of the original people would be missing. It would look exactly like below; the same map as above yet the white highlights all that a person is missing.

25% of the Map.

This is one of the reasons there are people who claim to be Five Percenters who demonstrate a contradictory lifestyle; they don't have 120 and they're filling in the blanks and making up stuff as they go, especially those without an Enlightener [navigator]. Because some people don't know their degrees there's a chronology of our people, nomenclature, cultural landmarks, events, people, places and things they do not see on this map. Will they come across some things? Yes, given the proper attitude, aptitude and altitude yet it's still guesswork and literally searching for something that doesn't exist. This is also what makes a person easily led... Does this mean that just because someone has the map that they're all good? Hecks naw! Even if someone knows the map they still need to make wise navigational decisions and understand it culturally. There are those who may know 120 forwards and backwards yet still aren't doing what's necessary to advance to higher stages of life. All in all, if you're striving to learn and live out the culture of the Five Percent you need to learn 120 along with Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. Don't stagnate, elevate.


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